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Chapter 509: A wave of his hand
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The two armies were poised for battle. Hei tribe had been about to send Pan Ping to challenge, but Dong Fang Yu Liang was the first to send Tang Miao Ming.

Tang Miao Ming was Tang tribe's specially cultivated enslavement path female Gu Master with rank four middle stage cultivation. She liked foxes and had exquisite control over them, but she did not have any notable achievements in history.

However, Dong Fang Yu Liang specially sent her to directly challenge Wolf King, so it was clear he had a specific plan against Fang Yuan and Tang Miao Ming was one part of it.

Wisdom path Gu Masters were like this with plans within plans. The people fighting against wisdom path Gu Masters would not sense it at the start, but by the time they realised it, they would be deep under already.

Tang Miao Ming's public challenge attracted everyone's gazes towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was at leisure as he drank wine and slowly placed down the wine cup, then looked at Hei Lou Lan: "Alliance leader, then should I take the challenge?"

Hei Lou Lan laughed heartily, pleased at Fang Yuan asking him before the battle: "Let these experts look at brother Shan Yin's might and be awed!"

Fang Yuan slowly stood up and used a Gu worm to transmit his voice outside: "Little girl, your bravery in challenging me deserves praises, but you are not my match. Moreover… it is getting late."

In front of the formation, Tang Miao Ming clenched her hands which were soaked with sweat. Her lovely body shuddered at Fang Yuan's words, and her thoughts began to unfold at a rapid speed: 'Wolf King replied! He is truly arrogant, just like alliance leader Dong Fang expected. Now I should act according to his plan and use words to force him to battle with only a hundred beast group against my similar-sized fox group . But… what is the meaning of his last sentence?'

Dong Fang Yu Liang who was sitting in the main tent had been observing the situation.

Tang Miao Ming was an enslavement path expert he accidentally discovered not long ago. After Dong Fang Yu Liang learned the details, he found that Tang Miao Ming was very good at fighting with small scale fox groups. Her skill at this aspect was quite deep, and adding in her set of supporting Gu worms, she could even match an enslavement path master!

Dong Fang Yu Liang immediately thought of using Tang Miao Ming to openly scheme against Wolf King Chang Shan Yin.

The Wolf King's prestige was deeply set in people's hearts. If he was beaten under everyone's gaze, it would definitely greatly raise their morale.

What was even more matching was that Wolf King Chang Shan Yin was very arrogant; Tang Miao Ming was his junior and a female. As long as she was putting herself in a lower position, even Chang Shan Yin would also find it embarrassing to bully a junior in front of everyone.

'Chang Shan Yin, you are really as arrogant as the rumors say. Hehehe, as long as you come out to fight, Tang Miao Ming will definitely give you a great surprise.'

Dong Fang Yu Liang was inwardly excited but also had a doubt: "It is getting late? What is he talking about?"

Not only Dong Fang Yu Liang, but others also had doubts.

But Fang Yuan's next sentence immediately answered their doubts: "It is getting late, quickly start the battle. I still need to eat my lunch after it. Come, those who want to challenge me, all of you come out!"

After he finished speaking, he stood and then waved his hand from the main tent.


Five hundred thousand wolves howled together.

The explosive wolf howls resounded through the skies. Their vigor was so majestic that even the wind stopped for a moment and all the experts shocked.

"Brother Shan Yin, what are you…" Hei Lou Lan's hand slipped and the fine wine in his cup spilled down on his robe.

"Could it be, the Wolf King is thinking...?!" Dong Fang Yu Liang's pupils shrunk, his expression paling.

Following, five hundred thousand wolf group rushed forward like a majestic tide towards the opposite army.

"My… my god!"

"Wolf tide, this is a wolf tide…"

"Chang Shan Yin, he is making a direct attack, he has sent all his wolves!"

Dong Fang alliance army was in a chaos, the enormous momentum from the wolf group shook them. Many people screamed in fear, and countless defensive Gu worms were activated.

For a moment, countless light barriers with all kinds of color shone among Dong Fang alliance army. Some just shielded one person while some shielded a large patch of land. Some formed into armors while some caused the earth to bulge and form into earth walls.

Tang Miao Ming's face was as pale as paper!

She was standing between the two armies, and with the wolf group rushing forward, she would be the first they would charge into.

Facing the endless wolf tide, she felt like she was a small wooden boat in a vast sea about to be swallowed by a shocking tide.

"Damn it, the Wolf King is not abiding by the rules! I came forward to challenge him and only brought a thousand beast group!!" Tang Miao Ming was shocked and also furious.

Normally speaking, before a battle began, there would be a battle between experts in between the armies.

This was an old practice in northern plains.

In the battle between Gu Master experts, not only would the winner's side's morale greatly increase, they could also understand the strength of the other side and be more prepared later. At the same time, this expert challenge could also build friendship. Once the battle ended, the losing side's Gu Masters would have a way out when they surrendered.

The challenge between experts?!

The moment Fang Yuan raised his hand, he used all his wolf groups and directly cut apart the round of expert challenging.

Wolf King, do you know the rules!?

For a moment, countless people from both sides roared and questioned in their mind.

