Rise of The Undead Legion
170 Tht“s gonna bruise tomorrow...
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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170 Tht“s gonna bruise tomorrow...

Chapter 68
Level: 750
Tier: Holy
Danger level: Absolute Death
Damage: 150,000-200,000
HP: 25,000,000
DN: 400,000
MA: 400,000

[Lightning Aura] Lightning surrounds and protects Raijin. Random lightning bolts strike out from the aura doing 10% of the target's max HP as flat damage, and stuns targets for 5 seconds (Skill duration: Until dismissed).
[Thunder Drum] Raijin strikes the tomoe drums around him, calling down thunder and lightning. When the lightning strikes the ground or a target it causes the status effects Dazed and Blindness.
[El-Thor] Raijin's ultimate attack, calls down a powerful lightning strike that instantly kills any target that it hits, no matter what skill is used to protect oneself. The attack can be dodged but not blocked or defended against.
[Brothers of the Storm] if either brother dies, the remaining brother enters a berserker state. Players have exactly 1 minute to kill the other storm brother or they all attackers will be executed (Passive Skill).

Raijin, Son of Lightning, one of two mischievous brothers often called Sons of the Storm. He was gifted the power to see the past, present, and future.

Level: 750
Tier: Holy
Danger level: Absolute Death
Damage: 150,000-200,000
HP: 25,000,000
DN: 400,000
MA: 400,000

[Flesh Tearing Wind] storm-winds circle Fujin. The wind slowly drains anyone's HP by 1% every second (Skill duration: Until dismissed).
[God of Wind Palm-strike] an elemental open-palm punch. Does 200% base damage in a cone area of effect.
[God's Wrath] Fujin picks a primary target and stomps his foot doing 100% of base damage in a cone area of effect. All targets in the area of effect will be thrown into the air, the primary target will be struck repeatedly while in the air. The sequence inevitably leads to the primary target's execution and death.
[Brothers of the Storm] if either brother dies, the remaining brother enters a berserker state. Players have exactly 1 minute to kill the other storm brother or they all attackers will be executed (Passive Skill).

Fujin, Son of the Wind, he was said to be the harbinger of typhoons, causing the suffering of many ships at sea.

"Yep, I guess we are done for," she said, "Unless you can summon Drahma?"
"I could, but these guys would tear him apart."
They continued to watch the two giants, looking for a solution.
"Did you see the door behind them?" Lone pointed.
"Yeah, the holes look like they match the stone tablets we've been collecting," he answered.
"You're right. But it's right in the middle of their aggro zone."
"We could try to reason with them..." Dave offered.
"You think it will work?"
He shrugged, "Who knows, it worked for the skeleton."
He urged his dunlord to move closer. As the dunlord entered the giants' aggro range, Dave spoke
"I come in pea-" his words cut off abruptly as Raijin transformed into a lightning bolt and disappeared.

"Shit!" he used [Vertical Slash] to leap away from the dunlord's back.
Raijin materialized in front of the dunlord and struck down with an open palm. The sound of chitin shattering echoed through the room and lightning exploded from under Raijin's hand. There was nothing left of the dunlord except a few specks of light.
"He just one-shotted a dunlord!" Dave panicked.
The other twin, Fujin, dashed toward the undead and extended his palm. A gale of wind shaped like a palm burst out from his hand. Dog was directly in the line of attack.
Dog smacked the basilisk's back causing it to disappear. He didn't have time to dodge the incoming attack so he grumbled something incomprehensible and took it head on, like a boss. The palm wind-attack hit through the undead ranks and blew Dog and every undead behind him to particles.
"Shit! It's going to cost an arm and a leg to respawn all my guys." Dave lamented.
Dave looked through his undead management panel for a way to send his undead back to the undead realm just like Dog had done, but didn't find anything.
Twisting his legs together and standing on one foot, Raijin slapped his hands together in prayer position. A lightning bolt the size of a tree trunk, struck down at Lone. She used her [Ice dome] in a desperate attempt to save herself, but when the flash faded all that remained were glowing motes.
There was no way Dave could survive this. But he wanted to see the twins' skills and gather as much intelligence as possible for the next time they tried this dungeon.
Dave felt the platform tremble. When he turned he saw Fujin dashing in his direction. The giant swung an uppercut that didn't touch Dave, but the wind that followed lifted him up. Dave used [Bastion] to nullify the damage from the wind.
Fujin stomped down and an elemental gale blew from under his foot and lifted Dave all the way, facing the giant. Fujin's hands blurred as he attacked with a thousand palm strikes. The force of each strike travelled through Dave and blasted out his back, blowing across the room. The upward force from the repeated blows also lifted Dave into the air, Fujin raised his knee high up and kicked down at Dave, a divine curb-stomp.
Dave slammed into the ground and bounced up like a rubber ball. At the top of the rebound, he came face to face with the giant enemy. Chambering his elbows back at waist level, Fuin struck out as he shouted, open palms coming together one over the other.
Dave's eyes widened when he saw the peculiar hand position.
"A Kameha?"
A gale of highly concentrated wind blasted out from Fujin's hands and blew Dave into sparkles of light.
You have died!
You will respawn at the graveyard closest to the last Teleportation Gate you used.

