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Tang Xiu decided to leave after addressing the issue with the Qingyuan Group. The Chinese leaders asked him to come to Mist Source with a clear purpose, that was: solving the problem with the Darkening Virus and to maintain the order and safety of the island's inhabitants.

Of these two problems, Divine Doctor Gui Jianchou was now dealing with one and he did not need to concern about it much. He also had nearly solved the second problem.

The following issue he had to carry out was to maintain order, security, and safety of the Mist Source Island's people, and deal with whoever took advantage to make things more chaotic and fishing in troubled waters. The most important thing he had to do under such a desperate situation was to deal with the criminals causing riots.

The police system on Mist Source Island could be said to have been practically paralyzed. The police force had been infected by the Darkening Virus, so how would they still have time to worry about the civilians' safety? Hence, he could not count on them in any way.

"Boss, I always felt like something was a bit odd here."

At the entrance of the Qingyuan Group's building, Jin Shi frowned and spoke to Tang Xiu, who just sat in the car.

"What is it, exactly?" asked Tang Xiu.

"We spent 2 hours and 45 minutes ever since we entered the Qingyuan Group until we left, and a full two hours were particularly spent inside the meeting room. We are cultivators, so we are free from being infected by the Darkening virus since we can use our True Essence to block the virus. But from what I've seen, all those top executives of the Qingyuan Group clearly have signs of being infected, but none of them were using any electrostatic generator device to suppress the virus inside their bodies. That's precisely what feels amiss."

After hearing this, Tang Xiu's expression suddenly changed. He did overlook this issue a while ago and did not expect that Jin Shi was able to notice it. After blaming his own neglect inwardly, he immediately said, "Immediately call Li Heming and tell him to come here!"

"Got it," Jin Shi replied.

A few minutes later, Li Heming rushed over. When he saw the license plate on the car Tang Xiu was in, a glint flashed in his eyes. The letter and numbers were written in black color and started with a red colored character, a typical military plate. As Li Heming's gaze fell on Tang Xiu behind the window, he made his posture even lower as he came before the window and respectfully said, "Do you have any instructions for me, Mr. Tang?"

"Did something particular happened with the Qingyuan Group?" Tang Xiu asked, "It's very obvious that all of you have been infected by the Darkening Virus, but how come none of you are using electrostatic producing devices to suppress it?"

"The company has installed an electrostatic discharger inside since the Boss… err, Miao Hengfu ordered us to buy it from a group of foreign forces. This electric discharger can cover the entire building, so all the employees inside don't need any other electrostatic producing devices," said Li Heming quickly.

"An electrostatic discharger?"

Tang Xiu's spirit shook since he did not expect that there was such an object nowadays. After thinking about it for a while, he immediately asked, "What's the maximum area that can be covered by this electrostatic discharger, exactly? I mean, can you cover the entire Mist Source Island with it?"

"I also asked about this to Miao Hengfu before. The electrostatic discharger that's being used by our Qingyuan Group should be the most powerful one in the line, but it can only cover a few kilometers in diameter. This electrostatic discharger was an object of little value in the past, since not only is it not useful to humans, but instead brings harm to the human body."

Tang Xiu nodded without a word as he could tell that Li Heming should be saying the truth. He thought about the issue for a while and then slowly asked, "Can you still buy this electronic discharger?"

"I don't know." Li Heming shook his head. "It was Miao Hengfu who bought it, and it seemingly cost him quite a bit. Regardless, though, I know the origin of the seller. They come from the Commonwealth of Micronesia."

Tang Xiu could only nod helplessly. He knew this group of people. How would he be able to buy such an electrostatic discharger from them since they had been completely decimated by the Stygian Club? He fell into thought for a while and recalled that Divine Doctor Gui Jianchou told him that the results of the antivirus he was developing could only be seen by midday tomorrow. After remembering this, Tang Xiu then suppressed his idea to buy a massive number of electrostatic dischargers.

"Anyways, is there a relatively clean place in the company? I want to assign some people to stay here."

Li Heming asked back, "May I ask how many people precisely, Mr. Tang?"

After pondering about it, Tang Xiu eventually shook his head and said, "Ah, forget it, then. In any case, the research for the cure of the Darkening Virus should be finished by tomorrow, so I don't need to trouble myself with it."

He originally planned to tell Tang Han to bring her confidantes here. But he eventually gave up the idea since he did not want any outsiders to find out that he and Tang Han were related. The Qingyuan Group itself had many people, and it would be very easy to have their relationship exposed to the outside.


Tang Manor Martial School.

Tang Xiu headed directly there after leaving the Qingyuan Group, while Mo Awu and the rest then rushed to catch up to inform him that they had exterminated the remnants of those foreign forces.

"This place has turned tranquil now, Boss." Mo Awu spoke in a relaxed voice as he looked at Tang Xiu, who was smoking on the sofa.

