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650 Return to Hu Immortal Blessed Land

651 Guilt-ridden Tai Bai Yun Sheng

652 Seeing Wisdom Gu Again

653 Bankruptcy and Zombie Alliance

654 Asking Mo Yao’s will

655 Deducing a Gu recipe

656 I will take down my brother in the name of justice

657 Dong Fang Chang Fan, Miniscule Mountain

658 Difficulty in resolving the issues, Hei Lou Lan appears

659 The dirtiness of humans

660 Snowy Mountain Alliance

661 Seeing Swamp Crab again

662 Inkman King

663 Recognising Immortal Gu

664 Bountiful Harves

665 Three 100% Immortal Gu recipes!

666 Huge profit!

667 Eight Arm Immortal, Spring Star Rain

668 Little Immortal Xing Luo

669 He Feng Yang’s scheme

670 Icy Drill Stardus

671 Sealing Spring Autumn Cicada

672 Difficult problem of feeding Immortal Gu

673 Thousand wish tree

674 Monolith Luck

675 Dead

676 Human Medicine Gu

677 First Battle with Hei Cheng

678 Number Four in the List of Mystical Gu

679 Immortal Gu is hungry

680 Zhi Forest, Earth Horse

681 Nine Dragons Coffin Protection Luck

682 Refining Group Strength Gu

683 Hei Lou Lan's Immortal Ascension 1/3

684 Hei Lou Lan's Immortal Ascension 2/3

685 Hei Lou Lan's Immortal Ascension 3/3

686 Fang Yuan learns from Reckless Savage Demon Venerable!

687 True Meaning Infusion

688 Second Battle With Hei Cheng 1/2

689 Second Battle With Hei Cheng 2/2

690 A Commotion in Northern Plains, A Wisdom Path Inheritance

691 Quartet Sparrow Battle Tactic

692 The hard to deal with Hei tribe father and daughter

693 Fighting is just a part of cultivating

694 A gentle gaze

695 Dead Sand Gull Egg

696 Announcement of Betrayal

697 Immortal Crane Sect, Gu Immortal Meeting

698 Attacking Hu Immortal blessed land 1/3

699 Attacking Hu Immortal blessed land 2/3

700 Attacking Hu Immortal blessed land 3/3

701 Rank Three Airsac Gu

702 Accident, Assault of a Mysterious Gu Immortal

703 Plot within plot, a fatal killer move

704 Little Nine

705 Immortal Slaughtering Plan, Fang Yuan distributes benefits

706 Extorting an Immortal Gu Remnant Recipe

707 Overwhelming Profits!

708 Returning the Eight Desolate Beasts

709 Familiar Face

710 Crossing the Regional Wall

711 Giving Up on Possession

712 Lion Fur Armor, Transplanting Bat Wings

713 True Solid Bat Wings

714 Fighting Star Desolate Hound

715 Diamond Soil

716 Star Hall

717 Killing Star Demon Ba

718 Starshine Fake Eye Gu

719 Small methods have profound meaning, the more one understands the more shocking it is

720 Picking them up one by one, a windfall of a great fortune

721 Walking Meat Tree

722 Zombie Dragon

723 Shocking Appearance of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable

724 Pitiful Dreamer, Precarious Situation in Dream

725 Seven Star Child Awakens

726 Retrea

727 Escape

728 Star Form Blessed Land

729 Splitting Loo

730 Giving You Qingpu Tea

731 Four to You, Six to Me

732 Top Tier Mortal Killer Move

733 Recognizing one's own ordinariness

734 Two Great Events

735 Finally Obtaining a Wisdom Path Inheritance

736 What a Huge Transaction

737 Joining Zombie Alliance

738 Old Earth Wood, Immortal Zombie Gu Ye

739 Dark Flow Giant City

740 Nine Heavens Fragmen

741 Immortal Zombie Discussion

742 Earth Trench Black Oil

743 Harboring Malicious Hear

744 Vaguely Familiar Face

745 Incomplete Immortal Move

746 Joyful News, A Way To Escape The Zombie Body

747 Auction 1

748 Auction 2

749 Auction 3

750 Auction 4

751 Auction 5

752 Auction 6

753 Second Immortal Gu!

754 Domination Immortal Chu Du

755 Fang Yuan vs Chu Du

756 Fang Yuan vs Feng Jiu Ge

757 Resurrection From The Dead

758 Eat Strength

759 Successful Extortion

760 Essence of the Luck Path True Inheritance

761 Auctioning Ma and Zhao

762 Red Fiend Divine Boa

763 Three Parties Mutually Win

764 Actions of All Parties

765 Qin Bai Sheng vs Feng Jiu Ge

766 Immortal Gu Compensation

767 Immortal Gu Time Luck

768 Identity Exposed

769 Testing Immortal Gu

770 Refining Dream Path Mortal Gu

771 Lord Vice Envoy

772 Silence and Sigh

773 Saving Hei Lou Lan

774 Unravel Dream Succeeds

775 Dream Path Pioneer

776 Current Situation

777 Deadlock

778 Immortal Gu Changes Owner

779 Chains of Benefits

780 Fate Immortal Gu

781 Tai Qiu is not an Inheritance Ground

782 Myriad Self First Style, Giant Hand

783 One Real Among a Hundred Fakes

784 Ordinary Desolate Beasts Are Not My Match

785 Phantom Beasts Obstruct The Way, Immortals Are Troubled

