Scholar's Advanced Technological System
957 Win a Gold Medal First!
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Scholar's Advanced Technological System
Author :Morning Star LL
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957 Win a Gold Medal First!

The news of Star Sky Technology investing in Beep Beep Charging affected more than just the financial industry, the electric energy and charging station industry also caught wind of the news.

Almost as soon as the stock price for several venture capital companies rose to the sky, Bobby found Elon, who was representing Space-X at the summit.

"Sir, Star Sky Technology seems to have acquired a charging station company called Beep Beep Charging. They plan on competing against us."

Elon: "…"

As he squeezed the glass in his hand tightly, he could feel his blood pressure going up.

F*ck sake!

Does this f*cking guy want to go to war with me?

First lithium-sulfur batteries, then aerospace, I mean, he has a total monopoly on lunar transfer orbit launches.

Now he plans on competing with me on charging stations for the Yangtze River Delta City group?

Is this guy obsessed with me?

Elon took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He let go of the glass in his hand and slowly said, "I don't care… Just follow our plan.

"Tesla's brand image means we'll have an advantage. Star Sky Technology has the rights to the patents, which is quite annoying, but charging stations are different from lithium-sulfur batteries. This is our playground, not theirs!"

Elon knew that Star Sky Technology was a powerful company, and the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study had good research and development capabilities. However, that didn't mean he was going to lose to them in the field of electric vehicle charging stations!

Charging stations didn't require any highly advanced technology; there were only two relevant factors—area coverage and compatibility! There was no reason for them to lose the battle.

Why do I feel like Elon is always overly optimistic?

Bobby agreed with Elon, but he still said truthfully, "True, but according to my investigation, they're planning on integrating wireless charging stations… Maybe they're not a concern, but I have to say we should pay attention to them."

"Wireless charging stations?"

Elon sneered and had a disapproving look on his face.

"Lu Zhou is an excellent scholar, but I have to say he has no idea what he is doing. Even if wireless charging technology catches up in charging speed, it will require the battery manufacturers' cooperation. This means they'll have to change the entire electric vehicle supply chain! What a joke."

Do you know how many car manufacturers there are?

How many battery manufacturers?

Charging stations are just an accessory for new electric vehicles, so a good charging station company should install more interfaces to be compatible with different car manufacturers.

But you want other car manufacturers to comply with your standards?

Not to mention that you're not even in the automobile industry? Why would anyone listen to you?

Forget about foreign cars, Tesla will never cooperate with you!

Elon slowly smirked.


If Lu Zhou wants to go to war on charging stations, then we'll go to war… I'm confident I'll teach him a lesson.

If Lu Zhou was next to Elon, he wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry, because Elon totally misinterpreted his plan.

However, Elon's idea irritated him. After all, letting a foreign guy come to China and sell China's electricity back to the Chinese people was a little unacceptable…

But honestly, Lu Zhou never viewed Elon as a serious opponent.

Lu Zhou was on the high-speed rail back to Jinling, and he used this free time to go through his notes on Riemann's hypothesis. Suddenly, he received an email on his computer.

The email sender's address was unfamiliar, but the content was oddly familiar…

[Sir! I passed the first selection round, I'm in the national reserve team!]

Without looking at the name, Lu Zhou already knew this email was from Li Mo. He guessed that Li Mo probably found his email from the Jin Ling University website.

He would often receive emails from students that asked to study a master's or PhD under him.

Lu Zhou looked at the email and smiled.

Getting in the national reserve team is nothing to brag about, the second round of selection hasn't even begun. Only six people make it to the international stage.

And a gold medal…

Is not easy.

Anyone in the national reserve team, regardless of whether they made the IMO team, would easily be able to get into Yan University or Shuimu University.

For most people, this was quite an impressive achievement.

However, having said that, this type of achievement was nothing worthy to be bragged about. Mathematics was about patience and tenacity, and arrogance was its worst enemy.

If this guy can stay humble, he might be able to make something of himself.

Lu Zhou put down his pen and began typing a reply on his laptop.

[Come brag to me when you have a gold medal!]

This kid needs a better character!

Ten minutes later, the business class crew members reminded the passengers that their trip would soon come to an end. Lu Zhou put away his computer and notes on Riemann's hypothesis, then got off the train with Wang Peng.

After getting into the car, Wang Peng suddenly received a phone call. After hanging up, he turned toward Lu Zhou, who was sitting in the backseat, and said, "The higher-ups want me to ask you if you're going to the International Congress of Mathematicians?"

Lu Zhou: "I haven't decided, why?"

Wang Peng said, "Normally speaking, when an important person attends an international event, we have to coordinate with the security department of the foreign country and make sure the security is foolproof."

Lu Zhou said, "Is it that serious?"

Even though he knew he was an important figure, he didn't expect the state to prepare security months in advance just for him to attend an academic conference.

Wang Peng shook his head and said, "This is serious, so we have to take all necessary preventative measures. After all, you know how the current international situation is. It's better to be safe than sorry."

Lu Zhou looked at the notes in his hand and contemplated it for a while.

"If I do end up going, how soon do I need to tell you?"

"At least a week in advance, but I suggest two months."

Lu Zhou nodded.

"Okay, I'll give you an answer by June."

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