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At the end of the corridor was a particular imaginary, dreamlike space filled with multicolored holographic images, a manifestation like a world in science fiction. The most striking scene was the emerging waves of strange subtitles on the walls of the space. The texts were colored in blue that didn't belong to any form of characters existing on Earth.


Streaks of flame penetrated the light screen like wild blazing fire dragons that swooped down towards several figures. Behind dozens of those fire dragons, two twin men formed seals with their hands by waving their wands, attempting to control the fire to burn those figures.


Three Beastmen, whose bodies were covered with hair and who had shiny green eyes and sharp claws that seemed like they could tear space apart, forcibly pushed forward against the tempestuous frantic energy and firmly stood to withstand the attacks of more than 10 fire dragons.

Behind them, however, two badly battered Beastmen were dying on the floor. A hole the size of a bowl was in their abdomens, causing them to gradually lose their life force along with the blood that flowed out of the hole.

"Interesting. The Brazilian and Italian are battling each other."

Zhu Long was hiding behind a light screen, calmly watching the death battle royale in the distance. Behind him, Aquababe and Electrolady wore vigilant looks and had their eyes fixated on the battle scene.

The complexion of Firedevil was a bit solemn. His gaze lingered on the twin men, silently measuring the gap between him and those men. He was also a Fire Elementalist and could control the flame himself, yet he realized that he was not comparable to those two men in front of him.

The focus of Tang Xiu's attention was not on both parties in combat, but on the Brazilian woman's hand that was trying to take the crystal ball. The crystal ball was transparent and there was a lightning shuttle contained inside, yet he could clearly see that it was not lightning sealed inside the crystal but a form of a golden insect the size of a fingernail instead.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu's expression changed because he saw that another entrance to the passage was opened and some people entered the premises. He had seen those people outside and knew that they were from Britain.

Pew, pew, pew, pew…

Laser pulses were shot from the guns of those five British people and accurately hit the two Brazilian Fire Elementalists as well as those three Beastmen.



The two parties in combat were caught off guard. One of the Brazilian twin men, the Fire Elementalist, was hit in the forehead and killed instantly, whereas the other one blocked the shot in time yet paid the price with his arm. But two of the three Beastmen were directly killed. The last one had his chest blast through as he staggered backward and then dropped next to his already fallen comrades.


The five British Elementalists took back their laser guns and stormed forward aggressively like ferocious wolves. Quickly, all five Beastman from Italy died and they then surrounded the remaining Fire Elementalist from Brazil.

Behind the light screen.

Zhu Long pressed his voice and spoke in a whisper, "The last Brazilian Elementalist won't last much longer I think. I never thought the teams from these two countries would all die here just after they entered the vestige."

"Just let them die!" Electrolady interjected in a whisper. "The more they die, the less danger there is for us. It's a pity though. Those Brazilians and Italians were just lame ducks, else they could've fought those British and perished together, allowing us to be the fisherman who'll get the catch. It would've been more perfect if some other countries' teams were to barge in the fight."

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Right as Electrolady finished her piece, three shadows flew in through one of the passages. The three figures who seemed to be in rough shape were the Japanese team—Kuwako, a middle-aged man, and the now seriously injured Cheng Xuemei.

Seeing that, Tang Xiu's countenance slightly changed. It was impossible for him to see Kuwako and Cheng Xuemei die here. Just as he was ready to act, four figures swiftly entered through that passage at the speed of lightning. Although the four people also looked distressed, they only had light injuries.

"The Germans?"

Again, Zhu Long's expression shifted and a gloating look appeared on his face. Nearly all Chinese people hated the Japanese due to the historical enmity between the two countries, while at this time, the remaining three people from the Japanese team looked so distressed. He secretly hoped that the combat between the parties inside would be more intense; it would be best if all those Japanese died here.


The five Brits, who ganged up to surround the Brazilian female, eventually killed her and snatched the crystal ball. Yet, they didn't rush to move again but secretly formed a defensive line to watch the three members of the Japanese team facing the Germans.

"Boss!" a pleasant voice transmitted into Tang Xiu's mind.

Tang Xiu knew that Kuwako had sensed his presence through the soul connection between them. However, he didn't rush to appear but sent back his thought through the mental link: Contact the Brits and cooperate with them to get rid of the Germans.

Kuwako's expression changed and she glanced in the direction of Tang Xiu's team very secretively. She immediately spoke to the five Britons in fluent English, "British friends, this three-star vestige is filled with perils and dangers, yet each power is hostile to each other. My team is already on the losing side, and I'm afraid all of us will be annihilated should any party attack us now, hence we wish to form an alliance with you. As long you can help us enact revenge and eliminate these people, we will share everything we find in this vestige with you, like this energy panel in my hand."