786 One Against Two Rank Sevens

787 Plotting For The Tribe Even After Death

788 Cards Revealed, The True Traitor's Identity

789 Blood Veil Obstruct Immortals

790 Contest of Offense and Defense

791 Unstoppable Life Chasing Fire

792 Lightning of Heaven and Earth, Risky Attemp

793 Myriad Star Fireflies versus Band of Experts

794 Internal Threat, Chaotic Battle, Advance or Retrea

795 Arriving First, But Without Success

796 Everyone With Different Intentions, Going After Precious Treasures

797 Flick, Flick, Flick, Subduing a Shark Fin Wolf

798 Extorting Regretful Spiders

799 Knowing When to Retreat and Advance, A True Champion

800 Three Fish Groups, Great Harves

801 Big to Small, Suppressing the Demonic Cultivators

802 Looting Persistently, Internal Strife

803 Band of Demons Repels Righteous Immortals

804 Old Schemer Vanishes Without a Trace

805 A Short Break, Another Battle

806 Outcome Concluded, Turning Around and Leaving!

807 People Who Refuse to be Ordinary

808 Unyielding Spirit, More Soul Searching

809 Arranging Three Treasures, Earthly Calamity Descends Soon

810 Chang Fan Requests To Cooperate

811 Shocking Secret, Giving Up Cleanse Soul

812 Battle of Rank Eights, Huge Commotion

813 Grand Snow Power, Defeating Strong Foes

814 Clarifying the Situation, New Transaction

815 Time Assist Luck, Delay, Zhou Ye Zi

816 Hairy Men, White Silkworm, Two Tough Questions

817 Great Tool for Deduction, Star Thoughts

818 Vanishing Immortal Essence Dissipation, Profound Ice House

819 Returning To The Blessed Land, Putting Up A Show

820 Insufficient Wealth To Refine Immortal Gu

821 Strategy To Attack Blessed Land, Conversation About Dao

822 Discussion about Huge Plan, Rejection

823 Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages, Time Assist Luck

824 Blood Poison Kerria Flowers, Seventh Calamity

825 Developing the Blessed Land, Lou Lan Comes to a Realization

826 New Dao Marks, Deeper Foundation

827 Fang Zheng Wakes Up

828 Five Virtues Mountain, Five Virtues Sec

829 First Round of Gu Refinemen

830 Red Lotus Demon Venerable's Inheritance Clues

831 Still First Place

832 Senior Fang Yuan, I want to duel you!

833 Shan Chuan Hall Creator

834 Refinement Path Killer Move, Spinning Golden Bell

835 Promise of Three Matters

836 Preliminary Success of Vaguely Familiar Face

837 Doing Business in Western Deser

838 Origin of the Refinement Path Convention

839 Fang Zheng's Inner Thoughts

840 Fang Zheng's Nightmare

841 Fang Yuan's Public Provocation

842 Capturing Fang Zheng in Public

843 Immortal Gu Change Form

844 Contest Between Two Fangs

845 Failure Has Value

846 Persuading Fang Zheng

847 Blood Path Demon's Migh

848 Ambushing Song Zi Xing

849 Successful Escape

850 Blood Demon Body Separation, Breaking the Bell for the Arm

851 Land Spirit's Master, Second Blessed Land

852 Three Immortal Gu, All Are Useful

853 Dueling Feng Jin Huang 1/4

854 Dueling Feng Jin Huang 2/4

855 Dueling Feng Jin Huang 3/4

856 Dueling Feng Jin Huang 4/4

857 Fang Zheng's Death

858 Second Place

859 Refining Immortal Gu

860 Nature Gu Refinement Technique

861 Successful Refinemen

862 After Refining Gu

863 Elevating All-Out Effort Gu

864 Sacred Feather City's Shocking Change

865 Heavenly Wish

866 Scheming Against The Feathermen, Yu Fei's Helplessness

867 Squashing a Rank Seven Gu Immortal

868 Gu Immortal Slave

869 Freedom of the Feathermen

870 Freedom Gu

871 Rock Dragon Eye

872 Joining Lang Ya's Defensive Battle

873 Quietly Awaiting Foes

874 Killed By One Slap!

875 One Versus Two

876 Star Cloud Grindstone, Star Snake Rope

877 Six Illusion Star Bodies, Position Star Swap

878 Moment of Crisis

879 Long Hair Ancestor's Secre

880 Fearsome! Lang Ya Land Spirit versus Qin Bai Sheng!

881 Five Finger Fist Heart Sword

882 The Real Lang Ya Blessed Land

883 Ancient Battle Formation, Heavenly Giant Solor

884 Fatal Undercover Agents

885 Anti-climatic Battle of Offense and Defense

886 Crying Miniman

887 Short Break

888 Entering Eastern Sea

889 Freezing Rain Frozen Earth

890 Framing

891 Distorting The Truth

892 Alcohol and Food, Fishing for Sharks

893 Song Clan's Song Yi Shi

894 Purposely Getting Discovered

895 Happy About Being Chased Down

896 Freely Leaving After Killing

897 Difficult To Own Ge Pi Blessed Land

898 Fighting Soul Battlefield

899 Twin Polar Sea Strait, Song Jia Dan

900 Borrowing Gu from Lang Ya Land Spiri

