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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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41 Deal

Chapter 41

Dave began stuttering a bit, but due to his condition as an undead, no sounds could be emitted from his mouth but grunts. He was fumbling about, but then wrote his number.

For the moment Dave didn't have access to the auction house, and he had no access to the normal world. Dave was thinking that if he were to revert back to his human form, he would die instantly in the undead world. And if he were to do it outside the undead world, he would probably fail his quest. At least those were Dave's speculations and he was thinking about asking ALFRED about them when he had the chance.

For the moment, if he were to gain Lone Arrow's contact number, she could handle the selling of items and send him his due. Which was better than nothing. Dave's savings were getting less and less, and gaining some extra cash would be helpful. So, Dave had to accept, while of course, he would still retain some distance between him and the girl. It is alright if they would do dungeons together, but when it comes to real life contact, he would need to lay low and not reveal his identity as Death Stroke.

Lone Arrow only knows Dave as Mr.Skeletal, if his identity as Death stroke is revealed he would be risking exposure, and people could track him down. Simply put, someone can just use the Kill Order and get a general location whenever Dave went on a mission. This would only lead to his death, and the end of his mission, while of course the end of his hope.

"Thank you!" said the girl as she memorized the number, while of course keeping it off the footage she was taking of their adventure. For her, there was no need to give the people who were going to see this video later any personal information about Dave, she wanted him all to herself. After all who could claim to have the ability to go in a party with the game's most famous Skeleton?

Once the number was noted down she waited for Dave's next step. They were in a dungeon of course and they needed to continue with their exploring. The loot was divided in two. And there was nothing but the dagger that was of true value. The rest were just resources to craft various materials which could be sold at the auction house almost immediately. So, the need to continue with the dungeon risen when they were done with the second boss.

"I don't think we can defeat the second boss." Said Lone Arrow as she moved forward close to Dave. They looked like two celebrities escorted by ten bodyguards, while of course, the bodyguards were long since dead, anyone who would look upon them would find it hard to explain the situation. A damsel surrounded by the undead who looked like her escort. How often do you see that?

Dave had the same idea, then, he looked for a patch of snow inside the palace to write on it.

"We can just leave if the Boss is too tough." Wrote Dave, his expression was calm as always.

"True, we should probably try it out later when we are higher level," she said with a smile beaming on her face.

The girl looked rather beautiful, and Dave had to admit it, she was truly of a celebrity level beauty, however, her composure and innocent yet sometimes childish attitude added to her charm, if he could describe it in a single word it would be; Cute.

He could only smile as he moved forward.

Dave encountered some monsters, mainly the Banshee's from before, and actually an Ice skeleton. It was no different than normal skeletons as it was defeated almost instantly with the combined might of the party. The ice skeletons grew in number once Dave got to the top floor.

That was a great EXP zone for Dave and co as he already managed to get to level 50.

Dave looked at his ring as he saw it glinting.

Category: Ring Ring of the Death God. {S class Inheritance item}

{Player Bound to Death Stroke}

Requirements Level 0 Cannot be removed!

Bonus stats Has the ability Changes appearance from human to undead.

Can switch back to human

[Death siphon]

[Can Leave the Undead world] (Requires Rank: Skeleton Captain at least)



Scaling/Class Scaling accessory

Class. Divine.

{Consumes some of the player's XP to level up}

Currently Ring Level 23

The ring had now unlocked another seal, and it had to do with the concern that Dave was encountering. It seems that the AI had already thought about all of the possible outcomes of becoming an Undead and being restrained from accessing the outside world. Thus, this option was available. However, this only risen the issue that; what if Dave had changed his appearance while on a mission? Dave could only think that his quest would be failed.

However, this also brought many questions into play. What is the use of this ring? Although Death Siphon was rather a good ability to have. The Ring has only two more sealed options left. It looked rather useless for Dave. Many other rings had much better stats that they could give the wearer. Mostly, accessories had a huge amount of stats that could be coupled with various weapons that needed specific stats as a condition to be worn. And now, Dave found out that the ring he is wearing, not only does it not give any stats. Most of the bonuses It gives are related to his Quest and the undead world. If the two remaining seals are only of similar value, the ring's option of it being non-removable would actually be a handicap to Dave's growth.

Dave could only sigh as he continued forward until there was a giant door blocking their path. The door was made of bronze, unlike everything in the dungeon which was made of pure ice. This door, however, had incantations on it. a lot of strange words and symbols were written on it and it looked to be the entrance to the final room and the boss's room.

"Alright, I guess this is the end of our dungeon." Said Lone Arrow as she looked at the door with a meaningful look.

Dave had to agree, his objective of doing a dungeon was to gain a dungeon core, but looking at the seemingly impossible to conquer dungeon, he had to sigh and retreat for the moment. Bravery could do nothing against level difference.

Still, Dave wanted to look at what the boss looked like, the fact that the dungeon had undead in it kind of made him curious at what the boss would be like. So he pressed on the door, and it opened.

"Are you going to try attempting the boss?" Asked Lone Arrow as she looked at Dave like he was some sort of idiot.

Dave shook his head and pointed at his eyes, meaning "I only want to take a look"

Lone Arrow looked a bit hesitant, as she said "The boss is a caster class and is really powerful, he can summon the banshees we saw before to help him out, we would need a priest to help us out here. Without a healer and a proper high-level Tank, we will be shredded to pieces in moments" she said

Normally a dungeon of level 120 would require players to be of an equally high level to be attempted. Not only is the level difference too vast, dungeon bosses have a lot of AOE and damaging skills that could take out an entire party. It is not strange for a party to be wiped out by a boss's skill so everyone needs to be careful while fighting bosses. And preparation is required to attempt such high-level bosses.

Dave did not take these things into consideration, as he only wished to see what the boss would look like. Even if the boss would attack, Dave could just "End Mission" and leave the place. It was quite a handy option to have, and it would be of most help to Dave when he is out hunting other players.

Once the door creaked open, it revealed a huge room where ginormous ice pillars sustained the ceiling. Some of the pillars looked dilapidated, but they still stood with pride holding the ceiling as if they held the heavens.

At the side of the room, faint glowing orbs of light flickered like candles, giving a slim sheen of light that gave the onlooker the feeling that he was entering an ancient old tomb. As for the far end of the room, a throne positioned atop a staircase where a lone person sat.

The man looked irritated, mostly his face revealed the expression that he hated whatever he laid his eyes on. However, two things struck Dave as odd. The first being; the man was not a man… no, it was a Drauger like Dave… an undead, but he was wearing a blue and silver colored drab with a staff on his right hand. The second thing that struck Dave as odd… was his nametag. It was colored yellow.

In the Game conquest, nametags would inform players of the relationship between each other and the NPC/monsters of the game. There were several colors. The mainly known were the three major colors; Green for friendly, Red for Enemy, Yellow for neutral. In addition, other colors such as Blue for hidden quests, and White for NPC who give repeated quests.

Dave now had a Yellow tagged Monster in front of him. Without attacking this monster, it will not attack. Therefore, Dave gestured to Lone Arrow to wait as he moved forward.

Once he got in the aggro range of the boss… it did not attack, which only confirmed Dave's suspicion… this Boss can probably be reasoned with!

"You!" Spoke the Boss "You stink of that one's aura! Why do you Have Deadra's Ring!" roared the boss as his nametag began flickering between Red and yellow!"

Dave took a step back as the Boss moved forward. Dust like ice fell down from his person as he moved in a menacing manner. This was really not what Dave expected… should he run, or stand his ground?


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