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The female Elementalist who controlled the two fire dragons and tried to attack Jin Shi instantly felt a freezing chill in the atmosphere that spread from the bottom of the ground up to her legs. Just as she looked down, her eyes turned saucer with a disbelieving expression.


My legs are actually frozen and constricted by ice? And this ice is still spreading to my upper body at a terrifying speed? How is this possible? Aren't the enemy only cultivators? Could it be that there are also ability holders—Elementalists among cultivators?


A sword light crossed away and the neck of the female Elementalist was cut off in an instant. Her line of sight constantly turned around as she saw blood spurting out from her headless body.

Slaughter! It was a massacre!

Other than Siou and his three comrades, the other dozens of Elementalists were killed in just two-plus minutes, whereas for the people under Tang Xiu, only Jin Shi's arm was injured while the rest were not injured at all.

"What the hell is with this damned place?"

Siou had already noticed the strange situation in the Four Constellation Array. He had desperately launched strikes and also incited lightning to wreak havoc, and yet he was still unable to destroy it. What he could see was his subordinates being successively killed, but he was powerless to fend off against the enemies' attacks.

"Brother Siou, use the Blood Curse!"

The cute girl who was tottering to avoid several flying swords quickly took out a paper rune from her sleeves.

In a flash, Siou and the other two also took out their own paper runes. When the group of four used their special abilities to evoke the paper runes, a rough and primeval aura and scent suddenly burst, as an intense bloody light amalgamated and merged together to form a scarlet blood tempest!

In the core of the array.

Tang Xiu's pupils suddenly contracted after sensing the violent aura. He used the Four Constellation Array to wrap Mo Awu and the others' bodies and pulled them back instantly. Their bodies were frantically drawn back and then thrown out of the Four Constellation Array. At the time Tang Xiu was retreating, he suddenly sensed that the surroundings of the Four Constellation Array was like cracked glass and then was smashed to pieces by the blood tempest.

Four figures rushed out of the shattered Four Constellation Array. But right as they dashed out, they immediately opened their mouths and spurted out a bloody mist. The four were as though eggplants that were frosted as their dispirited bodies fell on the ground about a hundred meters away.

Tang Xiu still felt a tingling fear after seeing the spot where he set up the Four Constellation Array. The hundreds of meters surrounding area were just like had been bombarded, which now become a large two meters deep pit. He didn't dare to imagine how many from Mo Awu's group would come out alive if he was late for even a few seconds.

"Is this the power of the Blood Curse?"

The killing intent in Tang Xiu's eyes increased. His figure flashed lighting fast towards Siou's group of four. Right as they jumped out, he had already unleashed his long sword and hacked it at them.


The four people hastily set up their defense in a rush, but it was disintegrated under the long sword slash. The obliterating sword qi smashed and sent them flying upside down for tens of meters before finally falling down on the ground once again.

At this time, other than Siou who was still struggling to get up, the other three had already passed out.

Puff! Puff!

The sword light flashed and decapitated the fainted three Elementalists. Siou tried to block it, but Feng Yang, who had silently drilled out from the underground, split him into two halves from the crotch.

Everything had been settled.

Tang Xiu looked around. As he saw Mo Awu approaching him, he then nodded at them and said with satisfaction, "I have yet to identify this group of enemies, but we already decimated them all. But it's really interesting nonetheless. Anyways, Feng Yang, you stay with me. The rest of you, clean up this mess immediately!"

Feng Yang came to Tang Xiu's side and asked in a low voice, "Do you perhaps want to set up something, Boss?"

"What do you mean?" asked back Tang Xiu, puzzled.

"We've utterly decimated these people. But there must be a powerful force behind them," explained Feng Yang. "If we set up another scene on top of this, we can make the other party think that this was the masterpiece worked by the people from the Stygian Club. Hence, we can expect the two forces to fight with each other."

Tang Xiu touched his chin and looked thoughtful as he replied, "So, your meaning is… shifting the blame?"

"Yup. We'll shift the blame to the scapegoat," Feng Yang nodded. "We can never coexist with the Stygian Club, to begin with, so let's give them another enemy. These people we just killed were all Elementalists. If I used my special ability to leave behind some leads and then throw some vampire corpses around, I'm sure the people behind these Elementalists will be pointing their guns at the Stygian Club."

Tang Xiu's eyes lit up as he said with a smile, "It seems that each one of you is indeed gifted and talented! That's a great idea, Feng Yang. Let's do it!"

"Anyways, do you have any instructions for me, Boss?" Asked Feng Yang.

"Let's not speak about it for the time being," Tang Xiu waved his hand. "Set up your suggestion with everyone first. We'll be trekking up the mountain in half an hour."

After half an hour, when everything had been properly prepped, Tang Xiu took everyone to the place shrouded by white mist. There he released his spiritual sense but was unable to penetrate the white mist at all. It was like the white mist was akin to a tough viscous material, acting as a strong barrier to spiritual perception.

