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The invisible collision between the two forces caused Tang Xiu to fly sideways for tens of meters before he got a firm footing. In the other direction, another vampire in night black overcoat revealed his figure with arms bleeding after colliding with the sword qi.

"What power!"

Alody's wings were splattered by the sword qi, the aching pain almost suffocating him. After flying backward for dozens of meters, he immediately ran away. He already took a blow like this even if it was not a frontal assault, while Tang Xiu had yet to unleash everything he had to counterattack his sneak attack.

"How is it, Alody?" Basil flew to Alody's side. He looked at his badly mutilated arms with a twitching heart.

Alody's deep gaze shifted to Tang Xiu's direction and said bitterly, "That guy is practically not human. His power is way too strong and the might of his sword can almost be compared with Sir Keith Moore's fully powered strike. Let's retreat. Only Sir Keith is likely to be able to defeat him."

Unwilling as he was, Basil could not refute Alody's remark, for he knew that Alody was stating the truth. Even if he and Alody were to join hands, it was highly likely they wouldn't be able to contend with that guy at all.

"Let's leave!" The two figures did not stay any longer and rushed toward the direction from where they came from.

In a forested mountain a kilometer away.

Dumbfounded and rendered speechless by the scene that unfolded before his eyes, Siou was simply unable to believe such an ending had occurred. He just firmly stated that the Darksoul squad of the Stygian Club would win, but in just a moment, the four vampires of the Darksoul squad were utterly decimated, while its head, Basil, was forced back and his blood brother, Alody, was defeated. It was like an invisible slap smacking his face.

Could it be said… that the Oriental ascetics' strength was formidable?

With a somewhat dry mouth, Siou felt overwhelmed all of a sudden with this ending. He had more than ten people under his leadership, and their chance of winning or losing the fight was half to half if they were to face against Basil and his vampires. But now, even those four vampires were killed, while Basil and Alody fled in distress. Even if he were to lead his party to pick up the fray, it was likely the price they would pay would not be cheap.

What should I do? Don't tell me I don't have any choice but to leave with a dejected face, abandoning the duty Lord Wu Jie assigned to me?

The cute girl standing next to Siou tightly gripped her small fists. A fire was blazing out of her eyes. She never thought that the situation would turn like this. Little did she think that the damned vampire, Alody, would shamelessly run away. She had been wanting to kill this vampire, wishing she could hack and devastate him, but now, she had no chance to do so.


As Siou was lost in thought, his eyes suddenly lit up. His keen eyes caught sight of Tang Xiu, who was surrounded by his men and spurted out a mouthful of blood. What did this show? It meant that Tang Xiu had been injured, and quite seriously it seems.

This is an opportunity!

Steeling his resolve, Siou then spoke in a deep tone, "Terra Stalker, Moas. You two will approach them through the underground from a separate direction. Inflict heavy losses to some of the enemies lest they catch us off guard. Shadowless… and King Kong, you two will follow them from behind. Seize the opportunity to sneak up on Tang Xiu and strike him. Even if you can't kill him, you must make his injury even worse. Three of you from Blackwind, you will go with me."

In the distance.

As Tang Xiu spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes casually glanced at the direction where Siou and his men were hiding. His alertness had already given him an early notice and he had long known that there were other forces who were following them other than the ones from the Stygian Club. And he already guessed where they were hiding.

He, in fact, was not injured. Him spurting out a mouthful of blood was just an act. The sneaking blow from Alody only made his hand a bit numb and the blood inside his body seeth, while his condition had already been restored only a few seconds after.

"Be careful. Enemies!"

Taking advantage of the moment he was encircled by his men, Tang Xiu quickly warned them.

Mo Awu and the others had long known that two groups of people had been tracking them. Hearing the reminder from Tang Xiu, they immediately realized that the other group had yet to appear.

Feng Yang was a core master in the Everlasting Feast Hall. The reason why he was chosen by Gu Yan'er was his good aptitude, while he also had special abilities, and only a few people in the Everlasting Feast Hall knew what his special abilities were, whereas outsiders who knew were already dead.

He was able to control the Earth element, and using Earth attribute was his special ability.

Right as everyone saw a figure sprinting beyond a kilometer, Feng Yang's expression suddenly changed, as he said quickly, "Someone is coming from the underground. He should be someone gifted in manipulating Earth element, an Earth Elementalist."

A gifted… Elementalist? The world's favored ones?

Tang Xiu's eyes lit up. Despite having seen these gifted people in the past, he had yet to study the subject in depth. In a flash, he quickly took out four array disks and threw them out with extremely fast speed. He instantly drew the lines of an array pattern, and the Four Constellation Array was formed in just two breaths. 

"You know something about Earth Elementalists, Feng Yang?" Tang Xiu stared at the ten people who came sprinting toward them. He could sense the killing aura from them and knew that they were up to no good.

"I'm an Earth Elementalist myself, Boss," replied Feng Yang.

