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Miao Hengfu immediately shouted, "FIND OUT WENLEI'S WHEREABOUTS! Contact the police and ask them to use their communication equipment. His mobile is still on, tell them to lock Wenlei's position from it. And send people to seek for him at once. But remember! I don't care about the method you use or the cost, you must find him as fast as possible."


The top executive hesitated, but then forced out a wry smile and said, "Boss, the current situation is very particular. All of our people are infected, so it's unrealistic to carry out such a large-scale search. I think it's better to send out all the members of the security team given their preparedness. Once the police find the location of Young Master Miao's mobile, our people can rush there at once."

Miao Hengfu suddenly awakened. Now was indeed a special period of time as the entire people on Mist Source Island were infected by the Darkening Virus. Even if a method to temporarily suppress the virus had been found, it was nothing but a temporary solution. All the people on Mist Source Island were in a state of confusion and disorder, so it was indeed unrealistic to dispatch so many people on a large-scale search for his son.

"Let's do as you said! But send someone to the security to clearly find out the situation. Ask who left with Wenlei. Ask everyone who might know where they went!"

"I'll do it at once."

As the two company executives left, Miao Hengfu paced back and forth in the office with a hazy head. He cast away the possibility that the company's security guard would call him and ask for help for no reason because the members selected and assigned to the Flame Team were all his partners in crime in doing evil things and also the goons he specially trained.

As expected, the results of the investigation were quickly sent to Miao Hengfu. A total of seven men left with his son Miao Wenlei last night, all of whom were members of the Flame Team, plus his son, Miao Wenlei, a total of eight people. And they left just this morning after having a party and enjoying other kinds of entertainment in a multimillionaire club.

Miao Hengfu watched the traffic surveillance video sent by the traffic police team. What made him burst into fury was because that wastrel son of his even tied a little girl to the roof of his car and sped along the road through the center of the city road and headed towards the mountain in the center of the island.

"Guo Qiang, take some men and find him."

Miao Hengfu called the Flame Team's captain, who was also his trusted goon.


At the Tang Manor Martial School.

Tang Xiu received the report from Zidan. When he heard that Zhenlei Duomo from the Reston syndicate was actually an expert, he immediately became interested. It had to be noted that Zidan and Ye Shisan were all cultivators that had reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, yet their strength was nothing to speak of against the other party. This piqued Tang Xiu's interest and curiosity about Zhenlei Duomo's identity.

"Do you want to go in person?" Tang Han asked with a hesitant expression.

"I'm indeed interested and want to have a look at the situation myself," Tang Xiu nodded. "After all, for a member of an overseas crime organization to have such strength is an abnormal case in and of itself. Sis, stay here and wait for my news! The machinations I've been laying out this time are not only against Miao Hengfu and the Reston, but also the other two much stronger forces. As long as the play runs according to my script, it can solve the crisis in Mist Source Island."

"I'll go with you!" Tang Han interjected. "Though I have yet to reach the martial arts grandmaster level, I'm just a step away from this stage. Besides, I can also bring a group of experts there in case of emergency."

"I understand what you have in mind, Sis," Tang Xiu waved his hand, "But for Grandpa to send me here means that he believes that I have the ability to solve all these problems. Please don't worry! There are only a handful of people on the entire Mist Source Island who can make me wary of them. The reason why I'm resorting to schemes and machinations is that I don't feel like calling the shots myself. Besides, the Tang Manor Martial School is the escape route of our Tang Family in Mist Source Island. I want it to stay lowkey as far as possible and keep it under the radar if there's no need to expose it."

Tang Han hesitated for a while before she finally nodded and said, "Alright, then! But you must pay attention to your safety. You're not alone here, so don't put yourself in danger."

"I know, Sis."

Tang Xiu replied, and then drove the car away from the Tang Manor Martial School. Right in the middle of the night, he arrived in the forest of more than ten kilometers north of Mixed Summit City and met Ye Shisan and Zidan.

"How come there are only the two of you? What about the rest?"

"They are currently gathering intel," said Ye Shisan respectfully. "We still need to pay attention to the machinations though we have already laid out the scheme. So we can adjust the plan or add fuel to the flame if some accident happens midway."

"I really can rest my mind with how all of you guys are doing things, it seems," Tang Xiu smiled. "Anyways, what's the situation with that Miao guy?"

"Zhang Jue is responsible of keeping an eye on the situation over there, and he has sent me a message two hours and fifteen minutes ago that Guo Qiang, Miao Hengfu's confidante, has led dozens of security guards from Qingyuan Group to rush to the place where we killed Miao Wenlei. But Hei Xiong sent the news that was not only Miao Wenlei's mobile that got the calls but also all of his seven goons'. Hei Xiong only turned on and connected the phone for three-plus minutes. But the time should suffice."

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and asked, "You mean… they are tracking its position via satellite? Did people from the Public Security Bureau or the traffic police division got involved in this matter?"