"Are you going to crack down this array, Boss?" Mo Awu, who followed beside Tang Xiu, asked with a curious expression.

Tang Xiu shook his head and took out a piece of paper from his interspatial ring. He quickly wrote a rune on it, folded into a paper kite and threw it midair. The moment it was released, the paper kite was as though having gained intelligence as it flew towards the white mist. Tang Xiu then led Mo Awu and the others to follow it and quickly entered the white fog.

"This is a Pathfinder Paper Kite. As cultivators, we need some magic arts and magical technique as well. You all have cultivated your body, but you have no abilities in the aspects of magic arts and techniques. You will suffer quite the losses if you are to face some other cultivators later. After we go back to Shanghai I will slowly teach you some magical arts and techniques.

"Yes!" Mo Awu and the others smiled excitedly and nodded with respectful expressions.

Pathfinder Paper Kite. It was nothing but a trivial magic art but easy to conjure. It did not have a major function but to follow the intention of its creator and act as front-line scout and vanguard. They would not be lost in the fog just by following it. After they ventured deeper into the thick fog about 100 meters or so, they were now unable to see their own fingers while there was also a special pressure suppressing them, so Jin Shi and the others could not continue moving forward.

"The pressure is too strong for us, Boss. It's unbearable," Jin Shi spoke in a deep voice.

With his sharp eyes, Tang Xiu was able to see his men's faces. He could see their pale faces; they were obviously struggling from their strenuous appearance. He immediately halted his pace and unleashed an enormous aura from himself to immediately contend with the pressure.


Tang Xiu's body trembled and instantly staggered several steps back. After standing firm, there was blood seeping out of his mouth. Right as he released his aura to clash with the pressure, there was a vast ocean-like force that came to instantly crush his aura.

"Are you alright, Boss?" Mo Awu and the others paced backward in succession and surrounded Tang Xiu with worried faces.

Tang Xiu raised his hand to wipe the blood off his lips before he shook his head, forced a smile and said, "I'm fine. I was just a bit careless. I never thought the might of this array would be so great, to think that the pressure it sent out was able to injure me. Regardless, I have figured out the main principle of this array, so it will be easy to bring it down."

"You can break this array now?" Mo Awu was pleasantly surprised.

"I can crack it down, but it can't be destroyed," said Tang Xiu. "We don't know what's stored inside this array, to begin with. If we were to rashly destroy it, some unforeseen accident may happen. So, follow behind me and pay attention to my footsteps. As long as you follow me, you can avoid the pressure inside this white mist."

Ye Shisan suddenly asked, "How did you figure this array out, Boss? We have never seen you trying to crack the mystery of this array at all."

Tang Xiu glanced at him and smilingly asked, "Do you want to learn about arrays, by chance?"

"Yeah, I want to," said Ye Shisan with a dry smile.

"Alright, I'll compile some books about arrays after we get back to Shanghai and also teach you something on this aspect," Tang Xiu nodded. "As a matter of fact, I have been quietly observing the situation inside to analyze the mystery of this array on the way here. Just like when I resisted the white fog a while ago, I was peeping at the last point I had yet to figure out. As a result, though, something stemmed out from my expectation, and therefore got myself injured. But then again, I was still able to glimpse on the final mystery, so I can now break it if I want to."

Ye Shisan understood in a flash and admiringly said, "You're really amazing, Boss."

"Nope, no flattering," Tang Xiu refuted him. "You can become an array grandmaster yourself if you devote yourself."

"Got it!" Ye Shisan firmly nodded with a look of anticipation.

Tang Xiu retrieved the paper kite. Under his leadership, the group then trekked through the white mist area for over 600 meters before finally entering the foot of the mountain.


Despite being men who were used to slaughter, everyone was instantly attracted by the wonderful, beautiful scene inside at first glance. The fog there was very light, revealing a picturesque fairyland with fairy spirits. The flowers were tender and beautiful, along with lush trees full of lifeforce and docile wild animals, making a hazy and yet wonderful scenery.

What was the most unexpected for them was that there was a streaming brook, but the water was streaming in reverse upward to the mountainside? It was a scene of violating physics and the law of gravity, accompanied by fish of various colors in the creek that jumped out of the water from time to time. It was a scene that broadened everyone's horizons.

There were many objects with antique flavor on the creek. The footbridges each had different shapes. Some were arched, some were straight, while there were also winding ones as well as crescents, and half-moon shaped ones.

"Let's trek up the mountain."

Tang Xiu continued forward and trekked up to the top fast. Right as he stepped over the bridge and his foot stepped on the ground, however, an invisible force oppressed him in a flash. Despite being very powerful, he was still suppressed, the pressure making his body shake.

"Be careful! Something's strange here."

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and warned without turning around. At the same time, he resolutely took a step forward once again. He felt that the pressure increased for every step he made forward, and each step was more strenuous than the previous one. In this way, Tang Xiu led everyone forward.

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