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In the dense forest, Mo Awu and Shui Gui were like ghosts in the dark night as they flashed lightning fast toward Tang Xiu's position. In just a short while, the duo arrived in front of Tang Xiu.

"Oh?" Shui Gui suddenly frowned. When he saw Zhenlei Duomo standing beside Tang Xiu, a thick killing intent suddenly erupted from him as he released his flying sword in an instant.

Tang Xiu's expression slightly changed and appeared in front of Zhenlei Duomo like lightning and also released his flying sword to ward off Shui Gui's. As he paced back, he angrily shouted, "STOP IT, SHUI GUI!"

Shui Gui did not realize the meaning of Zhenlei Duomo standing next to Tang Xiu a moment ago. As he saw his own Boss blocking his attack, his expression suddenly changed and instantly took back his flying sword. Yet, his seething killing intent was still locked on Zhenlei Duomo.

"What's going on with you?" asked Tang Xiu with a frown.

"Heh, turns out to be Shui Gui, eh?" Zhenlei Duomo derided. "Little did I expect for your strength to greatly improve after our last encounter seven-plus years ago. What's wrong? Do you still want to avenge your Brother, Shui She?"


Other than Mo Awu, the other nine men instantly released their flying swords and glared at Zhenlei Duomo with faces full of killing intent. This made Zhenlei Duomo's face slightly pale, and she instantly took half a step back.

Tang Xiu's brows tightened even more, and then asked in a deep tone, "Answer me, Shui Gui!"

As loyal as Shui Gui was to Tang Xiu, he hastily lowered his head upon sensing Tang Xiu's anger in his tone, and then replied, "I once had a brother. He was called Shui She and also a core member of the Everlasting Feast Hall… or he used to be. About seven-plus years ago, we carried out a mission abroad and encountered this woman. She didn't change much, so I can be 100% sure that this woman is really her! She killed my Brother and severely injured me, causing me to be stranded on the cliff for several days. I almost died in a foreign country back then. I've done everything I can to find any leads about her over the years, but I never expected her to appear here."

Tang Xiu turned to Zhenlei Duomo and asked, "You killed his Brother? Why?"

"We were in different camps and worked for different employers," said Zhenlei Duomo bluntly. "You and your brother resorted to all sorts of tricks and schemes and killed my employer in order to steal intelligence. I did kill Shui She, but it would've been me who died instead if I didn't kill him. All that happened was caused by yourselves, while I was only fighting back."


Although Shui Gui knew that her argument was sound and reasonable, the one who died was, after all, his blood brother. Enmity and hatred had been buried deep inside his heart for so many years, and he just could not let it go like that.

Tang Xiu had a headache, for he did not expect to encounter such a situation. Nonetheless, he was biased towards Zhenlei's explanation, because like she said, each worked for a different employer in the past, and thus it was inevitable that they would prey on each other, to kill or be killed.

Still… there was hatred! How should he deal with it?

Tang Xiu took a deep breath, as he waved his hand and said, "Shui Gui, the grudge between the both you shall be solved after the problems on Mist Source Island have been dealt with! I'll tell you ahead of time, Zhenlei has something in common with you. She was also nurtured and taught by Yan'er in her childhood just like you. After I solve the problems here, take his matter back to Jingmen Island and by that time, you should ask Yan'er as for how to solve the grievances between the two of you!"

Having said that, his eyes swept over the rest and plainly said, "Take back your weapons. If you are thirsty for killing, kill those foreign forces first!"

Jin Shi and the others simultaneously took back their flying swords, while Shui Gui hesitated before storing his flying sword back into his body. He did not dare to go against Tang Xiu's order but secretly decided that he would definitely make Zhenlei Duomo pay the price after the Mist Source Island's problems were solved.

Tang Xiu then looked at Mo Awu and asked, "So, what information did you get over there?"

Mo Awu took out a map and respectfully said, "The Stygian Club has just moved their encampment. We have investigated and found that their people are currently setting up a very stray array. We already marked its location, it's the only path to enter the current Stygian Club's camp."

Tang Xiu received the map and observed it for some time. Then he nodded and said, "The Stygian Club can become the third largest organization overseas, meaning that they absolutely have some unknown cards at hand. Our purpose this time is very simple. We'll make them devour each other, with the only caution that we must guard against being the Pyramid's members. Alright, let's go to the mountain and watch the tigers fight with each other."

Mixed Summit City, at the northern suburbs.

As Tang Xiu came with Mo Awu and the others quietly, they took a detour via another direction to the Stygian Club's encampment northwest of the mountain. After looking around for a good location, Tang Xiu immediately set up a Concealment Array quietly.

"Let's camp here and wait for those ambitious schemers to cut one another's throats."

