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The answer from the Star Devourer Insect left Tang Xiu at a loss whether he should laugh or cry. Was this Luminous Vine a toddler in which intimidation would work on and make it submit?

'Don't throw me that nonsense. Just quickly gimme ideas.'

'The Luminous Vine is a very timid race and they also fear flame the most.' The Star Devourer Insect replied very seriously, 'Ordinary flame may be enough to burn ordinary Luminous Vines, but many powerful flames will be needed to burn the stronger ones. Just like the Luminous Vine in front, as long there's a powerful flame, you can scare it without killing it.'

This thing is timid and is afraid of flame?

A strange expression appeared on Tang Xiu's face. He then cut off the mental connection with the Star Devourer Insect and struggled to stand up from Kuwako's embrace. As he exerted out his magical power, two burning flames suddenly rose in his hands.

"Luminous Vine's like you are usually afraid of special flames, aren't you? It's a coincidence that I have a very special flame myself, so today will be your time of death!" Tang Xiu transmitted his thought to communicate with it and altered it with his intense killing intent.

In that instant, the lustrous glowing Luminous Vine retracted back its branches and wound up to cover its body while it transmitted its fear and thoughts, "That's a Demon Flame! Goddammit… how can you humans on Earth have this magical flame?"

Tang Xiu squinted. To begin with, his cultivation was the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis that was classified as a supreme demonic cultivation technique. The flame made of his magical power naturally had a demonic property. But what surprised him the most was that this Luminous Vine could recognize it as Demon Flame.

"You guess it right. This is Demon Flame. Even those so-called heaven shaking Demon Kings from the Demon Realm are not necessarily better than me. Since you know the might of the Demon Flame, you should also know these two burning Demon Flames in my hands can instantly turn you to ashes."

"DON'T KILL ME!" The Luminous Vine transmitted its thought rapidly.

"Hmph. You just ambushed me and this account must be repaid in full." Tang Xiu snorted and coldly said, "Unless you can give me huge benefits, I don't mind venting my anger and let you suffer and scream inside this Demon Flame. And by the way, I forgot to tell you something. I was once a Supremacy in the Immortal World. Though I don't know the star region you used to live in, you must know the existence of Immortal World. Also, I have a special ability that is to seal souls. I'll have your soul sealed inside my Demon Flame after burning your body to ashes. I'll burn you for days and nights and make you agonize in pain as you get burned for an eternity."

"You were once a Supremacy… in the Immortal World? Dammit…"

The Luminous Vine's body fiercely shivered. It contracted and squeezed itself tighter, seemingly because it got scared out of its wits. Just as Tang Xiu was about to intimidate it further, he felt pain from his finger as the Star Devourer Insect quickly transmitted its thought, 'You… you used to be a Supremacy in the Immortal World?'

"Yes." Tang Xiu felt that he didn't need to conceal it from the Star Devourer Insect and straightly replied.

The Star Devourer Insect's emotion fluctuated. Its emotion turned exceptionally unusual with both fear and excitement, as well as a bit of wariness and caution, as it then transmitted its thoughts again, 'If you really used to be a Supremacy in the Immortal World, I'm willing to submit and serve you forever as long as you take me with you when you ascend back to the Immortal World.'

"Do you really know the Immortal World?" asked Tang Xiu.

'Yes. We know the Immortal World,' answered the Star Devourer Insect. 'It's because the star region we used to live has a cosmic spatial channel to the Immortal World. It's just that spatial channel is extremely dangerous. Only those species with a terrifying strength can advance through the channel and come to the higher plane that is the Immortal World. There had been one occasion when an Immortal from the Immortal World came to our star region. He easily killed the most powerful Redfoot Black Dragon and destroyed a big empire.'

Tang Xiu understood in a flash and agreed to the Star Devourer Insect's request. He then continued his intimidation towards the Luminous Vine. "I once sent my subordinate Immortal to a star region you used to live in. He seemed to have killed the strongest Redfoot Black Dragon in your star region and easily destroyed an empire there. It's a pity that my subordinate was very soft-hearted as he just directly killed his enemies. Had it been me, I would have extracted their souls and tortured them through many days and nights, never letting them go even if the cosmos repeated its Samsara cycle!"


A tentacle of the Luminous Vine suddenly extended toward Tang Xiu. The dark green tentacle had a shining and transparent diamond-shaped crystal on it. Tang Xiu could sense the enormous energy contained inside even if he didn't touch it. He even had the feeling that if the energy inside this diamond-shaped crystal were to explode, it would absolutely destroy the whole Earth.

"What do you mean with this?" asked Tang Xiu.

There was a very intense flattering in its thoughts, yet it couldn't conceal its fear. "This is my energy nucleus and also my core foundation. With my energy nucleus under your control, you can control my life and death. I'm willing to submit to you forever and I'll do anything you request of me as long as you don't kill me."

