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Tang Xiu had seen this full body armor worn by those Genetic Warriors. The entire set of armor consisted of multiple parts, but even though they were assembled into a whole piece, the joints were very flexible and the movements were swift during the fight, while exponentially increasing the power of its wearer at the same time.

"Awu, haven't you stripped down the full body armors worn by those Genetic Warriors?" Tang Xiu put the documents back into the suitcase and asked.

"Other than four sets of armor that are quite damaged, I stored the other 23 sets into my interspatial ring," said Mo Awu.

With that said, his thought moved and a new armor appeared in his hand in an instant. The armor was neatly folded and secured inside a transparent container. Obviously, this set of armor suit had not been equipped by those Genetic Warriors.

"Try it on." Tang Xiu's expression moved and he immediately ordered.

Swiftly, Mo Awu put on the full body armor and then tried to move and feel it before saying, "This set of armor is quite heavy, Boss. It should be about 40 kg. If an ordinary person was to wear this stuff, let alone fighting others, even his movements would be very slow. Those Genetic Warriors had their strength increased, so it was quite suitable for them to wear it. But this full body armor is of little value to us, cultivators."

"So, what do you suggest? Would anyone buy this armor if I were to sell it?"

"Private armies will have no need for such equipment, so it's best to sell it to the military," said Mo Awu with assurance.

Tang Xiu himself did not want to have much involvement with the military, at least for now. After pondering about it for a while, he took out his phone and dialed Yuan Zhengxuan's number.

"Hello, Tang Xiu. Got up early?" Yuan Zhengxuan's voice came out of the mobile.

"Uncle Yuan, I didn't disturb your rest, right?" Tang Xiu smiled. "Anyways, I have something I'd like to ask your help with, hence why I'm calling you at this time."

"What is it?" Asked Yuan Zhengxuan.

"I have a full body armor suit that can be equipped by soldiers, plus its research and development data," explained Tang Xiu. "You had dealings with the military before, so I wanna ask whether you can help me sell it to them."

"Armor suit for soldiers?" Said Yuan Zhengxuan, baffled. "As far as it's concerned and what I know of, the military is currently researching this type of full body armor, but I heard they have not yet made much progress. I won't ask you where you got it, just tell me, how much are you going to sell it for?"

"The whole package here contains two sets of finished armor suits, plus the complete research and development data… I'll sell it for 500 million," said Tang Xiu after thinking for a while.

"That is quite an expensive price!" Interjected Yuan Zhengxuan. "But then, I have yet to see this armor suit, so I can't appraise its specific value. Are you now in Shanghai, by chance? I'll rush over there today. We'll discuss it again when we meet."

"Alright. Sorry for troubling you, Uncle Yuan."

As the call ended, Tang Xiu took the armor suits from Mo Awu and stored them inside his interspatial ring along with the documents, and then said, "Contact the logistics personnel of our Everlasting Feast Hall in Jingmen Island. Tell them to send me eleven medicinal pills for cultivation. It will be your bonus for the work you have done tonight."

Mo Awu's eyes lit up and then left after replying.

Tang Xiu stored the gene particle back and then went to the cloakroom to take a clean set of clothes, before taking a shower and changing his clothes. It was still very early in the morning, so he spent two hours cultivating. After that, he took his car and personally drove it towards Tomson Villa. A thick fragrance of medicated diet greeted his nostrils as he arrived at the residence where Xue Yu lived.

"I thought you wouldn't come this early. The medicated diet still needs more than an hour to boil." Xue Yu was no longer wearing pajamas, but the bright color dress she wore and her own presence added beauty to the villa nonetheless.

Tang Xiu took off his coat, nodded and said, "Let us wait here for a while, then. I happen to not have had breakfast yet. By the way, there's one thing I wanted to ask you. Do you know the origin of that Six Starlight Array?"

Xue Yu pondered for a while and slowly answered, "I've flipped over many records and confirmed that this Six Starlight Array originates from Solomon Island, though I dunno whether the records written on these ancient scriptures are true. However, I found interesting information when I checked them out. Rumor has it that this Six Starlight Array is a method used by a certain Demonic God to suppress his subordinates, like a prisoner containment cage."

A prisoner cage?

Tang Xiu was lost in thought for a long while before he finally shook his head. He thought that this rumor was not reasonable and unreliable. The Six Starlight Array contained profound mysteries, vastly different from the conventional arrays. He could believe the rumor if it said that it was the creation of cultivators with other cultivation systems but saying it was a containment cage made by a Demonic God to suppress his subordinates was rather ridiculous and nonsensical.

No matter who created this Six Starlight Array, his strength is pretty terrifying. Even the past me at Supremacy Stage in the Immortal World would probably not be his match. The person who set up the Six Starlight Array in the cave of Kanas' Longquan Bay was definitely someone with very formidable power.

