Rise of The Undead Legion
77 Killing a Guildmaster!
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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77 Killing a Guildmaster!

Dave ordered his new Death Knight minions to proceed at their best speed and secure the bridge. They followed, marching through the cave accompanied by Dave's original ten Undead, each of whom had ten Undead minions of their own after being promoted. "I don't think this is a good idea, Dave," Lone said carefully.

"I told you, I'm not going to put myself at risk. I have a quest where I must not Log out or escape from a fight, this might be considered escaping if I wait here," jubilantly said Dave

His words didn't match his actions as Dave looked like a child on Christmas morning while walking to a battle.

When they reached the cavern bisected by the lazily flowing river of molten rock they could already hear the clang of metal on metal and the screams of beasts and men. They stood at the tunnel mouth, adjusting to the dense hot air of the cavern, laden with the sulfur and burning metal smell of the magma. Carefully, they moved toward the bridge.

Right before the bridge was a large opening where Thousands of undead troops were positioned in organized blocks.

The troops made way for Dave and his group.

Flashes of light and explosions erupted regularly in the middle of the group that was at the furthest side of the cave. Right next to the bridge; the frontline.

The adventurers gained ground with every passing second, felling undead like cutting weed.

Dave had a clear look at the frontlines from his position.

A man with pink armor strode forward holding two death knights at bay alone.

Every time he attacked, his arm would elongate, pushing them away, enabling him to easily kite the Death Knights. While at the same time, whenever he received an attack, his body bends like a balloon reducing the damage.

"That is Mr.Valentine!" said Lone Arrow "he has the A class Metamorphosing Man's Legacy, he can sustain huge amounts of damage while receiving minimal effects. A great defensive Legacy." Her eyes were gleaming, almost like if she were looking at a celebrity.

Next, to him, a man attacked with unbridled attitude.

A great-ax wielding Destroyer, strapped in dark armor, He had a white halo around him which constantly damaged the undead. Every attack from him deals enormous amounts of damage to his enemies.

An avatar of an enormous and ethereal warrior stood behind him, almost ten meters in size, mimicking every attack of the player in devastating AOE and Splash Damage.

"S Class Legacy holder, Warlord," said Dave.

Looking at the situation, Dave noticed that the adventurers had the upper hand, and the reinforcement who were constantly pouring from behind them will help them force their way through to the arena near the temple in no time.

Once that is done, the territory of the Undead will be claimed by the adventurers and Dave will undoubtedly be killed.

Delvina had a solemn look on her face.

"Servants of the Undead King, we cannot allow these invaders to take the land of our Lord! Fight for what is ours, even in death our servitude to the king shall be awarded!" Delvina roared and a bloodied whip appeared on her hand.

Battle Cry!

For 20 Minute +5% Bonus Damage

-5% total Damage received

She took a company of undead and charged to the front.

"That is a boss class monster!" said Mr.Valentine, "Retreat to the back! Switch with Heaven's Dawn he added.

The adventurers on the front hastily retreated and gave up the bridge.

Heaven's Dawn had the most tanker and Berserker classes in this raid, against boss classes, they would be the best to make boss killing easier. At the command of Mr.Valentine, they switched position and Heaven's Dawn took the lead.

They had higher level players, with better equipment, and looking at them, they were fully healed up and strong enough to take on a boss-class monster like Delvina.

"Things are about to get messy," said Dave.

Even after saying that Dave had no intention to retreat.

Dave ordered the two Death Knights to use their 1000 Unit each "You and you, take your troops and help Delvina, don't let anyone bypass her. If players force her aggro, attack from the side and hamper them,"

"What do you intend on doing?" asked Lone Arrow

"The guildies will try to kite Delvina by pulling aggro. If I let them do that they will undoubtedly kill her, and we will be next. If I manage to attack the players who try to pull Delvina's aggro, she will be unbridled and attack randomly which will ruin the guildies," answered Dave.

"You guys," said Dave pointing at the eight remaining Death Knight under him.

"Get all your casters and Archer class and any other range class to attack the backline of the invaders. Don't let them heal their frontliners and have your casters use weakness spells on their vanguard," Dave began organizing the troops.

The eight remaining Death Knight didn't object the order. They summoned hundreds of range class undead and guided them forward, following Dave's order.

"I should join in on the fun," said Lone Arrow.

"Don't get yourself killed, once you attack you will be marked as an Aggressor, you are not an Undead, and if you die you will be sent to respawn outside the Raid-Zone," Dave reminded Lone Arrow.

