Scholar's Advanced Technological System
962 Finally Put It to Use!
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Scholar's Advanced Technological System
Author :Morning Star LL
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962 Finally Put It to Use!

All to…


Yang Xu froze.

Qian Zhongming and Liu Bo also froze.

All of the researchers in the laboratory looked at Lu Zhou; they were in shock.

After a couple of seconds, Yang Xu broke the silence.

"Change it to… carbon?"

Yang Xu smiled and shook his head. "That's impossible, we've tried it already. We even used a more flexible carbon-based material in the beginning. But we found out that carbon isn't as stable as silicon."

He paused for a second and casually joked, "I mean, we're trying to build a lithium-air battery here, not a lithium bomb."

However, no one in the laboratory laughed, including Yang Xu.

Everyone was feeling a bit down.

After all, this meant that their efforts over the past two years were for nothing.

"Because you didn't use the right method…" Lu Zhou looked around and said, "Do you guys have a blackboard here?"

Yang Xu said, "We have a whiteboard… It's behind you, what are you doing?"

Without explaining anything, Lu Zhou smiled and spoke.

"Whiteboard works."

He turned around and faced the whiteboard. He picked up a marker, pondered for a few seconds, and began writing.

[Ethylene-propylene copolymer, 3,4-polyisoprene, polysulfone cross-linked block copolymer CBGC and its chemical modification CBGC-M…]

As the researchers in the laboratory looked at the organic compound names being written on the whiteboard, they felt totally confused.

Qian Zhongming leaned over and whispered to Liu Bo, "What is… Academician Lu doing?"

"This looks familiar…" Qian Zhongming was also confused. He frowned and said, "Maybe it's the modified PDMS formula? But it doesn't seem like it…"

The modified PDMS polymer wasn't nearly as long; it was just two compounds combined together.

But it seemed like Lu Zhou was writing more than five compounds on the whiteboard…

Yang Xu stared at the long list of names on the whiteboard and also didn't understand what was going on.

He knew what the compounds were.

He even had them in the laboratory.

But he didn't know why Lu Zhou was writing them on the whiteboard.

When Lu Zhou stopped writing, Yang Xu couldn't help but ask, "What's this…"

"Mix these organic substances in a ratio to form a film." Lu Zhou threw the marker on the table and said, "Remember to use cold rolling."

Yang Xu stared at the long list of names on the whiteboard in disbelief.

He wasn't doubtful of Academician Lu's scientific research abilities.

It was just that…

Everything he thought he knew about computational materials science, was thrown out of the window.

"This is ridiculous, what could you possibly get from mixing all of these together? How are you going to control the dispersion? What about the stability between the compounds?"

Mixing these compounds would create a totally chaotic system!


How the hell did he come up with this list?

How does he plan on calculating the mixing ratios?

Not just that, but the mixing order and mixing method will also produce entirely different results.

Yang Xu looked at Lu Zhou, who was grinning from ear to ear. He took a deep breath and said, "It's not that I don't believe you, I just… How about this, I'll get my guys to model it."

"There's no need for that, I already did it." Lu Zhou pointed toward the USB and said, "The model is in there, and it's written on our own computational materials software. It should be compatible."

Yang Xu glanced at the USB. He didn't believe that Lu Zhou could finish such a huge amount of workload in such a short amount of time. He nodded suspiciously and said, "I'll try."

Yang Xu picked up the USB and plugged it into the computer. He opened the folder and began to run the model.

All of the researchers in the laboratory gathered around the computer as they nervously waited for the results of the calculations.

Lu Zhou, on the other hand, had already run the model on his quantum computer numerous times. Thus, he stood there totally relaxed.

Yang Xu looked at Lu Zhou and hesitated for a bit before asking, "Can I ask you something?"

Lu Zhou said, "What?"

Yang Xu: "… Did you create this model yesterday?"

Lu Zhou: "You could say so."

I didn't sleep all night, so technically I worked on it today.

Yang Xu looked like he just saw a ghost. Suddenly, the computer fans began to slow down.

The simulation was finished!

Everyone leaned toward the computer screen.

The second the results were presented on the screen, the researchers froze.

According to the simulation calculations, when the surface air pressure on one side of this carbon-based membrane reached point A, oxygen molecules began to move from one side to the other side.

After a simulation time of 24 hours, the purity of oxygen in the gas exchange chamber reached 98%! With a simulation time of 72 hours, this number fluctuated slightly within the range of 0.1%, but it stayed close to 98%.

From this aspect alone, the carbon-based molecular exchange membrane was already superior to the silicon-based molecular exchange membrane.

Their concerns regarding the chemical stability of carbon were also totally unnecessary. Basically, this polymer material, which was similar to the modified PDMS film, had extremely strong corrosion resistance properties…

As Yang Xu stared at the results on the screen, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Soon after, he calmed down and spoke.

"You're correct.

"This kind of carbon mixture is much more effective than the porous silicon-based material we developed earlier, especially for the case of oxygen molecule screening.

"But the problem is that we can't guarantee that the gas entering the chamber is fully oxygen—"

Before he could finish, Lu Zhou interrupted him, "Why do we have to guarantee that the gas chamber has to be 100% oxygen?"

Lu Zhou smiled at Yang Xu. He suddenly took out a small test tube from his pocket and spoke.

"I made this stuff when I was still in Princeton.

"It's been so many years, but I can finally put it to use."

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