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Cheng Xuemei, whose wrist was scratched, was instantly shocked by such a strange scene which she had never thought she would bump into. That was a plant for God's sake!

However, even when she hadn't yet recovered from that shock, several branches and long leaves had already wrapped her body the moment after, pulling her into the seedbed. Except for the half meter-high plant that instantly retracted back its branches and leaves after getting stained by her warm blood, other branches and leaves from the rest of the plants pulled her into the seedbed, causing her to look like a rice dumpling that was being tied up and wrapped.

"What's exactly happening here?"

Deep fear welled up inside Cheng Xuemei's heart. She suddenly recalled some scenes of man-eating plants as well as the monster plants she had seen on TV.

Suddenly a plant full of beautiful flowers and sharp thorns pricked Cheng Xuemei's head. There was no blood splattering, nor flowing brain fluid; instead, after the sharp thorn entered Cheng Xuemei's skull, green energy instantly constructed an airtight net that completely wrapped her brain tissue.

"Human's brain… is… really… fragile."

The penetrating plant's consciousness greatly shocked Cheng Xuemei as enormous energy flooded into her soul sea that penetrated her meridians, flushing through into her body with an irresistible force.

Throbbing spasms of acute pains was as though searing her heart. Cheng Xuemei felt like going insane by the pain; she even subconsciously realized that her body would explode if this kept on going on. She attempted to stop the surge of the enormous energy that drilled into her body with her consciousness to no avail.

"Am I really going to die?"

Cheng Xuemei refused to surrender to such a fate. Fear might fill her whole being but to die here was something she refused to accept. She hadn't yet accomplished her mission—and even more, she hadn't found the person she most cared about, her young sister.

At this moment, intense, powerful courage burst out inside her heart. The moment that powerful consciousness entered her body along with that penetrating branching energy, her consciousness clashed with it and the two consciousnesses intertwined. Originally, Cheng Xuemei's consciousness was being devoured by the other one when they came into contact with each other's consciousnesses. However, it was unknown whether it was due to her courage or because she was the true owner of this body, but the particular special energy suddenly drilled out from her heart. The golden-colored energy was very small but was extremely potent.

"Dragon Soul Blood Spirit? Damn… how can this bloodline appear in the human on Earth?"

The invading consciousness sighed as it was instantly shattered to fragments by the golden energy. Layers of images dispersed and floated in the space of Cheng Xuemei's consciousness like duckweed floating on water.

In front of Cheng Xuemei, the dark green plant withered at a slow speed. Even the blooming flowers of the plant slowly turned into ashes and then scattered with the gentle wind.

In that instant, tens of thousands of plants inside the plant nursery seemed to have been frightened as all of them ran away for dozens of meters, including the plants that wrapped around Cheng Xuemei's body. They hid far away, watching her body that was gradually being wrapped in a layer of dark green light which eventually formed an oval green light cocoon.

Inside another room of the vestige.

Experts from the United States and France were confronting each other in front of a pair of energy crystals. Even though their bodies had scars and wounds besmeared with blood, their lives were not in danger, while four dead bodies of Italian experts were lying nearby.

"You fucking know my strength clearly, Allante! The one who'll become the winner will still be us if we really have to fight. Get out of our way if you still wanna live or don't blame us later," said the American team captain, Sorod, with a surging killing intent on his grim face.

Killing intent similarly covered the face of Allante. Even the tip of his longsword was still dripping blood as he replied in a heavy voice, "Do you really think you can get these energy crystals if the five of us lock on you? Do you think you can survive if we really burn our lifeforce and fight you to the death? Half of these energy crystals are ours; we can split it with you or we can let the other countries benefit!"

The corner of Sorod's eyes twitched a few times. It was what he was most worried about from the start. Even if he was confident that they could completely eliminate France team's of Allante and his four comrades, the losses to his party would be enormous. It was already very great if there were three of them still alive.

If the situation really went that far and other countries' experts really appeared, then it would truly fulfill the old saying that the third party would swallow the first two parties that were engaged in combat.

However, America had a reputation as being hegemonic and Sorod was similarly overbearing. His identity in the United States Ability Users Bureau was a man above thousands of people and only under one man. His stature was too remote and aloof in the entire country; thus, plainly speaking, having the spoils divided by half as proposed by the French was simply a disgrace for him.