After saying that, she took out a cell-phone sized black-colored energy panel from her pocket and swayed it in front of the five Brits.

The complexion of the four Germans changed. They were confident in faring well if they had to clash against one country's team, but taking on two countries at once was something they clearly knew would be a pyrrhic victory even if they won. Additionally, they had lost one man already.

The captain of the Germans was called Moravidel and he wore a grim expression at this moment. The killing intent gleaming in his eyes was evident when he stared at Kuwako. He immediately spoke to the British five-man team, "Jaycee, we can be said as being old buddies and we know some things of each other. Even if you ally with them, you are crystal clear on how big the price you'll have to pay if you want to eliminate us. It's better for us to form an alliance and completely destroy these Japanese, then we'll share the spoils. Besides, this three-star vestige surely has tons of good stuff and there's no way any country can swallow all of them. It's better for our team to cooperate and become the final winners."

The five British exchanged glances, discussing in whispers before finally looking at Moravidel, "These Japanese are indeed posing no threat to us and we'll accept your proposal under one condition."

Moravidel was delighted and asked, "What's your request, then?"

The British team captain, Jaycee, replied, "Attack them first to prove your sincerity. We'll immediately move once you kill any of them. Else, we'd rather cooperate with these three Japanese to deal with you."

With a slightly changed expression, Moravidel contemplated for a moment and nodded. "So be it. Then we'll move first."

Right as he was done speaking, he issued an order and the four men dashed forward lightning fast toward Kuwako's team of three.

Hearing the dialog between Jaycee and Moravidel behind the light screen, Tang Xiu could only feel helpless; he even cursed at Jaycee and the other four British that they had no brains at all. Had it been him, he would have definitely chosen the Japanese rather than Germans.

The reason being, it was because once they cooperated with the Germans, the latter would remain a powerful adversary after they had the Japanese eliminated. It was much better to join forces with the weaker side rather than the stronger side, as they could easily eliminate the weaker Japanese team later if need be.

"Captain Zhu Long, you four can continue hiding here. But I have to save those Japanese. Please don't ask me the reason. Besides, your turn to step into stage won't be delayed either after I'm done solving those people."

With that said, he didn't wait for Zhu Long to speak and immediately moved to the side and appeared in everyone's sight. Moreover, not only did he move there and act, he literally blasted forward with an irresistible force as a violent aura broke out from him. His two fists were like meteors which bombarded Moravidel's back who was caught off guard.


Moravidel himself was a man whose genes had been genetically re-engineered with additional elephant genes. Not only had his strength greatly increased, but even his defense had also become more formidable. Tang Xiu's rumbling fists which bombarded his back instantly made him severely injured, yet he still retained a glimmer of his life force.

In the next moment, Tang Xiu appeared between two other Germans Elementalists just as they attacked Kuwako's team of three. A dagger appeared in Tang Xiu's hand out of the blue after he easily kicked a German ability user's lower rib. He then stabbed his dagger to prick the other one's lower rib, then followed with a lightning-like punch that hit the man's neck.


The German Elementalist's neck was broken and he was instantly killed and his dead body was easily kicked away by Tang Xiu.

All of the British ability users, who stood watching in the distance, had their complexions greatly change. Never once had they ever thought that someone would show up to disrupt the plan and make a scene out of the blue. More so that the one who helped the three Japanese was unexpectedly a Chinese youth. Yet, the one thing that shocked them the most and which wasn't expected was Tang Xiu's formidable strength.

Behind the light screen.

Zhu Long was really incensed because of Tang Xiu's decision, as were Firedevil and Electrolady who also looked angry. They really couldn't understand his action and wondered: Did Tang Xiu just have a mental lapse? Did he get a fever or have a stroke? So much so that he went astray to help the smutty people that were those Japanese?

Only Aquababe had an expression that looked somewhat strange. She only saw a vague figure of Tang Xiu, yet it caused tempestuous waves to rage inside her heart because Tang Xiu's figure was too fast which only allowed her to catch his residual shadow with the naked eye. What made her shudder was the realization she made after viewing him. What if Tang Xiu were her enemy? For Tang Xiu, killing her was as easy as pinching an ant.

'How can this be possible?'

The furious expression on Zhu Long's face was instantly frozen, whereas the anger on Firedevil and Electrolady's faces was now replaced by a dumbstruck expression. They just stood still, staring blankly at the scene where Tang Xiu was in action, in which he killed a German expert and sent heavy blows that severely injured two others.

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