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"This upper extreme heavenly eagle is an immemorial desolate beast, no wonder it gives off such an abnormal feeling."

"If we are going to attack him, we will need to deal with the eagle first."

"Did you forget what he said? Other than this eagle, he also has other ancient desolate beasts, is he an enslavement path Gu Immortal?"

"If he is an enslavement path Gu Immortal, he would be easier to deal with. This path is vulnerable to direct attacks, even if he is an immortal, we are also Gu Immortals…"

"That might not work! Don't be hasty, we will see on Immortal Succession Mountain."

Even up until the immortals arrived at Immortal Succession Mountain, some Gu Immortals were still talking about the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

This was not strange.

An immemorial desolate beast which had rank eight battle strength upon maturity, this news was a shock to the immortals.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fang Yuan listened to their words but he still showed a calm and composed expression, there were no flaws in his acting.

Unwittingly, the immortals' guesses of him had already distorted from reality.

Fang Yuan was happy to see this, the more wrong things they assumed, the greater his advantage.

If he was really treated as an enslavement path Gu Immortal, hehe, then they would get to see the power of a transformation path and strength path Gu Immortal!

Conversely, during the conversation, Fang Yuan continued to probe and obtained a lot of precious intelligence.

"These Gu Immortals seemed to have been isolated from the world for too long, they are not good at confrontations or dealing with people. Not just in terms of words, they are not as crafty as Gu Immortals outside, I could easily probe their background. They have barely any shrewdness, and their methods are outdated."

"All in all, these Gu Immortals are split into two groups. One is led by Old Immortal Chen Chi, the four Gu Immortals are related by bloodline. The other group are the three blood sworn immortals, they are Zhou Min, Zheng Tuo, and Feng Jun, they actually have a blood path leader. The final two are loners, as expected, they do not work with the groups."

Fang Yuan snickered internally.

Places with people will have competition for benefits.

Hei Fan grotto-heaven was no exception.

But evidently, the conflict here was small and low level, the Gu Immortals were not skilled at competing against one another. It truly paled in comparison to Northern Plains.

And most importantly, these Gu Immortals had very little knowledge.

Fang Yuan had already probed, these Gu Immortals could not get into treasure yellow heaven, or rather, they did not even know about its existence.


Look at their identities, they were descendants of criminals, it made sense that Old Ancestor Hei Fan prevented them from connecting to treasure yellow heaven.

If they could connect to treasure yellow heaven, it would be different.

Not only would they have updated methods, they would be able to trade and gain knowledge, even without trading, they would grow in experience, it would be an immense growth.

Immortal Succession Mountain was a tall, lone mountain, it was not a famous mountain or river.

It had ten levels, getting smaller towards the top, there was evident signs of man-made design in it. Around the mountain were forests that had lots of resources in them, Fang Yuan was quite amazed.

Even though Hei Fan grotto-heaven was isolated from the world, it had no calamities and tribulations, and because it could not connect to treasure yellow heaven, the resources inside were truly too rich from generations of accumulation!

The immortals followed the brass bell heavenly spirit, landing in the single stone pavilion near the mountain peak.

The stone pavilion was very simple in structure, but even though it was just a pavilion, it had a grand atmosphere. The pavilion was supported by eight thick pillars. There was a stone tablet in the pavilion that was eye-catching. The stone tablet was huge like an elephant, it took up almost all of the space in the pavilion, there were words carved on it.

The brass bell heavenly spirit entered the stone pavilion, hanging on a pillar of the stone pavilion, there was a hook there, it stopped moving after getting into position.

Old Immortal Chen Chi said: "Superior immortal, you have just arrived, you must have many questions. Look at this stone tablet, it will answer a lot of your questions."

Fang Yuan was prepared, he looked at it patiently.

A while later, he finally understood everything.

It turned out that back then, Hei Fan's most beloved granddaughter, Hei Feng Yue, had vanished, along with attitude Gu.

Hei Fan lost his precious granddaughter, but there was nothing he could do, his lifespan was almost expended, he could only place his immortal aperture down and absorb the immemorial azure heaven fragment, losing his freedom.

The few Hei tribe Gu Immortals who could not take care of her were locked in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, not only was their freedom taken away, their immortal apertures were even taken out and fused into Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

This way, Hei Fan grotto-heaven became even bigger.

Before Hei Fan absorbed the fragment of immemorial azure heaven, he had already made his arrangements, leaving behind his true inheritance and the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

But he could not stop thinking about his granddaughter, he wanted his descendants to look for her, thus, he added an additional step, that was the aura of attitude Gu which was needed.

From his perspective: Even if he did not show up, with Hei tribe's power at that time, they could definitely find Hei Feng Yue's location and get back attitude Gu.

But in truth, he was too optimistic.

Or rather, because of kinship, he refused to accept the truth, he felt that Hei Feng Yue was still very likely alive.

Because of his miscalculation, Hei Fan's true inheritance went uninherited for all this time, until now, after Fang Yuan disguised himself and opened the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

This had to be considered an error by Old Ancestor Hei Fan.

But he was a rank eight great expert after all, before his death, he sensed this error as well.

He thought: If nobody from the main tribe inherits his true inheritance, what would happen?

If that happened, either Hei tribe would be wiped out or become weakened, without any worthy descendants.

