Rise of The Undead Legion
171 Aftermatch and a new adventure.
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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171 Aftermatch and a new adventure.

"Damn mafia people with their stupid favors and stupid threats! Fuck!" Frightened and enraged, Dave was spouting a stream of curses and profanity in his frustration.
"You help them out and they still want to fuck you over. Fucking fuckers!"
Dave checked the state of his armor and gauntlets, he discovered they were damaged from the attack that killed him, but nothing too serious, no need for immediate repairs.
He looked around for the graveyard exit and headed for it, still angry and annoyed. He didn't feel like teleporting back to the Dead Realm right now, he wanted to take a long walk to clear his mind.
Unknown to Dave, as he strode toward the exit an unlucky player respawned in the graveyard and happened to see the draugr walking through the graveyard. As was common for most respawning players this particular one was unhappy about being killed. He was a level 220 Swordmaster who'd been grinding levels in the Wilds near Moria when a Jade Horned Serpent spawned almost on top of him.
Seeing what he thought was a wandering undead, the swordmaster decided to vent his frustrations on the EXP-piñata. The swordmaster activated [Charge] and hit the draugr from behind like an eighteen-wheel tractor trailer.
Stunned for 2 seconds

"Low damage," the sword master was confused. His sword was not in need of repair, his Skill had worked. So what happened?
He inspected the undead
Level 277
Tier: Epic
Death Knight
HP: 355,115/425,000
DN: 9,000
MA: 6,000
Grand Strategist

"D-Death Knight, what is it doing around here!?" The sword master turned to flee. He respawned with 10% HP and hadn't done anything to recover it before his rash attack.
"Where do you think you're going meat-bag?" the draugr's menacing voice growled behind the swordmaster.
"Not again! It's not fairrrrrrrr!" the swordsman wailed as he ran from the undead.
Dave used [Immortal Apparition] and appeared in front of the fleeing swordmaster, the beleaguered player shrieked like a prepubescent man-child.
Successfully applied Fear Effect

Dave immediately stomped his foot down, activating [Death Surge] and a wave of malignant shadows rolled across the fleeing adventurer.
The swordmaster turned to glowing particles and was teleported to another sector of the graveyard.
+20 Contribution point.

"I should just go back to the Underworld," Dave mumbled to himself.
He tore a teleportation scroll and appeared in the Undead Frontier. Dave went looking for Delvina, he wanted to find out how much it would cost him to revive his dunlords.
"Hello, Delvina," Dave's mood was sour.
"What is wrong young undead,"
"I lost my troops in a difficult dungeon,"
"You died?" asked Delvina
"Ohhhh, you broke your cherry!" Delvina joked "You don't need to worry about dying, as long as the Death Heart is vitalising the undead, you can die as many times as you like,

The Death Heart removes passivity from the heart of the undead, encouraging deadly battle and courage. Even if you die, you can rise back and fight again! so don't worry about death it is nothing to us. I read that you started building garrisons on your land. You can respawn your dunlords and dullahan from their unique buildings. There is no longer a need for you to come to me if you wish to purchase units or respawn them."
"How much will it cost?" asked Dave.
"You pay 10% of the purchase price of the undead to bring one back.
Dave checked his interface and found that he needed about 220,000 CP to get all his undead back, including the dunlords.
"Thanks, Delvina," Dave took his leave and tore another teleportation scroll. He appeared back in the Dead-Realm.
It took him a long time to get to his land. Without Stinger he had to walk all the way.
Dave headed to the dunlord construction site and found the workers steadily laboring on the new building.
He decided to visit Dikenz' new shop. When Dave entered the shop Dikenz saw him immediately and started rubbing his hands together, a rapacious gleam in his filmy zombie eyes.
"Ahh, me fave'rit cust'mer. Welcome, welcome!"
"Hey Dikenz, I need more workers."
"That be easy if ye have the CP."
"How much will it cost me to finish just the garrisons today?"
"Oh, that'd be bout 70,000 CP. But why the rush? I told ye, they be finishing the work for ye in seven days." Asked Dikenz
"I need to revive my troops, so I need the garrisons done as soon as possible."
"Och, lad. That be fine and good. But there be other matters to 'dress a'fore ye can revive yer lads.
Dave looked at the zombie with narrowed eyes, "What are you babbling on about, Dikenz?"
"You nay noticed there prices o' blueprints were all the same? Even fer diff'ren' buildings?"
"Yeah, and? Get on with it man...er zombie."
"Those buildings are simply buildings. Ta revive yer lads ye need ta install a respawner. Otherwise tha be just a hut fer em to sleep in. If they was 'ere with us, I means, sor."
"For god's sake, Dikenz, couldn't you have said that before? How much does a respawner cost?"
"Not so much, it be only 20,000 CP."
Dave became annoyed, he had just a bit over 450,000 CP thanks to him and his undead converting undead from the labyrinth to join undead legion.
"Ok, give me a respawner,"
"OK, now what respawner do you want? The one fer th' dunlord's, archers, casters, or th' melee units?"
"What!? I have to buy one for every type?"
"Why, yes. Of course, lad," Dickens replied with a too toothy smile.
"So ye want me to order some respawners for ya? It should na take much time to get them in for ya," added Dikenz.
Dave groaned, "How long, Dikenz?"
"It be seven days, lad."
"Well, I don't need more workers. Order respawners for me. Four, one for each type. I will come back in seven days."
"Alright then, lad," said Dikenz, recieving the 80,000 CP from Dave.
Dave phoned Lone again.
She answered the call, "Hey Davey, all set?"
"No. I can't revive the Boyz right now. I have to wait a whole week! It's a huge mess.
"We can't go back to the underworld, we aren't strong enough alone. We have to figure out a new grind location."
"Hmm, then how about you help me with my legacy quest?"
"I thought you needed to be at least level 300 to tackle that mission."
"Yeah, but there are also some errands and mini-quests that shouldn't be too difficult to complete with the two of us," replied Lone.
"Okay, I'm up for that. Where do you want to meet?"
"You have the Northern Kingdom's teleportation gate codes, right?"
"The Rager's gates? Nah, I never got the chance to visit there. The only time I was in the Northern Region was when we met. and that was due to a random spawn point from questing."
"Okay, let's meet at the Devi's capital I will give you a teleportation scroll for the north region. Bring Orn and Gale, the Ragers aren't friendly."
"Yeah, will do." Dave hung up and went to gather his two overpowered bodyguards.


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