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Chapter 556: It's actually a Gu Immortal Inheritance!
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Hei Lou Lan raised his leg, kicking his tribesman Hei Qi Sheng to the ground.

"Useless thing!" The black fatty cursed, the muscles on his face twitched as he revealed a ruthless and savage gaze.

The hall was silent, all of the Hei tribe Gu Masters did not dare to speak a word.

Hei Lou Lan was called 'Black Tyrant', it was due to his famous ruthless and cruel personality. Especially when he was obstructed six times by the 54th round, his anger was ignited like a barrel of gunpowder.

"Lord tribe leader, it was my inability, I deserve death!" Hei Qi Sheng sprawled on the ground, begging for forgiveness while prostrating.

"Idiot! Why is there such a useless idiot in our Hei tribe?!" Hei Lou Lan gritted his teeth, kicking Hei Qi Sheng several times. Seeing that he was coughing blood due to the kicks, Hei Lou Lan's anger subsided slightly.

The surrounding elders were silent, not daring to say a word.

Last time, the elders who pleaded for Hei Qi Sheng were beaten until they received heavy injuries by Hei Lou Lan, they were still bedridden now.

Hei Lou Lan temper had been curbed slightly during the Imperial Court contest. But now that they were in the blessed land, his poor temper and cruel nature were back at full force.

"You are also all idiots, useless trash! Why are you all standing here? Speak, tell me a good method to break through the 54th round. Otherwise, I will dock your salary. The tribe does not feed useless people! I gave you primeval stones, I gave you a luxurious life, raising your status, what was it all for? Now is the time to perform your duties!!" Hei Lou Lan screamed, the windows were shaking from the force of his voice.

The elders were sighing bitterly internally. They were like drooping eggplants, lowering their head and communicating with their expressions, but no one dared to speak first.

Hei Lou Lan stared and looked around, fixing his gaze on elder Hei Pei.

As the most senior and experienced first elder Hei Pei, he gritted his teeth and walked out, bowing in respect: "Lord, the way I see it, this 54th round is a test of enslavement path, it is very difficult and it cannot be passed without master level enslavement attainment. Although elder Hei Qi Sheng is an enslavement path Gu Master that we nurtured, he is not a master. To pass this round, we need Lord Wolf King's strength."

"Hmph, you are asking me to seek outside help? You want to let the whole world see us Hei tribe as a joke, as a weakling that needs outside reinforcements?" Hei Lou Lan's gaze was filled with ruthlessness as he screamed fiercely.

Hei Pei's heart was shivering, but he bowed deeply and responded: "Lord tribe leader is strong and intelligent, you are an amazing leader, the Lord of the Imperial Court. With your presence, whoever dares to think that Hei tribe is useless would be the number one fool in this world. This is not outside reinforcement to be exact. This Wolf King Chang Shan Yin is part of the alliance army, he is your subordinate. Using him for this is but natural. I am sure Chang Shan Yin would be very grateful to lord, after all, he is an outsider but he given the chance to enter True Yang Building, it is his greatest honor."

Hei Lou Lan heard this and his anger expression softened.

The elders watched this as they praised Hei Pei's eloquence internally, he was indeed skilled to be the first elder.

Hei Lou Lan walked slowly, he was very indignant.

Currently, he had two guest tokens, they were obtained from the 12th and 46th round respectively as a reward from True Yang Building.

It was not that he did not want to waste the tokens, but once he invited Wolf King, the reward for clearing the 54th round would go to Chang Shan Yin.

If it was his tribesmen, Hei Lou Lan could use the authority of the tribe leader to make all of the rewards his. But according to the rules, these rewards should be given to the reinforcement.

The rewards in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was extraordinary, even Hei Lou Lan was deeply moved.

Be it Gu recipes, Gu worms, or others, each item could allow a Gu Master to rise up despite an ordinary background.

Hei Lou Lan walked for several steps, sighing lightly.

