Rise of The Undead Legion
279 A wilde monster appears!
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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279 A wilde monster appears!

"Where are you going?" Demetri asked the two.

"What do you expect? You want me to fight that? No thanks, I'll leave until he calms down and we'll come back." Tess said and nudged the centaur to ride through the wilds.

Demetri was angry, not at Tess, because she was hired to help when they reach the eastern Kingdom. She had full freedom before then. But he was most angry at the idiotic player that caused the ongoing slaughter in his ranks.

Three hours later, Tess came back with Mercy to the Guild Alliance campsite. Most of the tents were destroyed and stained in players blood. But thankfully there was no sign of Leonard.

"Finally, back from your night stroll?" Demetri said in a disgruntled tone.

"What did you expect me to do? The contract states that we only have to fight when we are in the eastern kingdom," Tess said.

"It wouldn't have hurt to help us in this fight," Demetri replied.

"No, we have a quest related to this monster, we needed to be neutral," Mercy explained.

"Whatever," Demetri couldn't complain. He was frustrated but it was as Tess said. The two S legacy holders didn't have to help them.

"What's the death toll?" Mercy asked.

"1,233 player. Two hundred of them level 420 at least."

"That's a heavy blow to the alliance. But how did you chase away Leonard?"

"He said we were too weak. He got bored and left to hunt the bug," Demtri said.

"Sounds just like him. Demetri, dawn is about to break we should get going."

"Right, I already ordered the troops to move in half an hour. We are doing inventory right now."

"Where is Warlord?" Mercy asked

"I don't know, he must be with his guild members." Demetri replied. Two players came up to Demetri and said, "The Devastator guildmaster warlord said that we need to move soon. Many players are stacking the Stench debuff as we are waiting here. It'll just bring more trouble to us if we remain here."

"It's still half an hour too early."

"Let's just move Demetri," Warlord came from behind the European guild master.

"Wasn't it you who stated that the night was a bad time to move our army?"

"I already scouted the way ahead with Tess, it is clear. There are no monsters roaming this area of the wilds right now," Mercy said.

Warlord nodded to Mercy.

"Alright, alright, let's get going. I don't like spending more time here."

The army moved soon after. Thousands of players moved through the Wilds like an army of ants through a forest. They were organized and protective of each other. When a monster attacked, the players would gank it, nuking it to 0HP in seconds.

Thanks to the removal of the level difference, the players were able to deal substantial damage to monsters and eliminate them with sheer numbers.

The Wilds weren't a dungeon, so the player cap limit was not applicable to these monsters and could be swarmed with players.

After five hours march through the wilds. More players fell to traps and powerful monsters. Death increased in the alliance guild numbers.

Tess and Mercy rode on Derin the centaur. While Demetri, Warlord, Valentine and Wan Yi were riding horses.

"I just received word from the Blood Ragers. They just entered the Deep Wilds," Demetri said.

The Blood Ragers were a short distance far from the rest of the army. It would only take half an hour for Devastators and Heaven Dawn to reach their location.

"Send word for all the units. Thing's are about to get messy, tell them not to attack unless attacked," Mercy warned.

Demetri nodded and gave a command to all the units to move with more prudence. Scouts were sent to clear the way before the army marched.

"We made contact with the Blood Ragers," Demetri said. "They just destroyed a High Orc tribe."

"Those are a pain in the ass, tell The White Ghost that he can't let any of them alive. The wilds have hundreds of these orc tribes. Singund will not like it if he knows that another of his tribes was destroyed."

"Who is Singund? And what do you mean by 'another tribe'?"

"Singund, or Singund the Conqueror. He is the leader of all the High Orc tribes in the wilds. For your other question, me and some friends came here a while ago and killed off an entire tribe."

Demetri received another voice call, he pressed his hand on his temple, listening.

"Shit, some orcs managed to escape. The Blood Ragers ran after them but couldn't catch most of them. Some disappeared in the Wilds."

