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Tang Xiu was not the kind to who return evil with good, more so that he was disinclined to heal such trash who had schemed against him. He motioned Mo Awu, who then took Wu Tong away from the office.

"Honey, did you accompany Han Qingwu to watch that underground fighting match?" Ouyang Lulu asked with a smile after she shifted her gaze the moment the door was shut.

"Yeah, I went with her." Tang Xiu nodded. "She was a participant in this year's domestic underground fighting competition and went through the finals. I went with her so as to avoid any accidents happening to her. Fortunately, not only was she safe and sound, but she also got the first place. Ah, that's right. That shemale a moment ago was the runner-up."

After hearing this, Ouyang Lulu looked a bit dissatisfied and commented even though she was shocked inwardly, "You did not take me to see such a thrilling event. You know, I once watched this kind of underground fighting match in the past. It was very thrilling."

There was a strange mood surging up inside Tang Xiu's heart. He thought that she would be jealous that he accompanied Han Qingwu to participate in the underground fighting match. He was under the imagination that she would see him favor one of his women. But apparently, she clearly did not have that idea but rather blamed him for not taking her as well.

After letting out a hollow chuckle, he reached out to pull Ouyang Lulu to his arm and kiss her, promising, "I'll definitely take you if there are other thrilling events in the future."

"Heh, that's better!" Ouyang Lulu nodded and smilingly asked, "Anyways, when are we going to see Sis Xiaowan?"


Tang Xiu could not help laughing and said, "You're the Big Boss of this Paradise Manor, why do you want to stop by, anyway? Are you not afraid you will make those Sis Xiaowan's fellow students feel uncomfortable?"

"Heh, I don't care however uneasy they are and what they do. It's fine as long as Sis Xiaowan is satisfied and pleased. Come on now, hurry up!" Said Ouyang Lulu with a smile.

With that said, she called the Manager and ordered him to take two bottles of Gods Nectar and wait on the first floor, and then dragged Tang Xiu out of the office. When they came to the first floor and got the Gods Nectar, Ouyang Lulu cheerfully pulled Tang Xiu to the Catering Section.

The Catering Section was the Fragrance Hall.

Chen Xiaowan was a different person than in the past, with leaps and bounds of progress in status and position successively. She was now the Vice President of the Brisk Trading Group, and this was no secret among her classmates. Therefore, her more than 20 classmates gave her a warm greeting which made her feel overwhelmed by the unexpected flattery.

As a matter of fact, she also attended several reunions with her fellow students in the university before, but their reaction was very weak and only several of them willing to get along and talk with her. Each time after the reunion ended, each and every one of them only had some chit chat via QQ or WeChat in the next few days, and rarely had other contacts.

Wei Guotao was someone who pursued Chen Xiaowan for a long time and the one who failed to get the title of Mr. Perfect and the Campus Beau. He came from a well-off family and was a bit arrogant in nature—arrogance that Chen Xiaowan had been disgusted with at the time.

At present, Wei Guotao had become the owner of a textile mill and was considered as a scion who took on the mantle of his father in the industry, and one who grew up with a golden spoon with a cozy, extravagant life as a second generation nouveau riche. After going through struggles and challenging experiences in society, however, he turned a lot mature, and the grinding of society and the world had grounded and smoothed his haughtiness. Back then, his failure in pursuing Chen Xiaowan left a knot inside his heart. Later on, he thought to continue pursuing her but then learned that she already had a boyfriend and thus gave up the idea. More so that he now had the status and wealth, so he would not lack women at all.

However, seeing and meeting Chen Xiaowan again resurrect the regret inside him. As he saw her looking more mature and more beautiful than before, he could not calm down the surging tide inside his heart despite having indulged himself in "joy" and abandoning himself in pleasures in recent years.

"Beauty Chen, you have to be punished by drinking three cups of wine for coming late. You can't be exempted from the punishment even if you have become the Vice President of a big company!" Wu Xiaoping, most called Little Fatty Wu, attentively pulled the next chair for Chen Xiaowan and cheerfully said.

"I'm not a man like you who can withstand spirits, and I'll probably faint on Ji Jie's arm if I drink three glasses of wine," said Chen Xiaowan with a smile.

The one sitting next to her, Ji Jie, got up and hugged her. After pulling Chen Xiaowan down, she laughed and said, "Wow, getting drunk and faint in my arms, eh? This young lady will definitely take good care of you."

"Go! Go! Just go!" Chen Xiaowan said with a smile.

Wei Guotao was the leader of this gathering party, and he said with a smile, "Xiaowan, even if you have to be punished yourself with three cups of wine, you still have to sing a song when we go to the entertainment section later. If my memory serves me right, your wonderful voice once attracted many frantic bees and lascivious butterflies back when we were still in Uni."

Wu Xiaoping let out a strange smile and smirked, "Eh, Wei Guotao, weren't you also a frantic bee that time? Or were you a butterfly?"

Wei Guotao's breath stagnated and immediately cursed, "Bah, go to hell, Fatty. You're really damned. You just touched a sore spot of mine. Do you not believe you will be the first to get drunk?"