Tang Xiu stared blankly. He immediately looked at him with a slightly surprised expression, as he nodded and said, "Feng Yang, you will cooperate with Xue Sha to detain this Earth Elementalist underground. Remember to capture him alive if you can. But if you deem it to be impossible, just kill him."

"I'll make sure to accomplish it, Boss," said Feng Yang with a confident smile.

"Firstly, stay calm and no rushing," said Tang Xiu. "If they really want to kill us, they will inevitably enter the Four Constellation Array. You all have learned about this Four Constellation Array, hence you will have the advantage in the fight against enemies inside. But remember to retreat immediately once you get injured. I don't want to see any of you dying in battle."

Mo Awu and the others did not speak. Their main duty was to kill the enemies. But whether they would die in the battle was something out of their control. Tang Xiu's words, nonetheless, made them feel warm inside. They figured out Tang Xiu's temperament, who was incomparably ruthless to his enemies but very caring to his own people. They also felt that following such a Boss was very worth the effort and sacrifice, even if they had to give their lives for him.


Siou's special ability was to control lightning and its derivations, such as electricity. Along with his "KILL" shout, a lightning spark appeared out of the blue as though a blazing arrow that shot toward Tang Xiu and the others.

The men and woman beside him also unleashed their own respective abilities as they shot crystalline ice arrows, orange-yellow metal arrows, and Earth-shattering fiery dragons that overwhelmingly plunged toward Tang Xiu, Mo Awu and the others.

"Seven Stars Sword Formation!"

Jin Shi roared and instantly formed a Seven Stars Sword formation with the other six. Layers of sword images divided to fill the world in front and blasted forward with overbearing and fierce aura to greet the lightning sparks, ice arrows, metal arrows, and fire dragons.


The seven men's bodies greatly shook, and the Seven Stars Sword Formation was similarly distorted and nearly cracked. But Siou's group of four also vomited out a mouthful of blood and flew backward. Their powers scattered, whereas Jin Shi's group of seven's powers overlapped together. From the clash just now, Siou's group of four had suffered a small loss.

"Array, activate!"

A cold glint suddenly suffused in Tang Xiu's eyes and he did not hesitate to activate the Four Constellation Array. As Siou's group of four flew back, their backs then heavily hit an invisible energy shield. The Four Constellation Array itself had four characteristics, respectively for trapping, attacking, hallucination, and supporting control. Unless one was proficient in the Four Constellation Array, they would not only suffer from two forms of attack but also be trapped inside once they fell into the array, unable to get out of the formation whatsoever. In addition, those in control of the Four Constellation Array could also support anyone on their side as long as he acted.

The might of the Four Constellation Array was very ordinary in the Immortal World, but it was a different story altogether on Earth. Tang Xiu had once studied that it had a horrifying potency once employed on Earth. Normally, only four people needed to join hands and move according to the various changes of the azimuth to unleash strikes in a cyclic pattern that went back and forth constantly. It was practically a continuous reproduction of attacks in an endless succession, extremely subtle, and yet delivered great power.

Extremely subtle and profound, and yet contained great power!

Such a case might be ridiculous in the eyes of a modern man, but a laughable to Tang Xiu.


The ground was suddenly torn apart by six figures. Arrows made of clay blasted out and weapons formed from soil instantly attacked Feng Yang, Mo Awu, and Xue Sha who just appeared. Amidst them, sharp wind blades, water swords, and fire serpents were mixed within…


The muscles in Feng Yang's whole body shivered and the fight over the soil control was in full swing. The earthen arrows suddenly turned still, while the soil-formed weapons were similarly halted temporarily. In an instant after, the earthen arrows changed direction, while the soil-formed weapons also attacked the surroundings.

The wind blades were destroyed, and the water swords were broken, as the fire serpents distorted and then dissipated.

Terra Stalker and Moas soared up from the ground, while the other four Elementalists were caught off guard by the instant changes. At this moment, Mo Awu and Xue Sha stormed forward with their flying swords like shooting meteors. The six people were then entangled in a great bustle, carrying scarlet blood lights away.


Terra Stalker and Moas roared at the same time. Suddenly, a soil wall warded off in front of the two men. The other four people, however, were less fortunate as they could only unleash their special abilities in a hurry and were then stabbed in an instant. Two flying swords had impaled their chests and swiped their necks in a hundredth of a second. In just a second, four people had already been killed on the spot.

As for Tang Xiu, who stood in the crux of the Four Constellation Array, he just let out a smile while watching Siou and his men suddenly become headless flies. Just like speaking about his own strength, gifts, and enigmatic innate abilities, these people were very formidable on their own. If he did not have the Four Constellation Array, dealing with them would be more difficult than those vampires.

Unfortunately, they just found the wrong enemy this time.

Tang Xiu's gaze swept through the four Elementalists who were just killed and shouted in a deep voice, "I changed my mind. These ability holders are all enemies. Spare no one, kill them all!"

While shouting, his hands quickly conjured a seal and threw it out. At this time, he began activating the attacking capability of the Four Constellation Array.

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