Tang Xiu asked about it to the Star Devourer Insect and its answer was pretty much identical. He could control the Luminous Vine's life and death if he controlled its energy nucleus, but it would also have a bad effect on the Luminous Vine itself as its growth rate would be greatly slowed down.

"Seal of Life and Death."

Tang Xiu cast magic arts into the energy nucleus and then casually threw it back to the Luminous Vine and said, "I don't need to control your energy nucleus since controlling your life and death is easy for me. You should be able to sense the powerful seal I've cast on your energy nucleus yourself. If you dare to have any idea to go against me, I can make you die completely with a mere thought."

After taking the energy nucleus back into its body again, the Luminous Vine noticed that something had seeped into its energy nucleus. It gave off such a dreadful sensation that it felt like once it exploded it really would kill them—even its soul would be blown away.

Tang Xiu inhaled deeply and walked to the front of the Luminous Vine under the watchful eyes of the horrified Kuwako Yamamoto. He reached out and touched the body of the Luminous Vine and transmitted Shapeshifting Art into its mind and then said, "Cultivate this Shapeshifting Art, so you can transform your body into a human form."

"An Immortal art?"

The Luminous Vine was excited. Its tentacles opened and quickly absorbed the contents of the Shapeshifting Art. A few breaths later, a crystalline green light bloomed and fully covered its body like a light cocoon. Inside it, a naked girl appeared. She looked like a teenager older than fifteen with pale skin like that of fine chinaware.

"Create and transform clothes for yourself," said Tang Xiu directly.

Luminous Vine observed her own body delightedly. The set of clothes was nearly identical with Tang Xiu's attire, only dark green, and they smoothly went on her naked body.

"Thank you, Master."

Tang Xiu nodded with satisfaction and said, "You'll follow me in the future! I'll come by to teach you for some time, so you can learn some human knowledge."

"Teng Nu already knows some human knowledge," said Luminous Vine hastily. "This base can monitor anywhere on this planet and I've been here for more than a million years, so I know all the history of humankind's evolution. I even know that you're from that backward civilization called the country of China."

"Since you can find out my origins, don't you also know what I've done?" Tang Xiu squinted his eyes.

"No. It's through your language that I know your origin, Master." Luminous Vine shook her head and said, "But I rarely observe the outside world and sometimes didn't observe the situation outside for thousands of years. The last I observed it was because some humans who breached inside piqued my interest"."

"I see." Tang Xiu instantly understood and nodded before asking, "Do you have a name?"

"I didn't. But after I become your slave, you can call me vine slave, Teng Nu," replied Luminous Vine.

Uh, Teng Nu--vine slave?

Tang Xiu nodded and was too lazy to give her a new name. He then said, "If so, then I'll call you Teng Nu from now on. By the way, is this the main console? I need to completely control this vestige so teach me."

Teng Nu turned and came to the front of the seat in the center of the hall. She pointed to it and said, "There's a memory card in this chair. You only need to sit on the chair and download the content from it. The downloaded contents will be transmitted to your brain and you'll learn how to control this vestige."


Tang Xiu himself was a man with guts and he wasn't afraid that Teng Nu would scheme him so he sat straight on the chair.

At this time, Kuwako's eyes were full of worship and respect towards Tang Xiu. She didn't know how Tang Xiu could make the vine stop attacking and he even made it transform into a human form.

Was she a spirit?

She could conclude that this girl, who said herself as a Teng Nu, was a being the likes of an evil spirit; a vine that had been cultivating. Yet this evil spirit had actually submitted to her Boss, Tang Xiu. It was truly beyond her imagination and she couldn't help but feel that her decision to follow Tang Xiu was a very wise decision.

Time passed by.

Inside another hall in the vestige was a large plant nursery with a lot of precious spiritual medicinal herbs. All of them, however, had developed sentience but none of them were able to leave the seedbed. Hazy lights scattered top down from the roof and provided them all the nutrients they needed.

After Cheng Xuemei entered this place, she keenly sensed the extreme freshness of the air inside this place. Inhaling it slightly made her spirit shake and also caused all the pores of her body to stretch open. When her eyes landed on the many fruits in this plant nursery, the thick fragrance of the fruit made her drool a little.

Fortunately, she was able to restrain her desire and quickly observed everything inside.

"Don't tell me this place only has flowers and plants?"

Somewhat feeling disappointed, Cheng Xuemei hesitated before walking closer to the plant nursery. When she stopped half a meter from the edge of the seedbed, she bent down and reached into it.


A sharp green long leaf instantly wrapped around her wrist, its sharp edge scratching Cheng Xuemei's wrist, causing her blood to scatter in a straight line.

However, the moment the leaf was stained by Chen Xuemei's blood, it instantly released her wrist and rapidly moved a few meters away under her watchful gaze.

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