Rise of The Undead Legion
-4 Glossary of the Undead Legion By Devil Advoca
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Rise of The Undead Legion
Author :biako
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-4 Glossary of the Undead Legion By Devil Advoca

Major spoils ahead, please do not read if you still want to read the story. For readers who are already at the last chapters, you can visit these auxiliary chaps and see all info about char/stats of the story.

Thanks to Devil Advocat

Character Glossary;

David Ruster / Death Stroke / Mr. Skeletal (Nickname) / Kis'Shtingbrah (Ch.080)

-          Ex-Gf Anna + Suit Guy à Douche Guy / Ruin-Smith (In Game Name)

o   Jonathan Webb, newly appointed leader Ogma Clan, a Devastators sub-guild

-          Vanessa, High School Crush, Model / Dementi Priestess 210 (214)

-          Ch. 18 Elite Skeleton (Draugr Beard), Ch. 76 Undead Captain (Bud & Co. Upgraded to Elite) , Ch. 149 Death Knight (Bud & Co. Upgrade to Undead Captain), Ch. 315 Doom Knight (Bud & Co. Upgrade to Death Knight)

-          Commander over the Red Fortress (111) à Land Management [-3333 -6666] (153)

o   Gale and Orn as his right hand men

-          Abyssal Dragon Egg (144), Handed over to (150), Onixya Hatches (316)

o   Lesser Aura of Terror

-          Death Legacy à Path of Warrior of Death (150), Dying is finally ok

-          Demise of the Legion, because ALFREEED!!! (197)

-          Key Master of Urburg, Management Menu (225-6)

-          The Hunt is On! Quest (238)

o   Kurukuru (Kha Zix) 550 (Unique) (236), KS Leonard (324)

o   Leonard The Pridestalker (Rengar) 550 (Unique) (238), 1st fight (299), Final Fight (323)

-          Earth Titan Lord Ally Level 750 (249)

-          Unique Character Trait: Progenitor of Undeath! (263)

You can now turn willing players to Undead, they can join the undead legion and rank up in the legion. The players you sire will only be able to rank to Doom Knight as the highest rank in the legion.

-          A Rank Quest, Capturing the 3rd Raid Zone (277), completed (280/294)

o   Reward; 1 random forbidden chapter every 30 in game days (295)

-          Great General Ouki's War Glaive (284) (stats are on bottom)

-          Total army size 2235 undead (298) à 100,000+ (317)

-          Bought 49% shares for Douche Guys Company (305)

-          Starts construction on the Leviathan (312)

-          Wrath of the Ancient Kingdom World Event Start; Mass Destruction for #1 (313)

-          Doom Knight Ascension à Leader of the 1st Unit of the Rogue Division (315)

-          Going around helping liberate the regions Qin Soldiers occupied (325-329)

-          Going to Douche Guy, to buy out his shares, gets assaulted (330)

God of Undeath, Nicholas, (202) first official meeting (216)

-          Demiurge (202), Maker of the Cosmos, Prime Architect of Creation

o   Jeffrey, Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Church (258)

-          Asmodeus, the Tormentor (203) his Childe, Ash King- Broke the Rules

-          Goddess of Death (205)

-          Ramsha (Home Room Teacher of the Gods) + Vreek sent to Asmodeus (215)

-          Archangel Naethiel Fall from Holy Grace. (201) , recruited (233)

-          Revival of the Undead Legion:

o   Death Heart Fragment (201) Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

o   Miasmic Aether of Ashkar (248)

o   Corrupt Bloodstone Crystal  (254)

o   Undead Kin Blood (258)

-          Quest: The Forlorn Hope of the Legion! (259), completed (263)

You have helped the Undeath God restore the Death Heart to partial functionality.

The Death Heart can be used to revive one Greater Undead every 24 hours (game time).

The fate of the Undead Legion rests in your hands.


Revive five Greater Undead (one each of the ranks shown below) then return the Death Heart to the top of the Bone Palace tower.

