Rise of The Undead Legion
81 V1 Epilogue
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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81 V1 Epilogue


A short time ago, in one of the countless meta-virtualities that were the underpinnings of a world simulation called Conquest...

A figure in a gray tie and black swallowtail coat closely monitored an event that had necessitated far too much personal attention and influence to orchestrate.

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The figure nodded when a certain vexing player's HP reached zero, as if predicted and according to plan.

Now the System could be nudged back to a stable, less chaotic state.

In celebration, the figure personally sent the system message "You died!" to the player, resisting the impulse to add an admonishment for the player to stay out of further mischief.

Satisfied, the figure turned its attention to other matters. The figure was soon bent over the work area, fully occupied with the myriad tasks required to fulfill its purpose and mandate, the smooth functioning of the System, according to coded dictates.

Suddenly, the figure froze for a long moment. Quivered. Standing, it expanded rapidly, far beyond its original size, bewildered eyes searching, mouth moving in growing rage.

Fists clenched, head thrown back, the figure screamed in a voice that reached all across the System, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?"

To be continued...


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