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The more Tang Xiu listened to the hardships Viviani had gone through, the more he secretly and gradually admired her ability. The Savage Mammoth's people did indeed possess formidable power and some of them were comparable to the early stage of Foundation Establishment experts, like that silver-haired old man.

Viviani was quite formidable herself since the strength she could fully showcase should have surpassed those at the early stage of Foundation Establishment. It was just that the number of enemies that hunted her down was too many while more and more experts emerged among them. Even if she went all out to kill them, there were times that she was too lenient, and her ability to escape if she tried was also inadequate among these Savage Mammoth members.

Tang Xiu let out a smile and gestured to Ji Chimei. The latter immediately snorted coldly as those several experts of Savage Mammoth suddenly felt like their necks were grabbed by an invisible hand. Their feet kept convulsing chaotically in the air as they were lifted out of the cabin.

The strange scene made it so that Viviani's jaw fell and disbelief filled her face.

Tang Xiu took out a dagger and put it in Viviani's hand, smilingly saying, "They are your enemy, it's up to you what do you wanna do with their lives."

Shocked as she was, Viviani looked down at the dagger in her hand. Her countenance turned redder the longer she watched the faces of those Savage Mammoth's members who looked like they were being hung in the air. She struggled in hesitation for a short while before she gradually moved toward those people.


The dagger stabbed the heart of one of them and she quickly pulled it out. Then, the several remaining members of Savage Mammoth were struck and killed by her in a half minute. She walked step by step to the front of the silver-haired old man as she turned to look at Tang Xiu and asked, "Can I kill him too?"

Tang Xiu gave an allowing gesture and smilingly said, "These people are mutants or hybrids, I don't know. You can do what you will to these beings neither human nor beasts."

Viviani nodded heavily and shot a grateful look at Tang Xiu. She then stabbed the silver-haired old man's heat mercilessly with the dagger. She looked as though she had yet to vent her vexed feelings inside as she fiercely stabbed the silver-haired old man's throat afterward. Though she was rather weak right now, she was still able to stab him several centimeters deep.


As she pulled the dagger out, Viviani staggered backward for a few steps. She could have fallen again had Tang Xiu not quickly came to catch and prop her up.

"So, what do you feel now?" asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

"I feel rather complicated, but I'm mainly dying to become more formidable," answered Viviani full of seriousness.

A smile outlined on Tang Xiu's mouth. Little did he expect that Viviani would actually be keen and tactful and raise this topic even before he spoke his true intention. He then smiled and said, "Having formidable strength is naturally the dream of countless people indeed. But a dream is nothing but a dream for many, as those who can obtain the opportunity to increase their strength are very rare—a selected few. If anything, what will you do if such an opportunity were given to you but you must pay the price for it?"

"Exactly what price must I pay for it?" asked Viviani.

"For instance, freedom," said Tang Xiu.

The answer made Viviani fall into silence for a long time before she heavily nodded and answered, "I'm willing to pay for it."

"Then follow since you're willing!" Tang Xiu smilingly said, "You also saw the terrifying phenomenon a while ago, right? Let alone annihilate these mutants who just hunted you down, you even will be able to eradicate the entire Savage Mammoth and those enemies who had been hunting you down if you follow me."

"Can you really give me such an opportunity?" Viviani was amazed.

"Of course I can do that, why else did I tell you about it?" said Tang Xiu. "Alright, let's greet that Samaritan fellow. It's time to go back."

Viviani turned around to see the two liners in the distance and saw Wang Rui who stood on one of the ships as she inquired, "You mean… Mr. Wang?"

"You know, I know this Mr. Wang too." Tang Xiu chuckled and said, "In any case, he has seen something he shouldn't see today, so I have to deal with it."

Having said that, Tang Xiu directly grabbed Viviani's arms and floated as he walked in the air toward the liner a kilometer away. As he came above the ship, he looked down toward the shocked Qingcheng Mountain's old man, Wang Rui, and his men before speaking to them with an indifferent smile, "How does it feel to watch such a show, Wang Rui?"

"T-Tang… Tang Xiu, are you a cultivator?" asked Wang Rui suddenly. HIs throat had somewhat gone dry and his lips squirmed a few times.

"I am," answered Tang Xiu.

A bitter expression could be seen on Wang Rui's face as he slowly said, "I finally understand why you didn't want to fight me. I was really too proud and arrogant, it seems."

"For you being able to realize your own shortcomings, that means you have the capability to remold yourself in the future if you could," Tang Xiu said with a pale smile, "Anyways, is this the elder of Qingcheng Mountain? Not bad, you can actually break the limitation of grandmaster level and reach a higher level."

The Qingcheng Mountain's old man wore a respectful look as he cupped his fists and said, "Wang Luzhong greets senior Immortal."

