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At this time, Tang Xiu was somewhat regretting that he didn't keep Wang Rui's number, else he would have been able to ask this guy and would surely get the result quickly. However, although he may not have his number, it didn't mean that he had no way to get his number at all. He made a few calls and was finally able to obtain it.

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable."

The reminder phone service center made Tang Xiu more helpless. He resentfully put away his mobile and then looked at Long Zhenglin. "By the way, are you busy in the near future? If not, can you help me go to Qingcheng Mountain?"

"Is that Red Silk Flower really that important to you?" asked Long Zhenglin with a strange expression.

"It is," replied Tang Xiu without hesitation. "I will buy it no matter how high the price is."

Long Zhenglin took a deep breath and said, "Aren't we good buddies, Big Bro Tang? Alright, I'll naturally oblige since you really need it. Gimme some money, and I'll go tomorrow… No, today! I'll go there after lunch today. I'll definitely find that Wang Tao kiddo with whatever means in order to buy the Red Silk Flower from him."

Tang Xiu took out a bank card and handed it over to him, "There's some money in this; you can use it first. If you can buy that Red Silk Flower, it would be the best. But if you can't, find out whether it's still available. Ah, right. I need to go to Jingmen Island tomorrow to deal with something important. I'll get back immediately when I'm done dealing with the things over there."

Long Zhenglin didn't ask how much money was in the bank card. He directly called Ren Qi and asked him to come over. Afterward, he put away his mobile and said, "Big Bro, what have you been busy with recently? I went to your campus to inquire about you, but you rarely attend the class ever since you enrolled in Shanghai University."

Tang Xiu spread out his hands and said, "Well, I can only say the greater the ability, the heavier the responsibility, Brother. Who told me to be this capable and powerful and now I gotta have various things done by myself? But man, just look at you, it seems like someone has just pushed you to a pit. What's the matter with you?"

"Don't fucking mention it, will ya?" Long Zhenglin instantly looked depressed. "If anything, I got an investment company after I came to Tianjing City last year. Originally, I just planned to have some fun with it and hired a professional manager who has some skills. In just half a year, he did help me get tens of millions of yuan, so I poured hundreds of millions of yuan from the Magnificent Tang's dividend. You know what? Those fucking bastards ate me from the inside out, he was even in cahoots with outsiders to trap me, and there went all my money down the drain. You see, if it wasn't for Ren Qi secretly helping me, my pocket would have been much cleaner than my face!"

"You really can't find that man?" asked Tang Xiu.

"The world is so big, dude. They have long gone off to a faraway place after having gotten so much money. Where can I find those bastards in the vast sea of people?" said Long Zhenglin bitterly. "Anyways, just forget it. It's just a couple hundred of millions, no big deal. I can just tighten my belt until the New Year. I'll get my share of dividend from Magnificent Corp by the end of the year and I'll become a billionaire again, no?"

"You really got a big heart, man," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

"Can you even do it with a petty mind? I don't think so," said Long Zhenglin. "There's no way I could keep throwing a tantrum and repeatedly attempt suicide just because I got conned once, no?"

During the chat, a slender young man came hurriedly from the outside. He smiled after seeing Long Zhenglin and said, "Zhenglin, you sounded so urgent and called me to come over, what's up?"

Long Zhenglin pointed to the Tang Xiu who sat at the opposite side and smilingly said, "Well, lemme introduce you to my Big Bro. Tang Xiu this is Ren Qi."

Tang Xiu got up and shook hands with Ren Qi and said, "My pleasure to meet you."

"Since you're Long Zhenglin's friend, you're also a friend of mine," said Ren Qi. "But I feel like Brother Tang is somewhat familiar. Forgive me for being ignorant, but I think you're someone important."

"I'm still a student; a freshman this year," answered Tang Xiu.

Ren Qi casually nodded and then looked back at Long Zhenglin and asked, "You were in such a hurry to call me over here. But you didn't call me just to introduce me to Brother Tang, did you? Anyways, I still have a mess to deal with over there and it will take some time to deal with it. How about you help me to get rid of that bloke Ma first?"

"Is it Ma Weibo?" asked Long Zhenglin, surprised.

"Who else dares to cause me troubles besides that bastard?" Ren Qi nodded and said, "I don't know what drugs he took last night. He's so adamant to make things difficult for the hostesses of this place of mine. Had I not forcefully stopped him, he would have killed my hostesses already."

"That guy is a lunatic." Long Zhenglin shook his head said, "I can only beat him up at the most, though. I have no means other than that. Besides, this is your site and you'll get more headaches that way. Well, I also called you to come over because I want to pay the money I owe you. Gimme your account, I'll transfer the money to you now."

"You got the money?" asked Ren Qi, surprised.

Long Zhenglin pointed to Tang Xiu and smilingly said, "Getting along with this Big Bro of mine, I can eat and drink whatever, whenever I want. How can I be dirt poor, dude?"

Ren Qi nodded with a thoughtful look and said, "Let's not make it so troublesome, alright? Just flush the money into the membership card and then swipe it at any checkout counter in the resort if you really have the money. Also, Brother Tang, I won't be able to accompany you since I really have something to deal with over there. I'll host and treat you to a drink at noon."

