Second World
563 Chapter 563. Kingdom’s Duty
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Second World
Author :UnrivaledArcaner
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563 Chapter 563. Kingdom’s Duty

"Anything will help, sir," Jack said. "Perhaps if you don't mind. Please recount the first case."

Count Dante gave a pondering expression. "The first case? Hm… It had happened so long ago. So many children had also gone missing throughout the year. Everything is a blur. You must excuse me for my bad memory."

"Was it started five years ago?" Jack asked, hoping that mentioning the time could jog the Count's memory.

"Five years ago…? Perhaps that's when we started taking the incident seriously," Count Dante said.

"What do you mean? It had happened even before?"

"I suspect so. There had been cases of people missing. Not just children. Before five years ago, we simply thought they probably wandered too far from the town and were taken by beast. Or they simply grew bored of this small town's quiet life and decided to move out to bigger towns without telling anyone. But when the frequency increased five years ago where children disappeared every few months, that's when everyone started to panic."

"So, there had always been people missing? Since how long ago?"

"I can't remember. Forgive me. There were always some, once in a while. I think even before my time."

Jack pondered about it for a bit. He then asked, "So, can you remember about the incident involving the first missing child from five years ago?"

"I'm sorry, my memory is hazy. It just happens too long ago and there were so many similar incidents already."

'Guess it can't be helped,' Jack thought, then said, "Well, at least we know the perpetrator had been in this town for a very long time."

"Perpetrator? Are you certain that we are dealing with the act of someone and not a beast?" Count Dante asked.

"If it is a beast, I doubt it can hide its presence for so long. You never found any clue throughout your search? Nothing at all?"

"Unfortunately, that is what truly happened. It was like the children had vanished into thin air."

"How thorough did you search? Do you search even the house of civilians?"

"We didn't at first. But when children continue to disappear, everyone finally agrees to drastic measures. Everyone's house has to be searched. We leave no stone unturned."

"Forgive me to ask, what about this mansion?" Jack asked.

The Count smiled upon Jack's question. "I volunteer to have mine as the first house to be searched."

"That was admirable. So, from all those searching, you still didn't find anything?"

The Count shook his head.

Jack thought for a bit. There was nothing much to go on. He then asked, "What do you know about the graveyard by the cliff-side?"

"What about it?" Count Dante asked, his eyebrows raised.

"What can you tell me about it?"

"It's a graveyard, where people bury their dead. What is there to tell?"

"Did you comb through that graveyard as well when you performed the search?"

"The townsfolk considered the place sacred. Many chose to not disturb that place, but yes, we did go through that place as well. However, there is nothing out of ordinary. It was just as fruitless as any other places."

"I see… How about the area outside the town? Is there any place that someone or something can use to live out of sight? Like a cave or something like that."

"We did think of that. At one time we expand our search to rather far away from the town. Of course, we have to ask the two soldiers stationed in this town to follow us for that. Otherwise, we will be in trouble when we run into monsters. I have to pay them to make them follow us, such useless soldiers. Anyway, we combed every place, but no suspicious person nor any possible hiding place."

Jack didn't think this case was the deed of a stranger hiding outside, anyway. He still didn't believe that a stranger can go around the town undetected for so long, but he just had to ask to make sure.

Jack sat back as he thought about what he learned. The Count, upon seeing Jack's serious expression, said, "You are truly committed to this, aren't you? I always hear that your kind is interested only in profits. I'm glad that you don't seem that way. I truly hope that you can help us solve this problem. This town is hurting due to this case. If this continues, I'm afraid everyone might decide to just leave this town. If that happens, It will just be me and my son left."

"Why can't you leave as well?" Jack asked.

"Go where? I'm nobody out there. All my belongings are here. My ancestors had lived in this place for several centuries. I can't just leave our ancestral home behind. I will live and die with this town."

Jack respected the man's determination and his honor to his ancestor. He was more determined to solve this case so that this town didn't turn into a real ghost town. "Is your son home?" Jack asked.

"He is… But he is not exactly a social type. I'm afraid he won't meet with you if you wish to talk to him. There is nothing he can tell you anyway. He rarely goes out and he never joins the search, so there is no point speaking with him."

"It's all right. I think I have taken enough of your time," Jack said. "If I have anything else to ask, do you mind if I come to visit again?"

"My house is always open to one who is willing to help this town," Count Dante said.

The Count summoned his hunchbacked butler to usher Jack to the exit. Coming out of the mansion, Jack looked to his left. The mansion was built on a slope. From up here, he could see the graveyard some distances away down there. He was thinking if he should go check that place again but decided he will do it later.

Jack headed next to the station where Brad informed was the place where he could find the two soldiers. The place was as Brad said, at the far edge of the town. As if the town wanted nothing to do with the soldiers or the other way around.

"By the way, I just remember I haven't established a teleportation link with this town's Zone Portal," Jack said. "I haven't seen the portal, maybe it is in the soldier's station there? Such portal usually is guarded, right?"

"There are some cases of secluded small towns and villages without any zone portal. Considering only two soldiers are stationed here, it is safe to assume this place is one such town," Peniel said.

"Oh? That means if I have to leave for an urgent matter, I can't teleport back here directly later?"

"Yes. You have to come back here the old-fashioned way."

"Hopefully, the guild doesn't encounter any urgent issue," Jack prayed.

The station was a simple wooden shack. When Jack arrived, he saw two soldiers laying down outside half-naked and sunbathing. This place was one of the rare parts of the town where sunlight still touch outside of midday. The two were surprised to find they had a visitor.

While they scrutinized Jack, Jack also used Inspect on the two.

Jonathan (Special Elite Human, Knight), level 50

HP: 220,000

Harker (Elite Human, Sergeant), level 48

HP: 95,000

The two were quite strong, Jack thought. He might be able to take Harker on, but Jonathan was still out of his league. This informed Jack that Jonathan was the senior of the two, the man also looked much older. so Jack walked toward him.

"An outworlder? Are you lost, boy?" Jonathan asked with an irritated tone. He was probably annoyed somebody disturbed their sunbathing moment.

Instead of answering, Jack said with a stern tone, "Aren't you the soldier of the kingdom? What are you doing lazing around here while the townspeople need your help?"

"What help? Is there any monster attacking this town?" Jonathan asked with a condescending tone.

Harker stood up and looked over at the town. "I don't see no monster, boss," he said with a ridiculing tone.

"Then there is nothing to do. Look, boy, you are trespassing into an army's station. I can catch and apprehend you. Give you a little whooping to teach you some manner. So why don't you do yourself a favor and get the hell out of here?"

"I've seen many Themisphere soldiers, but I have never seen such a dishonorable one like the two of you. You are a disgrace to the kingdom!" Jack uttered.

"Why you… How dare you! I will teach you what dishonorable is like!" Harker came over menacingly.

Jack took out his Themisphere nobility faction badge just as Harker about to grab him.

"Vi–Viscount…?!" Harker uttered with a gulp, he jumped back involuntarily.

"You want to try anything to me? Be prepared to face the consequences," Jack threatened.

Jonathan frowned seeing the badge. He sat up from his leisurely position. "What the hell is a Viscount doing here?" He asked.

"I'm investigating the missing children case in this town. I hope you two will do your kingdom's duty and assist me with it," Jack said.

Harker was nervous hearing Jack's request. He looked over to Jonathan, who scowled and said, "to hell with this kingdom's duty. I have nothing to do with it. Why do you think the two of us are stationed in this god-forsaken town? It is a punishment. You go ahead and report us for not helping with the missing case, it's not like they can punish us any worse. Unless there is a monster attacking, don't expect us to lift a hand!"

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    《Second World》