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Blazing Heaven Demoness was actually Hei Lou Lan's elder aunt, Fang Yuan did not expect this.

Fang Yuan's battle strength was rank seven at best.

Against Hei Lou Lan, he had an advantage, but the other party had the Great Strength True Martial Physique, he needed to be wary of her last resort attack.

Against Fairy Li Shan, he was at most only evenly matched. Fang Yuan would be in a disadvantage the moment she used her battlefield immortal killer move, he could not give her enough time to use it.

As for Blazing Heaven Demoness, he was extremely pitiful in comparison, it was despair-inducing. Even though Fang Yuan had many Immortal Gu, with his bottom tier rank six cultivation level, there was no way he could fight against a rank eight Gu Immortal.

Even a rank seven Gu Immortal could not match a rank eight Gu Immortal. Feng Jiu Ge was an exception, in the last thousand years of Central Continent's history, he was the only one.

It was virtually impossible for Fang Yuan to deal with Blazing Heaven Demoness.

The other party was simply too powerful, Fang Yuan was at a weaker position with an absolute disadvantage.

'Right now, the only thing that I can rely on is the alliance agreement I made with Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan previously. Allies are not allowed to kill each other.'

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly to himself internally.

Earlier, he was finding this agreement restricting to his actions, but now he had to rely on it to survive.

'However, Fairy Li Shan is an information path Gu Immortal, this agreement might not be reliable. Blazing Heaven Demoness can completely suppress me using battle strength, but she has not struck yet. If Fairy Li Shan wants to kill me, she would not create this situation either. Also, Blazing Heaven Demoness knows my true identity, why did she help me in refining star thought Immortal Gu? This means that they are not going after my life, they have other objectives.'

As for what their objectives were, Fang Yuan had a vague idea.

The conclusion was, right now, Fang Yuan was not in any mortal danger. This was also the reason why he was continuing to watch and not trying to escape.

Just as Fang Yuan was thinking over his own safety, the green giant that was trapped by orchard garden in mountain roared as it raised its head.

After several uses of the killer move dark ember, most of the pear trees in the valley were burned to ashes, but they continued to grow from the ground, extending towards the green giant even though it would take some time to trap it again.

Using this chance, two more pairs of giant green wings appeared on the green giant's back again.

At the same time, the green giant's appearance underwent a change, its large head turned into that of an eagle's, its entire body became slimmer and longer, its arms and legs turned into sharp five fingered claws.


Its three pairs of wings flapped together, at the same time, the green giant's knees bent slightly, it jumped and burst into the sky.

The ground trembled, a huge crater was formed from the impact.

Dust clouds rose and mixed with the huge amounts of ashes.

This time, the green giant was not restricted by the vines, but the moment it flew into the sky, the four elders of Hei tribe felt a strong suction force, it was pulling onto the giant, preventing the green giant from flying far away from it.

"This is?" The four elders of Hei tribe showed stunned expressions one after another.

Every several meters the green giant rose into the sky, the strength of the huge pulling force increased by ten times as much!

Gradually, the green giant was unable to resist it anymore.

No matter how much the three wings flapped, the giant's speed became slower and slower, eventually, it slowed to a crawl, resembling a snail.

After reaching its limits, it was only thirty meters away from the ground.


With another loud bang, the green giant crashed into the ground.

The four elders of Hei tribe were silent.

There was no need to say anything, anyone could guess the result, their faces were completely ashen now.

This was the true power of orchard garden in mountain.

Fairy Li Shan cultivated information path mainly, and secondarily in wood path and earth path. Orchard garden in mountain was a battlefield killer move that was formed by combining earth path and wood path, the pear blossoms were like snow, the vines coiled around the target, these were just wood path techniques. The force of gravity that pulled it down was the aspect of earth path.

Of course, this was also due to Fairy Li Shan using the power of Miniscule Mountain inside her.

Otherwise, if she used the original version of orchard garden in mountain that was based on her own strength, the green giant might have broken out of it already.

This was an ancient battle formation, Green City Rampage, even though it was incomplete, there were four rank seven Gu Immortals inside the battle formation, they could fight against a rank eight when unified.

The green giant could not break out, it landed on the ground. In the valley, countless vines coiled around it again like tough snakes, the green giant was restricted again.

At this time, there was a sharp sound of wind as explosions occurred in the air, the sound was so loud eardrums could almost burst.

Three angry birds fused in the air, turning into a fire phoenix that was neither big nor small.

The phoenix sang loudly, its wings flapped, it was extremely fast, it drew a beautiful rainbow arc in the sky, crashing into the green giant's arm and vanishing completely.