"Since you have things to tend to, then go ahead!" Tang Xiu waved and said, "I too still have things to discuss with Long Zhenglin and will return to Shanghai after I'm done."

"Alright then. Feel free to come to this place of mine to play again later," said Ren Qi before he hurriedly left.

Tang Xiu looked at Long Zhenglin and asked, "Who's this guy surnamed Ma, exactly? Why does it sound like he's some kind of troublemaker?"

"He's more than a troublemaker, man!" Long Zhenglin wryly smiled, "That bastard is definitely the epitome of a lunatic. The way he thinks is completely different from normal people. I had a brawl with him twice and had him badly beaten twice! And the outcome? That bastard unexpectedly keeps looking for experts to compete with me. Goddammit, sonuvabitch. I won twice and got badly beaten the third time. In desperation, I invited some non-local helping hands and had some brawls, more than a dozen, and even a full brawl up until Ran Qi meddled a little and we got it settled."

"This Ma Family is the first family in Tianjing, be it in the business or political field. Members of this family also have a very unusual status here. In the business field alone, whether it's a proper and legitimate business or a shady one, you can find their tentacles. They are also connected with a powerful family in the capital, one that I think is comparable to your Tang Family. This bloke Ma I faced is the fourth son of the head of the Ma Family, usually called Fourth Ma."

Tang Xiu had heard about the Ma Family since Tianjing was very close to Shanghai. The Ma Family itself had a striking reputation. Even the Ji Family from Changxi was a bit weaker than them.

As noon came and Tang Xiu was about to leave the Mingyuan Resort, troubles came to find Tang Xiu. The source of the trouble was none other than this Fourth Ma of the Ma Family.

"What the fuck, it's you, Long Zhenglin! I never thought you'd still have the face to kiss Ren Qi's ass and freeload at his place! Why don't you fucking go back to your Star City and ask for some money from your old man if you don't got any? What's with you freeloading here for, huh?" A toothpick clamped in his teeth, Ma Xiaorong spoke condescendingly, looking at Long Zhenglin with contempt as he deliberately and provocatively blocked off Long Zhenglin and Tang Xiu's path.

"Fourth Ma, talk however bitchy and arrogant you like if you got the itch, but I got no time to bicker around with you today." Long Zhenglin frowned and said, "I got my brother coming and you'd better behave, else I guarantee you'll end up being pitiful tomorrow."

"Oh, no! I'm so scared. Baldy Lin is actually furious. Man, look at the sun rising from the West!" Ma Xiaorong raised his hands to cover his chest and intentionally acted fearful and shouted loudly, "But Long Zhenglin, this Daddy doesn't want to bitch around with you either because abusing you so many times is so boooring."

"YOU…" Long Zhenglin was furious as he rolled his sleeves and readied himself to punch him.

Tang Xiu stopped him and looked at Ma Xiaorong saying, "Look at you acting like you're being decent and proper, yet you love to bring trouble on yourself and provoke left and right. Is this how the Head of Ma Family educates his son?"

"From which hole did you come out, dude?" Ma Xiaorong rolled his eyes and spoke with contempt, "I'm talking to Long Zhengling, what the fuck are you farting out for? What's wrong with instigating trouble? So what if this Daddy provokes you? If you fucking got the ability, why don't you do something to me, huh?"


In the next moment, Tang Xiu slapped his face and kicked his chest, sending him flying over six meters away. "What a foul mouth, eh? I'll help clean it up. If you dare to parade your ability again, then I'll make it impossible for you to say another word in your life."

Getting kicked in the chest make Ma Xiaorong unable to breathe properly for a long period of time. After recovering slightly, his face was livid.

"You're more powerful than Long Zhenglin, dude. You hit me. That's cool, very cool. But I've already taught Long Zhenglin a lesson, and it seems if I use the same means I can't show off my real ability to you. How about you come and have lunch together with me? Let's have a chat about having another round while eating with me, okay?"

"You're crazy!"

Hearing such earnest words from the guy, Tang Xiu was struck was a slight headache. He was not afraid of really crazy people, but he was wary of those who feigned madness and acted like an idiot. Those kinds of people were usually the type who would go to the extreme.

Finally, Ma Xiaorong looked a bit angry and said with all seriousness, "Hey, I'm talking you to you, dude! Are you deaf or something? Let's play a game; with whoever wins or loses, I'll forget the hit you gave me."

"Just you? You're unworthy." Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "Just get lost, as far as possible really, if you think you're not just an annoying fly."

Ma Xiaorong was very excited when he got slapped, even though he felt throbbing spasms of pain from his chest and his face burning hot. it was like he had just found a fun game. He made up his mind to target Tang Xiu while staring impudently and even kept pestering him.

"What if I don't scram? Nope. Let's get it on now."

Tang Xiu raised his hand and made a stance to hit him.

Ma Xiaorong quickly took out his mobile and turned around to hand it over to a bodyguard behind him. Then, he sat down on the floor and said, "Come at me and hit me, dude. The more pain I feel, the better."

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