"Dispense with the ceremony." Tang Xiu waved and said, "It just so happened that we meet by coincidence, no less. You are rather talented in cultivation, yet lacking in some aspects of the character. I very much hope that you can change such a bad habit in the future. If anything, I think Wang Rui is worth learning from in this regard."

The Qingcheng Mountain's old man looked embarrassed for he knew what Tang Xiu was referring to. After all, he just abandoned Viviani, letting the Savage Mammoth's people capture her. Despite Tang Xiu's reprimand, however, he didn't dare to have the slightest complaint and kept his respectful manner and reverently replied, "I'll definitely correct myself."

Tang Xiu just let out a pale smile in response before he turned toward Wang Rui and said, "You've helped Viviani today so she owes you this favor. Call me if there's a time you need her to pay this favor. But there's no need for the rest to remember anything about what has happened today."

The next moment, Ji Chimei unleashed her magical power and a streak of light thrust into the heads of Qingcheng Mountain's old man and the rest, causing Wang Rui's face to suddenly change dramatically.

"Tang Xiu, you…"

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt him. After half a minute of silence, the Qingcheng Mountain's old man opened his eyes, looking dazed as he shook head and got up from the floor.

"What's wrong with me? Who are these people?"

Wang Rui's eyes contracted as a tempestuous wave quaked in his heart. He realized what method it was—a terrifying means to tamper and erase people's memories!

Who exactly is she? How could this elderly lady have such a terrifying ability?

Tang Xiu held Viviani's arm and didn't put her on the floor so that he could sniff a pleasant fragrance coming out from her. Tang Xiu gently patted her arm and smiled lightly, "I think you know what to do after what happened today, Wang Rui. Viviani is injured and I need to take her with me. We bade you farewell now. We shall meet again someday."

"We shall meet again someday?"

Wang Rui only felt like he saw a halo in front of him as the figures of Tang Xiu, Viviani, and the terrifying elderly lady vanished out of the blue. A deep sense of loss emerged inside him at this very moment for he knew that he would never surpass Tang Xiu in regards to cultivation, let alone defeat him. He and those people were not of the same world at all.

The Qingcheng Mountain's old man took a quick glance around as he exclaimed in alarm, "What's that ability? Such a speed is…"

Wang Rui shot a deep look towards the spot where Tang Xiu just vanished and slowly said, "I can't tell you who they are, but I hope you can forget the scene you just saw. Only then will there be no harm and only benefits to you and our Qingcheng Mountain."

Jingmen Island, the Everlasting Feast Hall.

Viviani only felt a flower halo blooming in front of her eyes. The heavenly thunder and the severe weather had disappeared. Although she was still being held by Tang Xiu, she was filled with amazement as she found that Tang Xiu had landed and stood on the ground, the trees and buildings in the surroundings showing that they had just arrived on solid land.

"What's this place?" suppressing her shock inside, Viviani asked in puzzlement.

"I'd like to ask you one last question, Viviani," said Tang Xiu with a smile. "Do you have any concerns about yourself? Or something that you have yet to finish?"

Viviani thought over it for a short while before nodding, and said, "Yes. I want to eradicate the Savage Mammoth. I have some dealings with the people from this organization and these people are simply evil, the very devil themselves."

"Only this one, no less?" asked Tang Xiu again.

"I… probably only this one," said Viviani. "I don't have a family anymore; neither do I have a relationship with the Vatican anymore. I have nothing left to be concerned about."

"If so, then stay and live here as a member of Everlasting Feast Hall and became a ghost here after you die." Tang Xiu nodded and said, "This place is Jingmen Island, the headquarter of Everlasting Feast Hall. You can stay here for the time being! I'll send someone to arrange the daily necessities for your life and to guide you to familiarize yourself with this place."

"Alright." Viviani replied and inquired again, "When can I get that opportunity exactly?"

Ji Chimei, who stood at the side, interjected indifferently, "For you to be brought here is already an opportunity in and of itself, lass!"

"That's right. Someone will naturally come to you to impart a cultivation technique when you've familiarized yourself here so that you can keep getting stronger."

During their conversation, Gu Xiaoxue's figure flashed from the distance and arrived in front of Tang Xiu in just several breaths. She curiously sized up Viviani before speaking, "Grand Master, Lulu just called me. She's looking for you, saying that it's very urgent."

"Ouyang Lulu?"

He was filled with a bit of curiosity. Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone and dialed Ouyang Lulu's number. A short while after he dialed it, his call was picked up as Ouyang Lulu's hurried voice came out, "Tang Xiu? Is it you?"

"It is!" said Tang Xiu. "What happened?"

"Where are you now?" asked Ouyang Lulu rapidly. "Can you hurry back to Shanghai? Han Qingwu just got an accident!"

Tang Xiu's countenance changed and he asked in a heavy voice, "What happened to her?"

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