The green giant displayed an incredibly powerful defense, merely a deep hole was created from the explosion on its arm.

Next, waves of green fog circulated around it, as the deep hole closed up, it was like liquid metal, rapidly mending.

But Blazing Heaven Demoness' attacks did not stop for even a moment.

She stood arrogantly in the air, she slowly pointed her arm towards the green giant that was below her, her arm made a slashing motion from up to down!

Fire path killer move — Phoenix Feather Triple Wing Blade!

Three waves of flames formed instantly. They resembled the feathers of the phoenix, they were curved but extremely sharp like sickles.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three fire blades tore through the air, burning intensely as huge winds started blowing as a result of the movement.

Three blades launched one after another, hitting the same place consecutively.

Together with the angry bird earlier, this achieved another combo move effect, the green giant's arm was chopped off by these three blades.

The four elders of Hei tribe growled furiously, but it was too late for them to stop her.

The green giant's body was formed from the ancient battle formation, after the arm was detached from the body, it was as if the Gu formation itself had lost a portion of itself. Losing the immortal essence supply from the four elders, the arm quickly vanished into nothingness, as countless Gu worm flew out rapidly towards the green giant.

Hei Cheng who was captured earlier lost his restraint, he quickly fell.

The green giant tried to grab him, but Blazing Heaven Demoness stopped it.

Hei Cheng tried to escape, but times were different now, he was inside orchard garden in mountain, almost immediately, countless vines and roots tied him up tightly, sending him out into the hands of Fairy Li Shan.

"Let him go!" The four elders of Hei tribe flew into a rage.

Countless dark ember killer moves were used consecutively. Marks of dragons appeared on the green giant's chest and back, it was like they were emerging from a body of water, they turned into green dragons and flew around the area.

This was the signature killer move of Hei tribe's first supreme elder — Nine Dragon Body Protection!

It could both attack and defend, under the amplification of the ancient battle formation, it displayed incredibly terrifying power!

At once, nine dragons flew around, they were unstoppable.

Mountain ridges collapsed, pear blossoms wilted, plants and trees were sent flying.

Fairy Li Shan's expression changed: "Hurry up, I cannot hold on much longer!"

The green giant unleashed its full battle strength, it was already very difficult for orchard garden in mountain to trap it until now.

"Go!" Blazing Heaven Demoness moved without hesitation, she shot out a long chain of fire, grabbing onto Fairy Li Shan, Hei Lou Lan, Fang Yuan, and Hei Cheng.

Soon after, she used her killer move, turning into a rainbow, dragging everyone into the air along with her.

At the moment where he was trapped by the chain of fire, Fang Yuan subconsciously wanted to resist it, but he held in that instinct eventually.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' speed was extremely fast, in the blink of an eye, she vanished with everyone into the horizon.

Ten breaths of time later, orchard garden in mountain was completely destroyed, the terrifying collapse of mountains ravaged the battlefield.

The green giant successfully flew into the air, it roared and caused tremors in the sky and earth.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' movement killer move was extremely fast, it would take a lot of effort for the four elders of Hei tribe to catch up to her.

Even if they caught up, it would be hard to decide a winner among them.

But it was too late now, the four elders of Hei tribe had to chase her. Hei Cheng had been the representative of the four supreme elders, he had settled Hei tribe's affairs for so many years, he knew a lot of secrets.

Furthermore, as a super force, their own Gu Immortal was kidnapped by others, the four elders of Hei tribe had lost all of their face, if they did not stop Blazing Heaven Demoness, they would not be able to raise their heads in front of the other super forces, or even any of the righteous path or demonic path forces.

Hei tribe's Immortal Gu House Dark Prison was lost, and Hei Cheng got captured, Hei tribe's reputation was going to plummet.

As the saying goes, everyone kicks a man who is down, with Hei tribe being so weak now, all the other forces would try to suppress them, they would also be forced to give up a lot of the cultivation resources that they were holding onto in Northern Plains.

Green City Rampage was an ancient battle formation, the four supreme elders of Hei tribe had no lack of movement killer moves. Once they activated their moves together, their speed would be several times that of Blazing Heaven Demoness.

But just as the green giant was about to chase her, a latter for emergency support appeared beside the four elders of Hei tribe.

"What? Our blessed land base has been infiltrated by someone secretly and most of our resources were stolen, we have suffered great losses!"

"The Hei tribe Gu Immortals guarding the place are all heavily injured!"

"The invader is extremely powerful, they have undeniable rank eight aura!"

