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A smile formed on the corner of Tang Xiu's mouth. How could he not understand Xue Sha's intention from his words? It was indeed necessary to remove these fellas at present, but the most important thing was to make the Phantom Special Combat Squad leave. Else, once the non-human beings from Stygian Club appeared, it would be inevitable for them to expose their identity as immortal cultivators.

"You can make your move if they have the guts, Xue Sha!"

Xue Sha smiled and nodded. Then, he looked at the Stygian Club's people and proudly said, "My Boss says you flies are very annoying. If you want to show off, you had better grab those eggs in your crotches, for I alone will deal with all of you."

The lean middle-aged man's face turned grim. A ruthless glint flashed in his eyes as he fixedly glared at Xue Sha. He was of the Werewolf lineage and naturally had great inborn strength. Other than his fellow masters, the remaining seven of his subordinates were all human beings. Although they practiced a strange cultivation system, they were not that strong. They might not face any problem in dealing with ordinary humans, but they would only be beaten once they encountered a genuine powerhouse of the divergent races.

Nevertheless, he had his own pride, and he would never allow his subordinates to become tortoises. This fellow called Xue Sha may be strong, but this didn't mean his seven subordinates were unable to fight him head-on if they were to join forces.

"Kill him!" The lean middle-aged man clenched his fists and shouted.

The Stygian Club's experts had their spirits immediately soared after hearing his order. The moment Xue Sha threw out his arrogant remark, their hearts were already filled with murderous intention, wishing to kill him.


The seven people dashed forward and instantly pulled the sabers on their backs from the scabbards. Their movements were in good formation, and the sharp, cold blades filled the air with a chilling atmosphere.

Xue Sha slightly knitted his brows. Despite his boldness stemming from his superb skill, he still maintained his vigilance. The Everlasting Feast Hall had its own unique battle formation, but it needed many people to cooperate for it to be able to show great might. The seven people in front of him had outstanding teamwork and understanding, and it was highly likely that they also knew the force joining array.

"Seven Stars Rapid Succession!"

The footsteps of the seven people suddenly moved. Along with the sound of hissing between their teeth, their figures turned into shadows and instantly shrouded Xue Sha. At first, their speed was not very fast, but along with their cooperation, their sabers continued to collide while the palms of their hands patted the shoulders of their comrades. The order of the trajectory and direction was exactly the same and consistent, therefore increasing their speed a lot.

"You need to coordinate external force and cooperate with your partners, huh?"

Xue Sha raised his brows, his solemn expression suddenly changing. Smile inside, he instantly released a dart at one of them and accurately hit his saber. In other words, he just took down one of them and created a flaw in the battle formation that increased their strength.


Xue Sha's figure was closely followed by the shadows. The dagger in his hand swept away along the battle formation's flaw. Using the technique to smartly use a small force to weather a much powerful force, he made two sabers bounce, while the dagger in his hand was as though alive as it moved in an uncanny trajectory and struck the left ribs of one of them.


Right as a shrill scream sounded, two lines of blood appeared on the neck of the other two men, as blood then crazily squirted from the opening slits.

Xue Sha was like a tiger in the middle of a flock of sheep. His dagger kept flying while creating shadows of blood on its track. He had already suppressed his speed, and yet it was still twice as fast as the people from the Stygian Club. In combat among experts, a nearly double speed advantage inevitably created a one-sided slaughter.

Fifteen seconds. That was the time needed by Xue Sha to completely end the combat, from unleashing his dart and then returning to Tang Xiu's front.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Seven bodies crashed onto the floor, twitching and spurting blood for a few seconds before their life force completely ceased to exist.

The thin middle-aged man clenched his fists with a pale face, a frantic killing intent burning inside his eyes. A blasting aura emanated from his body, as his glare focused on Xue Sha as though he would act at any time.

How is this possible?

This question filled his mind because he never expected even in his wildest dreams that, in such a short time, of the eight subordinates he personally trained, seven of them died and one was injured.

The Phantom Special Combat Squad members were similarly dumbfounded. After seeing those seven people from the Stygian Club collaborating to form a battle formation, only then did they realize how formidable the opponents were. But these seven men were unexpectedly completely destroyed by Xue Sha in such a short time. Such a level of strength was undoubtedly beyond them.

"Is he still a human?"

Chen Yangfan's mouth twitched a few times. He could not bear to mutter to himself. Suddenly, he remembered back when he was in Shanghai, that ghost-like figure fellow who put a dagger on his neck.

"Could it be… could it be it was them from before?"

Instantly, Chen Yangfan's pupils contracted and his eyes quickly shifted to Tang Xiu. He knew that Tang Xiu came from China, exactly from Shanghai. At that time, that lightning-like fella also appeared in Shanghai, hence, there must be a very close relationship between these two.

As he thought up to there, Chen Yangfan immediately came to his captain, Yu Shuqing, and spoke in a low voice, "It's really them, Captain."

