Scholar's Advanced Technological System
960 Clues on the Debris!
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Scholar's Advanced Technological System
Author :Morning Star LL
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960 Clues on the Debris!

Lu Zhou returned to his Zhongshan International mansion, carrying the hopes of the lithium-air battery research team on his shoulders.

However, when he was about to show off his talents, he realized a serious problem…

This thing was not easy to solve.

In fact, it was much more difficult than he had originally thought.

Lu Zhou looked at the computer on his desk while staring at the model he retrieved from the institute database. His right hand held a pen motionlessly.

After a while, he sighed and put down the pen.

"Gas molecular exchange membrane…

"This is some high-tech stuff."

This technology would be valuable even if it wasn't applied to lithium-air batteries and only used to purify gas. So far, the most advanced gas purification technology was pressure swing adsorption, but its extraction efficiency and purity were far from perfect…

Lu Zhou stood up and walked next to his bookshelf. He gently pulled a book sitting on the left side of the second row.

After a click sound, the drawer underneath the bookshelf moved slightly. Lu Zhou opened the drawer and took out a metal tube, which was around the size of a double-A battery.

Precisely speaking, this metal tube was destroyed by an unknown object.

The middle section of the metal tube was broken, and the battery was slightly bent. Other than the positive sign and negative sign markings, no other information could be seen on the battery.

As Lu Zhou gently rubbed the battery with his thumb, he had a thoughtful expression on his face.

"The answer should be inside this thing…"

This was his first debris.

The data scanned from the scanner gun was stored together with Xiao Ai inside the high-tech quantum computer.

However, even with the help of the scanner gun, it was quite difficult to completely restore the original state of the debris.

So far, the only technology he had recovered from this battery was the polymer material that solved the lithium dendrites problem, nothing related to the lithium-air battery.

In his opinion, if he himself couldn't solve the problem of lithium-air batteries, no one in the world could either.

"If only the molecular exchange membrane is still intact, even just a little bit…" Lu Zhou said as he stared at the broken battery.

Even if a little bit of the membrane survived, he could use the scanner gun to retrieve its composition. He might not be able to copy the design, but at least it would give him a point of reference.

But the problem was that…

"Wait a second…"

Lu Zhou stared at the battery, and suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head.

He immediately sat down at his computer and spoke.

"Xiao Ai, retrieve the scan information for Debris No.1 from the database!"

[Okay, Master! (๑•̀ᄇ•́)و✧]

A three-dimensional model soon appeared on Lu Zhou's computer screen.

He stared at the scanned image of Debris No.1 on his screen. Despite having seen this model many times in the past, he still couldn't help but feel amazed.

Because of his increased engineering level, he found a new level of appreciation for the advanced engineering design that went into this battery.

"This is incredible."

As Lu Zhou stared at the delicate structure between the gas exchange chamber and the anode material, he couldn't help but sigh.

A layer of molecular exchange membrane was placed between the gas exchange chamber and the gas inlet. The gas exchange chamber was filled with a high concentration of oxygen, and a layer of polymer material was then used to completely cover the lithium anode. Using a special method, pure oxygen molecules were transported to the negative electrode…

Star Sky Technology could recreate part of this design.

Of course, that was assuming they could find a solution to the molecular exchange membrane. Otherwise, no matter how clever their design was, the lithium-air battery would be useless.

Xiao Ai: [Master? 0.0]

"Nothing, I'm just surprised…"

Lu Zhou composed himself and said, "Xiao Ai, retrieve the material composition data for the negative electrode and gas exchange chamber!"

Xiao Ai: [Okay! Done! (๑•̀ᄇ•́) و✧]


Even though the data was already inside the database, Xiao Ai's speed of retrieval still surprised Lu Zhou a little.

However, now was not the time to think about that.

Lu Zhou stared at the chart in front of him and used his mouse to mark locations on the 3-D battery image. He carefully searched for locations of where the gas exchange membrane might have existed.

As expected, he found a suspicious clue.

"Interesting… There are no traces of silicon at all.

"The excessive trace of carbon residue should belong to the carbon nanospheres… Wait, not necessarily!" Lu Zhou thought about the carbon residue of the Debris No.3 Hall-effect thruster and said, "I understand now!"

Xiao Ai: [What? (°ー°〃)]

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and tried to contain his excitement. "Silicon is extremely stable, it's unlikely that there are no traces left behind in the debris. If there is no residue of silicon, that means… The molecular exchange membrane used on Debris No.1 wasn't a silicon-based substance at all!

"If we replace the silicon with carbon, it should fix the problem!"

Lu Zhou's mind was racing a million miles a minute. He took a piece of draft paper and grabbed a pen.

However, he suddenly noticed the Riemann zeta function he wrote on the draft paper.

Lu Zhou furrowed his eyebrows and clenched his jaws.

F*ck this, who cares!

I'll solve this first!

I swear, this is the last thing I'll solve before I devote myself entirely to Riemann's hypothesis!

Once this is over, no one is getting any help from me!

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