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The monster that turned from a Wingmen to a Werewolf suppressed its fatal injury while its tough body dashed in front of Mo Awu. Attacking him with the intention to perish together, it frantically rushed toward Mo Awu, whereas the other Werewolf who only had his sharp claws cut off then instantly fled.

"Hold them back!" Tang Xiu called his flying sword back in a flash and roared.

Mo Awu roared. His brutally violent punch bombarded the monster's face, though his body was also bleeding from eight wounds caused by its sharp claws. At this moment, the flying sword he released flew back and directly slashed the monster's neck.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ten lightning-like figures chased the escaping Werewolf and disappeared at the hotel entrance in the blink of an eye.

The gunfire had now ceased.

The captain of the Phantom Special Combat Squad, Yu Shuqing, as well as the other six members of the special force, retreated at the same time and were now leaning with their backs against the wall. Fear still lingered inside their hearts as they saw the headless corpse that fell to the floor at this moment.

They had seen countless killings in their lives and were involved in numerous massacres, but never once had they ever had a thrilling and soul-shaking battle like this. Even though they were nothing but figurants at present.

"They are… freaking monsters."

Mo Xiaonan swiped the blood splattered on his face and spoke with a trembling voice. In the past, he always thought that with a gun in his hands he would never be afraid even if the devil were to appear before him. But he was scared shitless after what he just saw.

"Cough! Cough!... They are like those Werewolves in movies… and a birdman too…"

Yu Shuqing swiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He couldn't care less about the bleeding wound on his chest as his eyes were full of vigilance, aiming his muzzle at the hotel's front door.

Tang Xiu approached Mo Awu. After observing the wound on his chest, he immediately took out a Holy Healing medicine and forcefully stuffed it in his mouth, and then said in a deep voice, "Heal your injuries. It's your main task now, so take your time to heal yourself. It's highly likely that there are still many fields for us to sweep."

Mo Awu nodded without a word and went straight to the corner to sit down.

Tang Xiu then went toward Yu Shuqing and said indifferently, "Treat yourselves! These divergent races from Stygian Club are not something you can deal with. Like I told you before, I don't need your protection. For you, being able to protect yourselves is already the biggest help you can provide me."

Pale and blue complexions could be seen on the faces of Yu Shuqing and the other members of the Phantom Special Combat Squad. Shame now filled their hearts. Tang Xiu did say previously that he did not need their protection, while they thought that he was too arrogant and had no idea of danger nor death. But now, they finally realized that it was the other way around.

These people… they were indeed not at the same rank, simply at a whole another level!

Yu Shuqing and his men exchanged glances. Except for forcing out a smile and putting on a helpless face, only deep shame surged up inside their hearts. All their arrogance, pride, and self-confidence had just been blown away at this moment.

Tang Xiu did not say anything more. After all, they were just ordinary people but still true warriors for the country. He gently patted Yu Shuqing's shoulder and said, "Mist Source Island is now in a crisis, while the garrison base is also in the middle of a big crisis as well. I think you should stay in the compound given your abilities. As for those foreign powers on this island, you can leave them to me."

Yu Shuqing fell silent for a while, and then said with difficulty, "Alright. I'll explain the situation to Division Commander Yang and Chief of Staff Hu. We'll immediately return to the garrison as long as they give orders."

"No need to report to them." Tang Xiu shook his head. "I will explain it to them personally. However, I hope you can help me with something."

"What is it?" asked Yu Shuqing quickly.

"Keep this matter a secret," said Tang Xiu. "You must not speak of what you've seen today, and neither can you report it to your superiors. I know all of you are loyal and patriotic warriors, but you must accept this order."

Yu Shuqing fell silent and no words came out of his mouth.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Mo Xiaonan with a complex expression. "You mean… we must accept your order? A secret and confidential order?"

"Yes," said Tang Xiu indifferently.

"We were only dispatched to follow your orders temporarily," said Mo Xiaonan. "We have no responsibility…"

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt him and coldly said, "There were some issues I didn't want to tell you previously, but it seems like I must warn you now. The very person who sent me to Mist Source Island this time is the Number 1 Leader of the state. Who do you think has bigger rights than this senior in the entire China? I'll tell you another thing. I would have never come to this island even if the Number 1 Leader ordered me because my identity is what you've heard from these enemies a while ago. We are cultivators. What we pursue is strength and immortality, to be enlightened with the laws and principle of the Heavenly Dao, and cultivating to sever the shackles of the profane world and link our hearts to our swords.

"But other than the Number 1 Senior, it was my grandfather who personally went to my home and asked me to come here. I don't need to hide this fact from you. Tang Guosheng is my grandfather and the Tang Family from Beijing is my family. Do you think it's necessary for you to report what you've encountered today?"