Yu Shuqing was baffled by his ambiguous, senseless words, and replied with a confused expression, "Them? What do you mean?"

"Do you remember back when I tracked Mouse, that I had a dagger placed on my neck?" Chen Yangfan whispered. "I suspect that man is Tang Xiu's man. You also saw the speed of this fella called Xue Sha. He's just way too fast."

Yu Shuqing's face slightly changed, and he thought carefully. He too felt that Chen Yangfan's guess made a lot of sense. There were quite a few coincidences, and if they were to be linked up together, those people should be them. Nonetheless, what did Tang Xiu need Mouse for? Did he also buy information from him?

"Leave this matter aside for now." Yu Shuqing felt that the aura of the thin middle-aged man was about to blast out and immediately prepared his gun as he spoke in a low voice.

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile while glancing at the lean middle-aged man. Then, he immediately shot a satisfied look and nodded to Xue Sha, saying, "Good job. Has your strength improved?"

"I made a slight breakthrough," said Xue Sha with a smile.

"Alright. You don't need to move for the next action," Tang Xiu nodded. "Let the others deal with these two if they still want to act."

The middle-aged man took a deep breath while suppressing his soaring killing intent inside. Then, he said, "I'm giving you a last chance, Tang Xiu. You have to follow us, and if your men search for you, some of them will die. But if you still want to insist on going against us, don't blame us for being cruel and merciless."

"I, Tang Xiu, am not afraid of threats!" Tang Xiu smiled. "Just bring it on if you got the ability. However, once you expose something that must not be shown before ordinary people, you can expect to the matter spread very fast. By that time, you will find it difficult to conclude the ending."

"Hmph, no one will fucking know if the ordinary people die," said the lean middle-aged man with a blazing killing aura.

As his voice faded away, the middle-aged man beside him instantly flew toward the seven members of the Phantom Special Combat Squad. Before he had yet to arrive in front Yu Shuqing, wolf teeth appeared, his eyes turned bright green, and his skin even turned darker with hairs continuously drilling out, turning him into a humanoid beast at a speed discernible to the naked eyes.

A wolf!

Stimulating his bloodline could make him return to his ancestor form for a short time, multiplying his strength.

Tang Xiu once saw a Werewolf stimulating their blood and transforming into his ancestor form in Laoshan, so he did not feel strange at all. But the seven members of the Phantom Special Combat Squad were shocked by this Werewolf transformation. Even at this moment, Yu Shuqing subconsciously pulled the trigger while everyone else stood dumbfounded.

"Slash him…"

Mo Awu's robust figure dashed in a flash and instantly released a flying sword. Right as the Werewolf's sharp claws were about to smash Yu Shuqing's head, it cut the sharp claws. As blood splattered on Yu Shuqing's face, the other sharp claws of the Werewolf swept over and left four bloody wounds on Yu Shuqing's chest.


The figure of the thin middle-aged man had similarly changed. The clothes on his back were split, while two wings were opened in a flash. A sanguine crest grew on his forehead as a blazing flame suddenly blasted out from his eyes. At the same time, the feathers on his two wings flapped and slammed toward Tang Xiu and Xue Sha. The feathers shrouded by flames turned into a rocket-like shape while violently increasing the temperature in the surroundings.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Eight figures instantly appeared in front of Tang Xiu, and together with Xue Sha, they unleashed their flying swords. Shadows of sword images blotted out the sky, overlapping with each other to crush and shatter the rockets in an instant. The sword qi then swiftly formed a powerful sword net as it stormed over towards the flushed, thin middle-aged man who just turned into a Wingmen.

"China's cultivators!!!"

The Wingmen had his face greatly changed. It was as though he had recalled something as his figure instantly retreated. When he appeared behind Mo Awu, his wings turned into a light blade that swept toward Mo Awu's neck.

"You court death!"

Mo Awu's cultivation level was the highest among them except Tang Xiu. When he felt a compressed wind coming from behind, he immediately stormed forward toward the Werewolf. His flying sword spun and revolved to blast the Werewolf's back from Yu Shuqing and his men.


The seven guns' muzzles erupted, as the bullets seemed to be aimed at vital spots.


The Wingmen suddenly raved. He grabbed a syringe from his waist and flushed toward Mo Awu. His two wings suddenly disappeared without a trace, while the sanguine crest on his forehead also dissipated. As his eyes turned greenish, hairs were drilling out of the inside of his body, while sharp claws crazily grew longer from his fingers. He, who was originally a Wingmen, unexpected turned into a Werewolf in just a few breaths.

The change was strange and uncanny!!

Despite his experience, Tang Xiu was still shocked and dumbfounded.

"A Wingmen turning into a Werewolf? What kind of monster is this?"

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and flagrantly acted at this moment. He instantly unleashed the long sword floating in the world inside his Dantian, as it turned into a streak of light that pierced the back of that man.


A howling roar came out of the pierced monster's mouth.

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