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"Where's this Nonagon Bulwark?" asked Tang Xiu coldly.

"I don't know the exact position, but I know how to get there," said the pretty woman. "There's a liner in the biggest port of Saipan going to that place."

After squeezing the information about the liner from the woman, he nodded to Chi Nan and motioned for her to release the other two men from the Sacred Flame organization. Then, he asked the glamorous woman again, "You should know about the situation in the Nonagon Bulwark, shouldn't you?"

The pretty woman felt more at ease upon seeing her two companions being released. Tang Xiu's ruthlessness had scared her out of her wits and she feared that the three of them would be killed right after she gave him the desired answer. Therefore, she was no longer reluctant to answer. "This Nonagon Bulwark is located in the Pacific Ocean and is consists of nine camps on nine islands. The islands are very close to each other, so it's called Nonagon Bulwark."

"Who occupies this Nonagon Bulwark?" asked Tang Xiu again.

"Pirates," the woman answered.

"Pirates?" Tang Xiu frowned. It was an answer he didn't expect, so he asked again, "That's quite unexpected to think that the Sacred Flame even accepts a job from pirates. That's really demeaning."

"The Sacred Flame Organization's objective is to make money, to begin with. We don't care whoever gives us the job and whomever the target is as long as the client can pay," the woman answered.

"How many people are there in your Sacred Flame Organization? And how powerful is it?" inquired Tang Xiu again.

The glamorous woman replied with a bit of a proud look, "The strength of our Sacred Flame Organization is beyond the imagination of many people. We have nine grades in our Sacred Flame Order. First-grade Sacred Flame mission is the simplest, whereas the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission is the toughest, where all members of the whole Sacred Flame Organization will appear to complete the job together."

A strange expression flashed across Tang Xiu's face as he asked again, "Tell me about the price."

"The Nonagon Bulwark gave us 100 million USD for this job, which corresponds to the Fifth-grade Sacred Flame mission in the organization," the woman explained. "First-grade Sacred Flame mission is the lowest priced mission at 100,000 USD… whereas the highest Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission would need 10 billion USD."

Tang Xiu was secretly startled. He didn't expect that the Sacred Flame Organization he just heard about demanded the payment of 10 billion USD for their highest Ninth-grade Sacred Flame missions.

Were they… worth so much money?

The alluring woman noticed Tang Xiu's thoughtful expression and suddenly added, "I can still tell you more about that, Sir. Ever since the establishment of the Sacred Flame Organization, the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame orders only happened twice. The first one was issued during the Crusades' Eastern Expedition where our organization played a huge role in the campaign. Else, all the cultivators in the Eastern punitive expedition could have been completely wiped out. The second one was issued about 36 years ago where we wiped out 14,600 people from the most powerful Dark camp back then."

The Crusaders' Eastern Expedition and the Dark Flag Camp.

Tang Xiu had learned about these two major events as well. He didn't expect that the shadow of the Sacred Flame Organization was also involved in these two events. In particular was the second event, which was all done by this organization.

Suddenly, a wonderful idea crossed his mind. He looked at the alluring woman and asked again, "What's your status in the Sacred Flame Organization?"

"I'm Karin, the Deputy Captain of Saipan Battalion," said the alluring woman.

"I want to meet the leader of your Sacred Flame Organization," Tang Xiu said in a deep tone. "If he can come to Saipan in person, I'll pay 10 billion USD and issue the third Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission. I give him 7 seven days to come here. I'll be in Saipan again a week later!"

The woman looked excited and she hurriedly asked, "Do you really want to issue the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission?"

"That's right!" Tang Xiu lightly replied, "I can pay you 1 billion dollars in advance."

The alluring woman broke free from the hands of the Tang Sect disciple as she stood up and excitedly said, "I'll immediately call Vulcan once the 1 billion dollars deposit is received. He's the leader of Sacred Flame Organization. For such a sum of money, our Sacred Flame Organization can do anything and even dare to challenge the world's three colossuses."

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and suddenly asked, "How many people your Sacred Flame Organization has stationed in Saipan? And how many people of your organization can come here in half a day?"

"More than 200. All of them are experts," the pretty woman answered.

"I'll give you 5 billion dollars additional pay to go with me to the Nonagon Bulwark in half a day. I want to rescue my disciple, Chen Zhizhong, and kill all the pirates there," Tang Xiu said.

The woman looked ecstatic and said, "That won't be a problem! As long as you have the money, consider it done. But you need to pay us 5 billion dollars in advance, and we'll start immediately once we receive the money."

Tang Xiu turned to Chi Nan and ordered in a deep voice, "Call Xiaoxue immediately and tell her to transfer 5 billion dollars to the account of this organization."

