Rise of The Undead Legion
46 An adventure with Mr.Skeletal
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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46 An adventure with Mr.Skeletal

Chapter 46

The video length was about an hour long. However, compared to the time Dave and Lone Arrow spent, it was rather short. Dave looked at the comments and most of them were questions about the identity of Mr,Skeletal. Or how wicked his ways were…

Once Dave saw that he was hesitant but still pressed the play button to see what the little vixen posted about him. He should have made sure not to trust her, as she had right now published their adventure without his consent! What if his number was leaked? Dave thought as he remembered that he wrote his Number for Lone Arrow so that she would contact him once the dagger was sold.

Once the video played, it was at the moment where In Lone Arrow's point of view that she made the Blink and push into aggro range move, which she followed with a cleansing potion to force the wolves to go into Dave's aggro range.

Many players had commented on that part of the video, with how smooth and skillful the move had been. However, the comments following that were of awe as people looked at Mr.Skeletal's reaction toward her, though they saw that it was a Drauger type undead, he now looked rather imposing with the way how he even clapped. The Elven girl was surrounded by the undead who dispatched the wolves in a matter of seconds, and soon more trouble followed as Aggressor Type Players surrounded her. Now that her situation turned grim, she is now unable to escape the entrapment, though even that, the Drauger actually began attacking the other players and managed to help her defeat the Aggressors. Especially the Strang Drauger who managed to single-handedly kill a priest and switch targets to eliminate a swordsman alone. Lone Arrow made sure to take in the whole scene of her fight while keeping an eye on the undead.

Soon after that, the fight ended with the three aggressors; dead, while the Drauger, leader of the undead moved and asked a question while writing on the snow.

"Do you know of any nearby dungeons?" was the questions. Lone Arrow answered then asked his name, to which he replied

"Mr. Skeletal" now that the video spectators understood that the leading Drauger is the famous Mr. Skeletal, they felt a bit disappointed as they now knew, that the famous Mr.Skeletal is nothing but a low-level players. The scene that he posted earlier made many players think that this strange Mr. Skeletal was a high-level player that accessed the Level 500 region of the Dead world. However, now that they saw that he was nothing but an elite Skeleton of the level 38 they felt a bit disappointed.

Some even speculated that Dave would die soon in the dead world due to his low level, and the event will be released sooner than expected.

Others even spoke about that Mr. Skeletal is probably trying to do safe quest thus prolonging his death, but it doesn't matter every player of Conquest had died at least once before. And this rather made them happier, as it would increase the chance of him dying and they would gain the access to the dead world, its quests, and items.

Moments later, they saw Dave accepting the request and going toward the ice palace dungeon.

At first many were about to disregard the video, however, what they saw next hooked them up.

Lone Arrow didn't take footage of their conversations anymore but skipped to when they entered the elemental area. She even used the part when she was explaining to Mr. Skeletal about the elementals, but he immediately charged forward.

Some even scoffed at his attempt at fighting three elementals alone, as they would probably destroy him in a matter of seconds.

However, what they saw next made many of the haters shut-up immediately. Mr. Skeletal's strange variation of [Charge] shattered an elemental in a single strike. Then soon, he followed with a strange attack that destroyed the second elemental, after that, the moment the third elemental's attack was about to hit the Drauger, he pulled his shield in a skillful manner, and [Block]+ [Counter] then ended the attack with a single sword strike. This made many of those that watched to either shout in awe or be dumbfounded. They didn't even believe it to be possible to react that way under the attack of three monsters. Not only would normal players kite them along one after another, they would even go at it in groups. However, this Drauger singlehandedly destroyed three of them without taking a single hit. His firepower was rather absurd!

People began screaming, or at least this is what their writing on the video feed of that moment had been. Some even began giving an analysis of the attack pattern and the smooth transition between skills. However, most of the skills they saw were not commune, only few could be properly identified [Block] and [Destructive Smash] as for the other skills used, they were rather strange for them.

The video continued with their excursion, and them destroying the Yeti. Some even applauded Lone Arrow's attempt at shooting down the Yeti while it was coming down after its [Heoric Leap]. However, what interested them the most was the fact that the Skeletons under Mr. Skeletal's command were moved around in a strategic manner from the start of the fight. They never stayed group lest that they would receive the Aoe Damage from the boss, nor was their firepower misused. The scene continued after that to transit at the moment when they were facing the snake.

Once again, Mr. Skeletal attacked the boss without even waiting for Lone Arrow's explanation, thus making some of the watchers to scorn again at his attempt to charge at the boss.

However, no matter what, the Drauger seemed uninhibited by the frost aura, which would render most Vanguard/Tanks useless against it. The Drauger would attack with wanton abandon at the snake. It even used the [Bone Breaking Hug] which was a Tank destroyer but failed due to Dave's use of yet another strange skill that pushed him from the snake's attack.

