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Dark clouds covered the sky and heavy rain poured down to the turbulent sea. Only the occasional bolts of lightning that cut through the sky could bring light to the vast sea. However, a fleet of ships was braving the wind and breaking the waves to contend with the natural might of Heaven.

Crack… BOOM…

A flash of lightning broke through the thick dark clouds as if tearing a hole in the sky and violently bolted down to the bottom. The light spread out for a moment, revealing an old man in a black robe on the bow deck of the liner. The man was holding a golden staff and slowly looked up at the sky.

Illuminated by the light, his eyes became jet black as though they were bottomless black holes. Jet black smoke flew out of his body and fully shrouded his body in the dark smog the moment the light was gone.

Tap, tap, tap…

The sound of leather boots stepping on the deck came from behind the dark mist. A 2.2 meters giant man waved his bulking right hand that held a fan-like giant ax powerfully. He then looked at the black mist and said with a muffled voice, "Wizard Ancestor, Elder Black Raven ordered me to report to you that we'll reach the island where those traitors hide in 2 hours. The place is secretly under control of Grand Elder Helios Luna."

After a long time, the black fog gradually dissipated and the figure of a black-robed old man appeared. A dignified look appeared on his aged, wrinkled face as he murmured to himself, "Thunder annihilations bolted down from the sky and broke down the wind and waves. I can't even see the omens of any cause and effect of the future. Is there someone blocking the heavenly secret and making me unable to divine what's going to happen?"

A look of disdain crept up on the fierce face of the hulking man. He snorted and gruffly said, "Wizard Ancestor, even if you cannot divine it, any demons or souls won't be able to withstand the power of my ax. Even if our enemies are deities, we can still kill them all the same as long as we are strong enough."

The black-robed old man slowly turned his head and observed the giant man for a while and then smirked. "You're right. No schemes and tricks will work as long as we're strong enough. As long as we are ruthless enough, the warriors of Celestial Wizard Clan will still behead those enemies of ours and use them as offerings to Heaven."

The giant man obviously rarely received praises since his sturdy thick arm scratched his head and gruffly grinned. "Well, I just said the line you told me before, Wizard Ancestor. Besides, all the elites of our clan have been dispatched now. We absolutely can obliterate such a small Dark Shaman lineage easily. But I just don't understand why did you waste your time and energy for something like fortune-telling?"

The complexion of the black-robed old man changed and he solemnly replied, "Bear in mind that no matter what time, regardless of the environment and the enemies we're facing, all of us must go all out! Only death awaits those who move forward with carelessness."

The giant man thought about it for a moment and then nodded. "Your words are reasonable. I'll remember them well, Wizard Ancestor. We'll be able to slaughter and cut off the heads of those Dark Shaman lineage rebels in another 2 hours."

The black-robed old man no longer spoke, but there was some haze of recollection in his eyes.

The Dark Shaman lineage was actually a pitiful lineage of his clan. If they just stayed in Thailand without making any moves, they could have just lived their lives and wouldn't be enemies of the clan. However, they found traces of Dark Shaman lineage in the previous crisis that befell the Celestial Wizard Clan and the chance that they were the perpetrator was high. Therefore, killing them and utterly obliterating them was a must so as to prevent future troubles.


Nonagon Bulwark, the first island.

As the fleet approached the island, only two liners accelerated and docked at the port. Huey Luna, the Grand Elder of Celestial Wizard Clan, a powerhouse comparable to Nascent Soul experts, quickly led the tens of Celestial Wizard Clan's experts and bolted to the shore. His gaze quickly shifted to a group of tense and nervous-looking big men armed with guns.

"Are you the inhabitants of Nonagon Bulwark?" Huey Luna condescendingly asked aloud.

The leader of the group who held a light machine gun glanced over Huey Luna's group. He hesitated for a moment and then replied aloud, "Yes, Nonagon Bulwark is our home. Who are you, people? Why did you come here all of a sudden?"

"Did your leader not tell you that we're from Celestial Wizard Clan?" Huey Luna inquisitively asked, "Or do you mean you're not Nonagon Bulwark's men at all and on the side of the Dark Shaman lineage rebels?"

"We don't know anything about the Celestial Wizard Clan or Dark Shaman Clan! This is our private island, and whoever intrudes our island without consent is our enemy. Leave quickly! This is a warning!" The big man raised his gun's muzzle and shouted aloud.

Huey Luna frowned and gave a command to a man next to him, who immediately returned to the ship. After reporting the situation to the Wizard Ancestor of the clan, he received the order to determine the identity of the other party.