The four elders of Hei tribe were shocked and furious.

This was most definitely a plot.

"Right now, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance has three rank eights including Blazing Heaven Demoness."

"Damn it! Our base cannot be lost, the defense of a blessed land assembled with bits and pieces is not enough."

"We have all fallen into Blazing Heaven Demoness' scheme. Go! We have to go back and defend it."

The green giant roared loudly, both of its arms raised up and pulled, causing a gigantic dark hole to appear in the space in front of it.

The green giant flew into the dark hole and vanished, leaving behind only the ravaged battlefield which was completely in ruins.

"Hei tribe did not pursue us, we are safe now." Blazing Heaven Demoness landed on the ground with everyone.

The chain of fire that restricted everyone was collected by her.

Next, she waved her hand casually and the surrounding ten li were covered by a layer of dark red barriers.

The battle was now over, but Fang Yuan was more alert than before.

He moved his shoulders and arms, saying calmly to Fairy Li Shan: "So you are all family, you have truly kept me in the dark."

"The same goes for you." Fairy Li Shan smiled with deep meaning.

It was obvious that she had already known that Fang Yuan obtained Star Form blessed land and disguised himself as Xing Xiang Zi.

"Spare me! Spare my life! I am willing to become your subordinate, I am willing to serve you faithfully, it will be better for you if you keep me alive!" Hei Cheng struggled to get up, his face was filled with anxiety as he shouted continuously.

Blazing Heaven Demoness had taken away the parts of the chain of fire restricting everyone else, but Hei Cheng alone was still bound up tightly.

Not only did the situation develop beyond Fang Yuan's expectations, it was also completely out of Hei Cheng's expectations.

Fairy Li Shan stared with furious eyes as she pointed at Hei Cheng and scolded: "Dog thief, my little sister loved you so much, yet you took her life away. But that was not enough for you, you even wanted to lay your hands on your own daughter!"

Hei Cheng directly knelt on the ground, he raised his head and begged: "I am willing to be your dog or horse, I am willing to tell you all of the secrets of Hei tribe! Including the time path inheritance of our rank eight ancestor Hei Fan. Didn't Su Xian Er get close to me because of this inheritance? Don't you all want this inheritance! I will tell you everything that I know, I will not conceal any secrets!"

But Fairy Li Shan was completely unmoved, as Hei Cheng turned towards Blazing Heaven Demoness: "I did not have any intentions to offend you! Back then, if I had found out that you were behind Su Xian Er, I would not have taken her life! This is all a misunderstanding, this is all just a misunderstanding!!"

Hei tribe was a super force, they have an inheritance from long ago, their ancestor was obviously very powerful.

During the generation when Hei Fan was the one in power, Hei tribe had a rank eight Gu Immortal, they were one of the stronger super forces in Northern Plains.

But his lifespan was limited, after Hei Fan died, Hei tribe slowly became weaker, while some of the other super forces rose up.

This was normal in the world of Gu Immortals. The saying goes, upturns and downturns were just like the ebb and flow of tides, if one falls, another rises.

Hei Cheng continue to beg unceasingly.

He knew that this was the only way he could possibly survive.

Facing the rank eight Blazing Heaven Demoness, and Hei Lou Lan who bore a deep and unresolvable hatred towards him, he could not threaten them using Hei tribe itself. Thankfully, Hei Fan had an inheritance, and Hei tribe was unable to inherit it. The inheritance of a rank eight Gu Immortal was extremely attractive to any Gu Immortal out there.

But Blazing Heaven Demoness snickered, she looked at Hei Lou Lan and spoke with a gentle tone: "Your life is not mine, whether you can survive or not, only Little Lan can decide. Little Lan, go ahead, I have already restricted Hei Cheng, he is now as fragile as a mortal."

"Little Lan, Little Lan, listen to me!" Hei Cheng knelt on the ground, he rubbed his knees against the ground as he crawled towards Hei Lou Lan in a frenzy.

"You are my daughter, I am your father. you have the blood of Hei tribe flowing in you, you have a huge advantage in inheriting Hei Fan's inheritance. If your mother was alive, she would not want to see you and I in such conflict, right? If you mother was here, she would definitely be extremely happy to see you inherit Hei Fan's inheritance. Also, also! You have one of the ten extreme physiques, you were able to live until now because I asked Jiang Yu to protect your life, that is an undeniable fact!"

Hei Lou Lan looked at Hei Cheng, seeing his frightened and panicking face, she frowned, showing an expression of deep disgust and hatred.

Next, she kicked Hei Cheng away ruthlessly.

