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After rushing fast to the 9th deserted island, the peripheral members of the Tang Sect had arrived and guarded it. Tang Xiu's expression slightly changed the moment he arrived since he could sense a faint trace of magi magic in the air.

Was it the Dark Shaman Clan or the Celestial Wizard Clan?

He took a deep breath and, after analyzing the scene for a while, he finally excluded the former since the bodies here were all blonde and blue-eyed foreigners. They were definitely not from the Dark Shaman Clan. Further, he knew the strength of this clan; they wouldn't dare to oppose him.

It was the Celestial Wizard Clan, huh?

Killing intent surged in Tang Xiu's heart and he summoned a dozen core disciples of Tang Sect from Nine Dragons Island, and then issued an order to find Chen Zhizhong.

However, there was no trace of Chen Zhizhong even though all the disciples of Tang Sect had thoroughly searched all channels for two days. Even the Tang Sect's disciples who were assigned by Tang Xiu to buy the information from the Darkwind for 100 million USD didn't get any information at all.


"Master." Little Blind, wearing black sunglasses and a walking stick, arrived under the escort of two Tang Sect's disciples.

Tang Xiu, who was at a loss of finding any clues at the moment, frowned upon seeing Little Blind who came here all of a sudden. He asked, "Why are you here?"

Little Blind replied, "I saw a blood light calamity sign to befall Senior Brother Chen, Master. But I was just curious back then as to why would Senior Brother Chen would have such an omen even though he was staying on Nine Dragons Island. Only now do I finally realize the cause."

Tang Xiu's expression slightly shifted and asked, "Why didn't you tell me about it in advance?"

"I cannot see through the trajectory and branching of your fate, Master, so I dare not to tell you." Little Blind explained, "Else, I'd just disrupt Senior Brother Chen's fate trajectory once you step in then."

Tang Xiu gave it a though and then asked, "Can you find him now?"

Little Blind shook his head and said, "I can't. But someone else can."

"Who?" Tang Xiu's expression shifted.

"I don't know who that person is, but I know that he should be a wizard who has a 'Sing' name."


After thinking about it for a while, Tang Xiu realized the identity of the said person. He then took out his cell phone and dialed Singluen's cell number, who was now the current Patriarch of the Dark Shaman Clan.

"Are you looking for me, Boss?"

"I need the news about my disciple, Chen Zhizhong. Some people captured him," Tang Xiu said.

"Who could be so bold as to dare to capture someone from Tang Sect?" Singluen was surprised.

"I have no idea, either. That's why I called you. Do you have any clues?" Tang Xiu replied.

"Do you perhaps think that I sent some people to capture him, Boss?" Singluen replied with a bitter tone. "I'm your underling and Chen Zhizhong is my partner. I have no motives or reason to capture him."

"I already know that neither you nor your Dark Shaman Clan is the culprit," Tang Xiu said. "But those who captured him definitely used magi art. Further, someone also gave me a hint that you can shed some light on this matter."

Magi art?

Singluen gave it a thought and asked, "Where was Chen Zhizhong taken away, Boss?"

"The 9th deserted island," Tang Xiu answered.

"I remembered something," Singluen hurriedly said. "A group of people came to Thailand four days ago, and its leader claimed that they are from the Sacred Flame Organization. They wanted to cooperate with the Dark Shaman Clan to carry out a big plan. However, I directly turned them down since this Sacred Flame group made me wary. Further, there are some people among them who are also proficient in wizardry."

"Tell me about this Sacred Flame Organization," Tang Xiu said.

"This Sacred Flame is quite mysterious and similar to the Darkwind. However, they are not engaged in intelligence gathering work, but are kind of like mercenaries." Singluen said, "This organization usually gathers many experts among their ranks to carry out a mission once they accept a job from their clients. But if their target is too strong, they usually invite some other forces to carry out the job. Their members are scattered around the world to live their own lives, but nearly all of the Sacred Flame's people who came to my Dark Shaman Clan are Europeans."

"Do you know how to find and contact this organization?" asked Tang Xiu.

"Saipan, Damay area or something. They told me to take my men to the Clearwater Encode in Damay area of Saipan if I change my mind," Singluen said.

"I see."

Tang Xiu then hung up and looked at Little Blind in front of him, asking, "How is your cultivation now?"

"The late-stage of Foundation Establishment, Master," Little Blind answered.

Tang Xiu frowned. "Your cultivation speed is a bit appalling."

Little Blind hesitated before he replied, "I only spent a very short time on cultivation, Master. Mainly because of spending my time to cultivate my perception and mental power. That's why my cultivation speed is a bit slow."

Tang Xiu scrunched up his brows and asked again, "How powerful is your mind power now, then?"