"Yeah, Zidan hacked the network and it's been determined that the traffic police division has intervened," Ye Shisan nodded. "Originally, the police force from Wolfpack City Public Security Bureau had also gathered there, but for an unknown reason, they were suddenly dismissed."

"For Miao Hengfu to be able to be the richest man in Mist Source Island means that he has a solid network and personal connections. So it's normal if he has influence in Wolfpack City's Public Security Bureau. Let's just wait! We're going to watch quite a good show."

"Boss, we may have dug a pit for the Stygian Club and those Elementalists to jump inside, but we have no means to monitor it secretly," Ye Shisan hesitated and said. "If some problems occur on both sides we won't be able to adjust the plan in time!"

Tang Xiu just smiled and said, "Awu has gathered some intel on that. He has found that those Elementalists belong to the world's largest organization, the Pyramid. These two organizations, the Stygian Club and the Pyramid, have always been in friction, hence us shifting the blame of the deaths of these Elementalists on the Stygian Club would make them tear off all the remaining decorum between them. What I care about now is how much loss would these two parties suffer."

Tonight, the several foreign forces on the entire Mist Source Island were in a state of high vigilance and would rumble with the slightest noise. The reason was that dozens of experts from the Pyramid launched a strike against the Stygian Club's station in Mist Source Island and separately killed four werewolves and some Viscount-rank vampires in silence. Not only that, but they also took away their dead bodies.

Following that, several other foreign forces also suffered ambushes, resulting in two organizations suffering heavy losses. The traces left in the battle scenes all had werewolf corpses or vampire body parts without exception. Shortly put, all the spearheads were now pointed at the Stygian Club.

In the early morning, as the first ray of sunshine rose from the eastern horizon, the rays brightly illuminated the entire Mist Source Island.

Qingyuan Group's HQ.

Miao Hengfu received the news and confirmed that Miao Wenlei and the seven company security guards were all killed and the culprit also left a very insolent message. Not only did they acknowledge that they were from the Reston mafia, but they also left behind hues and cries to ruin Miao Hengfu and the Qingyuan Group.

Miao Hengfu burst into a rage and immediately issued an order to the security forces and his own private armed forces to assemble at once. He then distributed the firearms he bought and smuggled secretly. After which, dozens of cars rushed to the place where Miao Wenlei's body was dumped, the convoy personally led by Miao Hengfu.

However, just as the convoy left Wolfpack City for more than several kilometers, they were attacked by dozens of armed forces, causing heavy casualties to Miao Hengfu's men in just a few minutes.

About a few kilometers away. Tang Xiu took out the binoculars and watched the fierce battle on the road at the foot of the mountain. There was a satisfied smile on his handsome face. The battle itself was very intense, but the majority of the casualties were from Miao Hengfu's men, while the people from the Reston syndicate only suffered a bit of loss.

"She appeared."

Tang Xiu's expression suddenly moved. Through the clear view of the binoculars, he saw a woman with a long saber appearing amidst the convoy in a flash. She was like a God of Death, for every time her saber was unsheathed a life was harvested. In just half a minute, the remaining forty plus people were killed, including Miao Hengfu.

"That should be the end of the show here. It's time to go," Tang Xiu put away the binoculars and handed it to Ye Shisan and spoke with a smile.

"You just casually used some tricks, yet you solved so many troublesome matters, Boss. So darn amazing!" Ye Shisan smilingly said.

"Cut out with the flattering, will you?" rebuked Tang Xiu with a smile. Just as he began to walk, a ruthless glint suddenly burst out from his eyes.

"Get lost!"

He instantly unleashed the long sword inside his Dantian as a tens of meters long resplendent blade light slashed down toward the hillside. More than dozens of large trees were chopped apart, creating dozens of meters long ditch with half a meter depth. Then, a lightning-like shadow jumped out from the violent slashing blade images.


Ye Shisan and Zidan similarly unleashed their flying swords at the same time as their figures flashed lightning fast and stormed over toward the shadow. In just a few seconds, they had already appeared on both sides of the figure.


Tang Xiu, who followed them closely, shouted before Ye Shisan and Zidan unleashed their attacks.

The shadow turned out to be Zhenlei Duomo. When she killed those dozens of people, she had already sensed that some people were watching in secret. Originally, she was unable to find who the watching people were and only at the moment when Tang Xiu left did she finally find a strange figure.

And yet, never did she expect that the one that greeted her would be a sword with thunder-like power.


Zhenlei Duomo looked rather flustered as she tightly gripped her long saber and furiously shouted. Yet her shock was overwhelming, because she would highly likely be killed instantly by that mighty sword had she not avoided it fast enough.

Tang Xiu slightly knitted his brows. He had guesstimated about several identities Zhenlei Duomo might possibly have, but it never occurred to him that she was a cultivator as well, more so with such high cultivation level that was only a step away from reaching the Golden Core Stage.

After staying silent for a while, he then spoke slowly, "A woman from abroad, and you're also the female ringleader of a mafia of all things. And yet, you are actually a cultivator. This is really beyond comprehension."

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