901 Transplanting Immortal Aperture, Relocating Blessed Land

902 Heavily Developing Star Form Blessed Land

903 Joining Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance

904 Star Thought Immortal Gu

905 Pitiful Victory

906 Yellow Spring Sea Area, Undying Kingdom

907 Interacting with Song clan

908 Opportunity After Causing Chaos

909 Advantage of Having Lower Cultivation Level

910 Grabbing the Dragonfish

911 Contest of Dream Realm

912 Beastman

913 Dream Wings, Unravel Dream

914 Huge Growth in Attainment Level

915 The Biggest Winner

916 Dual Grandmaster!

917 Unmoving Troops

918 Blazing Heaven Demoness

919 Angry Bird

920 Immemorial Desolate Beast, One Finger Flow Shark

921 Big Fish Eat Small Fish

922 Conclusion of the Hundred Days Battle

923 Breaking Ou

924 Discarding this Ruined Body to Exchange for a Clear Breeze

925 Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance

926 Refining Star Thought Immortal Gu

927 Fang Yuan's Opportunity

928 Luck Path Backlash

929 Plotting Against Old Ancestor Xue Hu

930 Creating a Chance to Enter Earth Trench

931 Finally Entering Earth Trench

932 Yaksha Octopuses, Mouth Earthworm

933 Wild Immortal Gu, Traces of Gu Formation

934 Sea of Immortal Material Remains

935 Surprising Gains

936 Multi-layered Gu Formation

937 Life-and-death Immortal Aperture!

938 Successfully Returning to the City

939 Dual Ten Extreme Physique Rank Nine Demon Venerable?

940 Fang Yuan's Plans

941 Third Battle With Hei Cheng

942 Little Aunt, Elder Aun

943 Afraid of Death

944 The Greatest Fear is Fear Itself

945 Ceasefire

946 Past Grudges and Hatred

947 Nirvana Fire

948 Attitude Gu!

949 Divine Concealmen

950 Unexpected Compensation

951 Genius of a Generation, Feng Jiu Ge!

952 Fang Yuan's First Entry into Luo Po Valley

953 Late By One Step

954 Blue

955 Swords Traverse Central Continen

956 World Shaking Migh

957 Rising Commotion

958 Pawn Bai Ning Bing

959 Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage

960 Bo Qing Awakens

961 Unprecedented Contes

962 Xiao Shan, Xiao Mang

963 Yi Tian Mountain!

964 Gua Lao Borrows Money

965 Battle of Yi Tian Mountain 1/2

966 Battle of Yi Tian Mountain 2/2

967 Trapping Immortals, Tribulations Fall Like Rain

968 Ten Extreme Immortal Zombie Lifeless Formation

969 Losses and Deaths are Natural

970 Rebirth, Ghost Face, Red Lotus!

971 A Bit of Excitement Thinking About I

972 Rebirth Plans

973 Spring Dream Fruit Tree

974 Difficult Interaction with Hei Lou Lan

975 New Alliance Agreemen

976 Familiar Face

977 Slavery Immortal Gu

978 Subduing the Feathermen

979 Going With The Flow

980 Joining Lang Ya Sec

981 The Might of a Wisdom Path Grandmaster

982 Grasping the Battlefield Killer Move

983 Shocking Appearance of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable

984 Mystical Dream, Mysterious Song

985 Fang Yuan's Entry into Ascending Heaven Plain

986 Wisdom Path Fame Spreads in Eastern Sea

987 Star Fog Conceals Traces

988 Star Eyes Immortal Gu

989 Chasing Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance

990 Fang Yuan's Second Entry into Luo Po Valley

991 Inheriting the Thieving Heaven True Inheritance!

992 Fang Yuan Outwits Hui Feng Zi

993 Immortal Zombie Bo Qing Appears

994 Stealing Bo Qing's Immortal Gu

995 Rank Eight Wisdom Sword Gu

996 Fang Yuan Cultivates His Soul

997 Refining Bo Qing's Immortal Gu

998 Prematurely Joining Yi Tian Mountain

999 Chess Piece, Chess Player

1000 Changes Beyond Expectations

1001 Taking Control of Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage

1002 Extreme Formation, Dangerous Situation Again

1003 Fang Yuan Defeats Bo Qing in One Move!

1004 Deep Underlying Schemes, Great Danger

1005 Thousand Year Traitor, Stalling

1006 Continuously Going In and Ou

1007 Everyone's Abilities Against the Grand Tribulation

1008 Respective Sacrifices

1009 Huge Hand!

1010 Embroidered Tower Cannot Block the Demonic Migh

1011 Spectral Soul? Spectral Soul!

1012 Murdering Kin, Slaughtering Everyone

1013 Grey Memory

1014 Food Path Inheritance

1015 Scenes of Past Events

1016 Over A Long Time

1017 Deep Scheme

1018 Narrow Victory

1019 So it was Change Soul

1020 Obtain the Greatest Gain!

1021 Still Not Returning Here?

1 The heart of a demon never has regret even in death

2 Going back in time with 500 years of knowledge

3 Please go aside and scram

4 Gu Yue Fang Yuan

5 The First Human and 3 Gu, Hopes Awakening

6 The road to the future will be interesting

