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Tang Xiu clenched his teeth and circulated the energy with the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. He was suddenly astounded, as the burst of medicinal force from the medicated diet was dozens of times from what he imagined. Even all the medicinal pills he had refined until now combined could not be compared to the medicinal force from this medicated diet.

However, that was not his most shocking discovery. The most shocking one was that this medicinal energy turned out to have absorption effect as well as it gathered the world spiritual qi from all directions, welling up around him and then was forcibly sucked into his body. Even the sea of stars in the cosmos above the dark sky had its multicolored lights vibrating as a torrential stars' energy descended down like the surging ocean waves and was constantly being attracted and devoured by him.

"This sort of power is…"

Tang Xiu went all out to refine it. Unfortunately, his speed could not keep up. Whether it was the potent efficacy contained in the medicated diet, the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi and the stars' energy, it was like the river water that burst through the dike as they rushed inside his body's meridians, surging up in his muscles, blood, internal organs…

In his Dantian, the black hole devoured it slowly and then went faster, gradually forming an energy vortex column that constantly unleashed a huge sucking force to swallow it into the black hole.

Xue Yu was sitting in front Tang Xiu with the bowl in her hands. Not only was she affected by the medicated diet, but she was also worried about Tang Xiu drinking too much of it. She was not a cultivator, to begin with. Even though Tang Xiu had imparted her a cultivation technique, she had yet to sense the flow of qi at all.

However, at this moment, she could clearly feel that there were countless energy surges in all directions, which caused the qi flow in the dining room to turn unstable, while the blazing heat wave exuded from Tang Xiu along with his bursting out aura caused her to shudder.


While holding the bowl, she could only watch helplessly when the clothes on Tang Xiu's body turned into ashes in an instant. She could see his skin turning redder and his hair faintly emanating scarlet light, even the firm manhood on his lower body made him look especially savage.

She was unaware that Tang Xiu had already fallen into an extremely dangerous situation at the moment, because of her medicated diet… or special energy contained in it had brought great trouble to Tang Xiu. Though this sucking force that absorbed the energy was slightly worse than the sucking force of the black hole, Tang Xiu's body now was absorbing various energies, while his body was somewhat unable to support it.

Tang Xiu's body seemed to begin trembling. He wanted to separate the Heaven Earth spiritual qi and the stars' energy, but the special force contained within the medicated diet practically rendered his ability to control it null. Right as he almost reached his limit, a flame suddenly appeared inside his heart, and shortly after, a golden flame appeared in his lungs, a cyan flame in his liver, and a yellow flame in his spleen.

These were Flame Seed Substances, corresponding to the Fire of Five Elements.

Even though Tang Xiu had encountered disastrous events countless times, few of them could make him desperate. But at this moment, desperate thoughts came to him.

Appear should the Divine Fire of Five Elements, offering sacrifice shall the Gods and Demons to the Heavens.

It was a widely circulated famous sentence in the Immortal World and the Demons Realm. Meaning that once a cultivator had this Divine Fire of Five Elements within his body ignite at the same time, he must use his own soul to pay homage to the Heaven and Earth; even the Gods and Demons were no exception. This kind of sacrifice offering was akin to have his soul erased and scattered, to be integrated into the Heavenly Dao laws. It would then be dissipate and exist in another form of existence for eternity.


Tang Xiu roared with his soul furiously. But the stars' energy and the Heaven Earth spiritual qi that poured into his body not only did not weaken but increased instead. The special energy produced by the medicated diet inside his body became thicker and produced stronger sucking force.

He used to be vexed with the existence of the black hole that appeared in his Dantian since it devoured too many treasures. It even gobbled up the Heavenly Path Universe Tree and the divine sword he valued and attached great importance to. But at this very moment, he felt that the devouring force of this black hole was far from enough. He hoped its devouring force would become stronger, and would be best if it could cleanly devour the ever-increasing Heaven Earth spiritual qi and stars' energy inside his body.

"Something's wrong!"

Suddenly, Tang Xiu's complexion tremendously changed and his body trembled even more.

He found that the special energy contained in the medicated diet was no longer purely absorbing the Heaven Earth spiritual qi and stars' energy, but the various energy in the atmosphere instead, as they began to be sucked into his body. Along with the ever-increasing intensity of the burning Divine Fire of Five Elements, the speed at which the various energies penetrated into his body was getting faster and faster.

"Is it adding fuel to the flames?"

Tang Xiu couldn't help but mourn inside. He was unaware that all the hair on his body had already turned into ashes, his body turned scarlet, blood vessels and tendons became clearly visible—twisted and turned like earthworms.


Just as Tang Xiu fell into despair, a dark ancient and vicissitude-filled aura suddenly appeared in his soul sea out of thin air. The two golden ancient runes exuded a radiant glow and gradually dissipated as the golden light spread. Tang Xiu did not know what those two runes were, because he had never seen them before. But he somehow knew the meaning contained within them: Yin and Yang.

"What does it mean?"

