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The entire terrain was a shallow beach.

Jade green water that was less than three meters deep, large numbers of rocks piled on the beach, like ink on a casually drawn canvas, they resembled strokes and lines that weaved together.

There were many pools of green water, some formed lakes, some formed tiny seas, it was distributed like a pieces of a chessboard.

"This is quite similar to Dong Fang tribe's Jade Pool blessed land." Fang Yuan thought to himself.

But he was aware that this place was different from Jade Pool blessed land at its core.

Jade Pool blessed land was filled with many deep pools, there were tens of thousands of them, resembling the stars in the sky, forming a beautiful sight. And inside the jade pools, the water was different and bred countless aquatic species.

But the water here was connected to the same source. Because there were crevices between the rocks that formed the terrain of the beach.

Fang Yuan looked, there were large numbers of fish and prawns, all sorts of aquatic insects and mortal Gu. Under the beach, in the crevices, there were seashells, mussels, seaweed, and others.

But what was most abundant was a type of snake.

This snake was pinkish red in color, it was small and delicate, about the size of an adult's thumb, smaller ones were only a few centimeters.

This was a spirit snake.

Gu Immortal Han Dong specialized the most in this transformation.

This was Han Dong's blessed land.

Han Dong was one of the Traveling Three Elites, back then when Dong Fang Chang Fan possessed Dong Fang Yu Liang and tried to revive, he had used the immemorial ruin bat corpse to create a temporary base.

By the time Fang Yuan and the rest got there, Gu Immortal Han Dong from the Traveling Three Elites had already died here.

The Traveling Three Elites were Lu Qing Ming, Su Guang and Han Dong.

They were lone cultivators, rather famous ones.

When the three worked together, they could use an immortal killer move that gathered light, forming a chariot that could travel quickly.

In the Gu Immortal world, when some Gu Immortals develop close relationships, they would help each other and cultivate together. As time passes, when they become more familiar, if they were talented, they would comprehend and create new joint immortal killer moves.

The Traveling Three Elites were like this, the wind thunder roar of Chou Lao Wu and Hao Zhen was similar.

Among the three of them, Lu Qing Ming was a wind path Gu Immortal, his signature move was entangled wind, it was very powerful and maneuverable.

Su Guang was a light path Gu Immortal, while Han Dong cultivated transformation path!

He was a transformation path rank six Gu Immortal, this Han Dong blessed land was a rank six blessed land.

Fang Yuan floated in the sky, at this time, a pinkish red spirit snake slithered over towards Fang Yuan.

"Hiss hiss hiss!"

The spirit snake was translucent without scales, its flesh was pinkish, it did not have bones, just one red line held its body from head to tail together.

It hissed at Fang Yuan, showing animosity in its tone.

This was different from the other snakes.

Fang Yuan could understand it, as the hissing turned into words in his ears: "Who are you? Why did you invade my home? Quickly leave, you are not welcomed here!"

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "I came here because I want to be your master, what are the conditions for that?"

"Hiss hiss hiss!"

The pinkish red spirit snake hissed unhappily.

Fang Yuan nodded, feeling overjoyed, he thought to himself: "So Han Dong's obsession before death has to do with Lu Qing Ming and Su Guang."

It turned out that Han Dong blessed land's condition was very simple yet strict.

The spirit snake in front of Fang Yuan was the blessed land's land spirit, created after Han Dong's death, fusing his obsession with heavenly power.

This land spirit would only acknowledge Lu Qing Ming or Su Guang.

When either of them arrived, this blessed land would belong to them.

From this point, the Traveling Three Elites truly had a close relationship. Han Dong's obsession before dying was to leave all of his assets to his two good friends.

"In that case, I will bring Lu Qing Ming here. We are good friends." Fang Yuan spouted nonsense.

"Hiss hiss hiss!"

Spirit snake asked: "Is that true? You can find Lu Qing Ming? That is wonderful."

"In fact, he is nearby. Because your main body died here, Lu Qing Ming and Su Guang have been thinking about it. But Tai Qiu is too dangerous, thus, they asked me for help, and we finally found you after so long." Fang Yuan started his chain of lies, he neither was flustered nor did his heart beat faster.

The spirit snake slithered around, moving its body, it was very excited.

Next, it made an agreement with Fang Yuan, in just a few minutes, Lu Qing Ming would arrive.

"Thank you, truly, you are a good person!" The spirit snake's attitude changed, it was very welcoming as it opened the entrance, sending Fang Yuan out.

"You must find Lu Qing Ming!" Seeing Fang Yuan off, the spirit snake closed the entrance longingly.

Fang Yuan flew in a circuit outside, storing away the upper extreme heavenly eagle and using familiar face to become Lu Qing Ming.

He came back and waited for a while, before the blessed land's entrance opened.

"Lord Lu Qing Ming… sob sob sob." The spirit snake was at the entrance, seeing 'Lu Qing Ming', it started to sob uncontrollably.

Fang Yuan consoled it as the spirit snake's mood lifted.

The spirit snake asked: "Lord Lu Qing Ming, where is your friend from earlier? He is a nice person, he actually brought you here."

"He is a kind and helpful person, he is very dependable. He has already left, he said that there is no point in staying here, he has already done his part." Fang Yuan continued with his fairy tales.

