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Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World
Author :yohananmikhael
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111 Yuna“s Past 1

Lukros and Lucas were inside the white training room in the Sacred Land. As they were doing their business, out of nowhere in the silence, Lukros talked. 

"Master, don't you think Lady Yuna is too talented? Not only did she learn things in a few days, but also, I can see much potential in her." 

Piqued by the thought, Lucas paused as he faced Lukros to draw some magical runes on an array.

He contemplated that it was indeed true. Not just because he had never seen this kind of progress, a genius mage like him, or even an 8th generation of the Descendants of the First Mage, could be put to shame since what Yuna learned was phenomenal magic. 

In the magic world, there are two classes of magic. First was elemental, which was the easiest to learn and only needed aptitude to learn. And the second one is phenomenal magic, which not only requires aptitude but also great talent in the circulation of mana in their body. Those who learned this type of magic are at least those who are in the 5th circle of their core. While there were still unpredictable limitations in magic, the one known in history to have had the highest circle attained was Lucas, who was in the 9th circle of his core. 

"I must be preoccupied that I didn't notice her talent. But I might have taken into account that she was familiar with energies since mana is just another form of energy." Before letting out a sigh, Lucas explained. 

It is shameful of him since he didn't even first mention it. Perhaps his level and standards had just been raised so he didn't notice Yuna's talent. His standards may have been affected by being surrounded by his familiars, who were the strongest creatures in his world. 

He could only shake his head at this thought. 

"Master, didn't you think Lady Yuna would join your guild?" 

Lucas paused and hung up hearing Lukros's words. It was absurd, but not to the point that he would react aggressively to it. 

It is true that he should take Yuna's talent into account, but consequences lie if he tries to take Yuna from her position. 

"It would be impossible and I am also not interested. Even though she was my first true disciple in this world, I am not that interested in roping her into my interests." Lucas said that eventually made Lukros realize what he had just said. 

It may be true that Yuna is talented, but what was Lucas thinking about making his guild or sect join it were those who didn't have current status in society. Perhaps those who were incapable of raising their status in the cultivation world because of the uniqueness of their bodies.

'If I can remember it right, there is something called a constitutional body in this world which could be equivalent to a body ability.' 

In Lucas's previous world, there were plenty of types of abilities that could be attained and injected into a mage's core. But what is famous were Body Ability, Mind Ability, Bone Ability, and Aptitude Ability. 

Body ability is the equivalent of a constitutional body, which is commonly called "physique" in this world. Those are the abilities of one body to have extraordinary feats. 

Meanwhile, Mind ability is an ability that a mage could have that is related to the mind, and so forth for bone ability and aptitude ability. 

"Let's not think much of it. We still have a lot of time, and if we think about it, there are some ruckuses that happen in this world." Lucas said. 

"Right, Master. It seems that there is a fight between the northern continent and the eastern continent." 

"See... So let's not make Yuna worry about our goals. I mean, my goal, since you were not interested in it at first." 

"What do you mean, "not interested," Master? I am interested in the sect you are about to create." Lukros was thinking of it, but just when he said it, he almost took it back. He was thinking of learning more about human society since he hadn't done it in the previous world. But now he was interested, or at least he wanted to know more. 

However, Lukros was having second thoughts. If he does it, will he be able to retain his personality? He was just being rational if he knew Lucas was with him. And obviously, planning for this would take a risk. 

However, risks are accompanied by opportunities. So why should he care about it since his master could easily find him?

"Master, can we do the Master-Servant pact again?" 

"Right, the pact was destroyed. That's why I didn't feel you." 

"Master, I want to tell you something, but will you allow me?" 

Lucas just hung up and didn't immediately respond. 

'Why is Lukros thinking like this? It seems like he really did mature, not just had some changes in him. Now, I am sure that he has changed. But what will happen if that happens? He wasn't used to being mature since he was always by my side.' 

But Lucas shook the thought off and faced Lukros once again. 

He then raised his eyebrow and asked, "What about it, Lukros? You can tell me."

Lukros was hesitant at first, but as he pushed himself, he shared his thoughts.

"Master, I am thinking of joining human society by my own accord. Not just to learn how to suppress the transformation I experience every night, but also to mature in some ways. I want to change, Master." Lucas simply smiled as he received some hints. Those were some ideas that he had seen Lukros doing, and now that he was sure, he could only feel proud. 

"Of course, why would I not allow you? Now that you think of it, I am sure that you are getting more mature." Lucas proudly uttered 

'Even though it was a bit drastic, it was still great.' 

"Right, Master, should we do the pact now?" 


After three days, Lucas and Yuna were still continuing their session. While in their session, Yuna noticed something was off. 

"Brother Lucas, where is Brother Lukros? I don't see him now or even yesterday." Yuna asked and Lucas looked at her. 

"Lukros was off on a journey. He'll be back at an unknown date " Lucas explained.

Yuna just nodded in accordance with what she heard and said, "I see if that's what is happening, but may I say, Brother Lucas? Weren't you interested in what happened in the center region?" Lucas instinctively faced Yuna as soon as he heard it. 

"Well, I am, but it is not my business to pry into your affairs," Lucas said that eventually made Yuna let out a sigh. 

Yuna worried that Lucas might be intrigued by it. Not that she doesn't want Lucas's help; it would be promising to have his help, but there was something in her heart that wanted her not to involve Lucas here.

Yuna sees Lucas as someone who was the successor of her friend thousands of years ago. 

Yuna came from an orthodox sect, which was the sect that the Xiao family held, the Sacred Cultivators Sect, which was self-proclaimed yet accepted by the masses as their practices met the standards of the people.

They were taught how to act nobly despite having to be indulged with blood from wars against enemies of the public. From a very young age, Yuna felt trapped and eventually tried to escape her fate.

Thus, when she escaped, she became aimless for a few years, and there she met Light, who was from an unorthodox sect that was totally contrary to what she had learned.

Light was a young man who had handsome features and a pleasing aura around him. He was the kind of soothing young man whose words would make anyone believe what he said.

At this event, there were plenty of things that Light taught her. She learned how to curse and act violently if she wanted to. Sometimes she acted cold towards normal people, and she also learned how to kill without remorse.

Even for an unorthodox sect, Yuna felt that there was something off with Light's practices. Not just that she did not even visit his sect once, but his stories weren't what the unorthodox sects taught.

Unorthodox sects are sects that have a different approach to a belief that is contrary to what the mass approves. This means it could only be acceptable to those who had the same thoughts and not to the mass who had similar perspectives.

However, Light was acting as if he was a killer, but she didn't dare question it, as, during those times, she felt she was free and Light was so kind to her.

The time she spent with Light was so memorable that she didn't want to end it with mere speculation. But that speculation ended and was proven when Light himself said the truth to her.

"I am not actually part of an unorthodox sect. My beliefs don't actually match with what everyone actually believes." It was a cold voice that came out of nowhere that Light uttered.

They were only walking along a snowy path in the northernmost part of the continent, wishing to find a magical beast that was stronger than them.

But this time, it was nothing but a different one from what they actually do. It was life and death since the northern region had the most dark sects on the continent, who were the most hideous of the dark sects in other regions.

"What do you mean by that, Light? It kind of gives me an awkward vibe." Yuna responded as she suddenly paused on walking, just behind Light.

Light let out a sigh, then faced Yuna with a pitiful expression. It made Yuna flinch, as she wasn't able to read what that face actually meant.

"I am from a dark sect. So, as a friend, will you follow me to my family, Yuna?"

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    《Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World》