Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master
503 The Lucky Fat Guy
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Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master
Author :Yang_Studio
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503 The Lucky Fat Guy

They didn't have to wait long for the show to start. A couple of bites into the 'split, they heard a girl's voice, nasty and ridiculing, "What are you doing here, perv? Fantasizing about me in private as you wank off not good enough? You come to do it here in public?"

They turned to see an overweight teenage boy, blushing furiously, hurrying and stumbling away from an attractive light-brown haired girl, or a girl that would have been attractive except for the nasty smirk on her face. She followed the boy, continuing to harass him. Jack read from her tote board that, while she was not a virgin, she was not very experienced in sex, and her libido was currently not very high. He also noted a couple of new icons.

What are those?

The health icons you mentioned earlier. I took the liberty of adding them for you.

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Cool. So they are telling me that she is healthy and clean, yes.

Yes. Genie went on to explain briefly what the icons would look like if she were otherwise.

Got it. So what was that little show we just witnessed all about?

Well, the boy, Robbie, and the girl, Sherry, have gone to school together since first grade, and used to be friends before puberty set in. He developed a crush on her as his sexual interest grew, while at the same time he became more and more overweight. Their friendship pretty much dissolved, as she didn't want to be seen associating with 'the fat boy.' That was a couple of years ago. Recently, a rumor was started that he masturbates while fantasizing about her.

Does he?

Yes, although the rumor was started by someone who had no way of knowing this was true. The person just knew he liked Sherry, and figured it was a pretty good bet. That person does the same thing, actually. A lot of the boys in her class do. That doesn't stop then for ridiculing him, though.

So why is he so overweight?

Um, that's getting to be out of the area I can answer questions about, Jack.

Oh? Not enough about sex?

She gave a mall nod as she spooned up some ice cream. "Yum!"

Hmmm. Ok, I think I would like to help the boy become more attractive to the girls so that he can hopefully get laid, but first I need to know why he is so overweight. Better?

Yes. His weight problem is due to a combination of things. His metabolism is a bit slow. His eating habits are bad, due mostly to his family life. And he doesn't exercise much. He'd be a pretty cute guy if he were more in shape.

Jack thought through a couple of bites of ice cream. Ok, can we speed up his metabolism to normal, whatever that is?

Yes, Jack.

As for the diet and exercise, how about we give him a bit of incentive from now through the end of summer. Let's have him quickly discover that on any day that he eats well and gets some exercise, that night he will have an enjoyable sexual dream involving her. The more ideal the diet and exercise that day for his current fitness level, the more realistic and enjoyable the dream that night should be. The dreams will start out as perhaps her stripping for him, and progress through hand jobs, then blow jobs, and on to actual sex as he progresses, the goal being to get his as fit as is safe by the start of school in the fall. Ok so far?

Tingle. Yes, Jack.

Ok, so would he be near his ideal fitness level by then?

No, he'd still have a ways to go.

Ok, well hold that thought for a moment, and let's switch to the girl.


Why is she so... bitchy?

Well, she used to be a pretty good kid. The biggest reason for the change is that she has fallen in with 'the wrong crowd.' They are influencing her to make poor choices, including starting to take drugs.

I see. Well, again over the summer, let's have her realize that these aren't the people she should be hanging out with, and cut ties cleanly with them in such a way that there are no reprisals. By the end of the summer she should be back to being that good kid. Once school starts again and she sees what is happening to him, although she won't know what his incentive has been, she will make that incentive a reality. Partly to repay the cruelty she is now heaping on him, and partly to give him extra incentive, she will give small, then bigger and bigger sexual rewards as he works toward his ideal fitness level. By the time he gets there, they should be fully involved sexually, although safely, and with no pregnancies, disease, etc. After that, it's up to them how they want to proceed, perhaps as a couple, perhaps just enjoying frequent, or occasional, 'booty calls,' or perhaps they amicable go their separate ways. In any event, they should both come out of it happy, healthy and on the track to better lives.

Very nice, Jack.


They finished their banana split as they continued to make small talk, mostly out loud so as not to draw more strange looks. Once they were done, and Genie had licked the bowl completely clean, firming Jack's cock in the process as he watched her pink tongue lick every crevice of the bowl repeatedly, he said, "Ok, I'm beat. Let's head home."

She smiled. Ok, Jack."

It was only 10 PM when they got back, but Jack was dead tired. Not so tired, though, that he failed to notice and be momentarily surprised by the pristine condition of his apartment as they walked through the door. He had completely forgotten his earlier experiment in getting around the limitations of what types of wishes Genie could grant. He laughed and gave her a hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek. He was sorely tempted to do more, to continue playing with Genie and exploring her abilities, worn out or not.

Tomorrow was a new day just bursting with possibilities, he finally decided, and sleep beckoned. Depositing his purchases in the now clean and organized closet, he picked up Genie and carried her toward the bed, whispering in her ear. As they neared the bed, their clothing evaporated, appearing on the shelf in the closet, clean and neatly folded. Meanwhile the bed turned itself down, and Jack dumped a squealing Genie into it before diving over her, then wrapping his arms around her as she turned to spoon with him. The lights extinguished, and Jack sighed contentedly. His mind wouldn't quite let go yet, though, and a question occurred.

"You do sleep, don't you? Really sleep? I know we took naps earlier, but those were more passing out than going to sleep."

"I can sleep, Jack. Would you like to dream about anything? Experience a fantasy, perhaps?"

"Hmmm. Tempting, but I think I'll wait. I've been considering what fantasies I might like to live out, and how, but now that I can actually do so, I can't decide what to do. Besides, I don't think that would be appropriate on my first night with you. I think I just want to hold you as we sleep."

She squirmed deeper into his arms. "That sounds wonderful, Master. Thank you for making your Genie feel so and loved and appreciated."

He smiled and kissed the top of her head. "You are welcome. And thank you for making your Master the luckiest Master ever."
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    《Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master》