"Who's afraid of who, huh?" Wu Xiaoping raised his head. "I don't give a damn whether having two or three bottles is too few, or eight to ten bottles are too much, I will accompany you drinking till the end. That is if you dare. Besides, it's a rare occasion to have the chance to show off like a real man before Beauty Chen. So it's absolutely impossible to be terrified at this time, no?"

"Holy shit. Shame on you, Fatty!" Wei Guotao mocked him.

The happy atmosphere was much better than in the old times, and Chen Xiaowan did not expect that everyone was not secretly comparing their achievements or showing off in this year's class reunion. Maybe as years go by and everyone turned older, they became a lot more mature!


The door to the Fragrance Hall was pushed hard as a well-dressed tall man came in from. Yet, his originally handsome face was ruined by the Panda eye mark on his left eye.

"Huh? What happened to you, Lu Bo?"

Everyone inside the Fragrance Hall looked confused, while Wei Guotao hurriedly approached and asked. Lu Bo excused himself to the restroom and he was still fine about seven-plus minutes ago. Why did he look like this when he came back?

Lu Bo's expression was a bit gloomy, but he squeezed out a smile in the face of everyone's attention and said, "I just met two bastards who drank too much, bumped into me and cursed at me. I hit them first so I didn't suffer many losses."

Everyone exchanged dismayed looks as they did not expect Lu Bo to be so unlucky to bump into drunken guests and even have a fight with them.

"Are you alright? Do you want us to escort you to the hospital to get some treatment?" Wei Guotao asked.

"No need." Lu Bo shook his head.

"Do you know their backgrounds?" Asked Wei Guotao. "Wanna find them and settle the accounts?"

"No. No need," said Lu Bo quickly. "I have already cleaned them up, and I'm sure their companions have sent them to the hospital already! Alright, it's not easy for everyone to gather together, so don't let this minor issue sweep away our good time, alright? Come, come, everyone. Let's have a toast…"

Wei Guotao slightly furrowed his brows, because he could see a faint panicked expression in Lu Bo's eyes. He secretly raised his vigilance. He knew Lu Bo perfectly well. He was a mature and steady guy who did not particularly give any mind about face and reputation. His only shortcoming was that he was just a bit timid.

Could it be that problems are coming up?

Wei Guotao thought about it for a moment and then immediately glanced at Chen Xiaowan, who followed with the wine glass in her hand. Seeing her again breathed life in his heart again. He knew that she had broken up with her boyfriend and he was also still single. He might have ambiguous relationships with many women, but those women were just after his money and he had no feelings for them whatsoever. He was very much willing to leave those women to be with Chen Xiaowan, marrying her, having children, and living a tranquil and steady life.

After gulping down a glass of wine, Wei Guotao pondered for a while before he got up and went towards Chen Xiaowan, as he bent down and whispered, "Chen Xiaowan, let's go out."

Chen Xiaowan gawked and then glanced to Wu Xiaoping and Ji Jie at her sides, and saw them teasingly winking at her. She immediately rolled her eyes at them and then followed Wei Guotao out of Fragrance Hall.

"You… something happened?!" As they came to the corridor outside, Chen Xiaowan looked at the other side of the corridor where seven or eight were coming toward them in a very threatening attitude, making her slightly furrow her brows.

Wei Guotao also saw this group of people and realized in a flash that they should be coming for Lu Bo since the two in the lead were limping and had swollen noses and faces- they had obviously been beaten by someone.

"Xiaowan, this is my car key. My car is parked in the parking lot outside, help me get the two bottles of wine from the trunk." Wei Guotao took out a car key and stuffed it into Chen Xiaowan's hand.


Chen Xiaowan was at a loss at what to do. Little did she expect that Wei Guotao would call her out just for this matter. At first, she had a good impression on him since he had good looks, and though this guy's haughtiness was widely known in the past, he never did anything too outrageous. He also never pretended to look great in front of his classmates, nor did he show off his achievements.

But at this time, a burst of disgust bred inside her heart.

Why? Why does he want me to get something for him? Is it because he is some small Boss, while I'm just an employee?

Chen Xiaowan's expression was a bit unsightly, yet she still took the car key. She seldom turned down others, but she also made up her mind to make an excuse to leave after taking these two bottles of wine.

Astute as he was, Wei Guotao could tell that Chen Xiaowan misunderstood him from the sudden change of her expression. But now was not the time to explain everything to her, so he just watched Chen Xiaowan's back as she left. After that, he immediately dashed back to the Fragrance Hall, closed door from the inside and then shouted, "Everyone! BE QUIET! We got a sudden situation here, so get prepared quickly! Lu Bo, I'm afraid those two guys you fought with before are now bringing some people over here."


Lu Bo's face turned very nasty. The more than 20 of their classmates in the hall also had a change in expression. They had been living in a society governed by laws and rarely encountered violent incidents. They were afraid to get involved and implicated if a fight were to break out.

Wei Guotao quickly glanced at everyone around and secretly sighed. He had gone through many things and encountered many violent incidents in the past. He was once stared at and hunted at nightclubs and got badly beaten by some people. But it was because of that experience that he had a stable and calm mind at this moment. He then rushed to the corner and used the intercom to ask the waiter to notify the security guards.

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