"Boss, should we push the billows and waves in the dark?" Asked Mo Awu.

"Of course, adding fuel to the flame is a must, but I'll take on this job myself while you all will be staying here. Awu, do you still have vampire body parts?"

Mo Awu took out battered wings from his interspatial ring and said, "These ones are what I have left."

"That will be enough," Tang Xiu nodded with satisfaction. "Alright. You all stay here."

With that said, he seemed to realize something as his eyes swept over from Shui Gui to Zhenlei Duomo and coldly said, "Do keep my words in mind. You two will put down your grievances for the time being, and everything will be solved after we all return to Jingmen Island. I will severely punish anyone who dares to start a personal fight now!"



Shui Gui and Zhenlei Duomo exchanged glances and answered.

In the forests, dozens of kilometers east of Mixed Summit City, dozens of tents were disorderly built. Many heavily armed burly men were now vigilantly scouting and patrolling the surroundings, whereas more than a dozen leaders of all parties gathered inside a certain tent, engaged in a heated quarrel with flushed faces.

"I suggest that we not rush to attack them. We must lay out the plan well first and make sure all members of the Stygian Club are unable to escape our barricade even if they have wings. Only then shall we completely destroy all the divergent races under the Stygian Club!" said a robust, strong black man.

"All intrigues and tricks are futile in the face of absolute power, for one blow is enough to finish them off. We have more than a dozen forces with tons of combat experts here. Those alien divergent races are very powerful indeed, but we have numbers on our side, hence they will never be able to escape! So I suggest to steamroll them at once," another white man shouted in a deep voice.

"I think we still have to wait, and it's best to wait for the Pyramid's people to act first. Else, once we and the Stygian Club's people suffer mutual heavy losses, the one who will finally profit from it will be those from the Pyramid!"

"That's right. The Pyramid's people are eyeing the Stygian Club with hostility and hatred, so we must join forces with them to add more power!"

"If by chance the Pyramid's people turn their back and point their weapon against us, unforeseen accidents are highly likely to happen. I don't think we should join them…"


The scene was chaotic. Each and every one of them wanted to decide the course according to their own ideas. For a while, the whole situation was in gridlock.

A few kilometers away from them.

Tang Xiu was like a ghost in the darkness as he silently approached the two armed foreign burly men. At a time when the two of them were unaware of the situation, his sharp dagger ripped their throats and claimed their souls directly. Then, he continued running around the surrounding and constantly hunted the security forces from all the foreign forces that patrolled the periphery.

"Twelve men."

After Tang Xiu felt that it was enough, he intentionally made some noises and threw out a dozen feathers around the dead bodies, and then straightly left.


Blazing flame tongues burst out as howling bullets followed up. Seven men who were in guarding duty opened fire at the direction where Tang Xiu just left and hurriedly chased after him. Unfortunately, even though they were quite fast, the difference in their speed was stark as night and day. As they came near the two dead armed men, only then did they stop chasing.


One of the middle-aged men with a high status picked up the feathers and observed them. The killing intent in his expression turned more intense and he almost rushed to the camping area without hesitation.

"What happened?"

More than a dozen leaders of the various parties, who were previously inside the tent, rushed out as the burly black man asked in a loud shout.

The middle-aged stout man came before the group and then showed a dozen feathers in his hand. Then he quickly said, "Those who were in guarding duty have just been sneakily ambushed. I just counted the number of casualties, twelve men in total. I found these feathers near our men's dead bodies. It should be vampire feathers."


"This has gone too far!"

"Rampant and arrogant! JUST KILL THEM ALL…"



The ringleaders of more than a dozen parties had their complexion enormously changed and bellowed as they fell into a rage. They thought that the Stygian Club's people were now like rats, flustered and wouldn't dare to come out of their holes. Little did they expect that they would be so rampant and arrogant to mount a sneak attack and stealthily ambush them.


They were unable to reach a united opinion before, but a consensus was now reached in just a few minutes. The decision was to wait until tomorrow morning, then they would start to take action to kill all members of the Stygian Club on Mist Source Island, no matter the cost!

After Tang Xiu returned to the Concealment Array, he observed the situation of the Stygian Club with binoculars. Then, he sat on a blue stone as he looked at his men and asked, "If my guesstimate is correct, this alliance won't be a match to the Stygian Club, and I'm afraid that the Pyramid's people won't take action as long as the Stygian Club has yet to suffer heavy losses in the following battle. Any of you has a suggestion or solution as for how we can drag the Pyramid's people into the fray?"

"I have a way to inflict heavy damage to the Stygian Club without involving the Pyramid's men from mixing in," said Zhenlei Duomo all of a sudden.

"Elaborate. How can you do that?" Tang Xiu's spirit aroused and he quickly asked.

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