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A strange swing of sound spread out in an instant as a blurry figure appeared out of thin air outside the Coruscating Stars Array. Tang Xiu carried Bodart's head as he flashed and appeared in front of Wu Jie with a soaring killing aura.


Wu Ji was horrified. Never did he ever dream that Bodart would be killed in such a short time and that easily.

Is it an array? The one that is told that Oriental ascetics are good at?

Wu Jie recalled a record he had read in an ancient book and his heart suddenly twitched a few times. They came to Mist Source Island this time, and though they had prospected some mineral deposits, they had not yet carried out any mining it at all. They just planned how to plant their roots in Mist Source Island and establish a secret base for the Pyramid organization here. All these had yet to be carried out, but they had suffered such a great loss already.

All is lost, and the losses are too heavy!

Vexed and unwilling, Wu Jie was perfectly aware of one thing: all his plans for Mist Source Island had ended up in failure.

Tang Xiu saw his constant change of expression and then spoke in a deep voice, "Intelligence War Elder Wu Jie, you can regard yourself to have very good luck for being able to escape and stay alive from the array I laid out. But I'll tell you something, you can be lucky for this one time only. Act as you wish again and adamantly stay on this island… then… this Mist Source Island will become your grave!"

Wu Ji looked at Tang Xiu with hatred, because Bodart was his closest comrade, and now he died in Tang Xiu's hands. This blood enmity was as deep as the ocean, and revenge was a must. Regardless, he was also clear that a wise man must know when to retreat when the odds were against him. One did not need to worry about running out firewood in the forested mountain, for it was never too late for a man to exact his revenge ten years later.

"Give me Bodart's body," said Wu Jie in a heavy tone. "Then I'll immediately take my men and leave Mist Source Island."


Tang Xiu quickly gave Bodart's body to Wu Jie and personally supervised as Wu Jie led his men to leave. Just when they came out of the white mist area, Tang Xiu coldly said, "Do remember, not even one of your Pyramid's are people to come to Chinese territory ever again, for we don't welcome you here. Be it coming alone or in a group, I will kill you all!"

"Who are you, Your Excellency?" asked Wu Jie.

"Your status doesn't give you the qualification to know my name," Tang Xiu sneered. "I may not take the initiative to fight the Pyramid if you stay still in your hive, but I don't mind storming over your place with my men otherwise."

"We will meet again," said Wu Jie coldly.

Having said that, he led the Pyramid people to board a liner and soon disappeared in the horizon.

Tang Xiu turned to look at Mo Awu and ordered, "Take some me to clean up the people from other forces on Mist Source Island. Spare none. Kill all of them. Zhenlei, cooperate with Awu and solve these troubles as fast as possible."

"But, Mr. Tang, isn't it a bit too crazy to kill all the other forces' people on Mist Source Island?" refuted Zhenlei Duomo quickly. "You must know that none of these forces can be underestimated. In the case that they…"

"I dare to kill them, thus I'm not afraid of their revenge!" Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt her and said coldly, "Just do what I said!"

Zhenlei Duomo fell silent for a while but still nodded. She knew that Tang Xiu was very strong and also had many cultivators under his command. But it was definitely not a wise move to be in conflict with so many foreign forces. She suddenly despised Tang Xiu at this moment.


Mist Source Island, at the military compound.

As Tang Xiu came back, he went to see Divine Doctor Gui Jianchou at the fastest speed. After learning that the doctor had discovered the nature of the Darkening Virus and was now working hard to prepare the cure, he could finally heave a sigh of relief. As a matter of fact, Tang Xiu was aware of his own abilities; his accomplishments in Chinese medicine were in no way could be compared to Gui Jianchou's. Reason being, he was able to treat so many incurable diseases was because the means he had as a cultivator.

"Do you need my help?" Tang Xiu asked after he saw Gui Jianchou's weary face but still busy working.

"There's no need for the time being," Gui Jianchou shook his head. "If the cure I'm preparing now can't completely solve the Darkening Virus until noon tomorrow, only then will I probably ask your help to think of another solution."

Tang Xiu nodded. After leaving the temporary lab, he saw Yang Chuxiong rushing towards him with several officers.

"Division Commander Yang, I need some help from you."

There was a plan Tang Xiu had brewed, so he spoke to him directly.

"What do you need us to do, Mr. Tang," said Yang Chuxiong quickly.

"Contact the state leaders. The higher the level, the better. But I think it will be much easier if you can convey what I need to the Number 1 Leader," said Tang Xiu.

Yang Chuxiong's expression changed as he asked, "What do you want me to say to the Number 1 Leader?"

"I need jades. A lot of uncarved ones," said Tang Xiu. "The situation in Mist Source Island is very special, but some people can easily sneak and come here. So I'm going to lay out a very powerful array that encompasses the periphery of the entire island. Unless it is someone who knows how to enter and leave the array, outsiders will otherwise not be able to come here."

