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Helios Luna turned to look at the cold-faced Tang Xiu with surging killing intent. He would have moved to kill Tang Xiu directly if he wasn't perfectly aware that he was not Tang Xiu's match.

"Tang Xiu, I don't care if you move forward to stop them, but I'll completely decimate them if they dare provoke me again."

Tang Xiu faintly nodded in response. He then looked at the remaining over 100 members of Sacred Flame and indifferently said, "You guys are way too weak and like ants in his eyes. You will be the ones to die even if all of you move to attack him. If you want revenge, get stronger in the future or contact the experts in your organization. I forbid you all to make any moves again for now."

The remaining members of Sacred Flame felt vexed and frustrated. They also realized that Tang Xiu was right. Given their strength, wanting to kill Helios Luna was just stupid and foolish. Many of them even felt grateful to Tang Xiu since they would likely be killed quickly if Tang Xiu didn't speak up.

Suddenly, everyone was silent even though most of their eyes were lingering on Tang Xiu and Helios Luna.

Early in the morning.

The first wisp of sunlight broke free from the shackles of the horizon at sea and spilled the light on the earth. Suddenly, Chen Zhizhong on the altar opened his eyes. A crimson light flashed from his eyes as the array pattern on the altar glowed and radiated blood-red light.

The bloodstream flowed backward along the lines of the array and flowed back into Chen Zhizhong's body, while the 13 blades that impaled him were suddenly ejected and flew.


Helios Luna, who was sitting cross-legged on a bluestone, suddenly had a drastic change in expression. Disbelief overflowed in his eyes as he looked at Chen Zhizhong on the altar in shock. At the same time, he noticed that his body seemed to be encircled by Five-Celestial Bodies energy that pulled him to the altar nearly in instant.

"What in the hell is going on?!!"

Utterly dazed and confused, Helios Luna never dreamed that such a bizarre phenomenon would unfold. The power that bound him was terrifyingly dreadful and rendered his every effort to break free futile, no matter how hard he tried. He could only helplessly watch as he was pulled to the altar. He tried to speak, but he then noticed that he no longer had control over his body. Aside from his eyes, he was devoid of strength to move any parts of his body.

Tang Xiu, who stood next to the altar, was immediately excited upon seeing Helios Luna's situation. A Mitsubishi army knife appeared in his hand as he dashed forward fast and instantly appeared in front of him. The cold blade flashed and cut open bleeding wounds on the man's body.

Blood kept splashing from Helios Luna's body and scattered on the lines on the altar and continued flowing towards Chen Zhizhong. In just a few minutes, all the blood from Helios Luna flew out. He would have died already if it wasn't for his very powerful strength.

"Yin Yang Reverse—Life and Soul Insignia."

Chen Zhizhong floated up. Two bloodstream pillars rose from the altar and quickly penetrated his body through his feet. As a group of colorful light beads floated from Helios Luna, Chen Zhizhong quickly sucked the beads into his body according to the secret art Tang Xiu taught him.


A beast-like roar burst out from his mouth. His ghastly pale face instantly turned red and bean-sized drops of sweat slid down his cheek before he passed out the instant after.

The two blood pillars didn't stop flowing even though Chen Zhizhong fainted and the blood from the bodies of tens of Sacred Flame's experts killed by Helios Luna flew on the ground and were quickly sucked into the altar. It quickly gathered into the blood pillars and drilled into Chen Zhizhong's body.

Time fleeted by. In just half an hour, all the blood within a kilometer was completely absorbed by Chen Zhizhong. At this time, Tang Xiu quickly cut his own wrist and splashed his blood on the altar. He suddenly turned to the members of Sacred Flame and shouted with a heavy voice, "All of you, take your blood out and splash it on the altar! I'll give you 1 million dollars in compensation. Quickly!"

Over 100 members of Sacred Flame exchanged glances. They briefly discussed before rushing to the altars and imitated Tang Xiu to quickly tore cut the blood vessels of their wrists and sprayed the blood on the altar, with the Tang Sect disciples also following suit.

Immediately after, two bloodstreams that covered Chen Zhizhong's feet slowly climbed up to his bare legs, waist, abdomen, and then forehead. In just half a minute, the blood had fully covered Chen Zhizhong and made him look like a blood man.

A sharp look flashed in Tang Xiu's eyes and he ordered again in a deep voice, "Go and bring all the bodies you've killed before! I'll give you an extra 10 million dollars!"


"That's a lot of money!"

