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The time path immortal killer move was already quietly activated inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle was affected by the killer move, its body's time was rapidly quickened by countless times, making it mature quickly.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle cried out, feeling extremely unwell.

On one hand, it was because its body was growing rapidly, while on the other hand, it was hungry!

It required many heavenly crystals to fill its stomach every day. Right now, in just one breath, a day had passed for its body, and with its body growing continuously, how could it not feel hungry?

Naturally, Hei Fan had considered this situation as well, so there was another immortal killer move which was used specially to make up for this flaw.

At the same time, the upper extreme heavenly eagle huddled up in the heavenly crystal eagle nest and began to eat madly.

Only such a two-pronged approach could sustain its growth.

This was a quick growth method and had a lot of flaws. The upper extreme heavenly eagle had been in contact with Fang Yuan for a very short time, now with its strength suddenly increasing, it would become more bestial and would not be easy to control. Moreover, the upper extreme heavenly eagle's growth rate was sped up too much, and there was no way for it to adapt and get familiar with its growth, so it might not be able to use even thirty percent of its strength.

However, Fang Yuan had no other choice!

He was in a desperate situation and this was his only hope to get out of this predicament.

He was like a drowning man who was firmly grasping onto the sole life saving straw.

Myriad self was continuously activated, the once-powerful killer move had now become the only reliance for Fang Yuan to stall for time.

He had used familiar face to disguise himself and mixed in among the strength path phantoms, the enemy Gu Immortals had not discovered him since the start.

The tornadoes wreaked havoc, during which the enemy Gu Immortals had each made their moves, their powerful killer moves shrouding the entire battlefield.

Fang Yuan's strength path phantoms could only last about one or two breaths of time before they were destroyed.

He had never activated myriad self as frequently as now!

Fortunately, myriad self was created by him, and by now, he was so proficient with it that it had turned into an instinct and there had yet to be failure when activating it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, his green grape immortal essence reserve was rapidly dwindling.

Regarding immortal essence reserves, Fang Yuan was completely in a disadvantage, he naturally had no way to compare with the nine enemy Gu Immortals.

"This guy's concealment skill is quite amazing." An enemy Gu Immortal praised.

"Relax, as long as this battlefield killer move, grey cloud battle puppet, is here, we don't have to worry about him escaping." Another Gu Immortal replied.

"Hmph, rat like thing, come out. The earlier you die, the earlier you can be free from suffering."

The four rank seven Gu Immortals did not speak, but the other five rank six Gu Immortals yelled, vainly attempting to shake Fang Yuan's will.

But could Fang Yuan waver so easily?

His will was firmer than steel, even when he was in danger, he would not give up trying until the very last moment.

Since he was using a stalling tactic, Fang Yuan would never reveal himself.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle was growing rapidly, it already gave a trace of an ancient desolate beast's aura. As for the heavenly crystal eagle nest, it was already eaten by over half.

But this growth rate was still far from enough.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle was the key for this battle!

"The enemy has the numerical advantage, their immortal killer moves also seem to be endless. Once I take out the upper extreme heavenly eagle, if my breakthrough attempt fails, I will probably be immediately dealt with the next moment. I won't have any second chance! I must succeed in one try!!"

Just as he thought of it, Fang Yuan suddenly heard a chuckle by his ear.

"Heehee, found you."

This was a female Gu Immortal's voice.

At that instant, Fang Yuan's hair stood on end, and without caring about exposing his true self, he activated sword escape Immortal Gu!

He flew towards the sky!

Almost at the same time, frost condensed on his original spot, quickly forming into thick ice the size of a pavilion.

"He's quite fast." A rank six Gu Immortal said in surprise. Her voice was the same voice that had sounded by Fang Yuan's ear.

"Xue Er, you succeeded. Not bad." A rank seven Gu Immortal praised.

"Thank you, great-grandma." The female Gu Immortal seemed to be happy, "Although I cannot break through his disguise, every time he activates his killer move to create those phantoms, the aura of the killer move will leak out. He might be heavily concealed, but it is of no use. As the frequency increased, I discovered him."

"Good! Let me see where you can escape!" Another rank seven Gu Immortal shouted, directly charging towards Fang Yuan.

He was extremely fast.

Shortly afterwards, he reached Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan recognized this Gu Immortal, this person was the one who had shot the ice spear before.

"Die!" The rank seven Gu Immortal clenched his fists, instantly two ice spears condensed in his hands.

"A close combat Gu Immortal?!" A sharp light flashed past Fang Yuan's eyes, and he quickly retreated.

However, Sword Escape was actually unable to throw the enemy off.

Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk slightly as he noticed his body was covered in a layer of thin grey clouds.

It was the cause of his reduction in speed.

While on the other side, the rank seven Gu Immortal's speed seemed to have been increased.

"If I let you escape freely, would not it make me look incompetent?" The Gu Immortal controlling the battlefield killer move was standing straight, with his hands folded in front of his chest, watching the battle situation from afar.

Fang Yuan was forced to engage in close combat.

This rank seven Gu Immortal was very powerful with outstanding fighting skill.

Within several moves, Fang Yuan's left arm and stomach were pierced.

Blood asset Immortal Gu was heavily injured!

Large amounts of fragmentary ice and snow path dao marks were engraved on Fang Yuan's wounds, making them difficult to heal. Cold air entered his limbs and bones, further lowering his speed.

The sovereign immortal body's disadvantage appeared for the first time!

