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Chapter 549: Subduing azure wolves with the help of snow bats
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Just like this, Fang Yuan flew for another three days, but could not see even a glimpse of the sacred palace on the plains.

Fang Yuan thought to himself: "It seems that I was transported very far away after entering Imperial Court blessed land. Otherwise with my speed, I would've reached the sacred palace within three days."

On the way, Fang Yuan met many Gu Masters and mortals.

They were Hei tribe alliance members, after entering the blessed land, those with ability would gather at the sacred palace. Those who did not would choose a place and settle down.

Imperial Court blessed land was not safe, there were large numbers of wild Gu worms and vicious beasts.

Hei tribe army came here and destroyed their order, disturbing the beasts and worms which had already sorted out their territory.

Thus, conflict and killing was natural.

But all in all, the environment was infinitely better than the outside world, which was face a fierce blizzard.

Fang Yuan had seen several slaughtering scenes along the way. Some were beast group corpses, some were humans with broken limbs.

Imperial Court blessed land had much greater foundation than Hu Immortal blessed land. There was no weather changes in Hu Immortal blessed land, but Imperial Court blessed land had it.

In fact, Imperial Court blessed land had morning and night!

This might not be spectacular in mortal eyes, because in northern plains, there was also day and night, they were used to it.

Only someone like Fang Yuan would understand the true value of this.

It was very rare for blessed land to have weather changes. If there was day and night, it meant that this particular heaven and earth had sufficiently deep foundations, at least, the time path law here was quite complete.

Normally, blessed land with astronomical phenomenon were first rate blessed lands. Fang Yuan's Hu Immortal blessed land had not reached this level yet.

Day and night was the characteristic of grotto-heavens.

Blessed lands were small worlds. Above blessed lands, there were even more complete and refined small worlds, they were grotto-heavens.

Imperial Court blessed land already had the characteristics of a grotto-heaven, it could be said to be a quasi grotto-heaven. Lang Ya blessed land was originally a grotto-heaven that fell, by now, it had lost its day and night trait.

Night descended.

Fang Yuan looked at the sky, it turned from a glorious gold color to a light and elegant silver.

The daytime in Imperial Court blessed land was a dazzling golden day. At night, it was not completely dark, as silver light shine in the sky.

Flying in the air, Fang Yuan witnessed the changing of the sky.

Silver light rained down, compared to the hot and dazzling golden rays during daytime, it had traces of sharpness to it.

Fang Yuan's flying speed was slowing down, he looked down and after searching for a while, he found a gentle slope.

With his years of experience, he knew that the gentle slope was a great place to set up camp.

But he was in no hurry to descend, he circled around the slope several times, like a bird flying freely.

Eventually, when he confirmed that this area was safe, he landed and kept his wings.

The strong eagle wings were pitch-black like steel. After Fang Yuan stopped using eagle rise Gu, the wings vanished into thin air, as one or two black feathers were left floating in the air, landing on the grass.

Fang Yuan willed and activated big lizard house Gu.

Immediately, a mystical light shot out from his aperture, landing in front of him.

The light expanded and grew, as a big lizard house Gu eventually appeared.

The lizard opened its mouth and shot out its tongue, showing the door in its mouth.

The tongue was like a red carpet ladder, as Fang Yuan stepped on it, the door opened automatically. After he entered the lizard house Gu, the door closed on its own, as the lizard closed its huge mouth without a gap.

Although Fang Yuan was energetic, he was still of mortal body, when fatigue accumulates to a degree, he will need to rest to ensure that he stays at peak condition in terms of mind and body.


After Fang Yuan got into the lizard house, he heard some noises outside.

His gaze concentrated as he muttered: "As expected, it is the blissful snow bats…"

Fang Yuan had already understood the rules, when day turns to night, large groups of blissful snow bats would fly out.

The blissful snow bats were pure white like snow, they were furry and did not look ugly like ordinary bats, in fact they were rather cute.

Such a beast group was huge in scale, each group had about several hundreds of thousands of bats. Among them were beast kings, and myriad beast kings were very common, there were even snow bat beast emperors.

Even with Fang Yuan's dual aperture and killer move like four arm wind king, he could not fight against them, he could only avoid them.

The snow bats only hunted in the air, eating the particles in the air or flying worms. The big lizard house Gu was not part of their food chain. But because of Fang Yuan's vigilance, he moved the big lizard house Gu to the back of the slope.

The big lizard curled up into a ball, from the sky, it resembled a huge rock.

Fang Yuan was on the bed as he slept, but before long, the cries of the blissful snow bats became very erratic, as wolf howls could be heard as well.

"What's going on?" Fang Yuan was woken up by this noise, he opened his eyes and got up from bed, going to the window.