Figures kept flickering and rushed towards the seaside. Five-plus minutes after, over 100 people of Sacred Flame returned with bodies in tow. Each of them brought at least two bodies, and some even rushed about in the surroundings and brought 3 or 4 bodies.

"Take the blood out and spray it on the altar!"

Tang Xiu shouted aloud and then watched them dissect the bodies. As a large amount of blood was sprayed, the sanguine light that covered Chen Zhizhong turned thicker while his aura was getting stronger.

"Soul Purification Spell!"

Tang Xiu kept making seals with his hands and patted the runes created into Chen Zhizhong's body. Soon after, Chen Zhizhong woke up from his coma. When he saw the scene in front of him, his heart trembled before he quickly focused on himself.


Chen Zhizhong was frightened upon realizing what he found. He could feel violent blood and life force surging in his body. The enormous blood force even began to transform into his own power and crazily inundated his meridians before pouring into his Dantian.

Golden Core Stage!

Nascent Soul Stage!

Spirit Formation Stage!

After absorbing all the blood and energy, Chen Zhizhong finally broke through to the late-stage of Body Integration.

"These seven colorful beads…"

With his spiritual sense, Chen Zhizhong finally realized the existence of these colorful light beads. The moment he used his spiritual sense to penetrate it, his body instantly trembled as a huge flux of memories frantically flooded his sea of knowledge.


Chen Zhizhong screamed and passed out again.

Tang Xiu stood beside the altar and looked at the fainted Chen Zhizhong. A look of happiness flashed in his eyes. The reason Chen Zhizhong fainted before was due to his weak willpower, but the passing out this time would bring him great benefits.

It was, after all, memories. He may be able to endure if the memories were just from one person. But what he just absorbed was far more than that. The memories he absorbed was from Helios Luna, tens of Sacred Flame's members, several hundreds of pirates, and those experts killed by Chi Nan.


At this moment, Helios Luna's body exploded and turned into ashes before the sea breeze scattered them away. Along with it, his soul flew away into nothingness permanently.

Tang Xiu then shifted to over 100 members of Sacred Flame and said in a deep voice, "Tell me. When will your Sacred Flame leader, Vulcan, come to see me?"

Karin came to Tang Xiu and respectfully said, "We've already contacted Vulcan, Mr. Tang. He said that it will take him 3 days to reach Saipan. He will also bring a lot of experts of the organization by then."

"If so, you should depart first!" Tang Xiu said, "There are many liners on this island, so you can pick one. Remember to let go of those hundreds of ordinary tourists. I forbid you to bully them on the way, and you can expect that I'll hunt you down for the rest of your lives should I find you guys commit it."


These people nodded one after another. None of them dared go against Tang Xiu's will since Tang Xiu had saved their lives before.

After the Sacred Flames' members left, only 20-plus disciples of Tang Sect remained, guarding and monitoring the altar in silence.

Tang Xiu was also waiting for Chen Zhizhong to wake up. He never tried this secret art himself before and thus, wanted to know how big was the benefit Chen Zhizhong could obtain from it.

Seven days passed and Chen Zhizhong was still in a coma. Countless memories chaotically entangled in his sea of knowledge while his consciousness removed some of them and quickly absorbed some others.

Finally, when he came back to reality, he opened his eyes and instantly appeared before Tang Xiu. He kneeled and respectfully called out, "I'm fine, Master."

Tang Xiu could sense the faint aura radiating from Chen Zhizhong and nodded with satisfaction. "Very good! You've unexpectedly taken this opportunity to improve your cultivation and breakthrough to the Integration Stage. You can say that only a handful of people in the Tang Sect are more powerful than you. Anyways, what about your memory? Have it recovered already?"

"I've restored all my memories, Master," Chen Zhizhong said. "Further, my strength has also been increased with the breakthrough. Other than that, I can now control all the inheritance I received before, as well as the memories of these people. There are many secrets I know of now."

"Kowtow now, then!" Tang Xiu looked happy and ordered, "You're now Tang Xiu's direct disciple."

Chen Zhizhong stared blankly for a moment before he looked ecstatic with joy. He firmly knocked his head on the ground before Tang Xiu. He then cut his wrist and handed it in front of Tang Xiu, respectfully saying, "Master, there's no tea here, so disciple replaces it with my own blood to respect you."

Tang Xiu opened his mouth and inhaled the blood. Then, he nodded and smilingly said, "By the way, there's something I have in mind, so answer me some questions. What exactly was Helios Luna's status in the Celestial Wizard Clan? Is he really a retired Supreme Elder just like he said?"

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