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Central Continent, Spirit Affinity House.

Mountains stood tall, fog was thick, in a deep area of the bamboo forest, a waterfall resembled a clear veil as it hung in the air and fell downwards.

Feng Jin Huang sat silently on the branch of a pine tree, she quietly looked at the waterfall as her tears fell.

During this period of time, the Central Continent Gu Immortals who were sent to investigate Northern Plains had already returned.

But there was no news of Feng Jiu Ge.

From Feng Jin Huang's perspective, her father was missing without a trace in another region, it was likely that he had already died.

These last days, Feng Jin Huang did not have the appetite to eat or mood to cultivate, her face was drenched in tears as she became thinner.

Life and death.

These were heavy words, they attacked Feng Jin Huang's fragile heart at an unexpected timing.

It was not that Feng Jin Huang had never seen someone die.

But when it came to her own family, facing this situation, she lost all of the composure and calmness that she had.

But she was still hanging on staunchly.

The nightmare did not defeat her, she only cried secretly at a place without any other person.

On the surface, she was still cultivating as usual, but she had no idea what the content of her cultivation for the last few days was.

A figure appeared behind Feng Jin Huang silently, out of thin air.

"Daughter." She heard a familiar voice.

Feng Jin Huang turned around, the person was her mother, Fairy Bai Qing.

"Mother!" Feng Jin Huang could not hold it in anymore, she went into Fairy Bai Qing's embrace as she cried her lungs out.

Fairy Bai Qing consoled her for a long time before Feng Jin Huang stopped crying.

"Mother, father is so powerful, he must be alright now, am I right?" Feng Jin Huang raised her head as she looked at her mother with a hopeful expression.

But Fairy Bai Qing did not directly console her in this matter, she shook her head: "Even the invincible rank nine Gu Immortals die one day, not to mention your father. Peopleir must die eventually, Huang Er, stop crying, let mother tell you a story."

This was a story in >.

Legend says that Ren Zu tried to rely on the capabilities of the feathermen to save his daughter, who was still stuck inside ordinary abyss.

However, the feathermen wanted freedom, they did not want to be restricted.

Ren Zu thought of a scheme, but he failed, the feathermen would rather die than compromise their freedom.

Ren Zu fell into deep perplexity.

He could not find a better way to save his children.

The same situation applied to his eldest son, Verdant Great Sun, and also his daughter, Boundless Forest Samsara.

At this time, self Gu spoke in Ren Zu's heart: "Oh human, you want to save your son, Verdant Great Sun, I have a method."

Ren Zu thought that he had to save at least one of them, he quickly asked: "Oh? What method?"

Self Gu laughed: "All living beings in this world will die, this is because fate Gu entered the door of life and death, and left a trace behind when searching for fairness Gu. Oh human, you can enter the door of life and death, and walk on the road of life and death, as long as you do not walk on the traces of fate, you will step on a road that belongs to you solely. When you walk into the door of life and death and leave again, you will form a brand new road, that would be partway to success."

"Next, as long as you bring Verdant Great Sun onto the path that you walked on, and leave the door of life and death, you will be able to return to the human world where the sun shines. Your son, Verdant Great Sun, will be able to escape death and revive."

Ren Zu heard the method of self Gu and was very hesitant, but there was no better solution available.

Thus, he decided to let Boundless Forest Samsara stay inside ordinary abyss for a while longer, while he used the method taught by self Gu to save his eldest son, Verdant Great Sun.

Ren Zu set off towards the door of life and death, as he walked, one day, he met with a beastman.

This beastman was very muscular, his muscles were like rocks, the fangs in his mouth were sharper than blades. He took huge steps, sprinting in the wilderness as he shouted: "Don't get any closer, don't come here! I am afraid!"

Ren Zu was very curious, he asked: "Oh beastman, what are you afraid of?"

The beastman said: "I am afraid of my own shadow, it keeps following me, I cannot get rid of it. I am so afraid that I can only run around in all directions, I am tired, hungry, and thirsty, I am going to die!"

Ren Zu felt that this was funny: "Oh beastman, you have such a powerful body, yet you are afraid of a harmless shadow, do you have a cowardly heart? What is there to be afraid of?"

At this time, a Gu worm came out of the beastman's heart, it laughed at Ren Zu: "Oh human, do not speak so shamelessly. You do not feel afraid because you have not encountered me, fear Gu. Hehehehehe."

"Fear Gu?" Ren Zu took a step back, his expression changed.

Once fear Gu appeared, fear started to well up in Ren Zu's heart.

He was afraid.

Fear Gu laughed even more arrogantly now, it said to the beastman: "I will let you off now, little beastman, you pitiful worm."

The beastman was free now, it fell to the ground, weeping in extreme joy.

Fear Gu turned around, facing Ren Zu: "Oh human, you dared to look down on me, fear Gu, now I will torture you with endless fear!"

Saying this, fear Gu flew into Ren Zu's heart with a whooshing sound.

Ren Zu felt immense fear.

He was afraid of this, and afraid of that.

Fear Gu made him scared of the wind, every time the wind blew, Ren Zu screamed in horror.

Fear Gu made him afraid of sunlight, Ren Zu could only travel at night and often lost his way, during daytime he would enter caves or hide inside thick bushes.

