STB System In Strike The Blood
174 Chapter 174 : Bath!!! R18 3
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STB System In Strike The Blood
Author :Seion
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174 Chapter 174 : Bath!!! R18 3

Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!!

Noa shoved his dick faster, adjusting his position for them to feel more comfortable all the while feeling the depths of her pussy.

Noa felt the incredible feeling of wet and tight ex-virgin flesh on his dick.

Both of them softly moaned. Nina's slightly blushing face looking at him, breast and legs, looked entrancing.

Noa just moved his hand up her thighs, feeling it all over.

As Noa slipped his dick halfway in, his hands went to her shapely hips and held her firmly.

He then pushed deeper, stirring up Nina's moans to sound out.

Noa held her back against the glass wall as he pushed some more. He could feel his dick completely sliding into the warmth of her body.

Nina : Ughh.

Nina : Aaaahhhhn.

It was heavenly. Feeling their lower body connected as one, both of them were in bliss! The more they do it, the better it feels.

Nina's body clung to him and stuck around his dick. The feelings of her pussy sliding on him were extraordinary.

Noa knew their climax was building up faster and faster. He thought of anything to take his mind of the possibility of cumming to early.

He wanted to have it the same as Nina. Every time that happens, it gave them the greatest feeling, shooting his load while her tight, wet passage was squeezing him, spasming on his dick.

Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!!

Occasionally, he was fondling her breast while exchanging kisses and sucking her tongue.

Nina : Ahhnn!
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Nina : Ahh!!!

Noa started getting more and more aroused when he was having a melody playing in his ears from Nina's moans.

An unknown amount of time had passed and Noa slowly was still thrusting inside her.

They could continue this for a long time with their current condition, only wanting a taste of the other.

Noa : Your insides feel so good! They're moving around me!!!!

Nina : Like this??

Noa : Ughh....

Nina managed to do it again. She was clenching her lower muscles, further pulling Noa inside her. It was too pleasurable.

Noa pounded her beautiful blushing body.

As he continued to thrust away at her pussy, Noa started playing with her ass at some point, this stimulates her to twitch her pussy on him.

He also played with her clit as he pushed his dick inside her.

Nina moaned from the fantastic pleasure his finger was giving her as he went on to suck her nipples.

Slurp!! Slurp!! Slurp!! Slurp!! Slurp!!

Noa raised her in the air and spread further her legs creating an M wrapping them on his waists while he positioned his dick that slid out of her dripping pussy.

Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!! Slarp!!

Having to stand for a long time, they were beginning to lose the strength on their legs.

It wasn't long before their bodies starting to tremble and the moans along with the pounding and the water falling on them getting louder...

Noa thrusted with everything he got as his dick kissed her womb before releasing his hot cum and causing her to spasm as she squirted her own juices out of their connective point...

Splurt!!! Splurt!!! Splurt!!! Splurt!!! Splurt!!! Splurt!!! Splurt!!! Splurt!!!

Noa : Haaa... Haaafff...

Nina : Haaa.... Haaa...

Nina : That... was..... intense...

Noa : Hahahahaha... Though you say that... It feels like you are an expert in this...

Nina : Hehe... Not really i just looked at... a lot reference...

Noa : Lets stay like this for a bit...

Nina : Don't you want to lay down and wash??

Noa : We could... But then you would have to sit on top of me...

Nina : I see... So round two...??

As Nina said that and while hugging each other, she made sure to make her intentions clear while shaking a bit her thigs with his dick still inside her while her breasts were pressing against his face...

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    《STB System In Strike The Blood》