After that, the snake used its Petrifying Gaze, Yet Mr. Skeletal just stood there, watching the glamor in the snake's eyes, which would normally annoy the living hell of anyone that gazed upon them. The petrification is annoying to most vanguards as the snake would be able to attack without being inhibited by the attacking party.

However, the Drauger just watched on, smiled then attacked like nothing happened at all. Players once again wondered about what happened, some even thought that he used an anti-crowd control ability, until someone reminded him, that Petrification effects cannot be removed by crow control removing skills.

The fight continued until Mr. Skeletal was grabbed by the snake and was squeezed to a pulp, however, even that didn't kill him. And thus the fight continued, while now Lone Arrow was the focus of the boss. Still, Lone Arrow looked to be suffering from the frost aura, unlike the Drauger who tided through it without a hitch. Still, Lone Arrow proved to be of skill as she dodged the hug and looked away when the gaze shone upon her eyes.

After that, the agro switched back to Mr. Skeletal and he managed to destroy the snake with the Help of Lone Arrow. The loot distribution was fair and the players even saw Mr.Skeletal giving Lone Arrow the Dagger, they thought that he was being generous. However, Lone Arrow didn't showcase the fact that he gave her his number, to this Dave who was watching sighed a sigh of relief.

The Video continued until they met the last boss. The players now thought clearly that the boss would destroy Dave, however, the strangest of things happened. The boss actually moved toward Dave and began speaking! However, the voice was hushed, it was a quest of sorts. Then after that, chains sprang up from the ground and trapped Lone Arrow.

The scene was a bit hard to understand, from the beginning to Now, Mr. Skeletal seemed simple and nice. To have protected the damsel in distress from the aggressors and helped her clear a hard dungeon, however. Why would it now speak to a boss and trap the friend? Would he betray her?

Thoughts like these passed through the watcher's mind but then they saw Dave leaving the room to only come back running while the dungeon's Guardian was chasing him.

The moment he entered, a superb fight broke out, with the guardian and the boss.

The boss began using strange skills, none of which, that normal players had seen. The Guardian itself was strong beyond belief, his movements and attacks were decisive and fast.

However, the boss then was surrounded by a shield, when several skeletons emerged from the ground. They appeared next to Mr. Skeletal who took control over and began using to humper the guardian. This was probably a protection quest when players are tasked to buy time for an NPC while they charge up a powerful attack or summon something. This was rather normal and many players knew of, but why would a dungeon boss do this? Why would a dungeon boss ask help of a player to fight the dungeon guardian?

The viewers clearly noticed that Mr. Skeletal's minions would die soon, and he would have to face that fearsome Guardian alone. Once again, a group of commenters mentioned that how he would soon die once the boss finishes with the small fries, some even gave an estimation on how long would he survive the onslaught like his death was assured.

However, what they saw next made their minds reel. The Drauger actually used the pillars in the hall to play with the Guardian. The lock-on mechanism won't work when something is hampering the view so that whenever the boss tried to use his lunge attack but with the pillar, he would always stop for a moment and never be able to attack.

Thus, the two minutes ended, and the boss powered up. The fight between the two continued until the Drauger ended it with a cheap shot, a skill that stunned the Guardian and enabled the Boss to end its life.

The last part was when the Drauger was buried under the rubble which served to end the video.

Now, normally, this fight would never pull this many players into watching it. Indeed, Mr. Skeletal was famous. However, he would never pull this many player into watching, what actually drove them to watch this was the fact that, a dungeon from the Devastator guild had been destroyed!

The dungeon which would pull a lot of income to the guild has been destroyed, and this video footage was the last thing players would see. Now the whole dungeon was composed of only one level, and the boss was the Yeti. Which didn't prove to be a hindrance anymore to higher level players.

This dungeon's destruction now prohibited many players from leveling up in that region, and now they would have to go to other dungeons, which will only increase the costs of adventuring.

Losing a dungeon at this stage of the game can actually cause a heavy blow to the owning guild, especially if the owner used to harness some daily income from it. So this even which actually was nothing but a quest and its result, made Mr. Skeletal a wanted on the Devastators' Black List.

Normally, this list would be filled with actual player's name and would be accessible to all players, but due to Dave's nature as 'Monster', his name was not possible to add due to him not having one at all. So this addition was one of a kind, it was a verbal addition that whoever gives information on Mr. Skeletal would receive 15 000$ and the promise to enter the main Devastator guild once they reach level 200.

Dave sighed at the price and could only simile. Lone Arrow made sure to take the best parts of their adventure and play it on that video, it even got a lot of views and many began taking interest in it. this only pushed Dave to think about recording his own adventures, he then stood back up and went to the machine, he needed a lot of contribution points for the moment. And there is only one way for him to get it now; Kill!


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