"But Boss…" Chi Nan replied hesitantly.

"Do it as I said," cut Tang Xiu.

"Understood!" Chi Nan helplessly nodded and immediately left after asking the account of the Sacred Flame Organization.

At the Clearwater Encode site.

Tens of Tang Sect experts sat cross-legged in the courtyard and looked like stone statues, whereas Tang Xiu sat cross-legged on a stone platform while quietly observing figures that kept coming at the speed of lightning. Among them were black, white and Asian descents.

"Who are these guys, Karin?"

A burly black man with a gigantic build leading tens of experts appeared. He asked in a deep tone with a vigilant look on his face.

"They are our employers, Sir Atlas."

The black man replied in a deep tone, "The HQ has just received 5 billion dollars for the two missions issued. First is to head to the Nonagon Bulwark with the employer to rescue Chen Zhizhong. But what about the second mission?"

"I don't know about the second one yet." Karin shook her head. "But they have paid the deposit and issued the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission to the organization. Sir Atlas, we must go all out to carry out the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission regardless of the mission issued by the client."

The black man's expression changed and he observed the disciples of Tang Sect sitting cross-legged in the courtyard. Then, his eyes fell on Tang Xiu and he cupped his fists. "Are you the employer?"

Tang Xiu floated and came to the front of the big black man. He then nodded at him and said, "I am. When will your Sacred Flame Organization's members arrive? You must know that another minute wasted means more danger to Chen Zhizhong!"

"Half an hour. We'll set off at most in half an hour." The big black man looked a bit respectful as he was well aware that a client who could pay 10 billion dollars to issue the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission was very likely to have a very terrifying identity.

Tang Xiu gave it a thought and asked again, "Answer me. How did you know where Chen Zhizhong was and then captured him?"

"We used a drop of his blood," the big black man said. "A drop of his blood guided us to that barren island in the Pacific Ocean and we found him there. We weren't convinced at the time, either. Only when we saw him did we believe such a bizarre thing."

Tang Xiu frowned and asked again, "Where did you get his blood?"

"It was given by the client, the Master of Nonagon Bulwark," the black man said.

Tang Xiu nodded without a word. He knew that Chen Zhizhong had once been captured and a seal was cast on him. Not only was his memory blurred, but his cultivation also sharply declined to less than 1% of his previous strength. At first, Tang Xiu thought that he had beheaded the culprit already. It turned out now that there was another mystery popping out!

After half an hour.

Over 200 experts from the Sacred Flame Organization had arrived. Tang Xiu secretly observed these people and the overall strength was not that remarkable. The strongest among them was only comparable to the Golden Core Stage, many of them were only comparable to the Foundation Establishment Stage, and a handful of them was even at the Qi Refining Stage.

At the port.

A luxury liner was docked at the dock and a group of strong men was carrying goods on board, whereas many who dressed-up like tourists were slowly boarding the ship.

"Move and exercise control, now!"

As Tang Xiu issued the order, the experts from the Sacred Flame Organization and the Tang Sect rushed towards the luxury liner. Many figures jumped out of the water lightning-fast and silently boarded the liner before they disappeared into the cabin.

The mess and chaotic situation commenced.

After half an hour, all tourists boarding the linger were concentrated on the deck, while most of the pirates from Nonagon Bulwark on the ship had been killed. The remaining of them were tied up and detained in the hall on the ship.

"Do these tourists actually take a trip on the pirate's liner?"

Tang Xiu couldn't help but ask with a strange expression as he watched the hundreds of tourists who were trembling in fear.

"I just asked about a certain travel agency in Saipan and I suspect that this company belongs to the pirates of Nonagon Bulwark," said Chi Nan.

Tang Xiu couldn't help but chuckle and said, "I begin to admire the leader of this Nonagon Bulwark pirates now. To think that they can abduct and rob these tourists so openly is quite unexpected. These tourists surely will meet miserable ends once they are taken to the Nonagon Bulwark, huh."

"It's indeed a very remarkable scheme," Chi Nan replied.

"True," Tang Xiu said.

Quickly after, the captain of the liner was brought to Tang Xiu and forced to kneel. The man glared at Tang Xiu with murderous intent and yelled, "You seek your death for daring to offend the members of Nonagon Bulwark! Nonagon Bulwark maybe a pirate den, but our strength is beyond your imagination."

"Members of this Nonagon Bulwark are indeed formidable, Boss. Several of them are also practitioners," Chi Nan said. "These practitioners may not very strong, but they're just some peripheral members, whereas the core ones rarely leave Nonagon Bulwark."

"They had better be powerful and worth the money I've spent." Tang Xiu grimly sneered. "Otherwise, I'd have become some foolish spendthrift doing this."

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