Rise of The Undead Legion
169 At that moment, he knew he...
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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169 At that moment, he knew he...

Dragon Ball Mythic

Channels an enormous ball of fire that incinerates all in its path and explodes dealing 10,000 Fire damage + (10* INT) the area around the explosion causes 5,000 as Fire Splash Damage in a 5-meter radius.
20Minute CD
Caster receives 80% reduced damage from all sources while channeling. The spell cannot be [Disturbed] or [Silenced]
Learn? Y/N
"It's the same the tengu's been using,' Dave said
"You should learn it, Davey, it can work well with your other fire spells."
"You don't want it?" Dave asked
"No, I don't have a lot of INT and I already took two skill books from before,"
"Alright then," Dave pressed Yes and learned the skill.

You now have 10 Skills learned from skill books.
If you wish to learn more skills from other skill books you will have to disable one of your skills in exchange for another.
your current learned skills from skill books are:
Call of Chaos
Demon Call
Double edged
Dragon Ball
Ray of Flames
Spectral Skull
Twin Strike
Vertical Slash

Dave ignored the notification for now and checked the second screen.

Rift Maker
Bring this to a specialized smith, they might know its origin.
"This is a bound quest item, it's the tengu's katana," Dave explained to Lone.
"Yea, what about the legacy item?"
War tengu's Mask
Swordsman Class
Upon wearing this mask, secrets shall be unraveled.
(Cannot use if the player is already in a possession of a legacy item or quest)
"Yep, it's a legacy item, and it's a grade B, it should fetch some money," Dave said
"Yes, it's grade is not that high too, but many players will want it. What about the last item? Is that a blueprint for an armor set?"
"Yes," Dave displayed the blueprint for Lone
Warrior of the East Blueprint
5KG Fine Blood Silk
15 ingots Dark Steel
5 ingots Gold Ingots
Infernal Gargoyle's Heart
Dark Alligator's Leather
Crafting rank required.
Smith Grandmaster
"Ok, that's another blueprint. By the way Lone, what's the news on the crystal armor set."
"The guy at the guild said he couldn't find the necessary material to craft them, he will tell me when he has everything."
"Alright, I have been thinking lately, I might actually do some crafting." Dave looked at his recovered undead and ordered, "Alright boyz, let's move!"
He rode on top of a dunlord and ordered another to serve as Lone's mount.
Lone Arrow rode on top of the dunlord and said to Dave "That's a money burner right there Dave, it takes a lot of resources and material to level up the crafting trade."
"I have a lot of blueprints from the Underworld, and there is a lot of material that can be harvested from it. I can also buy the low level crafting material and blueprints needed to level the crafting profession. Then when I can make the armors and items of the underworld myself, I can sell them at whatever price I want and have a monopoly on the market of these armor sets."

"That's a nice strategy," Lone encouraged Dave.
"Hey, Dave, don't you feel like we are forgetting something?" Lone asked,with a tilted head.
"I don't know, to be honest."
Lone pulled the reins on her dunlord and looked back at the miniature mountain
"The pagoda! We didn't check it!"
"You are right," Dave steered his dunlord toward the pagoda and ordered the other undead to stay and wait for them.
Lone followed after Dave and the two of them climbed up the mountain.
When they reached the pagoda Dave jumped down from his dunlord and went inside.
Lone followed behind and they saw that it was like a monk's abode, it had burning incense and a modest bed and a small table with a clay cup filled with tea.
"Wow, for such an op boss he lived in a modest home," Lone joked.
"There's a letter here." Dave picked up a letter from the small table.
It was an old letter with words and symbols he had never seen before.
"I can't read it," Dave said.
Lone took the letter from Dave's hand and gave it a look then said "There have been some cases of players finding incomprehensible letters. But we can take it to a librarian and they can decipher them, this is probably a quest item."
Lone gave the letter back to Dave and he pocketed it.
The pagoda had three levels but the entrance to the upper levels was closed tight. The two of them gave up and left the pagoda. They went down the mountain joining the undead. They headed back to the room with the four paths. When they reached the room, the wall came down from the path they just came from and another wall opened up, leading them to the last room.
"So, we go in or teleport out?" Lone asked
"We might as well just go and see what's up if it's as tough as the tengu we leave," Dave said and led the eight dunlords he had with him to the newly opened path.
The path sloped down at a low angle, and the party went deeper. Every now and then Dave could see broken old bones scattered on the ground. When they got to the boss room's entrance they saw an open field of gravel and dust. Large bonfires lit the room. And on the ground were hundreds of corpses of fallen soldiers and knights.
"This looks like a battlefield," Lone said
Some corpses wriggled and their bones ripped out of their bodies. The bones moved and rattled like they were attached to invisible strings. They rapidly attached themselves to each other creating a mass of bones that rapidly grew in size.
"I don't like where this is going," Dave said
"Aren't you an undead, this shouldn't be that-OH MY GOD!" Lone shrieked
The bones on the corpses of every other corps tore out and join together creating an enormous skeleton. The skeleton was at least fifty meters tall as it rose up. It started clicking its jaw making scraping noise, the kind that would make you feel like your teeth were being scraped with an iron file.
Level 500
Tier Mythic
Danger level?
Damage 60,000-80,000
HP 1,000,000
DN 80,000
MA -10,000
Skills: [Invisibility] Can periodically become invisible, the next attack after the invisibility ends will execute any target. (the attack is not affected by Threat level and will strike randomly)
[Indestructible] for every 10% Hp loss the Gashadokuro enters an invincibility state lasting for 60 seconds. No skills/spells can damage him and it becomes immune to crowd control abilities.
[Bone Explosion] The Gashadokuro will explode portions of its body dealing 50,000damage in AOE
The Gashadokuro are creatures of the night, they are created from the bodies of fallen men filled with resentment and unjust after their death.
It is said that the Gashadokuro can regenerate themselves through drinking the blood of their victims.
Only an Omyouji can ward them off using the charms of old.