He knew that there was no point in forcing Hei Qi Sheng. Hei tribe had nurtured three enslavement path Gu Masters, one died in the Imperial Court contest, while Hei Qi Sheng was the stronger one out of the two left.

But he was not an enslavement master, any master needed sufficient talent, it was not something that could be nurtured through abundant resources.

Hei Lou Lan stopped walking: "Where is Hei Shu?"

"Subordinate is here." Hei Shu was standing outside the hall, he was Hei Lou Lan's personal Gu Master attendant, hearing Hei Lou Lan's summon, he came in to greet him.

"Go invite Wolf King here." Hei Lou Lan instructed.

Hearing this, the elders in the hall sighed in relief. Hei Qi Sheng who was lying on the ground relaxed his body — this nightmare was over!

"Yes lord tribe leader." Hei Shu left after receiving his orders.


Hei Lou Lan kicked Hei Qi Sheng again: "You trash, why are you still lying here? You want Chang Shan Yin to see how pathetic our Hei tribe is after he comes here?"

"Lord, lord I was wrong!" Hei Qi Sheng quickly apologised profusely.

"Get lost and nurse your injuries!!" Hei Lou Lan screamed.

"Yes, yes, yes lord!" Hei Qi Sheng struggled to get up, leaving in a wobbling state.

Not long after, Hei Shu reported back with an apologetic look: "Lord tribe leader, Lord Wolf King is not in the sacred palace, he is out feeding his wolves."

"What?" Hei Lou Lan's volume became louder, his brows were raised as his calm expression showed anger again.

The elders were terrified, the first elder Hei Pei accused Hei Shu: "You junior, you do not know how to do your job. Even if Wolf King was not around, how could you return empty-handed? Could you not send a letter over, and state your intention, that Wolf King will come crawling back immediately!"

"Lord, it was not my fault!" Hei Shu cried out innocently: "I already sent a letter over, but Wolf King replied already. He said that he was leading his wolves to hunt, it was a habit and he did not want to cut it in the middle. He wants us to wait, if we cannot wait, we can call Tang Miao Ming and the others instead."

At once, everyone was shocked.

First elder Hei Pei stared with his eyes wide opened, he did not believe it: "How can anyone be so indifferent? Did he really say that?!"

"I have concrete evidence! Lord tribe leader, this is the letter Gu that Wolf King Chang Shan Yin sent back!" Hei Shu said, handing a star letter Gu to Hei Lou Lan.

This was a star path Gu, it was rank four and gave the fastest replies. But it shone in the air as it flew, it created huge commotion and was easy to intercept.

Of course, in Imperial Court blessed land, there was no such worries.

Hei Lou Lan's mind entered the star letter Gu, as he snickered continuously: "This Wolf King has good temperament, he is able to control his desires so well."

"Lord, Wolf King is an arrogant loner, everyone knows that. The way I see it, he is already laughing secretly, but is trying to put up a front." First elder Hei Pei analyzed, as the others elders nodded in agreement.

"Hmph, of course he is being haughty. He is an enslavement master, and also a flying master. If you guys were masters, would we need to ask an outsider for help?" Hei Lou Lan screamed, causing the elders to shut up as some of the elders lowered their head even more.

Honestly speaking, Fang Yuan was really not placing his attention on True Yang Building.

He looked at Di Qiu below him, his heart palpitating: "There really isn't a small tower here. According to the terrain, this area should have a small tower, directly above Di Qiu, but now, this is just a pitch black hole… impressive, the Gu Master who made this inheritance is very impressive!"

The Imperial Court blessed land had a small tower at every eight li interval. Actually, all of them were a part of the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was an Immortal Gu house that Long Hair Ancestor had refined back in the day, it was as high as rank eight.

Next, after Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's preparations, it was a mirror of northern plains. The small towers were all over Imperial Court blessed land, they could be seen everywhere. Each of the towers had thousands of wild Gu, no one dared to target them or they would die.