The pitiful land spirit could not see through familiar face, it thought he was speaking the truth, immediately acknowledging Lu Qing Ming as its master.

"Hiss hiss hiss!"

The spirit snake coiled around Fang Yuan's shoulder: "From now on, you are the owner of this blessed land."

Fang Yuan immediately changed his tone: "Wonderful, I've thought about it, I will give this blessed land to that friend of mine from earlier."


The spirit snake was stunned.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "Since I am the owner of this place, I have the authority for that, right?"

"Hiss… hiss."

The pinkish red spirit snake lowered its head, it was upset but it still responded, acknowledging Fang Yuan's words.

Fang Yuan immediately left, in a moment, he got rid of familiar face and returned in his original appearance.

Very successfully, the spirit snake acknowledged him as master.

"Hiss hiss hiss!"

The spirit snake said: "From today onwards, you are the owner of this blessed land. Sigh, even though I am sad, this is Lord Lu Qing Ming's wish."

Next, there were even more saddening words coming out of Fang Yuan's mouth: "Since you acknowledge me as your master, work with me, assimilate this blessed land into my own blessed land."

"Hiss? Hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss hiss!"

The spirit snake was completely stunned, before becoming frantic: "What? Why must we do that? If we do that, I will disappear!"

"Of course I know that. But by fusing into my blessed land, I can skip multiple calamities and tribulations, it is helpful to me." Fang Yuan continued.

The pinkish red spirit snake thought of something and cried out: "To annex my blessed land, you need to be at least a transformation path master."

"I primarily cultivate transformation path, I am a grandmaster!" Fang Yuan replied mockingly.

The spirit snake lost all its vigor, its head was lowered to the ground: "Fine, you are the owner of the blessed land, you can do whatever you want, I will cooperate."

Immortal apertures could annex one another.

There were many restrictions and requirements in this.

Firstly, a smaller immortal aperture could not engulf a bigger one.

Secondly, dead apertures could not devour others.

Finally, annexing immortal apertures required specific attainment levels. To annex a rank six blessed land, one needed to have master attainment level in that path. For rank seven blessed lands, one needed grandmaster attainment level. and for rank eight grotto-heavens, one needed great grandmaster attainment level!

Once these requirements were met, another person's immortal aperture could be devoured and become part of one's own immortal aperture!

There were many benefits in this.

Firstly, the resources inside the annexed immortal aperture would be completely transferred into the other immortal aperture without any need for relocation.

Secondly, one would gain a portion of its dao marks.

Thirdly, and the most crucial point, the skipping of calamities and tribulations!

For example, Hu Immortal, an enslavement path lone cultivator from Central Continent, had died during her fifth earthly calamity, from the blue charm lightning shadow. Even though the blue charm lightning shadow remained, the fifth earthly calamity of Hu Immortal blessed land was passed.

If a Gu Immortal annexed this blessed land, they would gain all of the resources inside Hu Immortal blessed land, at the same time, they would receive a portion of the blessed land's dao marks, and they would skip at least one calamity or tribulation, to a maximum of five. Furthermore, the countdown towards their next calamity or tribulation would be reset.

Southern Border, Jade Pot Mountain.

Ying Wu Xie's group arrived at the interior of the mountain.

"To think that Jade Pot Mountain has jade soil on the surface, producing beautiful jade that is renowned in Southern Border, but the interior is actually an icy land, it is truly another world here." Bai Ning Bing stood inside the icy cave, sighing in shock.

As they got deeper into Jade Pot Mountain, the temperature lowered, frost energy emanated, even though the Gu Immortals had defensive methods, they still felt a strong chill assaulting them.

Ying Wu Xie suddenly paused his steps, he seemed to have sensed something, he spoke while looking forward at the empty space: "We are here. This is a rank six immortal aperture left behind by a strength path Gu Immortal of Shadow Sect."

Next, Ying Wu Xie turned around and said to Hei Lou Lan: "Hei Lou Lan, this is for you. You have enough strength path attainment level, you can annex this immortal aperture. This way, your upcoming calamities and tribulations will be bypassed."

Hei Lou Lan's expression changed.

She had the Great Strength True Martial Physique, one of the ten extremes, her calamities and tribulations were immensely powerful.

Annexing an immortal aperture could resolve her problem, but it sacrificed her potential for growth in the future, only to obtain some short term benefits.

She hesitated, but eventually gritted her teeth, walking forward.

Ying Wu Xie internally nodded at this, he understood Hei Lou Lan's feelings, he spoke: "In a Gu Immortal's cultivation journey, pursuing potential and long term growth is not wise. If you cannot survive the upcoming tribulation, then there is no future to speak of. Don't worry, this blessed land contains strength path dao marks that are not fewer in number than your ten extreme physique tribulation. Shadow Sect's cultivation methods are not something you can imagine. But how much you can actually absorb is up to your own fortune. Because the annexing of others' immortal apertures will often result in a reduction of dao marks gained to some extent. It is far less than stuffing a Gu Immortal's corpse into your immortal aperture directly and allowing it to break down naturally."

Hei Lou Lan's body shook, the anticipation in her gaze became heavier.

Ying Wu Xie could not help but think of Fang Yuan, he added in his mind: "Of course, the sovereign immortal body is exempt from this."

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