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Recalling a bit from the memories, Chen Zhizhong respectfully said, "Helios Luna was indeed the Supreme Elder of Celestial Wizard Clan, Master. I saw his memory and his strength is among the top three in the entire clan. Further, he established the Nonagon Bulwark on these nine islands long ago, but only came here recently to make use of it."

"I see." Tang Xiu placed the Celestial Wizard Clan a bit higher now. After all, Helios Luna's cultivation was comparable to a Spirit Formation Stage expert. If it wasn't for the fierce Immortal method he imparted to Chen Zhizhong, he would be the only one who could take action to get rid of him. There were only a few disciples of Tang Sect who had reached Spirit Formation Stage, and much fewer who could kill him.

"You just absorbed the memory of many people. Can you pull those Celestial Wizard Clan out and exterminate them if I make you plan the operation to take over the overall situation?" Tang Xiu asked.

"I don't know much about the overall strength of our Tang Sect while considering the big picture of the overall situation, Master," Chen Zhizhong wryly replied. "At best, I can only strategize the operation against the Celestial Wizard Clan, but the result might not be what you expect."

Tang Xiu nodded in response and fell into thoughts for a few minutes before asking again, "What other findings this clan has on me? Do they have some other plans against others around me?"

Chen Zhizhong nodded silently and said, "They only sent 3 people to secretly ambush Mu Wanying, Kang Xia, and Tang Yunpeng. There's no one else but them."

"Go back to China immediately and get rid of these three people from Celestial Wizard Clan," Tang Xiu ordered immediately. "Return at once after you deal with them. I've prepared the bait to pull the Celestial Wizard Clan out."

Staring blankly, Chen Zhizhong quickly asked, "What kind of bait is it, Master?"

"The Celestial Wizard Clan wants to get rid of the Dark Shaman Clan, so I ordered the latter to send all their experts to Saipan where I'm going to meet with them later. After this, I'm going to look for an island in the Pacific Ocean as the site for the decisive battle."

Chen Zhizhong's eyes lit up and replied, "Master, from Helios Luna's memory, the Celestial Wizard Clan is indeed preparing to take action against the Dark Shaman Clan. Recently, the hitmen of various organizations in the world have suspended the pursuit and hunt of this clan since 100 million dollars you put as a bounty has been paid out. However, the measure only inflicted minor losses to them. This clan has a quite deep heritage, particularly the 12 great elders of this clan, all of whom have the strength comparable to the Nascent Soul Stage experts."

"The current Tang Sect is not what it used to be." Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and sneered. "If the Celestial Wizard Clan has the balls to crawl out of their nest, we can make them stay in the ocean forever."

"This is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime chance, Master." Chen Zhizhong grinned. "I think this Nonagon Bulwark would be a good place. If we use Helios Luna's means to send a message to the Celestial Wizard Clan and make them believe that the Dark Shaman Clan has been directed here, I believe it would be easy for us to obliterate them here."

"What means?" Tang Xiu's expression slightly shifted and hurriedly asked.

"Using the Wizard Seal," Chen Zhizhong answered.

Tang Xiu was silent for a while and then said slowly, "Alright. I'll assign some men to send you back to China immediately and deal with those Celestial Wizard Clan's experts lurking around Mu Wanying, Kang Xia, and my uncle. Further, I'll notify all the Tang Sect's disciples in the pocket world to give their best to break through to the Nascent Soul Stage and then gather with you in Shanghai. You're to return immediately after solving the issues in Shanghai."

"Then I'll take my leave now," Chen Zhizhong said.

A long while after.

After watching the liner boarded by Chen Zhizhong leave, Tang Xiu took the remaining dozen disciples of Tang Sect and began to wipe out the remaining islands of Nonagon Bulwark. 99% of the inhabitants of other islands were ordinary people, but it still took 4 days for them to completely clean up the nine islands.

"Doing all this leaves the smell of blood in my hands."

After returning to the fifth Sunny Island, Tang Xiu stood on the beach, raised his hands and slowly lamented.

"On the contrary, I feel that the smell of blood is a wonderful feeling, Sect Master," Chi Nan interjected. "It makes me feel that I'm saving countless pitiful ordinary people."

Tang Xiu turned to look at her and suddenly grinned. "I never thought that you would actually feel so. That's great. You've been progressing rapidly recently, and your state of mind has improved a lot. If you keep cultivating hard, maybe the Immortal World will no longer stay tranquil because of your arrival."

A longing look painted Chi Nan's face and she asked, "What kind of existences are there in the Immortal World, Master?"

"The Immortal World is as beautiful as a fairyland on the surface and there are countless indigenous inhabitants there," Tang Xiu said indifferently. "They live lives with many similarities with human beings on Earth in ancient times, and ordinary people live a peaceful and serene life there."

"And in reality?" asked Chi Nan.