"I will only ask you one question!" Hei Lou Lan's expression was cold as ice.

"Ask, please ask! I will tell you everything that I know!" Hei Cheng could almost see a chance of survival.

Hei Lou Lan breathed in deeply, her eyes were red and her voice was trembling: "Mother loved you so much, she trusted you completely, actually, she knew that you were going to harm her long ago, but she believed that you would realize your mistake and stop your actions because of love. Facing someone who loved you so deeply, how could you have the heart to end her life?"

Hei Cheng was stunned.

He was originally tied up tightly on the ground, and was using his arm to prop his body, trying hard to sit up.

But he was completely stumped by Hei Lou Lan's question.

At this moment, he seemed to have turned into a statue.

A gust of wind blew, Hei Cheng's messy and muddy hair was blown up, his eyes were red as the loving memories of him and Su Xian Er surfaced in his mind.

Regret, pain, sadness, all sorts of emotions filled his heart.

He started choking, before wailing.

"I, of course I knew that your mother loved me… but, but, but I was afraid of dying… I was afraid of dying! Sob, sob, sob…"

After answering her question, Hei Cheng no longer had the strength to support his body, he collapsed on the ground.

He was like an old dog, or a rotting prawn, his body was curled up as he wept in the dirty mud.

His mucus and tears were mixed together, flowing down his face.

His silk robe was tattered beyond repair, his body was covered in blood.

His handsome face and former glory was like a dried up mask made of mud. When facing the prospects of death, this mask disintegrated and vanished.

Hei Lou Lan and the others fell into deep silence.

The scene was completely quiet.

Except for the wind that was blowing, and Hei Cheng's continuous soft weeping.

Hei Cheng's display made everyone around feel a deep sensation.

Death was truly a terrifying thing.

Facing death, even an invincible rank nine venerable was fragile beyond belief.

Eternal life.

Was it possible?

Fang Yuan only knew: From ancient times until the present, nobody had reached such a stage.

"Let him go." At this moment, a lump of emotion came out of Hei Lou Lan's body, turning into a translucent figure of a female immortal's body.

'Su Xian Er, the mother of Hei Lou Lan.' Fang Yuan's gaze flickered.

In the past, before Su Xian Er died, she had given Hei Lou Lan a sum of immortal essence, as well as this familial emotion.

It was because of the familial emotion and immortal essence that Hei Lou Lan could activate Immortal Gu while she was still a mortal.

"Little sister!" Seeing this familial emotion, Fairy Li Shan could not help but have tears fall from her eyes.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' eyes were turning red, she showed an extremely guilty expression full of regret.

Hei Lou Lan lowered her head, she looked at Hei Cheng calmly, seemingly in deep thought.

Su Xian Er's figure floated towards Hei Lou Lan, she stretched out her hand behind Hei Lou Lan, hugging her beloved daughter as she consoled her gently: "Let him go, you see how pitiful he is now. After killing me, he was already living a life of misery and regret, is he really happy to be alive now? No, he is barely scraping through life, he lives in terror, he lives in guilt, he is drifting without purpose, only living due to his fear, even though he is alive, he had already died long ago."

"Let him go, that is also the same as letting yourself off. Little Lan, do not live in a world of hatred, do not live in the past, you need to lead your own life. Don't bear the sin of killing your own father, it is a very heavy burden. Trust me, revenge will not lead you to salvation, but destruction instead. I want you to live a better life!"

"Mother, I know that you are saying that for my sake." Hei Lou Lan said as she walked towards Hei Cheng.

Suddenly, she raised her leg.

And she stomped!

Like what Blazing Heaven Demoness had said, Hei Cheng was currently as fragile as a mortal.

So under Hei Lou Lan's feet, his head was like a watermelon that burst, blood matter, blood, his skull, and teeth were all mixed together in a pile.

The high and mighty Hei Cheng, a rank seven Gu Immortal, a generation's hero, had died.

Su Xian Er's familial emotion was dazed.

Next, she saw that Hei Lou Lan turned around, facing her: "There is nothing I cannot bear, mother! It is like in the past, when you knew the situation but still let him have his way, I have my own resolution as well. Will this lead me on the path of destruction? Hmph, I am not so fragile."

"Little Lan." Fairy Li Shan took a step forward, holding Hei Lou Lan's hand with much worry.

"Little Lan…" Blazing Heaven Demoness muttered softly, she wanted to take a step towards Hei Lou Lan, but she did not do so eventually.

'So it's like this, I think I understand now.' Fang Yuan had been observing all of their expressions this entire time.

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