Dave appeared in a dark forested area filled with tombstones. Surprisingly, brilliant beams of light penetrated the tree cover and illuminated the graveyard. It was daylight.
"This is not the underworld."
Dave opened his map, he was in the Moria graveyard. He called Lone's number.
"Hey Lone, where are you now?"
"I got sent all the way back to the Devi capital's graveyard. What a stupid-strong boss challenge…did you see their HP? And those skills? How do we fight that?"
"I really don't think we should go back to that dungeon. At least not for a while. We can try grinding in other areas of the Underworld," Dave said.
"Okay. I need to repair my bow and I need to put some stuff up for auction. I'll meet you in half an hour."
"Alright, I'll wait for you. Tell me before you use the teleport scroll," Dave ended the call and sat down recuperating.
He drank a healing potion and opened his interface.
"Fuck, that's a lot of undead to respawn, even the paladins and the Unholy priestess died." Dave cursed.
"David Ruster?"
Dave startled and stood up to face the speaker. Whoever it was had addressed him by name. Not his game character names, his REAL name.
"Crap! You again? Why won't you leave me the fuck alone?"
The woman who'd spoken wore a white leather armor set. She was an assassin of the highest caliber. Mercy.
"Hang on. Just wait. Please," said the girl, hand up in an appeasing gesture.
She was still higher level than he was and he didn't have Gale and Orn to protect him. If Mercy wanted him dead it wouldn't be hard for her to make that happen.
But there was no longer a point in killing him. The opening of the expansion wasn't dependant on his character's actions anymore and Dave could now enjoy the Undead Legion in whichever way the gameplay led him. But she didn't know that.
"What do you want...princess?" He twisted the last word into a nasty epithet.
"I had a talk with my father and HE had a talk with the two idiots he sent to 'thank' you for your help. I am here to apologize for what happened in the hospital that day, that wasn't at all how things were supposed go down," she said.
"Apology not accepted, just piss-off," he said.
"Will you fucking stop treating me like this!" she started yelling, incensed at his indifference to her.
"What the heck is wrong with you?" she added.
"Me? What's wrong with me?" Dave wanted to explode out, then stopped himself and calmly said, "Just leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you..
"It was all a mistake, I swear! It really was a gesture of thanks. They weren't supposed to threaten you at all. They were supposed to ask you a favor. And it wasn't twenty grand, that is just insulting!."
Dave's draugr face turned scary as he lost his cool.
"I DON'T give a FUCK!"
"You are acting like an ass, my father told me to come come talk to you. He wants to meet with you, and is inviting you to dinner, " she said.
Dave was taken aback for a moment then said, "Why would I meet the head of some mafia. Don't try to sell me that Godfather crap, I know that is bullshit."
"Yes, he is the boss of our familia. Not even the Silvanas could keep you safe if we wanted you to come to harm."
Was that a threat...? Dave frowned.
Mercy reacted angrily, stung by his expression, "What is your problem? We are trying to apologize and make things right between you and us."
She drew a deep breath and continued calmly, "We are not what you think. We'll see each other again, soon."
Then she disappeared.
Dave's mood plummeted after she left. He didn't exactly regret pulling her out of the crashed car, a person's life was important. But his good deed just kept coming back to bite him on the ass.


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