Only to see that in the silvery backdrop, two beast groups were fighting.

The snow-white lump had a grand scale, it was the blissful snow bats. As for the dark-green lump, it was a pack of azure wolves, although they were fewer in numbers, they fought fiercely and had great cooperation.

Although they were many snow bats, under the wolves' attacks, they suffered huge losses.

Fang Yuan's brows lifted, feeling slightly shocked.

Azure wolf had a trace of the desolate beast heavenly wolf's bloodline, thus it could float in mid air even as a cub. A mature azure wolf can use this talent to its limits, able to run freely in the air.

Azure wolves were elites, they were different from ordinary wolf groups. Among the azure wolf group, each azure wolf was at least a hundred beast king!

Azure wolf groups were often small, but they had great battle strength. But regardless of how strong a wolf group is, they cannot withstand the trial of time, and the trials of mortality.

Right now, in northern plains' sky, barely any azure wolves could be seen. They were getting rarer, going to be extinct soon.

However, as the largest blessed land in northern plains, Imperial Court blessed land had such a huge scaled azure wolf group, it was not a surprise.

The wolves got more energetic as they fought, as the bat group gradually got into a disadvantage, after leaving behind several tens of thousands of corpses, they escaped.

The azure wolves did not have many deaths, most of the azure wolves landed on the ground and started consuming the bat corpses. Some of them remained in the air, looking around and staying vigilant.

Fang Yuan's heart was moved: "After entering the blessed land, my wolf group had scattered. Imperial Court blessed land is too wide, I cannot gather them here in such a short time. This azure wolf group is really timely, not only can they fly to keep up with my pace, they can even protect me, in the future when we encounter bat groups, we can just charge through."

At the same time, several wolves found Fang Yuan's big lizard house Gu and surrounded it.

Fang Yuan left the Gu house immediately and kept the big lizard house Gu, charging towards the myriad beast king in the sky.

The wolf group went into a commotion as they attacked Fang Yuan from all directions.

But the azure wolves which had just eaten were moving sluggishly, their battle intent had also decreased severely. This was the best time for Fang Yuan to subdue the myriad wolf king.

Fang Yuan snickered, he turned left and right, making circles in the air. With his flying master attainment, these azure wolves could only chase after him fruitlessly.

The myriad wolf king that Fang Yuan was going after was different from the other two myriad wolf kings, in the earlier battle, it had charged ahead and sustained some injuries, as well as losing some wild Gu on it. Fang Yuan had paid close attention to it earlier, and knew all the wild Gu worms currently on it.

Going up to the myriad wolf king, Fang Yuan activated the killer move four arm wind king and thrashed the wolf king.

This unlucky myriad wolf king was beaten into a daze by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan used this chance to activate rank five wolf enslavement Gu, subduing it.

Once it joined Fang Yuan, it howled and a third of the azure wolf group changed sides along with it.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly, it was dangerous to subdue a myriad wolf king under the attack of the wolf group, but now that he had succeeded, the situation was different.

With the wolf group, the situation was overturned.

Under Fang Yuan's manipulation, the wolf group attacked from left and right, cooperating with him and surrounding the second azure myriad wolf king.

The wild wolf group attacked furiously, as Fang Yuan used his wolf group to form a line of defense, protecting himself. He himself, engaged with the myriad wolf king.

After fifteen minutes, Fang Yuan subdued the second myriad wolf king.

Victory was assured!

The final myriad wolf king saw this and immediately ran, bringing its subordinates to escape with it.

Fang Yuan first stopped his bleeding and checked his own injuries. After checking the battlefield, he kept the big lizard house Gu and shifted the campsite.

This area was filled with the intense smell of blood, quickly, waves and waves of beast groups were attracted. If Fang Yuan continued staying there, he would be disturbed endlessly.

About ten li away, he rested for four hours before flapping his wings and continuing his journey.

But different from before, Fang Yuan was now surrounded by two azure myriad wolf kings, thirty-eight thousand beast kings, and two hundred fifty-six hundred beast kings. It was a huge force.

In the blink of an eye, six days of travelling went by.

In this process, Fang Yuan found three inheritances. They were small inheritances however, in Fang Yuan's eyes, they were as good as nothing.

What was worth mentioning was, the wolf group expanded.

With the foundation of two azure myriad wolf kings, another was subdued. This way, Fang Yuan had three azure myriad wolf kings under his control.

Imperial Court blessed land was a true land of treasures. There were huge beast groups within, and even the rare azure wolf was a common species here.

Other than the azure wolves, Fang Yuan subdued batches of night wolves, wind wolves, turtleback wolves, and vermillion flame wolves along the way.

These wolves were originally his to begin with, except that they were scattered after entering the blessed land. Fang Yuan had only found a small portion of them by now.

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