There were no conflicts between dao marks, causing Fang Yuan to be easily injured.

Previously, Fang Yuan was defending and painstakingly dodging around. But at this moment, he had no choice but to face the consequences of this weakness.

"Die!" The enemy's offense was extremely fierce. He thrusted the ice spear in his right hand towards Fang Yuan's forehead, while quietly moving the ice spear in his left hand towards Fang Yuan's heart.

Blood torrent!

Fang Yuan suddenly changed his killer move, bizarrely curving around and dodging the enemy's attack.

"Blood path!" A rank six among the Gu Immortals blurted in shock.

"He is indeed an unforgivable sinner! He actually cultivates blood path!!"

"We can be considered to be eliminating an evil, helping the people of the world."

"I had been somewhat suspicious of that defensive killer move earlier. So it was like this."

The Gu Immortal dual wielding spears, was filled with even more killing intent, as he pounced over again.

Giant hand!

Fang Yuan suddenly slammed, a strength path giant hand flew out.

In such a short distance, the Gu Immortal with dual spears was unable to dodge.

But he had not even thought of dodging.


He pierced the giant hand with his two spears, and continued to chase Fang Yuan.

Since he could fight in close range, he naturally had extremely outstanding defensive methods. If not for this, how could he dare to take the risk?

The two spears in his hands intertwined into dense spear shadows, fully displaying the advantage of a close combat Gu Immortal's attack speed.

Close combat Gu Immortals were few in numbers, they had once flourished in ancient times, but were now almost extinct.

However, if such a Gu Immortal manages to get near to the opponent, they would become an extreme threat.

Fang Yuan was constantly in a life and death situation, he had to pay close attention to the enemy's movements, and slight negligence could result in him dying.

Fang Yuan possessed many immortal killer moves, but in close combat, in most cases, he could only concentrate on dodging. Because there was no time to use any complicated immortal killer moves, and once his response was delayed, it could be his death.

Fang Yuan's momentum was already destroyed, he was barely able to continue for a while before the enemy finally found a gap and pierced a spear through his heart.

"It is over." At this moment, the enemy's expression was slightly relaxed.

Man as Before!

As Fang Yuan erupted, he used man as before Immortal Gu to restore the fatal injuries.

Then using dark assassination, he shot towards the enemy's head.

In an instant, Fang Yuan had established his victory!

He had been concealing Man as Before, waiting for this battle opportunity.

Sounds of shock rose, but the Gu Immortals were not angry.

At the next instant, Fang Yuan saw a strange sight: The enemy's head was not made of blood and flesh, and was completely formed from grey clouds.

The grey clouds scattered before condensing, and the dual spear wielding Gu Immortal shook his newly formed head, laughing: "Not bad! You could actually destroy my head, hmph! Human Gu Immortals are so crafty, if it were normal times, I would have already died. Unfortunately, this is within grey cloud battle puppet, an immortal level battlefield."

Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk to pin-size.

He suffered a loss.

Not knowing the mechanism of this battlefield killer move led to an error in judgment.

"Although this is the first time I have heard of grey cloud battle puppet, it is truly a fierce battlefield killer move." Fang Yuan let out a breath, his whole body was filled with injuries.

He had intentionally concealed Man as Before and used it at the crucial time, but his painstaking plan had been thwarted by grey cloud battle puppet.

"That goes without saying, this was created by Lady Earth Mother!" The dual spear wielding Gu Immortal spoke with pride.

Fang Yuan took the chance to look at his immortal aperture, the upper extreme heavenly eagle had already grown into an immemorial desolate beast.


It was near death.

The heavenly crystals were already finished, and it was now starving to death.

Fang Yuan quickly dispelled the effect of the immortal killer move on the upper extreme heavenly eagle and attempted to feed other things to it.

However, the upper extreme heavenly eagle kept its mouth closed.

"Damn it! Earlier, I was too busy dealing with the enemy, I simply had no time to be concerned about the upper extreme heavenly eagle's situation." Fang Yuan's heart sank to rock bottom.

His final trace of hope was gone.

In this battlefield killer move, the enemies could not die, Fang Yuan did not have any strategy to ensure his victory. Dealing with just one rank seven Gu Immortal was difficult, not to mention there was also the dragon immemorial desolate beast that had not moved from the start.

What now?

Death was already approaching close.

"Young man, leave your name. You are a worthy adversary, after this life of mine, my battle with you shall be remembered as a glory by my descendants." The dual spear wielding Gu Immortal pressed on forward.

The atmosphere was solemn, other Gu Immortals did not speak anything to stop him, seemingly approving of the dual spear wielding Gu Immortal's words.

Fang Yuan, however, revealed a confident smile: "My name is not important, what is important is my status. I am a supreme elder of Lang Ya blessed land, a member of a variant human force. In the current situation of the world, we variant humans should not take up arms against each other, isn't that the case? Snowmen, rockmen and hairy men should help each other, not have internal fights which will instead please enemies!"

"How do you know…" The dual wielding Gu Immortal was extremely surprised.

"He actually knows of our identities!"

"Quick, kill him!"

"Human Gu Immortals have always been crafty, don't listen to his misleading words!"

The other Gu Immortals cried out, almost screaming.

"What Lang Ya blessed land! Also, you are clearly a human, what hairy man? Do you think I am blind?!" The dual spear wielding Gu Immortal furiously pierced forward with his spears.

Fang Yuan exposed their identities, but they simply did not listen to or believe Fang Yuan's words.

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