Rise of The Undead Legion
217 Into the Wilds...again
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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217 Into the Wilds...again

"Bullshit! There's no god of Undeath."
"Hallo," the teenager smiled and wiggled his fingers at Dave like a little kid, waving.
This punk's attitude just irritated Dave, he was an annoying little creep and a thief no matter what he said.
"So, kid. Are we going to do this or do I go find another mate to help out?"
"I'm in as long as this isn't some scam you're running and we're really bringing them back. What do I have to do," Dave said.
The teenager jumped from the stage and swaggered over.
"To start we get you kitted out proper," he pointed at Dave's hand, "That's a fake."
Dave raised his hand, "The Death God's Legacy…fake? Now I know you are full of it, I'm not gonna take the ring off just so you can steal it too."
The punk-teen rolled his eyes.
He waved a hand, the ring glowed and burned on Dave's finger, he winced. The ring changed from gold to obsidian black.
"Take a look now," the teen-god smirked.
Ring of the Death God has become
Ring of True Undeath

Class SS Legacy item
Ring of True Undeath
[Undead Geas]
[Life Siphon]
[Life Cleaver]
Dave was dumbfounded. The ring was now SS class, Dave had never heard of ANYTHING above S rank. That meant it must be later game content.

"We're on our way, mate. If you want the undead back you're gonna hafta work hard for it. The first thing I need you to do is get me some Miasmic Aether of the Necromancer's Tomb."
Dave had never heard of it, "Okay, how do I get it?"
"You go to the tomb of Ashkar, the Ruined King."
"Why don't you just go and get it yourself," Dave asked. He was till suspicious of this young character. He didn't mind going on shoot and loots, but a fetch quest seemed low-level for something that was supposed to revive the entire undead race.
"Kid, how often do you see gods running around picking up shite? There are rules even we have to follow. Now shut yer cake hole and get on wit' it.
Tomb Raid
Quest type: Legacy quest (Group optional)
Quest rank: SS
Chained Quest:
First Task:
Collect 10 Kg of Eldritch Bone Moss from the tomb of Ashkar the Ruined King.
Level requirement: 300 (recommended minimum level 450)
Ashkar, known as the Ruined King, was an infamous necromancer, he experimented on himself and those around him seeking knowledge of life, death and immortality. Though he ultimately failed to find a way to become immortal the Ruined King left many secrets in his tomb for the magi of the world to find if any are bold enough to venture there.

The god of the undead muttered to himself, "Those wankers cocked up everything." He addressed Dave in a louder voice, "You're a bit of a ponce kid, I had to jimmy things for you, otherwise we'd have to wait while you toughen up quite a bit. And ain't nobody got time for that shite."
The new map-marker tone sounded in Dave's ear. He opened his mini-map. Well that was quite a fuck-you. The tomb was deep in the Wilds far to the east, almost to the Eastern Kingdom. The monsters grew more powerful and numerous moving in that direction. It would be rough just getting to the site of the tomb. No one had made it that far into the Wilds, so there was no way to know what was out there. The fetch-quest had just become a much bigger deal. That stupid 'recommended minimum level' was starting to make sense now. He needed to find out how he was even supposed to get to the tomb, let alone dive the dungeon.

But, before he could ask the teenage god anything he was teleported back to the entrance to Moria.
'Okay, there's a way to bring back the legion. Maybe, I'm still not sure I completely trust or believe that little punk-god. And the quest is for the fucking Wilds. That's gonna be some shit.'
A notification popped up.
Perfect Shot has invited you to a party

Do you accept?

He pressed yes.