7 A Gu Master has 9 ranks, Flower Wine leaves behind treasure

8 Things will always be things, but humans will change

9 Two people who start on the same road, gradually becoming distan

10 A storm may arise from a clear sky, refining Gu is full of hardships

11 It’s just power play

12 Green Bamboo Wine is fragrant, Gu Master flaunts power

13 The bamboo forest under the moon, a bead of snow

14 In the mountain crevice hides a profound theory

15 History is written by the victorious

16 Taking as much as possible that one can take

17 Starting to refine the Liquor worm

18 Let the past disperse away like smoke

19 Rank six vital Gu, The Spring Autumn Cicada!

20 The academy elder is speechless

21 How can it be that big brother got number one?

22 Dancing Moonblade

23 Raising a Gu is like raising a mistress

24 Close Combat Gu Master

25 The light of spring is enchanting

26 The nature of all organizations

27 Outright extortion

28 Capital free business

29 Unscrupulous

30 Fang Yuan, You’re Robbing Again?

31 Fang Yuan! You’re in huge trouble!

32 Making Fun

33 Go ahead and scold away

34 Suppressive Beating!

35 Go Ahead and Scream!

36 Gifting a disseminated corpse!

37 Both a compromise and a threa

38 Demon walking in the ligh

39 Toad Caravan Merchan

40 Toad Gu Slumbering Within the Purple Gold Rock

41 Dissecting Rocks

42 It really is a Gu?!

43 The final sixth purple gold rock

44 Monkey Wine, not yielding the opportunity of the Liquor worm

45 Clear of the schemes, unknowingly trapped in the urn

46 Don’t think too much when killing people

47 Jia Jin Sheng, I actually did not want to kill you

48 A little cute

49 Not afraid of Fang Yuan breaking out of their grasp

50 Middle Stage!

51 Let's see how you are going to explain this

52 You have no choice but to accept my explanation

53 Fang Yuan, you are appointed as class chairman

54 But I am the class chairman!

55 Exactly the words I wanted to hear!

56 Dispelling suspicion

57 A gentleman’s lie

58 The clan does not only have rules and regulations

59 Regardless of Rank Three or Four, you’re all monkeys

60 Passage behind the broken wall, how can the legacy be easily obtained?

61 Life hanging on a grass rope

62 Choosing Gu again in the Gu storage room

63 Gifting the jade skin under the moon; white boar hidden in the ground flower

64 Easy to do secretly, difficult to do openly

65 Quickly get los

66 A person’s death is akin to a pig’s death

67 Don’t worry, I’ll spare you

68 There is no innocence in nature

69 Life is as cheap as grass

70 Using the White Boar Gu

71 Keeping a low profile even if one’s strength can carry a boar

72 Any organisation would also require loyalty

73 The mysterious red circle marking

74 Solving the mystery with knowledge and discovering killing inten

75 Resolution of the Demonic way!

76 Do you regret it?

77 An odd coincidence

78 Great rewards all according to plan

79 Breakthrough to the sixth Gu in the inheritance ground

80 A surge in battle strength

81 Rank two Initial stage!

82 Start of the year end examination

83 Sweeping strong foes, Fang Zheng displays his skills

84 Trample ruthlessly!

85 Hot-blooded and cold-blooded

86 Suspicion and probing

87 Attitude is the mask of the hear

88 Initial display of authority, picking on, and suppression

89 A sickly snake coiling around the legs

90 It’s just a little wind fros

91 Fang Yuan, we’re very worried about you

92 The future is in sigh

93 Small beast horde

94 Suddenly withdrawing strength

95 Garbage teammate

96 For the sake of those who died

97 Devils run amuck

98 Difficulty of refining Gu

99 Human, not God

100 White Jade Gu

101 The person is as old as his heart has aged

102 Spring comes after the winter winds

103 The larger your ambitions, the smaller the world

104 Want to buy the liquor worm?

105 I will lose extremely terribly

106 Half his life-savings gone to dust, only his vitality remains for eternity

107 Skillfully earning primeval stones, ill-intent customers come to wreck havoc

108 That pair of eyes!

109 Treehouse hides the Liquor worm

110 Old woman, you’re too tender!

111 Primeval stones are but material goods

112 Truly a great resolve

113 Keeping quiet and earning a fortune

114 Monkey King in the cave

115 Advancing to middle stage

116 Killing the Monkey King and getting new Gu

117 Bitter shell wine and River Swallowing Toad

118 Legend of the River Swallowing Toad