"What you meant by peaceful should be because you just removed all those foreign forces, no?" refuted Tang Xiu indifferently. "The fact is, we are still far from achieving true peace here. The Darkening Virus has infected all inhabitants on Mist Source Island, creating chaos and panic. Some unscrupulous people who already harbored evil intentions will be fanning the flames of chaos to destroy order right in this period of time. Also, even though the Darkening Virus is being temporarily suppressed, people will still be jittery and panicky as long as it isn't fully solved. The longer the delay, the more likely it will bring disorder and chaos."

Mo Awu scrunched up and said, "You mean…"

"The twelve people in our team shall be divided into six groups, four of which are to rush to the four big cities, Python, Wolfpack, Twin Brooks, and Mixed Summit City, in order to maintain the order among the civilians. You are to execute and kill anyone who harbors evil intention or commit something extreme. The other two groups will need to work hard as they will have to scour all the villages in the entire Mist Source Island."

"Orders received!" Mo Awu's reply was very simple as always.

Tang Han hurriedly interjected, "I and my people will join you, Brother. Besides, we are very familiar with Mist Source Island, to begin with, so we can help you in action."

"No problem," Tang Xiu said with a smile. "All of you are not under the threat of the Darkening Virus now, so it won't be a big problem for you to help us. Regardless, I want you to disguise your appearance, though, so as to avoid you getting be recognized as someone from the Tang Manor Martial School."

"How should I disguise myself?" asked Tang Han.

"Don't worry about that! I have my ways," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Changing appearance and putting up a disguise was but an easy task to Mo Awu and the others. They used to practice abroad in the past and had long used these methods to perfection.

The stability and order on Mist Source Island, particularly its major cities, were indeed very bad right now. Despite the initial small-scale unrest and riots, the police were still able to suppress it with an iron fist, and yet, there were still many people who harbored evil intentions and were preparing to destroy this state. Some people with extreme personality were even sharpening tools and weapons and brandishing their weapons at others once they could not cope with the consequences of facing death due to the virus infection.

As of now, there had yet to occur a large-scale riot, but chaotic scenes could be seen happening in many neighborhoods.

Twin Brooks City.

In a certain district, dozens of young men with knives and sticks in their hands smashed Huimin Supermarket's door and stormed inside. Although the supermarket cashier did not have much cash, the supermarket itself was full of goods and was worth a lot of money. These people then frantically went insane and seemed to be seeking expensive things, stuffing them into their pockets and bags.


A middle-aged woman with a mobile phone shouted from the second floor. There was anger and panic on her face as she was afraid to go downstairs.

The dozens of young men ignored her and kept looting outrageously, scrambling everything they could touch and messing up the first floor of the supermarket.

About four-plus minutes later, five men with sticks rushed in from the outside, led by a furious middle-aged man who slashed his knife toward a youth who ran outside after loading himself with goods. Another slash chopped down and directly stabbed the neck of another youth who was caught unprepared.

"Put them down! I'll kill whoever dares to rob my supermarket!" The middle-aged man wiped off the splashing blood on his face and loudly shouted.

In a flash, dozens of young men who were looting the supermarket stopped moving and turned quiet. But after five-plus seconds, a youth roared, "Who the fuck is afraid? There are just five of them and we are dozens! KILL THEM AND WE CAN GRAB ALL THE GOODS IN THIS SUPERMARKET AND MOVE THEM TO OUR HOMES!!!"


A chaotic fight broke out shortly after. The middle-aged man and his four comrades were chased out of the supermarket, all scarred and battered. One of them, who was gravely injured, eventually collapsed at the supermarket entrance, ganged up and beaten to death.


An off-road car stopped nearby and two robust middle-aged men jumped out of it, dashing toward and clashing with them head-on. His berserk strikes and valiant combat prowess had already killed four men before the mob reacted.


The dozens of youths realized that these two men were sharp and powerful, as they roared to bolster up their courage, raised up their weapons and stormed over toward them.

Puff! Puff! Puff…

What was a tiger storming a flock of sheep like?

It was exactly this scene in front as the two middle-aged men grabbed the machetes on the ground and hacked at the youths as though they were just like cutting melons. With extreme speed and strength, only less than ten youths were still alive after several breaths from the previously dozens strong.

"DEVIL!!! RUN!!!"


The rest of the youths had already lost their wits out of fear, no longer having any energy to stake their lives. They threw away their weapons as well as the supermarket goods and began running away like hell.

However, their speed was too slow as the two middle-aged men eventually caught up with them and killed them all without a shred of mercy.

"Are they still human?"

From the corner of the street more than 100 meters away from Huimin Supermarket, the four middle-aged men who got hacked and injured were staring at the scene in front with stunned and dumbfounded expressions. Those were tens of strong and robust young men! And yet, all of them had been completely slaughtered so fast and easily?

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