"Set up an array here?" Yang Chuxiong was astounded. "Is it like the methods employed by Feng Shui masters in the olden times? You can lay out the likes of invisibility art?"

"I do have some knowledge on it," Tang Xiu nodded.

"Obtaining jades is, in fact, very easy." Yang Chuxiong hesitated and said, "As long as those at the top approve it, I'm sure it will be sent over quickly. It's just… will it create other troubles after you set up the array? Although Mist Source Island has few exchanges with the outside world, it's not completely isolated either. So in case that…"

"I understand what you're thinking," Tang Xiu interrupted him. "I also have a very good suggestion. The state wants to seal off the news that Mist Source Island exists, hence the barricade for the entire island. Thus, I have a suggestion to set up an entrance and exit in two places on the island just like the security checks at the airport. We can specially set up a department, and only the people of this department can open the passage and provide access service…"

The more Yang Chuxiong listened to Tang Xiu, the brighter his eyes became. Eventually, he could not bear himself to slam the table and shouted praise. If it could be set up just like Tang Xiu said, there would be no longer wariness and concern about foreign forces infiltrating Mist Source Island in the future.

One would have to register to enter Mist Source Island and also re-register to check out.

It would establish a perfect traffic order, controlling the flow of people coming in and out of the island. The most important thing was that once this method was completed, the country would be truly in control of Mist Source Island.

Yang Chuxiong excitedly rubbed his hands and suddenly asked, "What exactly is the actual effect of this invisibility method you're going to set up? Can it also attack the enemies? I watched the Yang Family TV series where they have the 'Heavenly Gate Array'. It's very powerful!"

Tang Xiu's expression turned strange and replied, "There are indeed some arrays that can attack enemies, but the array I want to set up is mainly for defending. But setting it up the array to have that feature is not impossible, though. However, the number of jades used will probably increase greatly, though."

Yang Chuxiong clapped and loudly said, "You don't need to worry about the jades. As long as it has an attacking effect we don't need to worry we'll be attacked by those foreign forces even if they come here. They won't be able to infiltrate and even more impossible to attack us. Only at this degree, can we call it impregnable!!"


Tang Xiu was actually laughing inside. The very reason why he proposed to set up a Feng Shui great array and asked for jades was actually out of his selfishness. He needed a massive number of jades, and buying it with his own money was inefficient, hence the need for this minor trick. But if the country could contribute to his endeavor, the number of jades it could provide would definitely much more than he could spend. 

What some people embezzled were money and wealth, but for him was jade.

Precisely speaking, it was not actually embezzlement per se, as he counted it as his reward after the service. After all, he still had to expend great effort and energy to lay out this Feng Shui great array, to begin with.

Seeing that Yang Chuxiong was about to leave, Tang Xiu quickly stopped him and said, "Mr. Yang, can we have a private talk? I need to report something to you about something I did on Mist Source Island."

Yang Chuxiong blanked for a moment. He immediately ordered the other officers around him to leave and curiously asked, "What did you do, Mr. Tang?"

"Principally, it's two different matters. The first one is that I have completely solved all those forces who infiltrated Mist Source Island. Other than a group of people from the Pyramid who lost some of their men and were driven away by me, I've killed all the rest."


Despite Yang Chuxionig having fought in many battles in the past and also having killed many people with his own hands, he still could not bear to draw a cold breath upon hearing Tang Xiu.

One must know that the number of people from all those foreign forces was quite large. All added up were at least 800 to 1000 people. This Tang Xiu… is really ruthless and merciless to the extreme!

Tang Xiu spoke again, "Also, I met some mobs on Mist Source Island. During this virus outbreak, they were threatening civilians and some even gone so far as to kill civilians in cold blood after torturing them, hence I ordered my men to kill some of them who lost their humanity. But we handled their bodies well, leaving no trace."

Yang Chuxion nodded after hearing this, and said, "That is under your jurisdiction and you have the authority for that. There's nothing wrong. We are facing a crisis this time, and yet these people break the laws and commit crimes. I will also drag them to justice if they bump into me."

"Alright, now I feel relieved since you can understand it, Division Commander Yang," said Tang Xiu. "Ah, right. I will also take my men to stroll around, so I won't stay in the base. Just contact me directly if there are any developments or news in regards to the matter of setting up the array and the jades needed."

"No problem," Yang Chuxiong quickly answered.

Just as Tang Xiu was about to leave, he suddenly turned around and said, "Anyhow, there's something else I need to tell you, Division Commander Yang. When we dealt with those foreign forces, we found that the Qingyuan Group's Boss, Miao Hengfu, had a clash with the Stygian Club's people, and he and many of his men were killed by them."

Yang Chuxiong was taken aback and immediately forced out a bitter smile, "That means trouble."

"Huh?" Tang Xiu was surprised. "What trouble, exactly? Isn't he just a businessman, a company owner? How come he can make you feel troubled as the garrison commander here?"

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