119 This lad is stubborn, he needs more polishing

120 Literally effortless

121 Four Flavours Liquor worm

122 There are many blizzards in life

123 I travel alone through heaven and earth

124 I don’t need your understanding

125 Oh, then I admit defea

126 Demise of the wood charm

127 So-called morals and relationships Long chapter

128 If not for the harshness of the winter, how could we look forward to spring!

129 Chainsaw Golden Centipede

130 Clansmen are still more reliable

131 Loneliness is the deepest darkness

132 Three Step Fragrant Grass

133 Thanks for letting me kill you

134 Hunting down

135 Northern Dark Ice Soul, Ten Extreme Talents

136 Clash of brawn and brain

137 Shadow of death

138 Someone is actually chasing and trying to kill Bai Ning Bing?

139 Broken Arm

140 Gu Yue Qing Shu vs Bai Ning Bing Part 1

141 Gu Yue Qing Shu vs Bai Ning Bing Part 2

142 Gu Yue Qing Shu vs Bai Ning Bing Part 3

143 Answer

144 Sacrifice is common, and faith is undying

145 Sacrifices are encouraged

146 Oppressive

147 This Fang Yuan is too arrogan

148 Circumstance

149 Wolf pack attacks the village

150 I am only helping myself

151 Demonic nature

152 Advance to Rank three

153 Really aged

154 Vomit blood out of anger

155 Borrow

156 Digital Shade Recipe, Flower Wine mystery

157 Blood Moon Gu

158 Times have changed

159 This Fang Yuan......

160 Astounding applause

161 Willingly exploited

162 Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus

163 Thunder Crown Wolf

164 Intense Battle

165 Blood Guillotine

166 Second Battle versus Bai Ning Bing

167 A fourth one?!

168 Lightning lycan

169 Finding a path

170 Can the blood of Incorruptible Justice be cold?

171 Inbred demonic nature

172 No one more suited than Fang Yuan!

173 White form immortal snake

174 Junior divine investigator

175 Increasing pressure

176 The resolve to sacrifice

177 Big brother, how can you do this to me?!

178 Black White Grey

179 History is written by men

180 Watching the Awakening Ceremony again

181 By an odd twist Long chapter

182 Blood pond graveyard

183 Blood Sea Ancestor

184 Rank five intense battle

185 Gu Yue first gen, Five great flying zombies

186 Spring and autumn does not appear

187 There exists one river of time, and the Spring Autumn Cicada acts as the crossing boa

188 Senior paves the way for juniors to run smoothly

189 Shocking change

190 Third battle against Bai Ning Bing

191 Crane disaster

192 Raising Eyebrows & Exhale

193 Divine investigator’s last move

194 Blood Curtain Skyflower

195 Then let me become a demon

196 Rebirth once more

197 Changing Fate!

198 Ruthless in murdering people, cruelty exercised to profit from disaster

199 Walking towards their own destiny

200 The raft overturns along the Yellow Dragon River

201 Resting at the shallow beach while lending Gu worms

202 Crocodile killing intent, a young girl’s sorrowful call

203 Each with their own objectives

204 Carapace Gu and Crocodile Strength Gu

205 Sleeping in the Treetop

206 Becoming the leader

207 Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasan

208 Escape

209 Encountering a demonic Gu Master

210 Plotting

211 Road

212 Monkey Brain Delicacy

213 Pitfall

214 BOOM!

215 Fang Yuan sheds tears

216 Green Copper Relic Gu

217 Giving others a hold on oneself

218 Performing a great show

219 Entering Bai Gu mountain

220 Turns out they were demonic scoundrels!

221 Welcome to Bai Gu Mountain

222 White Bone Inheritance 1

223 White Bone Inheritance 2

224 White Bone Inheritance End

225 Jade Bones, Steel Bones

226 Bone Flesh Unity

227 Footless bird, spread your wings and fly!

228 Dark Leopard dies for love

229 Resting and recovering at the hamle

230 Dual Cultivation

231 Addicted to cultivating!

232 Intense pain of changing bone

233 A deep misunderstanding

234 Arrest Warran

235 Shang Xin Ci

236 Kindness will be rewarded?

237 Thrashing

238 Lady, save me!

239 Fei Hou mountain

240 Arm Wrestling

241 Huang Jin mountain

242 Common understanding between smart people

243 Benefits sent towards oneself

244 Almost blackmail

245 Rank Two Upper Stage

246 Exposed

247 White Feather Flying Elephan

248 A peace of mind as long as one does what he can

249 A droplet received in need will be repaid with a whole spring!

250 Truly Demonic Gu Masters!

251 The son’s wrongdoings is the father’s failure to teach!

252 The only thing that matters is strength

253 Only the dead are clean