"This is really bad," Mercy said. "We need to pick up our pace. You really don't want to fight a coalition of orc tribes in the wilds. Even if you win, it's going to cost you a lot of players."

The army kept marching through the wilds. In front of them, smoke rose from a burning village. This was the High Orc tribe. Just as they entered into the village a notification popped in front of Mercy.


You are entering the Deep Wilds

The Deep Wilds is a dangerous area.

You are the 55,223rd to enter this area.

Enter at your own risk.


"Alright, here it comes," Demetri said.

In front of them was a large field of weed and grass that reached up to player shoulders.

The Blood Ragers army was standing right in front of this enormous field of tall grass.

White Ghost and Zhang Shi came over to meet with the leaders of the Devastators and Heaven Dawn.

White Ghost rejoined his Heaven Dawn Guild, leaving Zhang Shi standing in front of the other guild leaders and S legacy holders.

"Why aren't you moving?" Demetri asked.

"We sent a couple of scouts through the field." Zhang Shi said, "They died without knowing what killed them."

"How are we going to cross?" Demetri mumbled.

"I suggest we do what a certain draugr would have done in our situation," Mercy said.

"You are talking about Kis'Shtiengbrah?" Warlord said through grit teeth, the defeat at the Undead Frontier was a heavy blow to the number one player of Conquest.

"Yeah, I partied with him for a while and I understand him a bit better," Mercy said.

"Then what do you suggest?" Demetri said.

"Burn it all to the ground and force whatever is hiding in the grass to show up," Mercy said.

"Yeah, it sure does sound like Skelly, that guy burnt down a whole forest because of spiders." Tess giggled as she remembered Fortress recounting to her their adventure through the wilds and their escape from the Spider Queen.

"That's risky, we might anger what's hiding in the grass and it will cause us more unwanted trouble," Wan Yi said.

"What the hell are you blabbering, you think that whatever is hiding in the grass isn't angry already? Two players already died. We got to burn it down." Tess said.

"Mercy is right," Valentine said. "Burn the field and force the monster out, if we are lucky it might escape."

"All players with fire attribute skills and spells are to set the grass field on fire. This is an order!" Demetri gave a command to the whole guild alliance through the global raid channel.

The players began shooting fireballs and fire spells. Archer shot fire arrows and the melee players threw lit torches at the field.

Tess waved her hand summoning a scepter and chanted "Burn brighter than light and hotter than the sun, BE SUNDERED!"

A gigantic fire orb materialized in the middle of the field and roiled around itself, sapping coldness from the air and drying everything in the vicinity. The players began sweating the more the fire orb twirled around itself. The temperature increased to massive degrees that some of the clothes on players caught fire.

The melee players withdrew far away from the grass field that was now smoking. Seconds later, the grass caught fire and an infernal heat burst out from the orb setting every grass aflame. The field turned to a simulation of an inferno on earth.

Squeals and screeches sounded from the grass field. Through the white smoke, players could see the grass moving and coming toward them at a breakneck speed.

A creature emerged from the grass, it was half as tall as a man and looked like a raptor. The only exception was that this 'raptor' had small wings instead of short arms.

The raptor hissed at the players but was instantly killed when two high-level players shoved their swords into the raptor's neck.

A screech loud enough to awaken the dead sounded from the infernal field. The earth trembled as something massive and heavy moved through the smoke. A roar echoed blowing the fire and Tess's skill to nothingness revealing a behemoth of a monster.

This thing looked exactly like the raptor that was just killed. Only thousands of times bigger.



You may obtain incredible loot by defeating the world boss Htanajna


A wave of energy spread from the world boss and shaped itself like a glass dome. It locked several players inside with the boss. Some players tried to break through the dome but couldn't.

Mercy inspected the monster.



Level: 650


Base damage: 300,000-400,000

Danger Level: Absolut death!









The gigantic dino boss attacked the players, stomping on some with its legs and burning others with a fire breath.

"What the fuck is going on?" Demetri couldn't understand what happened.
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