After receiving a reply, Huey Luna immediately looked at the dozen armed men and shouted, "Your leader is our people! We can only kill you if you dare oppose us. Contact your leader if you don't believe me and he will tell you."


The big man hesitated for a moment before taking out his mobile phone and dialed a cell number. Soon after, he put down his cell phone, wore a cautious look and obsequiously smiled. "W-we had no idea that you are family members of our leader. Please forgive our rude and offending attitude. I-I hope… hehe, since we're on the same, I hope you can speak some good words about us to our leader."

Huey Luna shot him an indifferent look. His expression, however, slightly shifted the moment after and instantly unleashed a magical force, instantly beheaded the tens of the men behind the big man ruthlessly. The instant after, his dark-mist-shrouded right hand grabbed the big man's neck and fiercely asked, "Who are you? You're not the usual pirates of Nonagon Bulwark!"

Fear painted the big man's face. He could be said to be a powerful expert himself, but he didn't expect that he didn't have any strength to even fight this old man back. But after he recalled Vulcan's order, he steeled his heart and instantly wielded a dagger and powerfully stabbed Huey Luna's heart.


Huey Luna exerted more power to his fingers and directly cut off the big man's neck before the dagger stabbed him and then kicked the man's body away.

"Land on the island! I suspect this island has been completely occupied by those Dark Shaman lineage villains! Move and kill all the enemies you find here!" Huey Luna issued an order without hesitation.

The first island.

The second island.

The third island.

In just a few hours, tens of masters from Sacred Flame on the three islands were all killed, whereas several disciples of Tang Sect quietly fled the island and boarded a speed boat from the other side of the island to the fourth island.

The fleet then gave chase.

Tang Xiu stood on the shore of the fifth island and looked at the dozen liners sailing and approaching in the distance. Killing intent loomed in his eyes while 62 experts of Tang Sect were lining up by his side. The weakest among them was at the early-stage of Nascent Soul, but several of them had broken through the Spirit Formation Stage.

"Singluen, are Vulcan and the rest of Sacred Flame's members he led already on the fourth island?"

Standing beside Tang Xiu, Singluen nodded silently and then said, "Originally, my Dark Shaman Clan was to be arranged on the fourth island with the Sacred Flame and stationed there together. I never thought that Vulcan would so arrogant and refuse to work with us. However, he promised that he'll withdraw from the fourth island to the sixth island after they have inflicted heavy damage to the Celestial Wizard Clan. Even if it means that they've completed their Ninth-grade Sacred Flame mission, they will bring his group to support us if we're unable to contend with the Celestial Wizard Clan."

Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and sneered in response. "Heh, causing heavy damage to the Celestial Wizard Clan? What a wishful thinking. Do they think they can show off without our people there? Hmph… Tang Guang and Tang An, you both rush to the fourth island and monitor the Sacred Flame's situation, one in the open and one in the dark. Let them all die since they want to be cannon fodder."

"I'm going there too," Singluen interjected. "The Celestial Wizard Clan's sole purpose is to kill my Dark Shaman Clan, to begin with. They will realize that this is a trap if there's no one from my clan on the fourth island."

Tang Xiu gave it a thought for a moment and then nodded. "You're right. In this case, you should also head over there quickly in person! Do remember not to get engaged with them! There are some powerful ones among them. You only need to expose yourself to the Celestial Wizard Clan after the battle nearly reaches the late-stage and then retreat immediately. I'll wait for you here."

Singluen nodded and smiled. "Well, just wait here to close the net, Boss."

Back to the fourth island.

Several liners stopped by the shore and many shadows flickered and moved lightning-fast to the island. In just four-plus minutes, over 1,000 experts from the Celestial Wizard Clan landed on the island.


A rainbow-like saber light split out of the distant forested hill. The dozen or so Celestial Wizard Clan experts who had just reached the edge of the woods didn't have time to avoid it and were directly killed by 100-meter-long saber light.

The next moment, the experts of Sacred Flame Organization rushed out of the dense woods, numbering in the thousands but moving without any formation.

"Enemies coming! KILL THEM ALL!"

Huey Luna dashed out of the crowd of Celestial Wizard Clan, avoiding the violent and powerful saber slash, and instantly appeared in front of Vulcan who rushed over.

"You're not from Dark Shaman Clan, are you?"

Huey Luna exchanged moves and clashed with Vulcan, who was fully shrouded by flame, for a moment. But Huey Luna was sent flying upside down after receiving Vulcan's blow and left behind a few bloody veils of mist and the smell of blood in the air.

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