"Alright I guess it's not too late to teleport out, let's leave," Lone said
"I guess you are right, we don't have the power to fight this," Dave said.
The skeletal creature tilted its head when it saw the undead then approached.
"Oh, it's coming!" Lone said as she pulled the reins on her dunlord and retreated.
The skeleton's mouth clacked as it spoke in a hollow voice "You, how did you arrive here?"
'It's not attacking us…' Dave gathered some courage and said.
"We came in from the outer world, from the Dead Realm."
"What is the Dead-Realm?" the skeleto spoke and approached the duo, it towered over them in an eerie scene but it didn't attack.
Dave looked up and slowly said"It's a place where many undead lives in, like me and these you see with me."
"Sounds like a good place…I wish to see it. I have been imprisoned here for a long, long time."
"What's stopping you? Why not leave?" asked Dave
"The guardians, Raijin and Fujin, they rule this labyrinth, and we are all their slaves," said the skeleton.
"No, as long as you are undead, no one rules over the undead but the Undead King," Dave said
"Who is this king?" the skeleton became more interested in Dave and the stories he has brought with him from the world beyond the labyrinth.
"He is a good and honorable king, he treats his subjects with justice. Everyone under the king is free to do what they want. And none is treated as a slave."
"A good king," said the skeleton, "How do I pledge allegiance to him? I wish not to spend my immortal life in this cage, never finding the way out."
Dave was perplexed as he didn't know how to answer the Skeleton.
You have spiked the interest of a powerful creature to join your cause.
The undead legion shall accept their allegiance on your behalf.
The unit you have converted is too powerful for you to have under your command for now.
They shall be ranked as a Doom Knight under the rule of the undead
You have been awarded:
For converting a powerful creature to the cause of the undead.
"Sweet," Dave said
The skeleton started fading from the room and a single item dropped from where it stood.
Stone Tablet
"So we get the tablet and not the loot," Lone was dejected.
"Well it's better than nothing," replied Dave then he received two notifications right after he finished his words.

One of your units had managed to convert someone to join the Undead Legion

One of your units had managed to convert someone to join the Undead Legion
"Wow, I think Bud and Dog converted the boss of the other rooms."
"What do you mean?" Lone asked
"I just received notification that they converted undead to the legion and received the reward for it,"
"Do you think that the rooms have the same bosses?" Lone asked
"Yes, probably. Well, we should be able to meet them soon then we can find out."
The duo searched the whole battelfield area, but didn't find anything of interest. They walked out of the room and back to the room with the many paths. When they arrived, the door closed down and the whole room shuddered as it lifted them up. The ceiling opened giving them access to a new area. It was a large platform with only one door. Behind this door lay another room.
Dave could see many other dunlords and undead waiting for them. It was the remaining battalions.
"Good, you guys made it!" Dave was cheerful, they grouped up the undead, he did a quick head count and found that he had 33 dunlords and 350 undead in total
Two paladins had died, and only eleven remained.
Bud came closer to Dave and handed him four Stone Tablets and two runes.
Dave inspected them.
[Beast Rune]
Increases damage dealt and received 1% for every 30 seconds of combat.

[Sanguine Rune]
Adds bleed effect to (sharp) weapons
The fifth consecutive attack of a weapon deals 1% of target's current HP as Bleed damage.
"Thank you, Bud!" Dave thanked the ghoul
"I guess we got lucky ending up with skill books," Lone said
"Book…Spark took...said boss will not mind, undead be strong...he gave dog one, and me one...boss not mad?"
Dave's frowned 'The undead can learn from skill books?'
Dave looked at spark and saw the undead rapidly flipping a skill book's pages.
"What are you doing spark?" Dave asked
The undead stopped his page flipping and closed the book with one hand. He looked at Dave and said,"Lord, I have deemed that Bud needed to use the a skill book we have gained at a certain point in the confrontation with a powerful creature. I hope you forgive me but it was the only way for us to survive."
"Oh, so you can talk, and quit coherently at that too, but tell me, Why did you tell Dog to use the skill-book he found? As I see, he managed to reach here without the need of any books."
"Dog has found a skill-book that is only compatible with whips."
The moment Dave turned to face Dog, the dullahan immediately hid the fiery whip behind his back and had it turned off.
Dave squinted his brows.
"It's alright, to have all the skills concentrated on me will not be that good. Having my underlings learn skills and use them to help us in fights will be much better." Dave assured Lone.
The regiment, or what was left of it moved toward the only gate on the raised platform. It looked the same as the gate they entered the dungeon from. The gate opened on its revealing the inside. Braziers lit up revealing a huge circular room with large statues of monks and eastern warriors carved into the walls. Just as the last undead entered the room, the gate slowly closed and the echo of evil and loud laughter echoed through it.
A lightning bolt and a tornado came down and crashed on the platform revealing two drahma sized creatures. They were the same ones they saw at the dungeon entrance. Only this time they weren't statues but were made of flesh, muscles and badassery…
When Lone saw their levels, her mouth gaped open and then stuttered saying "D-Davey..I think it's time to use those teleportation scrolls,"
"Yeah, about that… "Dave trailed as he looked up and down at the two catastrophe level monsters then said "I just tried it, this area is teleportation blocked…"


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