254 Assault of the zombie army

255 Ding Hao, get out here!

256 So you are eldest senior brother

257 A spear from behind

258 Separation as planned

259 Reunion of Father and Daughter

260 Each with their own schemes

261 Shang Clan Inner City

262 Unable to sell

263 Meeting

264 Absolutely terrible!

265 Broadsword of Light vs Bone Spear

266 My name is Fang Zheng

267 Greatly underestimated Fang Yuan’s shamelessness

268 Sudden wealth

269 Clan Banque

270 Reward by Shang Yan Fei

271 Purple Thorn Token Two-in-one chapter

272 New Alliance Agreements

273 Advance to Rank Three

274 Living Treasure Door

275 Strength Path and Ice Path

276 Stellar Stone

277 Vigilance and Endurance

278 What naivety!

279 Attacking just like that?!

280 Sword Shadow Gu Two chapters in one

281 Bear Strength Phantom

282 A flash of inspiration Gu

283 Got i

284 One, Two, Five

285 All-out effort Gu

286 A Small Test Run

287 Reputation Gu

288 The Crux of Strength Path Cultivation

289 Can’t stop me

290 Fang Yuan vs Li Hao 1

291 Fang Yuan vs Li Hao 2

292 Law Fragment, Traces of Great Dao

293 Heaven is blind

294 Crimes have to be punished!

295 Actually, I was a victim too

296 Auction

297 Instant Success Gu

298 Bai Ning Bing vs Tie Dao Ku

299 Shut up, you fat pig!

300 Fang Yuan vs Zhu Ba 1

301 Fang Yuan vs Zhu Ba 2

302 Tie Ruo Nan

303 I really want to kill her

304 Bitter Strength Gu

305 Auction 1

306 Auction 2

307 Auction 3

308 Auction 4

309 Xin Ci’s aspiration

310 You shameless scoundrel!

311 Actually, I am a kind person

312 Rank Three Peak Stage once again

313 Bai Ning Bing vs Yan Tu

314 Victory and Loss Double chapter

315 Hard Qi Gu

316 Absolute Victory, Demonic Hear

317 Fang Yuan vs Ju Kai Bei 1

318 Fang Yuan vs Ju Kai Bei 2

319 Fang Yuan vs Ju Kai Bei 3

320 Tear through the sky

321 Shang Clan City Uproar

322 Competitive Pressure

323 Start of Three Kings Inheritance

324 Earning a fortune

325 Immortal’s Blessed Land

326 Nine Eyes Liquor Worm

327 Beautiful and Talented, Xin Ci’s Brilliance

328 Eating will be eating

329 Three brothers of Xiong clan

330 Wei De Xin

331 Advancement to Rank Four

332 Zhou Quan’s shock

333 Leaving Shang Clan City

334 Immortal Crane Sect, Fang Zheng

335 Gu Immortal Bai Hu’s Inheritance

336 Hero saves the beauty

337 Leaving somebody in the lurch

338 Hu Mei Er

339 Trouble

340 Beaten to a pulp

341 What ferocity and wickedness!

342 Biao

343 Shameless and Despicable

344 Talented without Virtue

345 Charging Crash Gu

346 First entry into King Quan Inheritance

347 What level of proficiency in enslavement path is this!

348 Chrysanthemum Akita Dog

349 Big Lightning Symbol Dog

350 Dog Guts Gu

351 Multitask Gu

352 Casually killed

353 Thunder Boar, Rock Crocodile

354 Ancient Bronze Skin Gu

355 Yi Huo’s invitation

356 The hairy men

357 Legend of the Hairy Men

358 New Trump Card

359 Obstruction

360 One vs Seven 1/4

361 One vs Seven 2/4

362 One vs Seven 3/4

363 One vs Seven 4/4

364 Soaring Reputation!

365 Hu Immortal Blessed Land opens

366 Land Spiri

367 It is not easy to be a godfather these days

368 Tearing the boy apar

369 Understanding of the Demonic Path

370 The Glory of Tie clan

371 Just let him fly a bit higher

372 Land spirit — Afterlife of the Gu Immortal

373 Intense Battle of Rank Fives

374 Calamity and Tribulation of the Blessed Land

375 Gathering of Experts

376 Fang Yuan courts death

377 Refining an Immortal Gu!

378 He is dead Double Chapter

379 All according to plan

380 Slaughtering Rank Five

381 All must die!

382 Continue Killing

383 Profound Concept of the Universe, Red Lotus Demon Venerable

384 Scheming Ghost Doctor, Secret Door of Life and Death

385 Kindness, Grudge, Affection, Hatred

386 He also died

387 Rank Five Slavery Gu

388 Jade Sky Qing Tian, Hu Immortal Jin Huang

389 Only one step lef

390 Mo Wu Tian

391 Demonic Path Alliance Army

392 Demonic and Righteous attacking together

393 Group Attack

394 Success at long last!

395 Bai Ning Bing?

396 Bai Ning Bing!

397 The battle has just begun

398 So close to success, yet it was all for naugh

399 Spring Autumn Cicada

400 Life is but a few hundred years, it is all a grand gamble!

401 Battle begins once more

402 All is within my control

403 Bai Ning Bing, have you acted enough?

404 Refining Immortal Gu again!

405 Spreading my wings and flying away today, becoming an immortal and whipping the phoenix on another day! Double Chapter