Tang Xiu suddenly had the urge to return to Kanas, but there were a lot of things he needed to deal with in the near future, so he could only suppress his impulse. He would only be able to go there after handling these issues. Perhaps, he could produce some unexpected results and would only be able to crack the mysteries by standing before the Six Starlight Array.

Time went by.

As the medicated diet was served on the table, Xue Yu accompanied Tang Xiu as he finished his breakfast. After washing the dishes, she suddenly spoke before they went out, "Tang Xiu, I'll be going back to Miao Region a couple of days later."

"What are you gonna do there?" Asked Tang Xiu.

"Firstly, I need to tell my parents that I'm already your woman, so I'll erase my name from the family tree and move my residence register to yours. Other than that, I also need to scour the Miao Region to look for precious herbs."


Little did Tang Xiu expect that Xue Yu would actually make such a decision to move her residence register to his. How would she arrange it? Was it even possible to list her residence register as his household register?

"About that… isn't it pretty troublesome?" Asked Tang Xiu, looking a bit hesitant.

Xue Yu shook her head and said, "It's the ancestor's decree that I must carry on, else I'll be laughed at by my clansmen who will think that I'm just trash dumped by my man. Please be assured. Nothing will affect you for moving my residence register to your household register. Because… I asked a friend of mine to help me with that. I already bought a property in Star City and that friend of mine has a bit of power there, so moving my residence register will be easy."

Tang Xiu understood in a flash and then said, "I'll send someone to help you move your residence register. There's no need to trouble your friend. As for searching medicinal herbs in the Miao Region, is there a lot of them there?"

"The lands in the Miao Region are rich with medicinal materials." Xue Yu nodded. "Some of which are rarely visited by people. They are located in very dangerous areas geographically but grow many precious herbs nonetheless. In the past, the Miao people used to hold a pharmacist gathering every year in order to travel to some relatively safe places to pick herbs."

Tang Xiu thought for a moment and said, "Call me before you leave. I'll send two masters to escort you."

Xue Yue nodded, but then shook her head and said, "I have to tell you before I go… because… I can't go back with a perfect body. As for assigning your men to protect me, it's not necessary. It's kind of… inconvenient."

Tang Xiu was confused by her answer and asked, "What is with this 'you can't go back with a perfect body?'"

Xue Yu's ears turned flushed red and a blush climbed up her face. She did not dare to exchange looks with Tang Xiu. After hesitating for a while, she then spoke in a low voice, "That is to say, losing my virginity."

Tang Xiu instantly understood and tingling of awkwardness was also shown on his face. After letting out a dry cough, he waved his hand and said, "I know what you're concerned with. But rest assured, the people I'll send to protect you are all women and also cultivators. You will inevitably go to some dangerous places if you must look for medicinal herbs in the Miao region. So it will be safer with them protecting you."

"Alright, then!" Xue Yu gently nodded and removed the white mink overcoat from the door, picked the sunglasses from the cabinet, and then asked after wearing all of them, "Do you need it?"

Tang Xiu did not have the habit of wearing sunglasses, so he shook his head and pushed the door open.

The medicinal herbs market in Shanghai was located in Xiafei Road, Dongpu District. Tang Xiu had been here before and was quite familiar with the place. After finding a good place to park his car, he and Xue Yu then entered the medicinal herbs market.

It was not a holiday this time, so there were not a lot of traffic and visitors in the medicinal herbs market. Other than the stall owners and their attendants, there were only a few elderlies or those who already had the medicinal herbs targeted previously.

"Boss, where is that fruit?"

As Tang Xiu and Xue Yu came before a certain shop, Xue Yu quickly glanced around and asked with knitted brows.

The show owner was still young, seemingly in his thirties. He wore a down jacket, jeans and a cap on his head. Upon seeing Xue Yu with a young man with extraordinary bearing, he looked a bit regretful but still replied, "It's already been sold."

"Haven't we already agreed yesterday?" Xue Yu's face turned a bit unsightly. "I brought the money to buy it, and you told me that I had a day!"

The shop owner probed, "Do you really want to spend 4 million to buy that Hoarfrost Fruit?"

"Of course, I want!" Xue Yu replied without hesitation. "Why would I return here today if I didn't want to buy it?"

The shop owner looked regretful and bitterly said, "When I asked you to give a deposit yesterday, you were only willing to give me 200 thousand, so I thought you were just teasing me! I also thought that your promise yesterday was just a false promise, so… so I sold that Hoarfrost Fruit. Damn… I'm really depressed. I would have gained a bit more. 800 thousand yuan!"

"I really only brought 200 thousand yuan in cash yesterday. You… you really sold that fruit for 3.2 million?" Asked Xue Yu.

"Yeah," said the shop owner. "I know the Hoarfrost Fruit should be priced at around 4 to 5 million yuan, but my Hoarfrost Fruit has been on the shelf for too long and I think it should have lost its efficacy a lot. So… so, that Old Gramps Huo was willing to pay 3.2 million for it, hence… the reason… I sold it to him."

"Who is this Old Gramps Huo?" Quickly asked Xue Yu.

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