But now it seems that, the Gu Master who set up Di Qiu inheritance not only moved the small tower, he even set up this inheritance on that spot. Such methods and courage, such abilities, it made Fang Yuan confirm that this mysterious Gu Master was not a simple person.

"No, rather than Gu Master, I might as well call him Gu Immortal! Even with the long time that had passed, and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's setup might have weakened, but it is not something mortals can alter. Only Gu Immortals can make minor changes to these arrangements, and create such a place." Fang Yuan's eyes were shining with uncertainty.

He had accidentally gotten Di Qiu inheritance, but it was a Gu Immortal inheritance!

Light in the soil, shine up to a hundred thousand feet high, swimming in the sky for a hundred li, praising plum fragrant snow. What did this really mean?

What sorts of treasures would be inside a Gu Immortal's inheritance.

"Will there be an Immortal Gu?" Fang Yuan guessed daringly.

If there was an Immortal Gu, it could match against the first floor of True Yang Building. Because even in the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the final round of every floor might not have an Immortal Gu reward.

"Even without an Immortal Gu, Di Qiu inheritance was created with so much effort, there had to be an Immortal Gu recipe at least."

Without Immortal Gu, an Immortal Gu recipe was also a huge reward. A complete Immortal Gu recipe was something not sold inside treasure yellow heaven.

Gu Immortals would sell remnant recipes mostly. Even if they had complete Immortal Gu recipes, they would break it up and add in some mistakes before selling it.

Complete Immortal Gu recipes could only be exchanged. And there were few instances of this happening throughout history.

Fang Yuan curbed his imagination, and began to think calmly.

With a crucial clue, his current train of thought had improved rapidly.

He pieced together all sorts of clues, deciphering the time of Di Qiu inheritance's creation. It should be very long ago, at least, it should've existed since Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's time.

But the more he thought, the more questions he had.

Let's call this person Gu Immortal Di Qiu for now, who were they? Why did they set up an inheritance here? As a Gu Immortal, how did they get in? Most importantly, how did they know about the setup here, and the true principle behind the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building?

If they were like Tai Bai Yun Sheng, and advanced to Gu Immortal realm inside Imperial Court blessed land, then there would be new explanations for what happened…

Fang Yuan felt a headache as he stopped thinking.

One star letter Gu tore through the sky and flew towards him.

Fang Yuan received it, and saw that it was Hei Lou Lan urging him to return.

"Nevermind, I shall go to True Yang Building first, and come back later. Gu Immortal Di Qiu most likely made use of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's setup flaws, once I enter True Yang Building, I might be able to find some clues and understand the mystery behind this!"

Thinking so, Fang Yuan replied with the letter.

Since Hei Lou Lan wrote a letter personally to rush him, Fang Yuan stopped acting arrogantly anymore, he immediately returned.

"I will need to rely on Wolf King's strength this time." Hei Lou Lan saw Fang Yuan and laughed.

He was very anxious in his heart.

There was not much time inside Imperial Court blessed land. Once the ten year blizzard outside subsides, Imperial Court blessed land would close, and they would need to leave.

Before that happens, Hei Lou Lan not only needs to complete the mission given by his tribe's Gu Immortals, he also needed to find a strength path Immortal Gu for himself.

After Wolf King returned, Hei Lou Lan quickly organised the group again.

The gang got to the building, as Hei Lou Lan handed Fang Yuan an ancient token: "This is the guest token. Wolf King does not have Huang Jin bloodline, you are an outside in the building's perspective. To enter it, you will need a guest token each time."

Fang Yuan received the token and laughed lightly without any concern, saying: "I can't wait to witness the splendor of True Yang Building!"

At this point, Hei Lou Lan did not push the door open, instead, he 'crashed' into the door.

Fang Yuan followed suit, as the guest token shone in his hand, he imitated Hei Lou Lan and entered True Yang Building as well.

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