Rise of The Undead Legion
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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47 Discussion

Meanwhile, at the Devastators headquarters, another meeting was in progress.

Mr. Valentine was speaking to the Devastators officers and the leaders of various sub-guilds, "The server announcement of our imminent victory over the boss will be issued in a few days.

"That Draugr has cost us a dungeon and a lot of valuable resources. Though it is only a small percentage of our total income, our investors are displeased with the loss."

"What are your suggestions?" asked Warlord, "Asking publicly about recruiting the Draugr, will push the other two guilds into doing the same. If they offer him a better deal he might join one of them, and we will lose our chance to control the undead army."

"True, we don't want to start a bidding war with the other super-guilds, the Draugr would be the only one who would profit. We need to get control of that expansion area. Without access to it, we cannot take command of the undead army. I didn't see any high-level mobs in the undead army, was that all there was to the stream?" asked Warlord

"They were all low-level mobs, but there were a lot of them, and there could be higher-level undead in the palace. So, maybe the army is not as powerful as we thought. Would the system allow players to take control of a group of undead and level them up? If that happens then their value might increase a bit… but it wouldn't really be worth the cost after all."

one of the Sub-guild-master who had elven features and black leather armor spoke saying

"I don't think that is the case, pardon me Warlord, but the expansion was supposed to open when the average level of players reaches level 500. So I guess there must be higher level monsters there. At least that is what i believe."

Warlord contemplated the guild-master's words.Warlord was the highest level player in the game, but that didn't mean that he was the smartest, or had the highest diplomatic ability, thus his need for these 'partners' or Guild-Masters as strategists, tacticians, recruiters, and logisticians. They were minions, necessary and convenient to maintain dominion over his 'kingdom'.

"Without knowing the true potential of the undead army we cannot put a price on obtaining them. The other super guilds will surely come to the same conclusion. We need to contact Mr. Skeletal and make a deal. Giving him a decent sum of money won't be an inconvenience to our organizations finances, and it is worth it to get more info. We might lose some profits if the value of that army is not up to our expectations, but if it ends up to be truly powerful we will be ahead of the other guilds." Said another sub-guild-master

Mr. Valentine asked "What makes you think we will control the army? The developers hinted that whoever kills the leader of the region will become its ruler. But everyone in the game will be able to participate in the subjugation of the undead army."

"Can we just surround the area and take it under our Territory Command Order?" asked Warlord "We could forbid anyone from entering the zone if we have the territory rights."

"No, We can't do that, if we do that, it will force the two super guilds to collaborate to destroy us. We need to keep the status co…" Mr Valentine trailed off as he pondered the idea .

"This is becoming more and more troublesome… if we end up paying the skeleton guy and another guild takes the army, we would have aided them in becoming stronger, no guild would wish that."

"Maybe we could use the mafia guild again." Warlord said thoughtfully.

Something in his tone made everyone turn toward him, and Valentine asked:"You mean the [It's Just business] Guild?"

"Yes. They helped us last time, and even caused the war between Blood Rage and Heaven's Dawn. If we use them again we could hamper everyone else's advance or attempts at accessing the area. If they can somehow delay the two super guild's plans long enough for us to take control of the area we can gain greater benifits" Said Warlord

"You mean, we proceed with the conquest order, then use [It's Just Business] and our own guilds to hold off the attacks from Blood Rage and Heaven's Dawn while attacking the area boss and taking its head? It sounds plausible, but their price will be high. Just causing the trouble between the two guilds almost sent some of our partners into bankruptcy." Said, Mr. Valentine

"Do you have a better idea?" asked Warlord

"No, not at the moment. But it is a huge risk, it would be better to avoid more transactions with [It's Just business].. Their leader is ruthless, people that use their services and don't pay mysteriously vanish… I think it would be unwise to use them again, especially if they realize how valuable their services are to us."

Warlord rubbed the bridge of his nose before speaking again."I heard that [It's Just Business] had finally managed to recruit the Shadow Assassin Inheritance player, giving them two S class Inheritance players. they could easily shake the two other super guilds if they invade, make them think twice before trying to take a chance at conquering the Dead Realm. If our power is added to the mix, they won't attack.. or at least the two super guilds will have to think carefully before doing so.

"But the most important issue is we can't do anything without knowing the actual value of the undead army. We need to contact that Mr. Skeletal first and find out everything he knows, then proceed with the appropriate plan."

"We will discuss our options again once we have talked with Mr. Skeletal. This meeting is adjourned." said Mr, Valentin after standing and following Warlord back to his quarters.

"What do you think Valentine?" Warlord asked his friend.

"I have no idea man, I can't think of a way to benefit us without spending some money. And without better information, we can't take any sensible action. You need to take down the final boss at the Pits of Despair as soon as possible. We no longer need to contact that Mr. Skeletal with the server announcement input. I already posted a huge bounty on his head, and added that if he agreed to meet with us, he would receive a lot of benefits. Even if he is living under a rock the information will reach his ears. As for the announcement, we will need to use it to advertise on the companies that suffered from the backlash of hiring that Mafia guild…"

"I joined this game to have fun, I never thought it would end up like this Valentine…" Warlord stated sadly.

Contrary to what might be expected, Warlord was not cold-hearted guild machine. No, he loved the game itself and the endless adventures it provided. But one thing had led to another and now he was the ruler of a kingdom, with many duties and responsibilities weighing heavily on him.

"I know, my friend. The days when we used to conquer dungeons just for the fun of it are long gone. Now we have to do it to advertise for our sponsors… it feels like we are working more for the sake of others…" sighed Mr. Valentine.

For a moment they were once again simply two old friends that started playing the game years ago just for fun, like everyone else. But Fate had changed their course, they became leaders of a great guild, bringing with it a lot of work instead of more adventures…something that hardcore gamers never wish for.


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