What Hei Fan thought of was: in that case, he might as well prepare another batch, and let the people in the grotto-heaven inherit his true inheritance, passing it down in that way. They had Hei tribe's bloodline after all!

Thus, after setting up the heavenly crystal eagle nest, before his death, Hei Fan added a new rule to his true inheritance.

He set a timing.

Several hundred years later, if nobody from the main tribe obtains his true inheritance, then the descendants in the grotto-heaven would be allowed to roam Immortal Succession Mountain and find their own opportunities.

This was stated in the tablet: "Old Ancestor (Hei Fan) left behind his key true inheritance on Immortal Succession Mountain, he set up a lot of smaller inheritances as well before his lifespan ran out. The other Hei tribe criminal immortals cried and grieved, they felt that they let him down, they died together with him. But before dying, they imitated Hei Fan and left behind their stone tablet inheritances on Immortal Succession Mountain, their true inheritances were hidden inside."

The Hei tribe members who were in Northern Plains were searching for attitude Gu, but there was nothing they could find.

Time passed, the time limit that Old Ancestor Hei Fan set had long since elapsed. Thus, in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, Immortal Succession Mountain was opened up to the mortals to explore.

As a result, Gu Immortals started appearing in Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

However, even though these mortals could compete for Hei Fan's true inheritance, it was too difficult to explore Immortal Succession Mountain. Although many mortals obtained the true inheritances, and a portion of them became Gu Immortals, there had never been anyone who got to the mountain peak and obtained the first true inheritance.

According to the stone tablet: if the person who obtains the first true inheritance becomes a Gu Immortal, they would be the owner of Hei Fan grotto-heaven, they would have the authority to forgive the sins of these criminal immortals, they would regain freedom and return to Hei tribe.

But before this, no matter how many generations had gone by, they could not have the Hei surname, they could only have other names, it would remind them of their identities as criminals.

After reading the contents of the stone tablet, Fang Yuan finally understood, the confusion inside him was lifted.

"No wonder these Gu Immortals have such complex expressions and emotions towards me, they have both kind and ill intentions at the same time."

Fang Yuan thought about it from their perspective, if it were him, he would be having even more complex feelings.

According to Hei Fan's rules, the time limit was over, so be it the Hei tribe main immortals or these criminal immortals, they were qualified to vie for Hei Fan's true inheritance.

These immortals had been enthusiastically raising descendants to obtain Hei Fan's true inheritance, to open up the grotto-heaven and regain freedom.

As for these Gu Immortals, they had already obtained other inheritances, they were not qualified to compete for Hei Fan's true inheritance.

Thus, the Gu Immortals in Hei Fan grotto-heaven did not have much conflict normally, they lived quite peacefully.

Originally, they did not think that anyone from the main tribe would come, after all, it had been so long, but nobody came. With Fang Yuan's sudden appearance, their preconceptions were broken. And because of the rules on the stone tablet, they had to go welcome him, even though they were against his arrival and mentally not prepared.

From their perspective, Hei Fan's true inheritance belonged to them already.

As long as they continued to nurture descendants, one day, someone would ascend the mountain peak and obtain Hei Fan's true inheritance.

Thus, they did not want to see Fang Yuan's arrival, but they had no choice but to follow the rules.

The heavenly spirit might be mindless, but Hei Fan had considered this before dying, even though it was rather unreliable, it still firmly carried on Hei Fan's will after his death.

And Hei Fan still had one method of restriction.

Becoming a Gu Immortal would have calamities and tribulations.

Whenever they are unable to pass the tribulations, these Gu Immortals would come to Immortal Succession Mountain and ask the heavenly spirit for help.

The heavenly spirit would use the Immortal Gu in the first tablet's true inheritance to stall their calamities and tribulations. Even though they could be safe for the moment, they would be under the heavenly spirit's control.

The heavenly spirit only had to use a certain method in the true inheritance to remove the method of stalling calamities and tribulations, causing them to die.

Many Gu Immortals were able to pass the calamities and tribulations early on, but they did not know about treasure yellow heaven, even though Hei Fan grotto-heaven had a lot of resources, there was a limit to its variety, these Gu Immortals' cultivation needs could not be fulfilled.

Thus, after many calamities and tribulations, when they got stronger, these Gu Immortals were gradually unable to pass them.

Eventually, they had no choice but to seek help from the heavenly spirit, they all fell into Hei Fan's trap and became controlled by the heavenly spirit. Even though Hei Fan had died for many years, he still had great control over Hei Fan grotto-heaven as a result.

"Old Ancestor Hei Fan, as expected and worthy of the champion that led Hei tribe to its most glorious era! Even after he died, he still had complete control of Hei Fan grotto-heaven, these Gu Immortals all revere him."

"But what this tablet states might not be too factual. Heh. I don't believe that those criminal immortals were willing to die together with Old Ancestor Hei Fan! Evidently, regardless of their wishes, Hei Fan still acted in this ruthless and cruel manner, he is truly praiseworthy. If they were allowed to live, Hei Fan grotto-heaven might have been broken through from the inside already."

Thoughts flashed past his mind rapidly, Fang Yuan's gaze retracted from the stone tablet, he slowly raised his head to look at the brass bell heavenly spirit.

He asked: "Then, what should I do to obtain this true inheritance?"

Once he said that, the other Gu Immortals held their breaths and concentrated, looking over with concerned gazes.

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