The two armies were not too far apart; the wolf group's rush was quick and soon crossed this distance and unfolded an intense battle against Dong Fang army.

"Attack, don't be in a daze, the wolf group has attacked!"

"Kill, slaughter these damned wolves!!"

"Brothers, move together, fight alongside each other!"

A clamor erupted within Dong Fang army. All kinds of colorful lights, rolling stones, golden lights, wooden spikes, water steam, wind blades and so on landed among the wolf group, causing enormous casualties in Fang Yuan's wolf group instantly.

Hei tribe army was still standing on their spot, looking dumbfoundedly at the frenzied battle situation in the other side.

"Brother Shan Yin!" Hei Lou Lan stared with wide eyes at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan smiled at fatty Hei: "Dong Fang Yu Liang is a rank five wisdom path Gu Master. Since he initiated the expert challenge, he must definitely have had gathered a lot of intel to help him in making deductions. And it was the talented alliance leader who directly told me to make my move."

Hei Lou Lan's eyes widened even more.

He had commanded Fang Yuan to make a move, but it was not to make such a big move! Clearly, Fang Yuan had intentionally distorted his intention, but he could not bicker with Fang Yuan at this critical juncture.

"Move! All army charge, attack, attack!!" Hei Lou Lan swallowed his resentment and turned around towards the front, fiercely waving his hand and giving his command.

"Orders from alliance leader, all army charge!"

"Orders from alliance leader, all army charge!"

The command was conveyed from top to bottom. The great army began to move slowly; hundreds of thousands of soldiers followed the wolf group in charging towards the other side.

Tang Miao Ming manipulated her fox group, changing the formation again and again to firmly protect herself.

She was worthy of being the person Dong Fang Yu Liang had chosen. Under the charge of the wolf tide, with just a thousand beast group, she continuously changed the formation to keep on resisting the charge.

Her fox group surrounded her, forming a round formation. The formation kept on rotating with a natural flow to it, like a millstone or a reef. The incoming wolf group was like a tide, attacking wave after wave, but it could not break through the round formation of the fox group.

However, Tang Miao Ming did not have the least bit of joy on her face; she was even shouting madly in her mind —

'This damned Wolf King is simply a lunatic!'

'Damn it, I might be able to hold on for now, but with this, I cannot move a single step.'

'Someone save me, save me... eh!'

Suddenly, Tang Miao Ming's body stiffened; her complexion went completely white, her eyes showing fear and despair.

In front of her, the Hei tribe army was gradually starting to move before her, quickly increasing their speed. Under the cover of the wolf group, they showed an earth-shattering influence and power of violence!

Tang Miao Ming momentarily lost her senses and the round formation of the fox group immediately collapsed.

The two-headed rhinoceros came rushing over with explosive sounds; as Hei Lou Lan looked on from above, his heart received a slight jolt at Tang Miao Ming's beauty.

"Who will capture this woman for me?" He had just spoken when Pan Ping shot out.

Pan Ping made a few jumps and fiercely charged to Tang Miao Ming's side, moving rapidly; in a short few moments, he smoothly captured Tang Miao Ming.

Hei Lou Lan nodded with satisfaction at this scene, then turned his gaze towards the front.

"Dong Fang lad…" He gave a malevolent smile, his eyes burning with the flame of revenge.

After a short time, the two armies officially started the battle. A large chaotic battle had begun.

With Fang Yuan's one move, this great battle that had just started had entered its climax.


Facing the incoming night wolves, Tang Fang furiously shouted and poured his primeval essence into fire pellet Gu.


A fist-sized fireball shot forward, bringing a gale with it.

This orange pellet fire struck the night wolf.

The night wolf whimpered and rolled around the ground, but its whole body burned with the fire before shortly dying.

"Kill!" Tang Fang breathed roughly and was about to charge forward when he was blocked by a Tang tribe elder.

"Third young master, don't rush ahead, the tribe leader has commanded you to return back quickly!"

"But big sister has been captured!" Tang Fang stared wide, he did not want to turn back. His big sister was Tang Miao Ming.

"Third young master, rushing forward like this will only lead to your death!" The elder hastily persuaded.

"Damn it!" Tang Fang gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists, feeling his powerlessness.

He was Tang tribe's genius, and he was only twenty two but had already reached rank three. Yet this rank three battle strength that could have controlled the situation in the past was now so minute in this great battle.

The rank three battle strength that was normally hard to be seen were all present in this battlefield.

Rank three Gu Masters were reduced to mid level strength; above them were those rank four Gu Master experts and even more higher were the rank five experts.

"Big sister, wait for me, I will definitely rescue you." Tang Fang calmed down and swore in his mind as he retreated.

"Hmph, leaving whenever you want? Leave behind your life!" Right at this time, a rank three Gu Master of Wang tribe rushed over.

"It is Wang Jiang! Third young master, leave quickly, I will hold him back." The Tang tribe elder instantly recognized the enemy.

Wang Jiang's fiance Luo Yu Feng had been snatched by Tang tribe, so he had deep hatred towards them. And now in this large battle, he naturally would not let this chance for revenge go.

Such situations were not few.

In this world, people would have gratitude, grudges and hatred.

Now, those with grudges could let out their grudges and those with hatred could repay their hatred!

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