"Don't worry, if things get serious I will blink out, and come back here," she said.

"Alright, take care," said Dave then got close to the frontlines.

He didn't have the slightest intention of fighting in a mele with the higher leveled players, but using his [Spectral Bomb] and his new ranged skill [Sword Lung] he can be of slight help to the Undead army.

Delvina became the bane of all vanguards, as she had a strange passive on her vicious barbed iron whip. Whenever she attacked, it would force the player to bleed for a percentage of their Hp, and inflict [Grievous Wounds] which reduces the effects of healing to 50%.

With the addition of the group that is constantly attacking the healers from range, the vanguards started falling rapidly.

"What the fuck is going on! I need some healing!" shouted one of the Tanks who was trying to hold the boss's aggro but failing.

"Get the tankers to increase their aggro! We can't Aggro-Pinne The Boss!" A man wearing barbarian leather, and a great-ax shouted.

He pulled his grat-ax and began imbuing it with mana, he was charging a powerful skill.

This man had the aura of a Legacy Transformation, the Barbarian God of Slaughter.

His body was brimming with power and had tattoos shining all over himself.

"That is Wan Yi, Heaven Dawn's guild master…' muttered Dave

He then sent a sneaky [Spectral Bomb] toward him.

"This should surprise him,"


The spectral bomb dealt no damage to the high-level player but was enough to stagger him, canceling his channeled attack.

"Fuck! This skill!" the Guild master looked around and noticed Dave who just finished casting the skill.

Under the huge numbers of undead, it would be hard to locate Dave. But now that he attacked Wan Yi, he exposed his location.

Wan Yi smiled, then charged toward Dave, ignoring the rampaging boss.

Killing the boss can wait, an easy kill worth tens of thousands of gold and a unique skill was in front of him.

The right hand of Heaven's Dawn guild was a shrewd and calculative man, the moment he saw Wan Yi ignoring the formation and charging deeper in the Undead players, he panicked.

"What the hell are you doing Yi! Get back!" he shouted. But the guild master didn't answer. He charged in the middle of the enemy troops, singlehandedly breaking their formation.

Dave smirked at the idiocy of this player.

It only took a few seconds, for Wan Yi's Hp to drop below Half.

Even with his Legacy Transformation activated, he was not a match to thousands of attacks from all sides.

Wan Yi only needed to attack Dave Once, for him to kill the famous Draugr, even if he were to be expelled from the Raid-Zone, it would still be worth it.

But Dave was not that much of an idiot, he retreated, forcing the Barbarian to chase after him. Further worsening the situation.

Heaven's Dawn's right hand became infuriated and ordered a party to follow after Wan Yi, saving him is a must as he is one of the S class legacy holders which are needed in this Raid.

"Come here little rat!" shouted Wan Yi, using a skill to blast away the undead that surrounded him.

"Catch me if you can,' replied Dave.

Wan Yi looked around and noticed that behind him, the gap he made in the undead group closing.

"Damn!" he turned around and tried to force his way back, he knew that if he remained here, no matter how strong he is, he won't be able to break through again.

"What a chicken, you can't even kill a lowbie like me, and you are already retreating. Eat this!" said Dave as he blew a [Spectral Ball] at the backhead of Wan Yi.


This only served to infuriate the Guildmaster, he ignored the path of retreat, even when he saw a party coming his way. He charged at Dave.

Wan Yi's Hp decreased faster, with all the attacks from the archers, High-level Death Knights, and the occasional sword pricks from melee enemies, it brought his HP to critical levels, but he only needed a single attack to finish off Dave.

Greed is the bane of man.

"Eat this!" roared the barbarian

A shadow of a titanous bear appeared behind the Guild Master swinging its paw at Dave.


Dave used his newly learned immunity skill, nullifying the attack of the Barbarian.

A bright light enshrouded Dave, but at the same time, made him unable to move, the skill will give 3 seconds of immunity but will make Dave unable to attack

Wan Yi used the chance to get close, he was sure that the moment the effect of bastion ends, he can end Dave's life even if he dies afterward it would still be worth it.

"Die for me!" shouted Wan Yi, as he used attacked with his great ax, wanting to split Dave in two.

Dave smiled.

[Rising Strike!]

Wan Yi struck nothing but empty air, and his life ended by the concentrated attacks of the undead that surrounded him.

+150 Contribution point!

"That is one S class Legacy User down." Dave looked at the adventurers and said, "still many to go."


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