406 Feng Jiu Ge

407 Immortal Crane Sect’s objective

408 Fang Yuan regains consciousness

409 Managing the Blessed Land

410 Dang Hun Mountain’s Gutstone

411 Great Future Plans

412 I like your fear

413 A show

414 Conscience of those in power

415 For tomorrow!

416 Enduring the Earthly Calamity 1/2

417 Enduring the Earth Calamity 2/2

418 Losses and Gains

419 Fang Zheng’s pain

420 Meeting of Brothers

421 Development of the Rockmen Tribe

422 Spectral Soul Demon Venerable

423 Fang Yuan you little bastard!

424 We are going to slay an Immortal

425 Immortal Gu Gruel Mud

426 Stepping into Northern Plains

427 Just take me

428 Sea of Ghost Face Sunflowers

429 Shadow Crow

430 White Bone Chario

431 Chang Shan Yin’s death

432 Human Skin Gu

433 Snow Wash Gu

434 Chang Shan Yin, be my husband!

435 Don’t block my road to success!

436 No regret even if I die along the way

437 Wind Wolf King

438 Benefactor Chang Shan Yin

439 Ge Tribe Camp

440 Ten Year Interval of Wind and Snow

441 “Fortune Rivalling Heaven” Ma Hong Yun

442 Jun Strength Gu

443 Man Tribe’s Challenge

444 Man Tribe’s Invitation

445 Fixing Battle Bone Wheel

446 Soul Path Gu Immortal Gui Wang

447 Hints and Clues Gu

448 Obtaining another Rank Five Gu

449 Strength is the most importan

450 Measuring the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men

451 Turtleback Wolf Group

452 Intense Battle 1/3

453 Intense Battle 2/3

454 Intense Battle 3/3

455 Night Assaul

456 A Hero’s Call

457 Wolf King, where are your reinforcements?!

458 Death of the Old Tribe Leader

459 Lang Ya Blessed Land

460 Number One Refinement Path Immortal of All Times

461 Prophecy of Three Venerables

462 Exchanging Gu

463 Fang Yuan’s awkwardness

464 Either Eternal Life or Shi

465 The night sky is really beautiful

466 There is nothing that cannot be sold

467 Wisdom Path

468 Scheme

469 Living Chess

470 Water Demon

471 Wolf King, are you crazy?!

472 Power of the Enslavement Path!

473 Righteous Path Hero

474 Surrender

475 Soaring Cultivation

476 Air Bubble Fish

477 Rank Five Breath Concealment Gu

478 Main Pillar

479 Good weather to kill

480 Go die, go die

481 Bei Cao Chuan

482 Pei Yan Fei

483 Safely Retrea

484 Influence

485 Plotting against the Land Spiri

486 Two Immortal Gu obtained!

487 Immortal Gu Transaction

488 Ma Ying Jie

489 The debate about Chang Shan Yin

490 Second Aperture!

491 Expansion of the wolf group

492 Getting another mutated wolf

493 Surge in Battle Strength

494 All of you, get lost!

495 Grey-white Stone Slab

496 Di Qiu Inheritance

497 Mo Shi Kuang

498 Wolf Howl

499 Turtle Jade Wolf Skin Gu

500 Trapped inside and outside, slashing thorns and vines

501 Five hundred thousand wolves start a war

502 Zhao Lian Yun

503 Dong Fang Yu Liang

504 Assassination Long Chapter

505 Star Thought Gu

506 Three Hearts Combination Soul

507 Surprising Thieving Heaven Inheritance

508 Challenging Wolf King

509 A wave of his hand

510 Great Battle

511 Dark Vortex and Cloud Whirlpool

512 Reliable Alliance Mate

513 Seven Star Ligh

514 Wolf King’s ruthlessness

515 Dong Fang Yu Liang’s backup plan

516 Battle Merit Board

517 Lurking Soul Coat Gu

518 Famous

519 Just a game

520 Stealing Shoes 1/2

521 Stealing Shoes 2/2

522 Rank Five Amplify Effect Gu

523 Tai Bai Yun Sheng

524 Number one in prestige and meri

525 Rapid Changes and Fierce Experts

526 Asura Ouyang, Losses to both sides

527 Wolf King, Striving For Victory

528 True Martial Secret, Awaiting Assistance

529 Diligence despite transmigration

530 Adjusting his appearance for him

531 Huge Battle 1/4

532 Huge Battle 2/4

533 Huge Battle 3/4

534 Huge Battle 4/4

535 Meeting of ‘Father and Son’

536 Major Battles

537 Xue Song Zi

538 Challenge

539 Rank Five Peak Stage!

540 One vs Three!

541 Four Arm Earth King!

542 Dual Cultivating Two Paths!

543 Victory has been decided

544 Entrapping a Gu Immortal?

545 Ma Hong Yun

546 The way forward for the insignificant people

547 Search for Success

548 Inheritance hidden in Eerie Fire Python’s den

549 Subduing azure wolves with the help of snow bats

550 Poet Immortal’s demise on Xing Jiu peak

551 Educate well

552 Giant Sun Immortal Venerable

553 Imperial Court Sacred Palace

554 Plotting is difficult, Living is tough

555 Dancing snow claws, Appearance of the building

556 It's actually a Gu Immortal Inheritance!

557 Three grades of evaluation, clearing with high grade?

558 Giant Sun’s great scheme, treasure within the crystal

559 Immortal Venerable’s Will

560 Crucial problem

561 Deciphering the code

562 Reason for being cowardly and afraid of death?

563 Nature of the Three Inheritances

564 Heavenly Power backflow shocks the Sacred Palace