"I can see all the sceneries within a kilometer radius and move a 100kg object with only my mind power," Little Blind replied. "However, there are also some exceptions. My perception can cover a few kilometers under the sea and I can restrain an adult blue whale."


Tang Xiu was dumbfounded and looked at Little Blind incredulously. Little did he expect that Little Blind had cultivated his mind power to this level in such a short time.

There were indeed some people who cultivated spiritual power in the Immortal World, and those Immortals who cultivated it to an advanced level were able to destroy a planet or even a galaxy with only a single thought. That was also the reason why a unique title was given to these people: Psychic Seraph.

Could it be that Little Blind had the potential to be a Psychic Seraph in the future?

Tang Xiu patted his shoulder and said, "Your mental power is improving fast and it's beyond my expectation. However, you can't spend too much of your time on spiritual power cultivation in the future since your own cultivation is also very important. Else your body won't be able to contain your spiritual power once it reaches a certain level. Further, it will also waste your unique constitution."

"My constitution?" Little Blind wondered and asked again, "Do I have a good constitution, Master?"

"Very." Tang Xiu nodded and explained, "You have a very rare constitution—one that is extremely difficult to find even in billions of years. Given your constitution, you could have become at least a Golden Core Stage expert by now if you practice hard. There is a record about your constitution in ancient records: Undying blood within the veins and unperishable energy within the bones. That's the description of the Frost Constitution, with blood in the veins and energy in the bones. Pay attention and be diligent in your cultivation later since you have the potential to be the most powerful person in the whole Tang Sect."

"I'll listen to your instruction, Master," Little Blind said. "When I become the strongest in the future, I'll then be able to protect you."

Tang Xiu patted his shoulder and chuckled. "Protecting me is just secondary. As long as you can break through to the Nascent Soul Stage, your eyes will be able to see the light again. Reaching this stage will also make you able to remold your physique and you will no longer have an 8-plus years old appearance, so you can restore your physique according to your age."

Seeing the light again? Little Blind was shaken inwardly and firmly nodded. "I understand, Master."

After the two Tang Sect disciples escorted Little Blind back to Nine Dragons Island, Tang Xiu brought the remaining disciples to the Clearwater Encode building in Damay area of Saipan at a very fast speed. Halfway there, a group of intel operatives then appeared in the vicinity of Clearwater Encode and kept sending updates about the situation there.

Half an hour later, when Tang Xiu came outside the entrance of Clearwater Encode, a disciple of Tang Sect silently appeared before him and respectfully reported, "Sect Master, we have figured out the situation inside. Of the four male and female experts here, one of them is a local expert while the other three are experts from some European countries. We were almost discovered by them when we snuck inside."

"No more hiding, just rush in to get them under control," ordered Tang Xiu in a deep voice.


Tens of figure flickered in a flash and quickly appeared in the interior of Clearwater Encode. After a short fight, four blond Caucasian men and women who had been severely injured by the Tang Sect disciples were captured.

"Who are you, people? You trespassed a private residence and violated the U.S. laws!" a tall, blonde man yelled angrily.

Tang Xiu came to his front and a dagger instantly appeared in his hand. A cold light flashed and swept the ears of the white man. Amid the shriek of the white man, Tang Xiu coldly asked, "Where's Chen Zhizhong?"

The man's expression changed. He immediately shook his head. "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Tang Xiu grabbed his arm and cut off his right hand with the dagger, then asked again, "You got many parts on your body and I got time to interrogate you slowly. I wanna see to what extent of pain you can bear every time I cut off your body part!"

"JUST KILL ME!" the big man roared loudly while enduring the rending pain.

"Nope." Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "I'm proficient with thousands of torture methods. I can guarantee that you will always taste the feeling of wishing to die while being still alive in the next three months. Let's see whether you got some iron bones or my interrogation methods are more awesome."


Tang Xiu suddenly punched the man's cheek. As the man's teeth shattered, he landed a series of punches again and knocked all his teeth off. Then, he sneered. "I told you that I don't wanna make you die. You can never die even if you try to commit suicide desperately!"

"I-I'll tell you!"

The only female among the four shouted with fear in her eyes.

Tang Xiu faintly smiled and his dagger instantly swept over and decapitated the big man in front of him. Then, he walked towards the pretty woman and said, "You can expect to end up thousands of times more miserable than him if what you tell me doesn't make satisfied. Right, I forgot to tell you something. I can do some wizardry art, and the Dark Shaman Clan and its Patriarch are also my underlings. You can expect that I also have some special interrogation methods to deal with the wizards' cultivation system."

The pretty woman couldn't help shivering for a while and hurriedly replied, "He's in Nonagon Bulwark! The Master of Nonagon Bulwark paid us a large sum of money for the job. He said that Chen Zhizhong has a special soul, so he wants to refine his soul to enhance his own power. We just received the money for the job and the matter has nothing to do with our Sacred Flame organization."

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