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Xie Zhiqiang was a very cautious man in nature, and he cherished the life of the men associated with him unless he was forced into a critical juncture. He did not delay in the slightest when he had to retreat from the underground base because he did not know whether the enemy had found the third exit, and if so, whether they were trying to destroy the door.

When he finally noticed the six SUVs from its roaring engines, he stopped at the gate of the factory and finally felt relieved. There was a side door in the company that only a few people knew about. His escape route would not be affected even if the enemies were to block the company's front gate.

As he stopped in front of the car, Xie Zhiqiang turned his head and shot a deep look at the inside of the warehouse, muttering to himself, "This place will become a hell on Earth shortly. Only death shall come to whoever dares to eye the results of my research."

With that said, he hummed coldly and turned around to board the SUV. A Ming, who followed behind him, suddenly felt an acute sense of crises surging inside his heart at the moment he was about to open the door for Xie Zhiqiang. Almost in a flash, he dashed and pushed Xie Zhiqiang's body to the ground.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Blade lights abruptly descended from the sky as though they were striking down from the Milky Way, somewhat dazzling under the illumination of the starlight. The blade lights hacked down the six SUVs with loud bangs, as the flame blazed and splattered to all directions to the gas tank, swallowing the six cars in an instant.

Leading the four masters of the Everlasting Feast Hall, Mo Awu rushed down like a whooshing gale from midair. At the moment when the six SUVs exploded and the fire blazed toward Xie Zhiqiang's men, the five men bolted and killed five or six people in just a few breaths.


The muscles in A Liang's body turned tighter. He was also injected with gene particles that transformed him into a Genetic Warrior. Be it was strength or speed, he now was something he did not dare to imagine before, even in his dreams. At this moment, he felt that power was bursting out from all over his body. Without pulling out his weapon, he directly stormed over Mo Awu with punches.

He did think that the way Mo Awu and his men appeared was quite amazing but digressed since he thought that it should be due to their powerful weapons. He firmly believed he could easily kill them if he was to fight them head-on.

Mo Awu did not avoid the clash and similarly sent heavy punches. The moment his fist was about to clash with A Liang's, he released a flying sword from his fist and instantly slashed A Liang's fist straight through his arm and directly hacked his body into two halves from the side.

"Like the Boss said, killing the enemy should be done in the most concise and quickest way possible. Release your flying swords to kill them, but leave Xie Zhiqiang alive."

The other four experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall controlled their flying swords to form a sword array, as the flying swords quickly revolved in the air and claimed the lives of the rest other than Xie Zhiqiang and A Ming, leaving six black suitcases dropped on the ground.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A ghostly figure sprinted out of the factory. It was Tang Xiu, who then waved his hands, creating a layer of chilling mist out of thin air to shroud the burning SUVs. The previously burning SUVs were shrouded in a light ice layer and the flames were completely extinguished in just a short six or seven breaths.


A few seconds later, a middle-aged man came out. He then stood in front of Tang Xiu and respectfully sad, "I have removed the self-destruct device, so the underground base can be preserved."

Xie Zhiqiang, who had just crawled up from the ground, had a panicked and horrified expression on his face. Under A Ming's protection, he stared at Tang Xiu and the others. But when he heard the report from that Everlasting Feast Hall's expert, fear that filled his heart and he shouted with a disbelieving face, "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! None can remove or stop the self-destruct system once it's started. I bought this self-destruct system from the black arms dealer's Kingpin in Germany with a sky-high price."

The middle-aged man shot a cold look at Xie Zhiqiang and mocked him, "Tell that to others, but not me. Your self-destruct system is something I researched and developed when I was training with some armed forces in Germany. I wrote the code and algorithm myself and created two backdoors concealed by some camouflaged codes."

Xie Zhiqiang's body trembled and his pupils contracted, at the same time he suddenly exclaimed, "You, you, you… are you Blood Shark Xue Sha? Damn, how the hell did the famous Xue Sha come to China? Also… he's… your Boss?"

Xue Sha ignored him and turned to look at Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu nodded at him and said with a smile, "I was worried that troublesome noises would follow before. But it seems the problem has been contained now. You did well. You'll be rewarded after we get back." After saying that, his vision fell on Xie Zhiqiang and smilingly spoke, "I've long heard so much about you, Boss Xie."

Xie Zhiqiang himself felt that Tang Xiu was somewhat familiar, but was unable to recall where he had seen him. After hesitating, he asked, "Who are you?"

"You're worthy to learn my name given your capabilities. I'm Tang Xiu." Tang Xiu smiled.

Xie Zhiqiang's expression moved and he blurted out, "Tang Xiu the Young Divine Doctor? The owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation?"