Tang Xiu's expression became serious and he added in a deep voice, "The real Immortal World itself is very brutal and ruthless; more than you can imagine. Those who want to become powerhouses must go through constant battles either with other humans, demons, monsters, or spirits. Intrigues and outwitting each other are just common, and death is looming over your life at all times. Only the strong who can survive, whereas the weak are either enslaved or killed. It's a place where avarice and ruthlessness prevail. You must be prepared to die at all times if you have neither backers nor strength."

Chi Nan's breathing became much heavier. Tang Xiu only gave her a brief description, but she could still feel that the Immortal World was akin to hell.

Tang Xiu shook his head secretly and no longer wanted to recall other various things in the Immortal World. Then, he asked, "By the way, I haven't yet asked you about something. Hao Lei called you out to Shanghai to help her before. Why did you run back to Jingmen Island though? Is there nothing else that keeps you busy in Shanghai?"

Chi Nan hollowly chuckled and said, "Sect Master, our auction house has become famous all over the world since that auction. Countless clients around the world entrusted our auction house to auction their collection. There were too many trivial things and I felt bored after being busy for a while, so I used soft and hard tactics to Hao Lei so I can have a vacation for some time before returning to Nine Dragons Island and preparing to go into seclusion for a while. But then I came across this incident. Speaking of which, my luck has been rather bad recently."

"Do you like killing, though?" asked Tang Xiu.

"I never liked killing, Sect Master." Chi Nan shook her head and said, "But I always love to temper myself on the edge of life and death. You've mentioned before that only by tempering oneself on the edge of life and death can one become more and more powerful. Besides, such battles rarely occur on Earth. It's really not easy to encounter such battles given the current peaceful society. Well, of course, there's an exception, and that is by following you. That's why I hope I can always follow you."

Tang Xiu could only force a wry smile inwardly. He had heard that many people wanted to keep following him. Previously, it was Mo Awu, then Tang An. Chen Shaohua also expressed it a while ago.

Did they really think… that they would keep encountering such fights by following him in order to constantly temper themselves on the edge of life and death?

The thought made Tang Xiu suddenly recall Chen Shaohua and he said, "Contact Chen Shaohua and ask him where he is now! If he's on Nine Dragons Island, tell him to bring all the experts of Tang Sect who have reached Nascent Soul Stage here immediately. I know some of them have stayed in the pocket world for some time, so there should be at least a dozen of them who have broken through to the Nascent Soul Stage."

"Understood. I'll contact him right away," Chi Nan replied and quickly walked away.

2 days later.

The Dark Shaman Clan's experts had all arrived in Sunny Island. Those who went to China had also dealt with the experts of Celestial Wizard Clan lurking around Kang Xia, Mu Wanying, and Tang Yunpeng. They then gathered with more than 20 disciples of Tang Sect who had reached Nascent Soul Stage and finally came here.

Early in the morning.

As the first wisp of sunlight came out from the horizon of the sea surface, four liners appeared in the waters of Sunny Island. As the liner docked, the alluring Karin followed behind an old man in a black robe and wearing a black mask. They then jumped off one of the liners and came to Tang Xiu.

"Mr. Tang, this is Vulcan, the leader of Sacred Flame." Karin looked at Tang Xiu with a bit of awe. After all, Helios Luna was a fearsome expert, yet he just died due to Tang Xiu's scheme, creating a deep sense of dread in her heart when facing Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu observed at the black-robed Vulcan in front and calmly spoke, "I'm pleased to be able to meet the supreme leader of Sacred Flame. Since Mr. Vulcan has arrived and accepted my commission, then allow me to get to the point."

"Our Sacred Flame name warrants a good reputation and we accept any mission as long as the clients can pay," replied Vulcan with a rather hoarse voice. "May I know what kind of mission you'd like us to accomplish by issuing the Ninth-grade Sacred Flame order?"

"I want to destroy the Celestial Wizard Clan," Tang Xiu said. "I'm sure the Sacred Flame has learned about the feud between me and this clan."

"Mr. Tang, I'd like to tell you first that it would be difficult for the Sacred Flame to completely kill all the members of Celestial Wizard Clan even if we dispatch all of our members. Further, the Sacred Flame will likely to suffer heavy losses even though we're able to inflict heavy blows to this clan."

"I don't think you understand what I mean. My side has a feud with the Celestial Wizard Clan, so your side is naturally not alone to get rid of them. The Dark Shaman Clan is my ally, and I also have a number of experts under me. At that time, all three parties will work together to lure the experts of Celestial Wizard Clan and then we'll collaborate to exterminate them."

"That would be no problem then." Vulcan gave it a thought for a moment before nodding.

"Anyway, the experts from Sacred Flame shouldn't be just these on the four ships. You should have a lot more experts, yes?" asked Tang Xiu. "May I ask when can the rest of you arrive?"

"They should be arriving in Nonagon Bulwark within 3 days," Vulcan said. "Given your words, I think Mr. Tang already has a specific battle plan for their placement."

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