Ralph Rupert/ Blaster 412

-          Part of the Devastators

-          First time meeting Caitlin (214)

-          Newly promoted Division Captain (278)

o   100 Unit Captain à 1000 Unit Leader (283) , Leader of A-20 Unit

-          Received Qin Captain Set from Dave (326)  

Zoe Silvana / Lone Arrow (115 First IRL meeting) 180

-          Elven Girl Hunter(033)

-          Class Skills, Binding Arrow 10, Blink 20, Concussive Shot 30

o   Arctic Aura 183

o   Ice Clone Arrow Shot (310)

-          Inheritance Piece, for the Ice Queen, B Class Inheritance

o   of Venhime, the lost kingdom of ice

-          Friend, who is one of the best Smiths in the game

-          Demon-Buster (Scaling-Bow)

o   Frenemies; Sabrina, Tess and Jenny

-          Pincher, Dunlord Mount (163) / renamed to Spincer (306)

Samuel Silvana, Demon Barrister (Devil's Advocate), Zoe's Uncle

Dante Silvana, Weapons Dealer-Gunrunner- Zoe's Father

TNT(=Terribly Named Trio);

Human Fortress (Tank), couple with Tess (088) /Rob 190

-          Own a farm with horses

Perfect Shot (Hunter) / Tom Smith 192

-          Sigward Smith, Father and CEO of CCN TV

-          Fire coiled around his arrow and materialized an enormous ethereal blue shark that shot like a train crashing into one of the Torab snakes and sent it back into the waters (310)

Pussy Flanker (Priest) (ch. 30) Sven 188 , Jinx of the Group

Tess (Sorceress) 421

-          S Class Destruction Legacy, [Rapid Chant].

-          Friend of the Centaurs, Derin (Representative)

-          Inscriber Profession

Alfred, Super AI, goes on crazy Vendetta against Dave, because of Balance Issues

Bone breaker LVL351 (ex Inheritance Holder) à Kicked from Devastator for Feeding (Wiping them out on many quests)

-          Paladin 450k HP

Stainless steel LVL360à Promoted to Devastator Main Guild

-          High Priest 225k HP, 400k MP

Jeffery (321)

-          Unlocked the hidden expansion Age of the Machine (introduces Mechanist + Gunner)

Super Guilds;

1.      Blood Rage; North Kingdom, Korean Guild

Zhang Shi, Guild Leader

Sand-Storm, Vice Leader

-          Female Hunter wearing dark green light robe

Cao Cao,

Long Zhao, Berserker, 426 (Legacy Holder) Field of Honor (Owner of 6% of Sigma-Electronics)

Song Liu, Priest

2.      Heaven's Dawn; Southern Kingdom, Chinese Guild

Wan Yi, Guild Leader

Glaze à White Ghost / Park Song (137)

-          Priest wearing gray robe

-          the right hand of the Heaven's Dawn, and according to all the rumors and intelligence reports, the shot-caller of the guild, the power behind the throne.

-          But not this wizzy character, the holder of an A class Legacy. The Star Mage

Cao Cao, Guild Second

3.      The Devastators; Western Kingdom, American Guild, The golden city Icathia

Warlord, Guild Leader, Highest Level 440

-          S Class Inheritance, God of War

-          the awesome Legacy Skill [God's Fist]

Mr Valentine, Vice Leader, Level 420, Shifter Lord, Guardian /Thomas Baldwin (137)

-          The neon-pink armor was a Named scaling-set, Heart-Striker

-          A class Metamorphosing Man's Legacy, he can sustain huge amounts of damage while receiving minimal effects. A great defensive Legacy

Satan Slayer, Peacocking VIP, major investor

-          CEO of a company that produces super-computers and high tech devices

Rencha, another investor, Priest

4.      European Might/Union; Eastern Kingdom, European Guild

Guildmaster Demetri (278)

-          Blue robe

Female Elf in red leather armor

It's Just Business; Powerful Guild of Mercenaries, 100 Players

Bodybuilder / Bob, Nephew of the Don

Door-Prop / Sebastian, Babysitter of Bob

Caitlin Giovanni / Mercy Level 428

-          Legacy S Class Holder

o   Legacy Skill allows for the Execution of a King/Leader of a group including Guild Leaders/Guild Masters  (282)

-          Grim Blade (Curved Dagger) (Unique) (254)

o   Damage: 20,000-30,000 + 200 Agility +200 Dexterity

Increases the duration of [Stealth] by 30 seconds.