565 Everyone with their own intentions

566 Water Pavilion, Resolving the Mystery

567 The comprehension of life since long ago Double Chapter

568 Mo Yao’s Will

569 Six Arm Heavenly Zombie King

570 Compromise

571 Deserves death without pity

572 Successfully refining the Earth Chief Zombie Gu

573 Human Experimentation

574 Mo Yao’s weakness

575 Entering True Yang Building again

576 Killer Move Reward

577 Young Master, save me...

578 Connection by Marriage

579 Deputy Elder

580 Perfecting the Killer Move

581 Advance to six-edge, difficulty finding a Gu tester

582 Fighting flying bear, Wolf King gets fifty percen

583 Killing flying bear, Accident at the final momen

584 Demise of Water Demon, Fang Yuan’s enlightening words

585 Finally getting through, Fang Yuan requests for an Immortal Gu

586 Using flying bear, Mo Yao speaks of phantom path

587 The vast difference between immortal and mortal

588 Each with their schemes

589 The bond between father and son, real and fake affection

590 Endurance, Shatter, Death

591 Sacrifice Double Chapter

592 Deep Dark Shadow

593 Appearance of the strength path Immortal Gu

594 Plan activated!

595 Green vines blocking the round, Fang Yuan’s backstab

596 Preparations from long ago, Mo Yao’s shock and suspicion

597 True Inheritance Secluded Domain, Unexpected Even

598 Three Olds, Three True Inheritances, Using Will

599 Longevity, Hard, Hard, Hard

600 Supreme True Inheritance!

601 Profiting from the situation

602 Frost Jade Peacock

603 Sleepless Nigh

604 Luck Inspection Gu

605 Pitiful Person Double chapter

606 Awakening

607 Ambushing Giant Sun’s will

608 Giant Sun’s retaliation

609 Better to die than not be free

610 The key to victory and loss

611 Landscape As Before

612 Hoodwinking the Land Spiri

613 Identity exposed

614 Otherworldly Demon!

615 We are fellow apprentice brothers!

616 Repairing Dang Hun mountain

617 The reason for overwhelming fortune

618 Great Strength True Martial Physique

619 The might of overwhelming fortune

620 Stopped by himself?

621 Fighting Hei Lou Lan

622 Grasping the biggest flaw!

623 Refining Eighty-Eight True Yang Building

624 Shameless and devious scoundrel!

625 Remaining trump card

626 Immortal Ascension!

627 Top Ten Catastrophes, Chaotic Branching Teeth

628 Formidable Hei Lou Lan

629 Formless Hand

630 Chaotic and Dangerous Situation

631 Striking a fortune

632 Coexistence of Pain and Joy

633 Finally becoming a Gu Immortal

634 Wind Veil of Assimilation

635 Important Decision

636 Shocking Change

637 Huge Shocking Change

638 Unfilial Descendants

639 Giant Sun flaunts his might, Fang Yuan receives help

640 Fang Yuan vs Giant Sun’s will 1/2

641 Fang Yuan vs Giant Sun’s will 2/2

642 Thirty-Eight Sealing Arts

643 Final Trump Card

644 Not committing the same mistake again 1/2

645 Not committing the same mistake again 2/2

646 Road of Life

647 The answer is found in one's self!

648 Fierce and Ambitious

649 Twin Demons

1022 It was all Heaven's Will

1023 Ying Wu Xie Rebirths

1024 Fang Yuan Borrows Gu

1025 Dark Night, Cold Winds

1025 Reincarnation and the Duel

1026 Given to Feng Jin Huang

1027 Nine-five Sovereign Immortal Aperture 1/2

1028 Nine-five Sovereign Immortal Aperture 2/2

1029 Vital Immortal Gu, Dog Shit Luck

1030 Making Hei Lou Lan Defec

1031 Flawless

1032 Treasure Yellow Heaven Transports Gu Worms

1033 Taking Large Strides With Unwavering Determination

1034 Man-made Disaster

1035 Heaven Surveying Five Xiangs, Qi Clan's Two Immortals

1036 Grudge Qi Mudman

1037 Difficulties of Three Parties

1038 Rushing to Refine Fixed Immortal Travel

1039 Dark Assassination

1040 Fang Yuan versus Qi Zai

1041 Scaring Himself

1042 If Heaven's Will Finds Trouble, Cut Down the Trouble!

1043 Surprising Discovery

1044 Ancient Cloud Beasts, Disaster Follows After Great Fortune?

1045 Fortuitous Encounter or Trouble?

1046 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 1/3

1047 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 2/3

1048 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 3/3

1049 Selling a Human Slave

1050 Recovering From Injuries

1051 Three Supreme True Inheritances

1052 Listed on the Board, Heavenly Court's Pursui

1053 Fang Yuan Undergoes Tribulation 1/5

1054 Fang Yuan Undergoes Tribulation 2/5

1055 Fang Yuan Undergoes Tribulation 3/5

1056 Fang Yuan Undergoes Tribulation 4/5

1057 Fang Yuan Undergoes Tribulation 5/5

1058 Blood Asset Immortal Gu

1059 Dog Shit Splits Luck

1060 Pot River, Luck Inspection

1061 Blood Torren

1062 Chu Du's Weakness

1063 Transformation Path!

1064 I am a transformation path Gu Immortal

1065 Refining Change Form Immortal Gu Again