Pussy Flanker [Priest]
Level 188
Perfect Shot [Ranger]
Level 192
Human Fortress [Tank]
Level 190
Dave chuckled again at their names. But, shit, he couldn't mess with them about their names now that they'd seen his 'Death Stroke' guise.
"S'up guys,"
"Hey Stroke, where are you now?"
"Moria, I'm starting a big quest, you guys wanna come along and help?"
"Sure! We wiped on the last run at Flanker's quest, it's on a seven day cooldown timer now. So we don't have anything to do. Give us a few secs, we're on our way."
"This quest is going to take a long time to get through. I'm going to overburden on potions and consumables, you guys should do the same."
"Okay we will re-supply the join you in Moria." Perfect Shot said.
"Okay, I will do the same I will wait for you at the city gate,"
Dave waited at Moria's city gates, until he spotted three players coming toward him. An archer in ornate leather armor with a black war-bow on his back and a bycocket hat on his head, like the kind Robin Hood wore, complete with jaunty red feather. With him was a priest wearing blue-striped white cleric's robes along with a waddling tank who was completely encased in heavy full-plate armor and lugging a truly massive door shield.
"Well, well. If it isn't the great Mr. Skeletal!" the priest said in a loud voice.
Dave frowned and Perfect Shot smacked the back of Flanker's head.
"IDIOT, I just TOLD you to keep your trap shut! You JUST signed a contract that you wouldn't talk about it. Use the big head, dumbass."
"But there's no one here, look! It's like a ghost town here, only NPCs around."
"I don't give a shit, NEVER talk about it, or I'll tell you-know-who about you-know-what."
Flanker turned tomato red and sputtered.
'I wonder what that's all about.'
"Sorry, Stroke. It won't happen again."
"No harm done. This time." Dave glared at the priest, "Don't do it again, this is serious business."
"Okay, my bad bro, it won't happen again. Perfect said you want our help with some quest, right? TNT to the rescue and all that. "
Dave looked at the priest again coolly again, "You talk too much.
"Yeah, I talk when I'm excited. I've always been like that, ever since I was little. Even my mum tells me I talk a lot. Why are you frowning? Bro, your face! It's scary, and not in a goo-"
"I think that's your cue to shut the hell up." Human Fortress calmly said.
"Oh! Right! Shutting up now."
"So what's your quest?" Perfect Shot asked.
"It's a tomb dungeon, with a level 300 requirement."
"That's high level. I don't know if we can handle that much of a level difference," Human Fortress shrugged.
"That's the requirement for a single player. So you guys tag along and I do all the tanking and DPS, I need your support abilities. But I can't have you guys dying on me, so we'll grind some levels on the way to the tomb."
Dave waited a beat to drop the anvil on them.
"Hells yeah, getting levels is good."
In a carefully casual tone he added, "The quest is deep in the eastern Wilds."
"What the fuck, man! The Wilds are damn dangerous, players go in and never come back!" Flanker said, looking at Dave like he'd betrayed them.
"Stop being a wuss, the worst that could happen is we lose some EXP and get sent to respawn," Perfect Shot groused at Flanker.
"You know there's a dragon flying around in the Wilds, right? Did you see that video of the top level players that went into the Wilds? They never even saw what hit them, they were all one-shot Over-Killed, man. They lost a lot of levels. LEVELS, man not EXP. Game over, man. And all their equipment was broken, man. Just think what an attack like that would do to US, man!" Pussy Flanker moaned.
"You want some cheese with that whine? What are the chances of meeting the dragon. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing what it's like," Human Fortress said in his deliberate manner. Because he was big he gave the impression he was slow, but Dave was starting to think it was just a facade.
"Look guys, this quest is a chain that could lead to the revival of the Undead. I admit it's gonna be tough, but think about the possibilities! The video feeds alone will be worth it, even if we didn't make it all the way to the tomb. And I HAVE to make it to the tomb, there's no other option."
Dave smiled, he'd thrown the bait and now waited for them to bite.
"I did really want to play an undead avatar when the expansion opened. I guess if I want that to happen I should try to help," Flanker said.
"An undead priest? I don't know if that would work, Flanker," Human fortress said.
"Why are you always dissing my ideas, man?"
"C'mon, help me revive the undead. It'll be fun. You'll get great EXP and pick up high level loot," Dave cajoled.
"Hmm, getting some levels sounds good, we gotta do this right though, man. So we don't get sent to respawn every five minutes," Perfect Shot said. He turned to his friends, both of them were nodding.
"Alright, let's get stocked up on consumables, make some plans then port to the gate nearest to the Wilds."


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