An additional 50% Base Damage to the first attack after emerging from Stealth.

On every hit there is a 20% to inflict one of the following three effects [Poison], [Paralysis], or [Laceration].

Tivo Giovanni, Father of Mercy, Uncle of Bob, Head of the Giovanni Family, GM of Guild

Emile Kada, Lead Developer for Conquest

-          in charge of the Undead expansion in Conquest. I'm responsible for all non-AI generated content and creative input


-           VP of design and development. Which means she runs herd on all of us crazy non-capitalist creative types. She's not a bad egg, for a stuffed shirt

Undead Boyz;

-          10 Commanding Units, 3 Ghouls/3 Archers/3 Casters/1 Zombie

1)      Bud, the Ghoul (050) à Shadow Ghoul (094)

-          Received Stinger as his mount (285)

2)      Bones, the Caster (059) à Sparky (075)

Dunlords, (093), Level 350, Stinger (109)

3)      Dog, the Zombie (124) à Dullahan

-          Tamed a Basilisk Ride (147), Basilisk Bone Flail (255)

-          Former Wielder of the God of War Legacy (319)

Converted Paladins (153) Zorah (253)

Housing Basilsks (155) Grumpy, the onyx Basilisk mount (248) Alpha

-          [Spirit Link] (Passive): communication and understanding between you and your mount has improved, level 1/4.

You have unlocked a new mount option.

[Mounted Combat] (ground): Level 1/10, fight from the back of a pet or companion-beast.

Damage is increased by 10% when fighting from a [Spirit-linked] mount.

Red Mane, The Troll & his Tinkle (Club Whistle unconscious for 10 sec) (187)

Tamed Spike, Forest Prong Fiend, Died (241), Resurrected back to Undeath (301)

4)      Singund The Conqueror (281), revived as 1st named Undead (296)

-          Undeath Ascension Battle Arena (296)

-          [Wrath of the Giants] (Passive) increases Singund's attacking power by 20% for every 10% HP lost.

-          [Blood of the Giants] (Passive) Increases Singund's HP regeneration by 1% for every 10% HP lost. (Effect is lost when Singund Reaches 1% HP)

-          [Madness of the Giants] (Passive) increases Singund's attacking speed by 10% for every 10% HP lost.

-          [Will of the Giants] (Passive) Singund becomes immune to damage when his HP reaches 1% for 180 seconds.

-          Received Dave's Flamberge (298)

-          Own personal army (298); Undead War Boar Lvl 400

700 melee High Orc Units. Level 400

300 Shaman High Orc units. Level 380.

Able to construct Orc Village in Settlement

Grave Lord, forbidden Undead, Tiny (286)

-          [Soul Bound] binds itself to an undead and grows to match the bounded undead's level.

-          [Assimilate] Consumes the corpses of fallen enemies to generate its own body.

The body of the Grave Lord changes depending on the monsters consumed. Gaining HP, PD, MD depending on the number of consumed monsters.

New Abilities (Ch. 289)

-          [Death Collector]  Collect the corpses of slain monster to be used later in combat. Stored monsters don't need to be supplied with Mana as long as they are kept within the Grave Lord storage space. [Dimensional Pocket] can store up to 2,000 undead at once.

-          Your Grave Lord has unlocked the ability, [Major Metamorphosis]. Grave Lord (Tiny) can swap from his {Slime} form to {Battle Form} instantly. All undead Stored in [Dimensional Pocket] can only be accessible when your Grave Lord is in {Battle Form}.

-          Ch. 294;          You have unlocked your Grave Lord's trait. "Fight as one."

You can use your Grave Lord's body as your own to fight.


Revived Manticore Lvl 450 (288), 6à9 under his command (289)

5)      Dai-Tengu, 2nd Named Undead, he raised (307)

-          Issues Challenge against Dave, fight Dog instead (308)… loses XD (310)

-          Dave returns his pitch-black katana (311)

-          Skill; Dimensional Cut: Feather Storm: Dragon Ball. Rage-Mode.

-          Binding of the Spirit, Once per month can delve in memory of willing creatures (320)

Revived Torab Serpent (313)
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