"Well, things will be easier since you already know me," said Tang Xiu with a smile. "If anything, I really have to thank you for researching this gene particle. But this stuff will undoubtedly bring about colossal changes in the world's situation once it spreads out. Hence, I feel the need to keep this stuff for you. You won't object to it, right?"

"Just spit it out openly that you want to rob it from me! Why the fucking hypocritical face?" Roared Xie Zhiqiang furiously.

"Aren't you afraid of death?" Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

Xie Zhiqiang blanked and his expression became very ugly. One indeed had to bow their heads under the eaves, and he was genuinely afraid in the face of death. However, after spending years with a lot of money invested in the research and then having his research results snatched away like this really distressed him.

It was the first time his anger overcame his fear, driving him to not bow his head before Tang Xiu.

"If my guess is correct, Austin Cole from the SOE company also came to Shanghai. He should be here to make a deal with you, no?" Tang Xiu smiled. "But then this guy secretly came to Shanghai and even engineered many murder cases here just to shroud the eyes and ears of the public in an attempt to divert the Security Department and the police. Should I calculate this account on your head as well?"

Xie Zhiqiang did not even try to deny it. He knew well that it was impossible to escape from this whatever he said.

"Help me get a sum of money from the SOE company and I'll spare your life. How about taking this deal?" Tang Xiu said again.

Xie Zhiqiang stared at Tang Xiu deeply and suddenly asked, "You said you don't want to spread out the existence of this gene particle, no? Why? Do you really not want to gain a fortune from it?"

"Never. Absolutely not." Tang Xiu shook his head.

Xie Zhiqiang let out a mirthless smile and said, "I get it. I'll tell you the truth, then. The SOE company has already paid me 1 billion USD into my unregistered account at the Swiss bank. But I'll never hand it over to you. The information about the gene particle is bound to spread as long as I'm alive, and I know perfectly well that you've probably sentenced me to death, right? Only dead men tell no tales."

Tang Xiu was silent for a while before he slowly nodded and said, "Good inference. Though I feel it's kind of a pity for such a talented man like you to die tonight."

Xie Zhiqiang then turned to look at Mo Awu and the experts of the Everlasting Feast hall around, mocking, "The value of the gene particles is simply immeasurable. Possessing it is tantamount to have money, power, and status. You can even have formidable strength if you use it on yourselves. Do you really think that the news won't spread out? You brought a lot of people to snatch it, to begin with. Hahaha… men will die for riches as will birds for food. There will be ones among your men who will betray you for it."

There was a contemptuous look on Tang Xiu face, as a similarly disdaining expression on Mo Awu and the other ten men's faces. Tang Xiu then shook his head and smilingly said, "I thought you were smart, but never did I expect for you to be this idiot. Don't tell me you haven't realized something from what we've done tonight?"

"What?" Xie Zhiqiang frowned.

Tang Xiu snapped his fingers as the Bloodguzzler Dagger appeared and revolved around his fingers. Along with his will, the dagger flashed and turned into a blood-colored light and pierced A Ming's throat, then pierced the man's heart from the back. In less than a second, it then flew back to Tang Xiu's fingers.

"Your so-called Genetic Warriors are nothing but a joke to us. Those men in full body armor and those four strongest men of yours should have been injected with gene particles, right? They indeed became very strong, yet they collapsed like dogs before us, though it was a bit more difficult than pinching ants.

"Alright. For the sake of burying the secret here, then I shall give up this trivial blackmailing money.

"So… you can die."

The Bloodguzzler Dagger flashed through and killed Xie Zhiqiang, then Tang Xiu said, "All of you, you have 30 minutes to clean up all the security guards outside. Also, sweep away everything in the underground base and leave no trace or evidence of murder here."


The eleven men, including Mo Awu, instantly disappeared from their spots. Reducing corpses to ashes and obliterating all traces was a skill any expert must have, and it only took half an hour for all the bodies to be disposed of, all the combat traces to be erased, and even remove the explosives installed in the underground base to be piled up together.

"There are many prohibited goods stored in the underground base, but I'm afraid it won't be easy to take them out quietly." Mo Awu came to Tang Xiu's front and reported with an embarrassed face.

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment before he flipped his hand and took out an interspatial. He handed it over to Mo Awu and said, "Drop your blood on the ring to mark your ownership. This ring will be yours later, and you can deal with those things in the base down there quietly. Also, take all the explosives as well."

Interspatial ring?

Mo Awu's heart thumped and his face was wild with joy. He knew what meaning an interspatial ring was. He saw that Boss, Little Boss, Gu Yan'er, Elder Ji, and some others also had one, and he had been dreaming of having one but never thought that his dream would come true this fast.

The rest of the men around him looked envious. Though they also wanted to have an interspatial ring, none dared to ask Tang Xiu for one. After all, an interspatial ring was not an ordinary object, and was even considered a priceless treasure in the eyes of countless cultivators.

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