All the members of Phantom Special Combat Squad exchanged dismayed looks. They looked shocked, as it never crossed their minds that the person who sent Tang Xiu over was unexpectedly the Number 1 Leader. And neither did they think that he was also the grandson of Tang Guosheng.

"No wonder!"

"No wonder the two Senior Leaders sent you to solve the crisis on Mist Source Island. Maybe only you who can deal with these overseas divergent races since you're a cultivator. Alright. We will treat this matter as the highest military secret, and unless we are asked by the First Leader, we will never let this out of our mouths," solemnly said Yu Shuqing.

Tang Xiu slightly nodded in response. Then, he said, "We'll be staying here tonight for the time being! We are bogged down in crisis outside, and I'm afraid the news that we've come here is known by many forces already. If my guess is correct, we won't have a peaceful night tonight."


In the hallway, two middle-aged men wearing security uniforms came out. They were holding flashlights and looked baffled. However, when the security guard on the left asked, he suddenly screamed and said, "Heavens! Murder, there are dead people here!"

As his voice faded away, the two men ran away with fear on their faces. They nearly exhausted all their strength before quickly disappearing into the corridor.

Tang Xiu couldn't help laughing and said, "You and the rest, deal with the matter here. I'm going outside to stand guard and wait for you to secure some rooms."

"Understood!" Yu Shuqing nodded.

Tang Xiu took out a cigarette, lit it up and walked out of the hotel's front door. Then, he watched the empty curtain of the night outside while his spiritual sense continued spreading toward the surroundings. Covering a scope of 500-600 meters was not a problem with his current ability. Nonetheless, he could not help but worry since Xue Sha and Jin Shi's group of ten who left to pursue the Werewolf had disappeared from the scope of his perception.

"Rest assured, Boss. Jin Shi and the others will be able to escape if they encounter enemies they are no match for. They can also still use the flying swords to escape," Mo Awu had recovered. Aside from some light injuries, he was longer affected, as his previously bleeding wound was already much better.

"No, there's something bothering me. A bad premonition," Tang Xiu shook his head. "I can't specifically explain what it is. Also, there's something strange about the fella I just killed."

"You mean… the guy who had characteristics of Wingmen first, and then suddenly became a Werewolf in the end?" asked Mo Awu.

"Yeah," said Tang Xiu.

Mo Awu hesitated for a moment, and then said, "I think it should have been some kind of drug, Boss. Before that monster slammed me he shot himself with a syringe. I found that there is some residual green liquid in the syringe. After killing him I examined his corpse, and there's a slightly discernible pinhole in his lower rib, with some dark green residue in his body."

"That would be very interesting if it's really caused by some medicaments," said Tang Xiu crankily. "A Werewolf that can transform into a Wingmen. This shows that the Western divergent races are not in peace! Awu, don't you think that if you really have this kind of drug then you can have the best means to set up a trap and frame someone else after an assassination?"

"Indeed!" Mo Awu let out a hollow laugh.

Suddenly, they both set their gazes in the Southeast direction, because other than the ten controlled flying swords that flew toward them, there was a chasing party behind—four vampires. They held an unusual weapon in their hands each while unleashing tarrying attack bombardments again and again.

"Aid them, Awu!"

Tang Xiu instantly streaked up to the air and unleashed the long sword inside his body toward his fleeing men. He immediately lifted his hands and turned the long sword into a hundred meters of light as it heavily hacked toward the four pursuing vampires.

The earth-shattering and heaven-battering sword seemed to tear open the space barrier. Countless energies came swarming in all directions as they fused into the sword image that hacked down lightning fast. In just a hundredth of a second, the might of the sword had increased several folds.


A sharp roar came out from one of the vampires. His tone was accompanied with strong panic as the four vampires flashed backward frantically.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Their retreating speed was very fast, but the lightning-fast chopping sword image was even faster. With a devastating momentum, it instantly smashed down the four vampires who brandished their uncanny weapons to prevent it. The four vampires were akin to a lonely boat amid the turbulent sea. They flew upside down for several hundreds of meters, spurting out blood and then smashing through several buildings while creating big holes in the process.

"Diabolus Miasma!"

A vampire rushed out from the shattered building. A jet black smog was sprinkled by him. In just a few breaths the darkness crazily shrouded the room and covered the scenery within half a kilometer. The four vampires drilled themselves into the darkness and then vanished from sight.

Tang Xiu frowned deeply, for he discovered that his spiritual sense was unable to pierce the black fog. He had no choice but to take back his perception and went around to another direction at an extremely fast speed, pursuing toward the spot where the four vampires vanished.

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu returned to the hotel's front gate. He looked the distressed-looking Jin Shi and the others, and asked with knitted brows, "Do you know where these four vampires come from?"

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