Sorod took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Dividing it in half is absolutely impossible but I'm fine if you take three tenths. However. If you're not satisfied, then let's get it on! We'll immediately send someone to bring these energy crystals out after we kill you anyways, then we will return back to compete for other treasures."

Allante heaved a deep breath and secretly made up his mind to use the card up his sleeves to launch his most powerful blow, to let these damned Americans learn what he was capable of at this time. Then, he would reapportion these energy crystals later.

"Lightning Blitz Thunder Roar!"

Allante instantly took out a sphere of a round metal object from his sleeves. As rings of lighting appeared, lighting sparks flashed out at Sorod's team of five. At the same time, the other four also unleashed their most powerful attack. All kinds of abilities were showcased as the five people stormed over towards the five Americans with great momentum.

"Fucking bastards!"

Sorod's face dramatically changed. Little did he think that such a little disagreement would make Allante's team of five straightly attack them. On top of it all, just when the heck did Allante have such a powerful special ability? Hundreds of lightning blasts were formed in just an instant; even he couldn't stop it at all!


With his roar, layers of flames instantly formed a wall of fire, trying desperately to fend off the lightning strike. Yet, each lightning strike that hit the wall of fire made Sorod's body tremble. When the hundreds of lightning strikes hit the wall of fire, more than a dozen strikes penetrated the wall, causing Sorod's body to violently sway and forced him to stagger away to the side.

"You take cover!"

A handsome, blonde Caucasian youth had his face greatly altered. He formed several walls of metal in front and immediately blocked the lightning strikes that were not blocked by the wall of fire.

However, the other four men's special abilities then arrived. Although the metal walls looked firm, the violent barrage of bombardments made dozens of lightning strikes penetrate the metal wall and blast on the chest of the Caucasian youth.


After a few screams, the other four, including Sorod, sprinted to the Caucasian youth's front and joined forces to fend off the violent barrage of attacks. Unfortunately, the youth called Zeke, who didn't expect that the enemy's attack was that powerful, already had his whole body charred black by the lightning and had a hole the size of an adult's fist in his chest. The lad still had some life in him, but he wouldn't last for long.

Allante's eyes sparkled with excitement. This was his second time using a power booster, but little did he think that the outcome would be this great. He originally thought that injuring some of the Americans was already a great achievement; he never expected that he would directly eliminate one of the American Elementalists.

"You asked for it, Sorod. Hahaha… I have a power booster so that the power of each of my strikes is so great that it is absolutely unimaginable. Next time, provided that my strike can erupt even stronger, even you may be killed!"

With a face turned extremely nasty, Sorod fixedly glared at the sphere object in Allante's hand. He inhaled deeply and then said, "We'll share the energy crystals half to half, but we'll remember this hatred. You can start dividing them equally if you agree. If you don't, let's resort to the killings again! I still have the confidence to kill all of you even you have that treasure!"


Allante deliberately hesitated before he nodded and said, "I accept. For the sake that no other countries are profiting from us."

As a matter of fact, his power booster could only be used once at a time, as it needed a long time to store energy after using it. For instance, with his special ability to manipulate lightning, it would take him several months to store up such enormous electrical power in the power booster before it could unleash several hundreds of lightning strikes at once.

In another place, inside the hall of the main console, Tang Xiu could clearly see what happened to Cheng Xuemei and the American and French teams through the holographic surveillance.

Back when Cheng Xuemei encountered that accident, he also wanted to save her but never expected that she had fallen in the most critical time. When he discovered her, it was too late to rush there even if he had wings. What made him feel at ease was that Cheng Xuemei's life was not to be in danger and she even seemed to have experienced a huge fortuitous encounter instead.

"Boss, that American is disgusting."

Kuwako Yamamato, who stood beside Tang Xiu, had a loathing look in her eyes when she looked at Sorod. She knew this guy and as she witnessed him torture and murder several tramps who unknowingly made him displeased.

Tang Xiu himself didn't have a good impression of this American guy. When he heard Kuwako's words, he thoughtfully said, "If we kill all the Americans here, the French team won't be able to stay either. Now that I have full control over the power system in the entire vestige, eliminating them is easier than pinching an ant."

He already obtained the memory heritage, so it was a cinch for him to manipulate the weaponry system in this vestige. He could even clearly see all the scenes in the entire vestige through the main console.

With a delighted, yet surprised expression, Kuwako said, "Well, the fewer the enemies, the more we gain, don't you think so, Boss?"

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