Fear Gu also made Ren Zu afraid of tree leaves, thus Ren Zu ran away from the forests, every tree he saw made him shriek.

Fear Gu made Ren Zu afraid of snakes, in the end, Ren Zu even stopped using the grass ropes that he made himself.

After that, fear Gu made Ren Zu scared of rain.

Whenever it rained, Ren Zu would shrivel up and look at the sky that was raining continuously, feeling extreme fear.

Ren Zu wanted to go to the door of life and death, but after being struck by fear Gu, he could not move much, he could not make any progress.

When fear Gu understood Ren Zu's motive, it made Ren Zu scared of death.

Ren Zu no longer dared to walk towards the door of life and death.

Because once he entered the door of life and death, he would be walking from life towards death.

Ren Zu was afraid that he would die, he could only stay in place.

Self Gu sighed: "Oh human, actually death is not scary, the real scary thing is the fear in your heart."

"That is right!" Fear Gu heard this and said proudly: "The only thing worth being afraid of is fear!"

Fairy Bai Qing spoke this story as Feng Jin Huang was silent in her arms.

Fairy Bai Qing looked at her daughter lovingly, she said again: "Huang Er, no matter what, you have to become stronger, and face death head on! Death is not scary, everybody dies, not even a rank nine venerable is spared from it. Your father might be dead or alive. But one day, I will certainly die, and so will you. Never be defeated by the fear in your heart."

Feng Jin Huang's body shuddered.

She struggled lightly, freeing herself from her mother's warm hug.

Tears were still flickering in her eyes, but she showed determination and fortitude.

She looked at Fairy Bai Qing, gritting her teeth: "Mother, I understand! I will go cultivate now, there will be no fear in my heart, no matter how father is right now, I will not be fearful, I will face it directly, and face any possible outcome. I am Feng Jin Huang, how can I make father and mother lose face?"

"Hehehe, you are really a good child." Fairy Bai Qing concealed the worry in her eyes, her face was filled with a smile.

Actually, she was frantic internally.

Feng Jiu Ge's disappearance hugely influenced matters.

Spirit Affinity House recruited Feng Jiu Ge, allowing them to be at the lead of the ten ancient sects in this generation. The other nine sects faced some suppression in one way or another.

These were the characteristics of a society where one person could cultivate to have great strength.

The influence of one person was expanded hugely.

Right now, Feng Jiu Ge was not around, Spirit Affinity House's authority fell drastically, the other nine sects were ready to make trouble, Central Continent had deep undercurrents that could create huge tremors and drastic changes.

It was like this outside of the sect.

But within her own sect, Fairy Bai Qing also was not having an easy time.

Places with people will have competition for benefits.

Where there are sects, there is internal strife.

Feng Jiu Ge's disappearance made the ones who were had been suppressed to the lowest level able to suddenly raise their heads.

Feng Jiu Ge was too powerful, to the extent that Fairy Bai Qing had almost forgotten that there were many people in the sect who was against them.

These last days, those people had been gathering strength and ostracizing Fairy Bai Qing.

Fairy Bai Qing loved Feng Jiu Ge deeply, she wanted to go to Northern Plains and help him. But she had been controlling herself, holding down this impulse.

She had a daughter to care for, Feng Jiu Ge was so powerful but he still went missing, she could not move carelessly.

If even she was gone, what would Feng Jin Huang do?

"She is just a child!" This was Fairy Bai Qing's thoughts.

From the viewpoint of every parent, their children were always children.

Northern Plains.

Hei Cheng's headless corpse was still in the mud.

His soul was wailing, but he could not escape from Hei Lou Lan's hands.

Hei Lou Lan killed Hei Cheng and stomped on her father's head, but it was not enough. Now, Hei Cheng's soul had also been captured, he was surely going to be tortured and interrogated by Hei Lou Lan.

Meanwhile, Blazing Heaven Demoness squatted on the ground and used an immortal killer move.

A small hand of flames appeared out of nowhere, grabbing at Hei Cheng's stomach.

The small fire hand easily fused into Hei Cheng's corpse, after fiddling around for a while, it flew out while holding onto a pearl.

"This is Hei Cheng's immortal aperture, I have temporarily retrieved it. Little Lan, take it, it can only last for seven days and seven nights, once the time limit is up, my immortal killer move will stop and the immortal aperture will fuse with the outside world to form a blessed land. It is a pity that the Gu worms in the immortal aperture, be them mortal or immortal, have all been destroyed."

Blazing Heaven Demoness said as she passed the fire pearl into Hei Lou Lan's hands.

Hei Lou Lan received it silently.

Fairy Li Shan and Fang Yuan were inwardly shocked by Blazing Heaven Demoness' method.

Blazing Heaven Demoness laughed: "Don't look at me with such expressions. Hehehe, this method of taking an immortal aperture is not a skill devised originally by me. I obtained an inheritance of Immortal Kong Jue in Eastern Sea, I learned his method of retrieving apertures, and created this fire path immortal killer move."

Blazing Heaven Demoness was an extremely rare great grandmaster.

At this attainment level, it was easy to understand capabilities of other paths using their own as a foundation, her methods were very comprehensive in all aspects.

"Alright, now, we will talk about your matter, Fang Yuan." Fairy Li Shan looked towards Fang Yuan with a coldly smiling expression.

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