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Scholar's Advanced Technological System
Author :Morning Star LL
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965 Dragon One

Before coming to Jinling, Director Li actually didn't have high hopes for the carbon-based processor from the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

After all, the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and countless industry companies were also working on carbon chips research.

After reading Professor Lu's report, the academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences expressed that they thought there might be a breakthrough in the integration of carbon-based transistors on integrated circuits. They didn't expect them to have actually made a working processor.

While the world was still trying to figure out how to integrate carbon-based transistors into circuits, the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study already made a working carbon-based processor calculator…

Director Li wouldn't have believed it if he didn't see it with his own eyes.

But now, there was no doubt in his mind.

He had a serious look on his face as he spoke.

"Right now, the international situation seems to be calm on the surface, but ever since the establishment of our lunar research station, other countries have made unfriendly moves. You know about the Biosphere A incident last year, right?"

Lu Zhou nodded, expressing his understanding.

Director Li: "That was the tip of the iceberg."

Lu Zhou: "Then what's under the tip of the iceberg?"

Director Li: "According to reliable sources, the United States is scheming to be our competitor in the semiconductor industry."

Lu Zhou paused for a second before asking with a strange look on his face, "Do they not want a nuclear core for the California controllable fusion power plant?"

If this were a few years ago, the United States might have easily been able to beat China in the field of computer technology.

However, the year was 2022, and controllable fusion energy had been around for three years…

"Controllable fusion is our trump card, it's our pair of hidden aces. The only reason we're at the position we're at today is because we have this card."

Director Li unscrewed his vacuum flask and filled it with tea. He took a sip and said, "However, the Americans have other means beside executive orders. For example, they can manipulate the market behavior by increasing the upstream cost of the semiconductor industry chain. That will increase our costs and weaken our industry.

"Therefore, we have to act preemptively!"

"I kind of understand." Lu Zhou nodded and said, "So… what you're saying is?"

"Things like this are supposed to be decided by the market, but sometimes, we can't just leave the market by itself." Director Li put on a serious face and placed a document on the table.

"Look at it yourself, please."

Lu Zhou was a little suspicious at the word "please".

It was rare for the old man to be so polite to him.

Unless there was something the old man wanted from him.

Lu Zhou looked at the document and felt a headache.

Just yesterday, he made up his mind about devoting himself to Riemann's hypothesis, but now, there was trouble at his doorstep again.

However, Lu Zhou saw how sincere the old man was, so he sighed and picked up the document.

When he read the title, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Dragon One?"

"Yes." Director Li nodded and said, "Please read the document first!"

Lu Zhou leaned back on his chair and began reading.

He rarely touched on anything outside of research since that was usually handled by Chen Yushan. However, the content of the document wasn't complicated, so even he could understand.

Basically, this was a "tripartite agreement", led by the State Administration for National Defense.

The three parties were Huawei, Star Sky Technology, and the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The specific project was regarding Huawei HiSilicon's latest development plan—the Dragon One series of processors.

Unlike Kirin and their other processors series, the Dragon One series of chips would use the latest carbon-based semiconductor technology. The goal was to overtake the semiconductor field and achieve autonomy in the entire production chain. This way, China would no longer be dependent on international processor giants and create their own carbon-based processor industry chain.

The document stipulated the respective research and development responsibilities of each organization, as well as the patent ownership and respective fund allocations.

The Institute of Semiconductors and Star Sky Technology were the two elephants of the industry, carrying Huawei on their backs. Together, they planned on creating the Dragon One carbon-based processors as soon as possible.

Huawei obviously benefited from working with two top research institutes. As for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they were a public organization, so they were not concerned with profits.

As for Star Sky Technology, their benefits were listed in the document. This included profit sharing of the Dragon One series of chips, as well as some one-time scientific research payments.

"Interesting proposal." Lu Zhou placed the document on the table and contemplated for a second before saying, "I'll take this to my CEO… I'll give you a reply in a week?"

"No problem! Take as long as you want, if there's anything you want to change, feel free to tell me. We'll try to make adjustments. Or we can all grab dinner and discuss it together."

"Well, there's not much to discuss. I'm just a scholar, I'd rather be in a laboratory than a restaurant." Lu Zhou smiled and said, "But since this involves business cooperation, I have to consult my CEO."

After all, this wasn't just a couple of million yuan, this was a billion-dollar project that would impact the entire industry.

Making expedient decisions was not a good idea.

"Take your time then." Director Li put away the scientific calculator and stood up with a smile. He then said, "That's all I have for today, I'll let you rest."

"You're going?" Lu Zhou said. He thought Director Li would at least stay for lunch, so he couldn't help but ask, "Back to Beijing already?"

"Not yet, I still have to go to Hubei first." Director Li smiled and said, "You just gave us a huge surprise. All of the state departments involved in the semiconductor industry are going to get really busy. I have a lot of work to do, so I can't stay for any longer."

Lu Zhou nodded.

"Take it easy then."

Director Li began to walk out of the house. When he saw the stack of papers on the coffee table, he said, "Actually, I'm quite curious, what have you been researching lately?"

"Oh…" Lu Zhou looked at the stack of papers on the coffee table and said, "Just some design plans on lithium-air batteries, nothing huge."

"Oh, lithium-air batteries, okay then…"

Director Li was almost out of the door when he suddenly stopped.

A second later, he turned back.

"Wait a second? What did you say?"

Lu Zhou was a little shocked.

"Yeah, lithium-air batteries, why?"


Director Li: "???"

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