Amid his desperation, hope emerged inside Tang Xiu's heart. He had come across such dark ancient aura and runes before and therefore knew that it was a reminder prompted by his Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis cultivation. He had also learned and attained some depths on the Yin Yang concept. After the brief confusion, a line written in the Tao Te Ching appeared in his mind: "The Dao begets Unity; Unity begets Duality; Duality begets Trinity, and Trinity begets myriads of things. Everything has the Yin in and contains the Yang, for they are in harmony."

"Does it mean… the harmonization of Yin and Yang?"

Ecstasy birthed inside Tang Xiu, but then vanished into nothing in just a few seconds. He had already sensed and realized the situation inside his body. The blazing ignition of the Divine Fire of Five Elements was caused by the excessive burning of Yang Fire, while the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth were the Dao of Five Elements which existed side by side and complemented each other. While his body was indeed the shell of Yang Qi, only Yin Qi could destroy the Divine Fire of Five Elements, and the only way to resolve his predicament was to harmonize the Yin and Yang.

But… from where can I get Yin energy?

No! There's one!

Tang Xiu, who was frantically revolving his Primal Chaos Force suddenly opened his red eyes. His vision then fell on Xue Yu who still held the bowl, yet with a face devoid of color, anxious, and full of worry.

"Help… me…"

The two words were squeezed out of Tang Xiu's mouth, but his voice was exceptionally hoarse.

"How can I help you?" Rapidly asked Xue Yu.

Tang Xiu gripped his fists tightly. There were looming cracks on his fingers and the back of his hands. A few words then leaked out from his throat again, "Be… my… woman…"

As his voice faded away, he instantly appeared in front of Xue Yu, instantly picked her up and hugged her. The moment he entered the bedroom, the clothes on Xue Yu's body were torn into pieces. In a flash, the panicked and horrified Xue Yu was stark naked, as she then felt pain from her lower body.

The soaring spur of the moment and the trembling!

Tang Xiu felt chilling energy transmitting from her lower body into his own. His mind was still intact, but he had to exhaust all the strength he had to say, "Circulate your cultivation!"

Xue Yu was already suffering and miserable beyond description as she never expected that her chastity would be taken away by Tang Xiu at this moment. Although she had prepared herself mentally for this occasion, the feeling of loss was still there, accompanied by a painful sensation. Tang Xiu's voice was not loud, but she could clearly hear it. She suppressed the pain and began to try perceiving the qi flow inside her body according to the cultivation system Tang Xiu imparted to her.


Xue Yu was surprised to find that just at the moment she began to perceive the qi flow, a strand of heat current came from her lower body. Furthermore, along with the manipulation of her thoughts, she began to control that hot current to flow through her meridians according to the cultivation technique's circulation route.

"It's painful…"

After the hot current flowed to the first clogged acupoint, it directly steamrolled forward forcefully and even broke through the blocking grayish matter that clogged that acupoint to enter the next narrow meridian.

Pain! Pain! More pain!

Xue Yu was almost drowned and succumbed to the pain. She felt like she was a lonely boat in a rough ocean. The pain came repeatedly, the heat was constantly expanding, and kept dashing through the acupoints based on the circulation route of the cultivation technique.

Time flew by.

Xue Yu felt like she passed a day as if it were a year, wandering about in pain and soon nearly reached the limit of her willpower. Suddenly, there was a rumbling bang as her whole body started to convulse. The heat waves seemingly blasted like a volcano eruption as it surged from her lower body and into the rest of her body. But at this moment, all the clogged acupoints in the course she needed to circulate her cultivation technique were opened and connected to form an entire Heavenly Circuit.

The pain gradually died down under the rushing boiling heat, replaced by an unspeakable comfort that slowly covered her whole being. That kind of comfort was a feeling she had never experienced in her life. Comparing it with the sensation she felt just now was akin to comparing Heaven and Hell.

The wonderful sensation aroused her greed and fascinated her.

At this moment, she suddenly had the thought to never awake if she could indulge herself in this comfort for eternity.

She was unaware, however, that a faint glittering thread of True Essence began to form amidst the boiling heat, neither did she realize that another special energy was formed into a special energy substance in a liquid state after quietly fusing with her True Essence. With the passage of time, this liquid substance increasingly became more abundant while the meridians in her body turned wider, and its channel's walls turned more resilient.

The dim light of the night finally came.

The big bed was not shaking anymore, and the redness of Tang Xiu's body had faded away. The Divine Fire of Five Elements inside his body had already been extinguished, and even his faintly cracked skin had recovered to its previous state.

Tang Xiu crazily controlled the circulation of energy according to the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. He did not even have the energy to observe the situation inside his Dantian. All his mind was linked with his whole being. Amidst the rapid flowing Primal Chaos Force, he was not even aware of the situation inside Xue Yu's body.

He was only aware of one thing. That was, the Great Heavenly Circuit of his cultivation inside his body and Xue Yu's had formed a perfect cultivation technique circulation route. This was a whole nother level of change, which was formed under the equilibrium state of Yin and Yang.

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